2011 10 08 Day At The Museum

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Day at the museum

Monet, Firestar, Sandman, Force and Counter

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NY museum

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Enjoying a visit to the museum


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So what to do on a Saturday afternoon, well why not go to a Museum. And that is exactly what the Avenger known as Sandman has done. Typically one to shy away from anything educational, he has found himself feeling rather idiotic at times around his teammates and as such, he has opted to attempt to increase his intelligence quotient by a trip to the museum. After having frustratingly visited ten different museums, he has found the Museum of Modern Art the perfect place to increase his knowledge…such pretty pictures. William, dressed in his usual clothing of green and black stripped shirt and brown pants with a large overcoat in an attempt to try to remain a bit anonymous, walks from picture to picture looking at each intensely.

Force is standing on the steps leading up the museum; his hands are shoved into his pockets. Watching people coming and going. Then does a doubt take, seeing the man from the cafe from the other day. Tilting his head, watching William walk up and head into the museum. Turning on his heels, deciding this is worth following. Surely, the Sandman is not there to actually look at art…thinking more along the lines that Sandy is there to make a withdraw. Paying for a ticket, about 20 feet behind William.

Stopping before a particularly picturesque painting of a little girl in a field, William trying not to be noticed looks over his shoulder. As passers-by ignore him for the most part, he gets a grin on his face and his hand shifts into a sandy form for a moment. Looking around again, his hand becomes a small canvas and imitates the art he sees before him. He gets a little smile on his face like a little kid with a balloon. Examining the actual painting and the minor one on his sand hand, he squints as he makes minor adjustments to his own sandy canvas trying to enact the exact details of the painting.

Carl pauses, about 15 feet behind William. Looking up, glancing at the picture of the girl in the field. Glancing to the left and right, then looking at William. Still trying to puzzle why he is in this place. Trying not to stare, but wanting to know what he is doing it. Taking several steps closer, till he is almost standing next to William. Speaking up, "thinking about adding that one to your collect…i am not sure it is really worth that much…"

Caught by surprise the sand painting in his hand suddenly dissolves and falls to the ground. An expression of sadness appears on his face and with a slight annoyance in his tone, he turns to Force, "Seriously, man. I wasn't going to steal it. I though I said last night. I am not a crook anymore." Unfortunately the small pile of sand on the ground does get the attention the Avenger did not want. Four men, dressed in similar overcoats to Sandman, suddenly drop their coats and reveal automatic weapons. With one shouting, "Hey, Flint is here! All right, cool. Unexpected but now we can rob the joint!" Shooting into the air, museumgoers are suddenly well aware of the situation and are very frightened.

Monet walks into MOMA after having won an auction, holding a briefcase in her hand - a present for her father. But after that bank robbery, Monet feels the need to unwind a bit. What better, calmer way to unwind than looking at art? She's busy admiring a Bani Abidi sculpture when…. another place she goes to where people try to rob. She looks around. "Seriously? Twice in one day?" she says to herself.

Force looks like he is about to speak, hand raised slightly as there is suddenly gunshots and yelling. Starting, turnings look in the direction of the yelling. Looking back at William, words are low. "For a minute I was almost believing you…" Starting to back up from Sandman, trying to keep from bumping into other museumgoers. He wasn't planning to steal any art today and getting robbed himself was not something he really wanted to have today's done list.

Shaking his head when he hears Force's words, he sighs and looks to fallen pile of sand by their feet. "Time to play hero," Sandman reaches into his pocket tapping his Avengers id and suddenly shifts into a pssamic form and moving like a little sandstorm he flies to the middle of the lobby where everyone can see him. He shifts back to human and holds his arms if as if at gunpoint and surrendering. He shouts, "I am not responsible for this and will remain here while the proper authorities come. Remain still and no one will get hurt." The gunmen are stunned as one moves directly behind Monet, "Hey, sexy lady. I hope you don't mind if we get up close and personal. You're a hostage now!" He holds a machine like weapon behind her back. The pile of sand near Force's feet which had earlier been an imitation of a painting seems to swirl about for a moment. The other three move about and scatter throughout the large lobby each holding a hostage and ordering them to give them their money.

