2011 10 08 Questions With Few Answers

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Questions but few answers.

Richenda Gray and Phantasm

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October 8, 2011

Chelsea, NYC

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Chenda heads over to the Tate apartments to talk to Mike about the stabbing in the subway.


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-==[ Chelsea - New York ]==---------

The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.
Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.

As with most dreams, this story sets within the evening. In particular a Friday night which alots for a few more people walking about in the ungodly hours of the night within Chelsea. The Shelter has long since locked its doors for the night however, and the remainder have gone on their way elsewhere. Those in much better financial situations who just wish to wander are making use of places such as the Pub down the road or are braving the subway. Whatever their intent, they do not linger in the streets, merely treating it as a throughway to where they want to be. Except for perhaps one person waiting in a car, lights off, but the shadow of a head present. And maybe yet another, who is much better at remaining unseen for tonight.

Friday night is one of Chenda's favorite times, usually for the sheer number of pockets she can get into. But tonight she's not interested in filching. Tonight she's looking for a friend who lives around here.

She pauses at the entrance to Mike's apartment building, frowning thoughtfully. She's been here before, but the doorman wasn't exactly welcoming. Though he might not recognize her this time: in black flare-leg jeans, gray, pink-sleevestriped hoodie, and matching beanie with her glam-witchy black hair bunned underneath it, she looks much different. Unless he's a good study for faces, as there's not much she can do about that.

As Chenda pauses outside the apartment building, this does allow for the unseen presence to take note of her. Without much sound, he follows over, standing behind her. In theory. "Visiting Rev?" A familiar voice inquiries despite the lack of a person visibly around.

Chenda blinks at the sound of a voice close to her, looking quickly behind her. Of course, there's no one there who looks like they've tried to speak with her, but that voice is familiar. "Mike?" she whispers, half-believingly.

"Phantasm." The voice corrects quietly. "Your rockstar's in another castle."

"That's just as well. I'd make a lousy princess," Chenda replies, smiling in spite of herself. Phantasm? Mike? Splitting hairs, as far as she's concerned. "But where is he? And could we move someplace less… visible?" She points out a quieter spot at the mouth of an alley.

The figure nods. Or at least one would assume he does considering the pause before he replies verbally, "Sure." There's a light touch to the side of Chenda's shoulder, indicating where he is positioning wise as he starts moving that way. "Staying with friends that get rid of the tag alongs in the hallway." There's a general pause, "Instead they hang out in cars."

Chenda moves with him, pausing just inside the shadows of the alley. "I'd wondered about those cars," she murmurs in reply. "And do those friends make a habit of wearing blue?"

As the pair make it towards the alley, Richenda's question gets an Mmmhmm in affirmative, "Every night I've checked, they've been there." There's the faint inkling of shadow as an outline of a figure becomes visble, nodding towards the car, "And yes. Very much with love for blue."

"I need to visit them again… and hopefully meet the rest of the bunch. So far I only know Sue and Ben," Chenda muses, distracted. Then her concern for Mike returns with a vengeance. "He's all right, isn't he? Any idea what's going on with all the tagalongs?"

The form becomes a tad more visible, sporting the hoodie with hood drawn low again to shadow over what features there should be, "He's still breathing. And kind of trying to figure that out. I know the guy's under arrest. Police don't have a clue what his name is. And the label's gone crazy with the security after all this despite past history indicating they shouldn't be giving a fuck."

"Curiouser and curiouser… and someday I'll find out who said that," Chenda replies. "Should I go see him? A friendly face might do the poor rockstar good. Granted, he thinks I'm crazy. Maybe I should smile a lot and keep my distance." Is that a frown?

There's a bit of a chuckle from the shadowed figure, his head turning to look towards the car still surveiling the apartment building, "There's nothing wrong with being a little crazy. Just so long as you don't do the stabbing in the back crazy or the hit with a car crazy."

Chenda shivers. "Definitely not /that/ crazy… maybe close. I do favor the chasing down the backstabbers kind of crazy, so far." She moves to exit the alley. "Coming? I should go see Mike."

"That level of crazy I'm okay with." Phantasm assesses, shifting to his feet as features not all his own shift towards his face, "Sure." Shoving his hands into his pockets, he steps behind Chenda, following her out of the alleyway, "I'm sure they'd be ok with you stopping by the lobby area for a quick chat."

"Just the lobby? I thought those people /liked/ me," Chenda murmurs disheartenedly. "Better grab a cab. You'll stand out less in that than on the subway."

"Well, it IS late." Phantasm points out, "They're probably asleep. Like Mike." Phantasm's head tilts, looking to his arms. "Stand out? I just look like any other person." Giving a shrug, he moves towards the edge of the sidewalk, glancing down the street to see if he can spot a cab.

"Well, yeah… but your face keeps changing," Chenda replies softly, glancing at the face in question. She looks back towards the street, looking for that telltale yellow shade in the night traffic. "And if what Sue said about her husband is true, I doubt he's asleep yet. If he is, I can wait in the lobby for better hours. I've slept in less pleasant places."

Phantasm pauses, "Going from having no face to having a face doesn't mean it's still changing." He frowns, "You know, we could just talk here. Then you could crash either at Rev's or my apa-" He pauses, "Ok maybe just Rev's. Wade's probably going to be drunk whenever he rolls in."

