2011 10 11 Drunk Dialing

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Drunk Dialing

Siryn and Havok

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Siryn is drunk and depressed. She calls Havok.


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When Alex's phone rings, it's not the middle of the night at least. It's only about 9pm or so. And Theresa's number is the one that pops up.

His voice relays pleasure as if he's smiling, "Tell me I'm not the first person you decided to call from jail. If so, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. What's going on, Terry?"

"Welllll…." Theresa drawls in her lazy Irish brogue, "tisn' like I'd be callin' me Da now, is it?" she asks him rhetorically. "Besides, if I were callin' from jail, ye wouldn' know it was me, would ye?" There's a thickening of the lilt in her tone, but it's perhaps hard to identify unless you know what Sean sounds like when he's piss drunk.

Alex seems to be lounging somewhere, there's light music playing in the background (or it's some musical). Still with a smile in his tone, "So what's going on?"

"I'm thinkin' ye already know th' answer, lad, given ye asked me aboot jail," Terry admits softly. She might be laying on a bed somewhere as she talks to him — she has that lazy sound of someone perhaps sleepy. "I wanted t' tell ye…. 'm sorry. Some things're… a lot more complicated than they seem."

"You're sorry?" Alex questions, his voice changes to that of a curious tone. "What are you sorry for?" he further presses wondering why she would be apologizing to him for recent or past events.

"I'm sorry tha' ye thought t' be friends wi' me, an' now … well, it isn' like helpin' Juggernaut's goin' t' really do me much good wi' th' professor." Theresa sounds sad. And rather like she's sure she's blown all her chances. "I thought I could… turn things around. But there are some ties, lad, that ye canna shake."

Alex is quiet a moment while trying to translate what she said then he says in a more serious tone, "The X-Men are all about second chances. Me of all people should know that as I've put it to the test several times now. Especially with the Professor. I'm surprised they let me back in the house. But really, he understands family, we all do. And that's what it's all about. We're your family just as Cain and Tom. Heck, one day even Cain might be a X-Man because the Professor is so forgiving."

"Somehow…. I don't see tha' day bein' anytime soon, Alex," Terry says softly. "Juggernaut and Tom are… back in jail. But by lettin' 'em out, I've… really screwed things up. Me da's ….." She trails off. "I'm gonna do what I can t' set it right, but… I dinnae know if I'll be seein' ye again, Alex. An' I wanted t' tell ye that I was sorry, tha's all."

Another silent moment passes, "It's never as bad as you think it is, Terry. You're a strong girl and I know you can work it out. When you do, I'll be here and we can totally go to a bar and see what trouble we can get into."

"Heh… takin' you t' tha' bar's what got me int' this mess," Theresa laments softly, her brogue slurring faintly. "If I'd never seen Cain, if he hadn' told Tom…. Tom wouldn' have come lookin' when he wanted Cain out." There's a moment on the other end where she can't quite stifle a sob. "Now me uncle hates me fer helpin' 'em catch him and Cain again, and me Da… well, he always just hates me, Alex." Drunk dialling is *not* your friend. "Good luck, Alex. I hope things go well fer ye." She hangs up on him.

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