Monet rubs the bridge of her nose in irritation. "One… I do mind. Two…." She uses some of her incredible speed to turn and grab the man's arm holding the machine-like weapon, "If I was to be a hostage, it would need to be for a higher caliber of criminal." She gives his wrist a twist and squeeze, taking a second or two to look around - her main concern the objects in her briefcase.

Force turning, watching…everything that is happen. Sandman displaying who he really is. The gunmen making their presence known. Backing up a little, his hands still in his pockets. He isn't about to play hero for any of this. No armor, means just a single bullet could put him to a final dead end. Getting taken as a hostage isn't high on his list as well. Turning looking over at Monet as the young woman seems to be sticking up for herself.

As if things weren't hectic enough, Angelica Jones was nearby when the gunshots were fired, and so a short time later, it is Firestar who flies into the MoMA, her body engulfed in a glowing fiery aura, as she calls out, "why don't everyone with a weapon put their weapon down so we can go ahead and skip the part where people get hurt?" Optimistic? Perhaps, but she's eager to try and prevent people from getting hurt, and only once flying into the building does she realize there may be less people need saving than she expected.

The criminal holding Monet finds himself in shock at the speed with which she deweapons him, "Oh a tough bitch, huh." He then lets out a loud scream when she squeezes his wrist, dropping to his knees and letting out a whimper, "A strong tough bitch!" The three remaining criminals move into action. One aims his weapon at Monet firing off a string of bullets towards her. Another does the same to the flying flaming heroine that enters and another runs towards Carl holding his weapon at him, "Guess you've been elected the new hostage." Patrons at the museum scream when the shots are fired and like most New Yorkers instead of remaining calm, scatter about running wildly. Sighing to himself, Sandman remains with his arms up, but the small pile of sand by Force's feet weaves along the floor and darts about crawling up behind the criminal pointing his gun at Force. To the ladies, Sandman screams out, "Super-chicks, try not to get anyone killed for Chris sake!"

Monet turns and sees the bullets flying at her. Now normally, a person might try to use the metal briefcase to shield himself or herself. But if you're invulnerable, and the stuff inside the briefcase isn’t, and it's important, one might do what Monet does instead, which is to block the bullets with her body so none of them hit the briefcase. After they hit her, she lets go of the would-be hostage-taker's wrist and grabs him by the back of his neck, and throws him at the one who just fired bullets at her. "Accurate but very crude." she says as she flies up off the ground.

Force watching Monet doing her super hero bit…then turning back sharply, as one of the gunman is coming towards him. Cursing under his breath a little. Slowly, moving to pull his hands from his jacket pockets as the gun is pointed at him. Raising them up a little, "now now…no reason to get trigger happy…" Glancing up towards Sandman for a few seconds. Working hard not to make sudden moves.

"Bad idea, shooting can get people hurt you know," Firestar says when she's fired upon, holding her hands out towards the bullets who appear to melt into nothingness before they can reach her, she then looks at Monet but sees the girl is no hostage at all, if anything these would be robbers picked the worst time to try and do something in this museum. With Monet taking to the air, Firestar aims her hand towards the man pointing a weapon at Force, in an instant bringing the temperature of the gun is holding up so the man would be unable to hold the weapon, "just put your weapons down!"

As a small crowd runs amuck in the lobby of the museum, Monet's use of one criminal to take down another one seems to be effective as a loud thud is heard as the two collide. Dropping his machine gun, it starts to pop off shooting wildly in the museum. The man holding Force hostage suddenly finds himself in a literal punch of pain. The sand pile from earlier popped up and formed a fist and punched the man right in his… He falls over after a little pained expression. The last apparent criminal drops his gun as it suddenly becomes incredibly hot for him. A burn mark in his hand, he makes a run past the lobby into the museum. Waiting for him, the mastermind of the little crime appears, "Bad move leading them to me." The hooded figure grabs the man by the criminal by the throat and they are both bathed in an incredibly bright light that fills the whole lobby. After a quick pulse, the hooded figure remains and a pile of ashes by his feet, which were the criminal. Once again, the patrons scream though most make their way out. Sandman lowering his arms realizing the criminals are subdued turns to the hooded figure, surprised and unsure of whom he is.

