2011 10 07 Sand Satyrs Pretty Painters

Log Title:
Sand, Satyrs & Pretty Painters

Revelin, Sandman & Force

IC Date:
Oct 07, 2011

Chelsea, Local Cafe

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Tom drops in on Sandman in the middle of causing a stir, and the pair of them bring a bit of mischief to Force


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Marvel Untold - Saturday, October 08, 2011, 11:05 AM

Early evening on a Friday night and instead of his usual going out to a bar and

getting drunk or robbing a bank or committing some crime. The latest addition to

the Avengers finds himself utterly bored. He is not on duty and does not want to

fall back into his old ways, so William Baker has opted to head out of the

Avengers Mansion for a bite to eat. Not too familiar with this more ritzy area or

New York City, he finds the nearest place to grab a bite to eat. Dressed in what

seems to be his only pair of clothes (a stripped green and black sweater and brown

khakis,) Sandman enters the cafe, a small trail of sand seems to flake off of him

as he enters and looks around, "Damn, mebbe too fance fer me."

Accidents do happen. And this is not less true of poor young Mr Tom

Revelin - as anyone nearby is about to discover. Outside the cafe entrance, in the

air about 6 feet above the ground, a swirling dark vortex appears that open up

into a circular portal. Moments later, Tom falls through it - landing

unceremoniously on his rump, his cloven hoofs kicking in the air as he tries to

stand up. He lets out a yelp, and the portal disappears.
A pair of pedestrians, who were thinking of walking outside the cafe,

start gibbering to each other and cross on the opposite side of the road. Tom

gives them a grin and a wave, only to wince and rub his behind. He contemplates

portalling away immediately, but upon noticing the cafe, he opts instead to head

inside for a bite, wondering who noticed his little mishap. He is wearing long

trousers - in an attempt to hide his hooves - a T-shirt and jacket, and his mane

of hair seems to grow all over the place.

Sighing as he makes his way into the restaurant a maitre'd offers to give him a

table. Sandman holds out, "No thanks. I'll take the food to go." The man looks him

over and seems to stare a moment when he notices the sand and gasps to himself.

"Oh…sir…I'll be right back." He walks off without taking Sandman's order.

He disappears into the kitchen and then a few seconds later his voice warns out on

an intercom, "Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm, but the Sandman is here.

He is a known criminal, please give him your belongings and no one will get hurt."

Placing his hand on his face, "Oh great." He mumbles.

Tom stops inside the door just in time to hear the words, 'Sandman',

'known criminal', 'belongings' and 'hurt'. Inspired by the thought of mischief, he

trots inside, skidding a bit on the sand and has a look around. Seemingly

unperturbed, he glances up at Sandman with a curious look. "For a criminal you

don't seem to be doing very well, mate," he comments - and his Australian accent

is rather obvious. "Aren't you supposed to have a bandana over your face, a gun in

your hand and then say, 'stick 'em up!' or something?" He pauses. "You could make

do - point your finger at us and pretend." He gives Sandman a brilliant, shameless


His hand covering his face at the embarrassment of the situation. Sandman holds

his arms up as if someone has stuck a gun behind his back. "I am no longer a

criminal! I am a fricken Avenger, people!" They look at him in disbelief as one

couple attempts to run out of the restaurant, but being rather inebriated and the

woman wearing stilettos slips on the sand and hits her head hard on the floor. Of

course clearly an accident, but the maitre'd yells out, "Look he hurt her! Run!"

He screams and havoc ensues as people rush out of the restaurant. Sandman shifts

to a sandform to avoid people rushing him. They seemingly just run right through

him and towards the Australian satyr.

"Oh, Gawd blimey!—" Tom exclaims, and that's about as far as he gets

before he has to act. Acting without thinking, a six-foot wide portal opens in

front of him, with another just like it out in the street just outside the door.

Anyone running toward him should pass through and outside unharmed. "Clever,

clever, clever… he mutters has he holds the portals open, and he glares (but

with some degree of amusement as well) as Sandman. "Wow, mate - you really do know

how to make an entrance. …Do all Avengers get this sort o' welcome?"

