2011 10 09 Can You Hear Me Now

Log Title:
Can you hear me now?

Revelin, Phantasm

IC Date:
9 Oct 2011

Revelin's Apartment / Baxter Building

Brief log summary::
Revelin calls up Mike to share what he discovered when investigating the subway where Mike had been attacked.


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Tom's apartment is immaculate as always - and the man himself is lounging on his couch, hoofed feet up on a footrest, and a glass of some alcoholic beverage in his hand. The television is on CNN and covering various recent events, including a small blurb about a cafe that is struggling to find patrons after an incident with a now-reformed Sandman and a teleporting mutant, in which the proprietor mistook Sandman for the criminal he used to be, and caused a stir as people tried to flee.

Tom regards the news presentation with amusement. It's almost 'old news' now, but for the cafe's continued efforts to bring customers back. He sips his drink, smirks and leans his head back - only to look up at the sound of the doorbell.

Pizza's here! The delivery man waits outside of the door with pizza in hand.

After checking the door, Revelin, smirks. "I could just portal him in here…nah." He takes the pizza, pays the kid - with a generous tip- and heads back to his coffee table, on which rests a card he found in the subway. He frowns. "I wonder…"

He reaches for his phone, and starts dialling a number from memory, setting the handset to 'speaker' and turning the television down.

Generous tip in pocket, the delivery boy scoots off, trying to make sure none of the pizzas ordered for this building gets the 'or its free' part of the deliver promise.

Off in the distance, within the secure confines of one of the guest rooms of the Fantastic Four Headquarters, a Mike is seated upon the bed situated in there, one hand holds a glass of water in which he is downing the contents, while the other sets a pill bottle down on the night stand nearby. The ring of the smushed-screened phone laying nearby echos in the room, triggering the musican to tilt the glass away from his lips, sloshing the remainder of the contents. Bleary blue eyes turn to look towards the offending device as he leans over, setting the glass down before picking up the poorly abused phone. There is a press of a button and Revelin gets the sounds of a grumble and the smack of lips before a voice even comes on the line. "Hello?"

"Mike!" says the familiar voice of Tom Revelin. "G'day, mate! How's it going?"

Tom sips from his drink a little noisily and leans over toward the speaker of his home phone. "Listen… where the bloody hell are ya? We need to catch up, mate."

Mike is quiet for a few moments as the indeed familiar voice reaches his ears. One could imagine the gears turning in his head as he sits there, looking blankly ahead, "Rev?"

Mike turns on the bed, allowing for the headboard to support his back has he leans against it, feet propping on the comforter of the bed, "Things have been," He pause,s bringing a hand to his head, running his fingers through his hair, "annoying. I'm staying at the Baxter building with the Richards Family and Ben."

Tom blinks. "The Baxter Building? /The/ Baxter Building? Wow, mate, if I'd known being a popstar got you rubbing shoulders with such greats as the FF, I'd have devoted more time to it! Hang on, I've got time… I think I'll do that." He pauses and sips his drink again. "Ah, you ever tried absynthe? Love it! This one's with sugar. Hey… I got a question for you - well, a few. What do you mean, 'things have been annoying'. You moved out of your apartment."

"We help out with similar charities and Sue extended an invite." Mike offers up as explanation going with the general story that's being used, "And I didn't /move/… I'm just not staying there right this moment. Those guys the label kept sending over were driving me nuts."

"Ri….ight." Tom licks his lips. "Well, I've been busy—oh! Did I tell you? I drove to Massachussetts. Now I can 'port there any time I like to pick on Chenda. She is great fun, you know. Did I tell you about the time she exploded a guy's popcorn in the movie theatre?" Tom seems to have gotten distracted from his original issue. "She also disintegrated his trousers - hilarious! The guy had it coming…"

Mike gives a bit of the tilt of the head, hand in hair lowering as he shakes his head. He frowns, "No. You didn't. To either of those. But it sounds like an interesting time." He sighs, adjusting his posture as he leans back, "I'd hate to rush you Rev but, I just took something and it's kind of one of those things that are going to make me hard to talk to when it kicks in. What's the question?"

"Ah yeah, sorry. Listen - I went back to the subway and found this card-thing. Near where that guy tried to stab you, remember? —of course you remember. Well, it has a pretty old-fashioned image on it of a knight slaying a dragon: St George, you know? And then I got to thinking… your stage name is 'Drago', and it was lying where a guy tried to stick you with a knife… Whaddya think? I've got the card in my hand now."

Tom pulls it out of a pocket and starts turning it over in his hand.

"Saint George?" Mike repeats, head tilting with a frown. "Was more of a Saint Raphael one myself," he mutters, shaking his head, "That's… really weird. Do you think he left it?"

"Chenda was the one who told me to take another look around," Tom explains and downs the rest of his drink with a satisfied sigh. "I said I thought I saw the 'whatever-he-was' drop something—but I thought it was rubbish or whatever at the time. So I came back as soon as I could." He shifts his position on the sofa. "And then I found this - only a few feet from where he stabbed you. What do you reckon?"

There is silence on Mike's end as he chews on his lip quietly, glancing towards the wall across from him. "God damn it." He mutters, starting to cover his face again, "If he's dropping a card that's supposed to match with his trying to stab me. It's not random." He tips his head back, bonking the headboard and causing for him to utter another curse. "Well shit. He seems to know my name but even after all this I don't even know what his is."

Tom frowns. "Well… do we even know where he is now? Chenda and I were going to /try/ and pay him a visit in the hospital, but there were too many cops around. I'm not even sure if he's still there. I can't 'port into his room if he's still there. I need to get there the 'traditional' way first. Is there anything you want us to do? Since we're here and you're… there?"

With the mention of hospital, Mike purses his lips in thought. "…Maybe that's why they don't have a name for him yet. I kind of thought he was in jail, not the hospital. Just, what the hell did you do to him?"

"Nothing!" Tom sounds innocent and hurt. "I just… landed on him. But he *did* take the full force of my hoofs to his skull from what was about two feet above him… That might have rattled his brains a bit. Serves him right. Well? What do you want us to do? Anything? Wait till you get back? I wanna bust another bad guy. You shoulda seen me 'n Sandman the other night!"

The general explanation of what has happened causes for Mike to blink. "Huh. He might still be in the hospital," Mike muses, "I'm not sure I should be giving you marching orders on this so uh… Don't get into any trouble, Rev." He pauses, stifling a long yawn, "But, if you do come across something that might be of interest, let me know?"

Tom grins, not that Mike can see it. "I'll behave," he assures his friend - even though he is certain the smirk on his face can be 'heard' in his voice. "Listen, I gotta run now - dinner to eat. Towering Inferno Pizza with extra chili. Mmm! I'll catch you when you get out of whatever it is you're doing with the FF. Till then, cheers mate! Stay out of trouble - and away from homicidal maniacs with sharp implements!" He laughs.

Mike grimaces at the description of the pizza. "Don't eat too much of that stuff, liable to get nightmares." He shakes his head, "I'll do my best to avoid the knives. Night." With that, Mike hangs up.

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