Force looks relieved that the threat is suddenly taken care of…blinks, looking around trying to take in everything that is happening. A punch to the jimmy, machine guns suddenly white hot. Looking back over his shoulder, backing up and then like many of the people turning to look over at the flash of light as someone new has joined the party. Rubbing his eyes for a second from the bright light. He is no hero; there is more then enough to take care of what is happening here.

Monet flies over to Force and shoves the briefcase in his hand. "Hold this please. It's a lot more important to me than you are, keep that in mind?" Then she flies at the hooded figure… "Given the venue, lets call this performance art?" she says as she throws a punch at the 'mastermind's' face "Or abstract art, you can be the Picasso."

The flash of light is most certainly attention grabbing, as is the quick to act Monet, Firestar is yet unsure what to do when Monet is already throwing a fist in the bad guy’s face, making Firestar wish she had that kind of resolve as she flies after Monet, looking at the hooded guy busy getting punched, "what is your purpose here?"

With the briefcase dropped into Force's waiting arms and as Monet flies into action her powerful fist connects with the hooded figure's face and his face and neck suddenly elongate out from the blow and pop back into its proper place like a rubber band slung back and snapped into its correct place. The hood affixed to his face remains firmly in place. Once snapped back into spot, he looks to Firestar, "To get rich, bitch. Why else?" One arm turns into water and launches a blast towards Firestar. And then he stands staring at Sandman who has remained oddly quiet. The presence of a pyrokientic like Firestar causes him to not lash out in anger and the suddenly display of hydrokinesis keeps him in place. The hooded figure shouts out, "Bad guy trying to become a hero. It'll never happen." Sandman shifts from human to sand and simply slinks down and away through a cracks and holes made into the floor from the random shooting and stampede of patrons from earlier.

After punching at the hooded figure's face and it seems to be ineffectual, Monet turns on a dime in midair and decides to attack with a psionic blast instead, ""No need to talk like that to her…." she says, sending a mental blast right at the hooded figure's mind. "In fact no need to talk at all." She frowns, making sure she's within the necessary distance when she sends the mental attack. "Always wondered why people who can clearly get rich through legal means with their abilities would do something as pedantic as robbery instead. Tres idiot."

Force holds the metal brief case just given to him by the flying Monet. Looking at her, then to firestar and then looking around suddenly seeing that Sandman is nowhere to been seen. Taking the handle of the brief case with his left hand. He looks around and the mass of people going this way or that. Turning, moving to go in the other direction away from the hooded man and Monet. If whatever is in this brief case is so important best to get it away from here. Giving a sly grin as he starts to walk assuming no more gunmen get in his way.

"Bitch…? That's not nice!" Firestar says with a frown on her face, about to go on the offensive when the hooded figure diverts her attention with a blast of water, she puts her training under Emma Frost on display when she reacts quickly with evasive maneuvers, flying around the water blast, while it does give the villain some reprise from any attacks coming from Firestar for a moment, Monet is still right on him.

The blast missing Firestar completely, the hooded villain scowls and just then the psionic blasts hits him, but again like a mental rubber band the blast bounces back towards Monet, "Return to send, bitch! Before you attack me, you might want to learn my abilities. Which is to do whatever goddamn thing I want." The floor to the lobby where he stands to crumble and shake. The hooded man looks confused as sand rips through the ground around him and piles shoot up all over beginning to form a cage around the hooded figure. Force, for the moment goes unnoticed as Sandman make his reappearance, "If you can't hit the bad guy hit the area around him. The hooded man's momentary surprise is gone as he rises into the air alongside FIrestar and Monet, "You can never beat me!"

Monet puts up a psi-screen to prevent her own psychic blast from turning her mind into jelly. She then does an intensive mental scan to figure out this guy's 'deal' once the blast waves over her, shielded by the screen. "Well, if you are a reality bender, I do know something that would stop that." she says as she gives a simple, basic mental imperative, to sleep.

Force walking slowly, not wanting to draw attention to himself. At first was thinking this day was going to be a very bad when the gunmen showed up, but now it’s starting to look up. Looking back over his shoulder. The do gooders and the masked man appear to have each others attention completely. Moving in the other directions, through the museumgoers. Now is just looking for an exist. Any exist; even a fire exit will work. At some point police are going to start showing up. Looking forward to finding out what is in this brief case. Surely, something of great value.

