2011 10 09 As The Night Descends On Midtown

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As the night descends on Midtown

Man-wolf, Sandman, Sora, and Force

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NY Mid town

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Man-wolf was on the prow


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As the night descends on Midtown, a storeowner struggles with closer to close up his shop. He yells something in Japanese at his son as the young man pulls repeatedly at the gate to pull it down over the window and door. A rustling begins in the alley next to the shop and the young man peers down the dark corridor, "Dad, stop yelling at me. Hey, did you hear that? Did you hear something?" he lets out. Dad frowns and then looks surprised as mice run out of the alley, darting in every direction. The young man starts hopping around as the mice crawl over his feet, "Yuck! Ahh!" Something growls in the dark and the father frowns again.

Sora strolls down the sidewalk, out in the night air. Occasionally she gazes into the street at one of the passing cars. Thinking for a moment, she ponders a drive. Shaking her head a bit, "maybe later we'll borrow a car…" she says to no one really. Turning she continues down the sidewalk, as she slips her hands in the pockets of her vest. "Lets see, we need to find some fun I think…what’s a girl to do for fun around here…"

Finally on duty as an official Avenger, the somewhat shady Sandman is on patrol, which brings him to Midtown. "This sucks. I thought it would be all cool, but so far, nothin'!" He sits on a rooftop looking down as New Yorkers stroll the street of Midtown. Dangling his legs from the roof, he feels somewhat prankish and thinks to shed some sand on walking passers-by, but refrains. Though he laughs to himself at the idea. He is dressed in usual, green-black stripped shirt and brown trousers.

Force is walking along the edge of a root top as well this night. Deciding it would be good to get out and get some fresh night air. Using the systems of the suit to balance himself with each step. Having a few minutes before flown over into this part of the city, trying it keep it on the low down. Not wanting to get any press, since it is usually bad press.

Jumping from the alley like a shadow, Man-Wolf grabs the young man and throws him against a car parked on the street. With a growl, he raises a claw to attack the man, but the father whaps the wolf with a broom. Man-Wolf narrows his eyes at the father, snatching the broom, breaking it in half. The father yells for help.

Sora shakes her head, as she comes upon the little scene. "Now that’s a big dog….you wonder why someone would have something that big in the city. I wouldn't be surprised if it ate that kid…" She stops crossing her arms, as she watches to see what fluffy does next.

Looking about and noting the flying Force, Sandman peers at the armored flier. Trying to remember names and pictures from the Avengers files, he shakes his head, "Damn, memory." He hits his own head and rises up ready to converse with the armored one when the cries from the Asian old man get his attention and spotting a wolf, "Well looks like I can finally get some action tonight." He leaps off the building rooftop and as he plummets his flesh begins to morph into that of sand raining down and beginning to swirl about like a minor sandstorm

Force pauses, still annoyed at the metal brief case letter he almost was able to walk away with the other day. Drawn back to here the here and now, by the scream. Gracefully, dropping down onto a closer rooftop. Walking to the edge, leaning over to look down at the scene below. One hand, gripping the edge to stead himself. The sensors feeding him alot of details. Just watching for the time being.

With a growl, Man-Wolf lurches from side to side as he swipes at the sandy air, trying to bat it away like an animal trying to get a fly. He rips a small crosswalk signal out of the ground and begins to use that as a baseball bat. He then eyes Sora as she stands there.

Sora hmmms, now as the sand starts to rain down. "Ok, now if it was a giant cat, I could understand the sand for box…but this is really odd." She looks to the boy, "Might want to get a leash on your dog, before something happens to it."

Each claw swipe and each swing with the crosswalk signal seem to just slide through the sand making no actual physical contact. A disembodied voice coming from the sand yells out, "Bad doggie! Bad doggie!" Finally forming in a giant hand with a sandy newspaper in it, the sandy hand attempts to swing the sand newspaper across the face of Man-Wolf, "Sit doggie. Sit!"

As Man-Wolf raises the pole to smush Sora for her annoying comment, Sandman whaps the huge wolf with his sandy attack. Man-Wolf tumbles over to Sora's feet and growls loudly in response, but looks unharmed. He gets up from the sidewalk and tries to grab Sora to toss her at the sand-monster.

Sora takes a step back, as the doggie tries to grab her. So close it seems, or maybe not..it's hard to say….but Sora seems fine. She looks around, "Someone got a garden hose…maybe that will help."
Force walks to the edge of the rooftop, leaning with right foot on the edge. He sighs softly as he watches the scene. Sandman, some random street girl and some furry thing. Raising an armored gauntlet. Crimson energy starting to coalesce around it. Taking aim at the monster, but does not fire just yet. Waiting to see what Sandman is able to do.

With Sora seemingly fine as she is tosses towards him, the sand hand comes together and begins to take a humanoid form and shape. A literal Sandman now, with human features but in pssamic form tries a different route, "Hey!" He shouts towards Man-Wolf and begins to making a shooing gesture, "Go away! Leave these people alone! Go home!"

Beginning to throw a tantrum, Man-Wolf growls loudly at Sora, who darts away from him, like a buzzing bee. He rips a mailbox from the ground and tosses it, then a small tree labeled 'Do not touch', then finally a light pole. He launches the spinning light pole at the Sandman.

Sora frowns, as she sees the tree yanked from the ground, "Oh, now that’s just wrong…it clearly said do not touch.." she shakes her head, going tsk tsk tsk. She lets her hand drop down to her belt, and she pulls out a small can. Pointing it at the doggie…she presses down and opens the can of mace towards Man-Wolf. "We don't hurt trees"

First the mailbox that is tossed hits the sandman and it seems to pause a moment as it gets stuck in his form then the tree, and finally the light pole. All three strike Sandman dead on as he stumbles a moment and like quicksand each item sinks into him and then pops back out as he puts distance between himself and Sora as she maces the wolf.

Force watches and almost does a doubt take as Sandman is shooing the monster? Pausing for a minute. Then speaking up "Sandman…what happened, i seem to remember reading that you where alittle more of a take charge kinda of guy…looks like putting on the white hat cut something else…" Opening his gauntlet, releasing a bolt of crimson energy at Man-wolf. The woman seems to know no fear. Aiming for the Man-wolf's chest.

The force from Force encourages Man-Wolf all the more to dart away. He slinks away like an animal, disappearing into the alleyway's shadows.

Sora blinks, as it now rains crimson lightning at the dog. "Ok, I really got start checking the weather before I go out. Sand rain, and crimson lightning. I think that qualifies as unusual…maybe it was on the six o'lock broadcast…." as she glances up."

With the thrown items now out of his pssamic form, he looks up as Force fires down on Man-Wolf and refers directly to Force, "Well, Iron Man reject, First priority, save people, second priority get bad guy, third priority take lip from a no-name!" With that, his form begins to sweep out and seep into the alleyway after Man-Wolf.

Force frowning under his helmet, starting to raise both of his gauntlet looking down at Sandman…and then just lowers them, raising off the roof top. Hovering in the air for a few long seconds watching Sandman head out after the monster. A glance given to the woman and then flying up into the night sky.

Sora hmmms, as she looks around at the mess left. "Well, I'm not cleaning this up…" she shrugs, and continues on her way. "Now, I need to find an atm…."

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