"Oh… good point," Chenda says. When she's worried, she turns into a flitterwit. She shakes her head gently, hands pressed to her temples. "Brain hurts… should we talk at your place? I can find Rev's place easy enough, but he might be asleep, too."

Phantasm nods, pauses, then shakes his head with a frown, "Key is with the body." Well crap. "Roof?"

"Roof works," Chenda replies, and turns to follow the shade. "Only, how are we gonna get past the doorman?"

Phantasm smiles, turning his head so that only Chenda can see under the hood as his true facial features come into view. The details of the face are very much there, not looking like some general mockup of a face. This one is well and truly the visage of Mike. Wearing a hoodie. "Any other questions?"

"Why do I bother asking?" Chenda murmurs, and falls into step. On impulse, she slips her arm through his and puts on her best smile, not without traces of impishness.

"At least they're easy to answer questions." Girl in arm, Mike leads Chenda into the apartment building. As he gives a glance towards the doorman, the man gives a nod and wave before going back to playing solitare at a nearby desk. As Upon entering the elevator and the doors closing, Mike moves his arm from Chenda as he looks to the darkly lit courtyard through the other side of the mirrored elevator. The shadowed outlines of the plants shift as they go higher, moving beyond the floor in which Mike's apartment is located.

Chenda gives the doorman a good smile as they pass by, entering the elevator at Mike's side. She can't help but frown a bit as Mike reclaims his arm. "This sure is easier than sneaking in as a guest."

"Well that's probably a good thing." Mike replies, still studying what scenery there is. "Not much of a good job if they allow anyone to come in without some form of resistance." He shakes his head, "Although I don't think those security guys had much trouble. Label probably called ah-" He pauses, giving a frown, "Anyway, you could just ask Rev to put you on his list of approved guests."

"I will, when I catch him again," Chenda promises. "That might take a while." She looks out at the passing levels. "This is one tall building. Is the roof nice?"

"Not as nice as the courtyard." Mike replies as the elevator comes to a stop, doors parting ways to reveal yet another hallway similar to the one his own apartment is on. He turns, stepping out before turning around another corner, heading for the door labeled 'stairs'. "You'll want to prop the door open in case I'm not here to let you back in."

"Will do. Roof door or this stairway door?" Chenda asks, looking at the door in question to see if it locks.

"Roof door." Mike replies, stepping up another flight of stairs before pausing, reaching down to grab at the rubber mat laying near the door, "No key on me." He stands back up, pressing the door open wide enough to wedge the mat under the frame to keep it from latching before stepping out completely, he turns, looking to Chenda expectantly.

Chenda steps outside with him, easing the door onto the mat so it won't slip out and defeat the whole purpose. "So… I wanted to ask what was going on with Mike. I mean, tails, security people, staying with the Four; none of that's stuff he'd do lightly."

Mike glances back towards Chenda. "If we knew, we wouldn't be dealing with it," he replies, "Basically, the label's being one big, whiny pain in the ass since the whole stabbing thing. They upped security for the last Drago show and they decided to just stick with some form of overgrown musclehead to follow him around. He ditches one, they get another. It's gotten so annoying Mike's staying with the Four so the label will stop it with the security detail and so they can figure out what the hell's going on." He strolls over to the edge of the roof, glancing to the car outside the building, "As for why they're still hanging around here when he's at the Baxter building…I have no fucking clue."

"Wow… I didn't think one fruitcake in a subway station could cause so much trouble after the fact," Chenda murmurs, following Phantasm's gaze. "Now I wish I'd watched out a little closer. Mike might not've got stabbed at all."

"Don't worry about that." Phantasm replies, "I'm sure Mike's wishing he hadn't been out drinking that night either. Might have been a bit more cautious if he had laid off of it." He moves away from the roof, walking back over towards Chenda as he looks to her. "Can't change the past. Easiest thing to do would be to get over it and move on. But it's a hard thing to do it seems."

"And even if /you/ do, it doesn't do much good if the people paying the security crowd don't do it with you," Chenda observes. "Have any clues surfaced about the knife-happy guy from the subway? I didn't pick up on anything, but it's hard to cold-read somebody in the middle of a fight."

Phantasm shakes his head. "No name yet." Looks like the guy is either not saying it or is unable to. And he's missing ID. He did get arrested so there's something."

"Hmm. No way to know if he's just a random wacko or someone doing a job. I wish I could find out if he's had visitors, aside from a lawyer." Chenda frowns down at the street. "But I don't dare walk into a police station."

The dream projection turns his head, looking to the edge of the roof. "I'll be sure to ask Sue if we can find that stuff out." He glances back, "Why wouldn't you dare?"

"Not something I really want to talk about. Let's just say the law and I don't get along," Chenda replies, her frown growing more severe.

The answer causes for Phantasm's head to tilt a bit in curiousity. "Huh." He shrugs, "You'd have liked Clinton then. Fights? Eh, boys will be boys. Drove my aunt nuts."

"I've had my share of those, but this is more a matter of a mystery that I can't clear up, but someone thinks otherwise," Chenda says after a long pause. "So I just try to stay under the radar. I can't tell anyone what I don't know."

Phantasm nods. "Mysteries seem to just like po-" Hmm speaking of popping. He just popped out.

Good thing that door was propped open!

Chenda blinks as Phantasm vanishes, and sighs softly. "I guess that's one more mystery, why people wake up when they do," she murmurs, and turns for the door. Looks like that's all she can do here tonight.

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