"This won't do…can't have this guy risking people or the work of arts, I'm taking him for a ride," Firestar announces, her aura seems to increase in intensity as for a moment she's in one place, and then she blasts out at full velocity, flying directly in a ramming course with the hooded figure, "thanks for taking to the air, big help!" Firestar snaps as she proceeds to attempt and ram the hooded figure, grabbing hold of him to take him with her right out of the museum and high into the sky.

When the hooded man takes to the air, Firestar is able to catch him in her grasp and begin to fly off with him at which point Monet's scan begins to some information about the hooded man including that he is not completely human (or at least any human mind she ma have encountered thus far) and that he goes by the name 'Counter.' While in Firestar's heated body, the man simply laughs as he is flown out of the museum. His body beginning to take on a watery firm, "I'm all for getting close, but lady you are too hot even for me." His body takes on a fluid form and simply evaporates as they fly off. Sandman in the meantime has been using his sand form to clear out the museum and his strength to fix any damage incurred. Once the police arrive, he is off to interview with them regarding the events as he mystery hooded man is gone and the danger, for now at least is dealt with.

Monet frowns as the hooded figure evaporates and escapes. "Well, that was thoroughly disappointing. Albeit informative." she says as she flies back to MOMA to retrieve her property.

Force is moving through the museum picking up his pace now. A slight spring in his step, swinging the metal brief back and forth just a little as he does. He comes to a stop next to the fire exit. Looking back over his shoulder. Around, a grin coming onto his lips. Putting a hand on the handle. Starting to open the door.

Monet floats back to where Force had been, and looks around for him. Ah, there he is. And she flies up behind him, landing lightly on the ground, tapping his shoulder. "Ahem?" She places a hand on her hip, and holds her other hand out for her briefcase.

Force pauses and looks back over his shoulder, to Monet. He blinks a little, a slight frown coming to his lips for a few seconds. Then it changes into a sheepish grin. "oh i ah…yes…your brief case, i was just thinking that it would be safest to take it out of the area of action…" Turning slowly, if he had his armor perhaps worth trying to make a break for it, but it’s not on him. Raising his arm slowly, offering it out to Monet. "all safe…here it is…"

Monet nods. "You do realize I can read your mind, right?" she says, casually taking the briefcase back. "Thank you." She checks to make sure it isn't damaged, and opens it up a bit to look inside. There just seems to be some papers in there. Yellowish and old looking but just some papers with old writing on them. They're in protective coverings though. There's also some sort of certificate of authenticity in there as well. She closes the briefcase afterwards. "I really should gift wrap this."

Firestar is caught off guard when the hooded figure seem to evaporate from her grasp, and she stops immediately, hovering in the air in horror, looking at her arms that until a second ago were still holding the hooded figure. "Did I do that? Oh no…I can't stop hurting people!" She seems to take it quite hard; even though it's more likely than not that the hooded figure simply used a power of sorts to escape from her. She holds the opinion she wound up evaporating him with her powers. Well, with the hooded figure gone, the only thing left is to go back and make sure everyone else is okay at the museum, and so she turns back trying to reign her emotions as she flies for the museum, eager to see that Monet, Force, and the people that's been ushered to safety are all well.

Force backs up slowly, hmmms softly. "that would be an invasion of m privacy and there are laws about that in this great country of ours…" Moving to slip both of his hands back into his pockets. Making a mental note to remember Monet, she could be alot of trouble if he ever has to face her. Giving a thin smile, moving to walk past her and towards the exist. Raising his head a little, looking at Firestar as she flies overhead.

Monet looks back at Firestar when she starts lamenting, and rolls her eyes. "He's not dead. I'd be able to tell that." She looks back at Force. "I should also mention I'm not American, I don't particularly care about people's privacy, and you don't need to start with the patriotic statements - I'm Algerian/Bosnian." She pauses and looks at Force, unamused. "And by the way, no you wouldn’t have" she says, not really saying what he 'wouldn’t have' done." She shrugs. "Anyway, thank you for holding my property, I'd have hated to have had it damaged. I have a party to get to soon."

Force pauses for second, "welcome to America…you should, your still bound by it laws even if you are a mutant, makes you no better then anyone else…" Not looking back as he speaks then starts walking again. Heading out of the museum.

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