The restaurant-goes find themselves running through a swirling portal and suddenly

find themselves. Some turn to look at Revelin and scream "Oh no! Sandman has a

teleporting Aussie partner! NO!" They scream and continue to run this way and

that. Sandman, still inside the restaurant, sighs and looks to the maitre'd and in

a very loud and scary tone, "See what you did, you idiot!" He pulls out his

Avengers id, "I am a hero now and YOU caused this ruckus." The maitre'd very

afraid suddenly pees himself and starts crying and drops to the floor. Shaking his

head, Sandman turns to the satyr, "Not likely, bloke." He reaches into his pocket

and tosses a dollar bills at the whimpering maitre'd.

Tom lets the portals snap shut, and glances down at the woman who hurt her

head. "You might wanna look after that one - could do something for

your…reputation. Just a thought, mate." He makes a show of straightening his

jacket and looks outside first at the fleeing patrons and then at the maitre'd.

"And you…blimey. Look—ew, steady on mate. Getta a hold o' yourself - and your

bladder too. In a cafe, no less. He turns to Sandman.
"You know, I always wanted to meet an Avenger. Guess I have now. Don't

worry about me - I've heard o' you. A mischief-maker in any uniform. If you wanna

quick exit, I might as well oblige." He points at the woman on the floor, and then

at the maitre'd. "That one needs help first - and well, so does he, but not any

kinda help I reckon we can give 'im, eh?"

Shaking his head as he Australian talks to him, William holds out his hand, "I got

this." Using the Avengers id, he uses it to contact the police and medical

assistance, "At least with this they will know it wasn't y fault." He looks to see

if there are any security cameras. Seeing as they are, he waves to them. "Good,

caught on camera and proof, I am innocent!" As looks to the maitre'd, Sandman goes

to a table and pulls off a tablecloth and drapes it over the man's pants,

"Seriously, man. I know I am powerful and all, but you pissed yer pants. That's

just gross." Looking to Tom "So who are you?"

Spreading his hands and giving a little bow toward William, the satyr-

looking fellow replies jovially, "Tom Revelin at your service! Stalwart Saviour of

the Subway! and Rescuer of the Firefighters' Fundraiser Money-Jars!" He chuckles.

He gives the cameras a little wave of his own - might as well enjoy the moment.

"Hmm," he adds after a few seconds. "I think I'll be ordering my coffee somewhere

else." He points at the maitre'd. "And look! You get to be famous too! Smile for

the cameras."

Blinking as he appears confused by Tom, either by the words or the accent. Unsure

he shrugs, "Um ok. You're a homeless teleporting goat-man? I tink I saw pictures

of creature like you in a book or sumthin'" HE shrugs and then laughs when the

satyr waves and comments on the maitre'd. "So you can teleport and crap, huh. How

about taking an Avenger to a better spot than this one?" Looking at the maitre'd,

"Pee-pants here makes me want to eat elsewhere."

Now it's Tom's turn to look confused. "Homeless? Why would I be homeless?

And crapping well… that's hardly a power worth mentioning." He points at the

maitre'd. "He seems to be willing to demonstrate that one."
Tom gives a wave of his hand to the maitre'd and another portal opens

vertically next to him and the Avenger. "The Revelin Express invites you to enjoy

a hot cuppa coffee and a croissant at the most famous cafe in Chelsea! All

aboard!" There is nothing visible through the portal - only a swirling dark vortex

of energy. Anyone passing through will have to take his word for it.

Trusting enough, William nods and looks back to the maitre'd before entering,

"You've just lost Avengers business, buddy. Try not to be such a jerk to reformed

criminals. We are people too. Powerful people who can destroy this little cafe,

but powerful people nonetheless." Winking to Tom, he enters the swirling miasm of

energy to teleport to the Chelsea cafe, "Sounds like a plan, Mr. Revelin."

Appearing on the other side in the street outside a friendly-looking cafe

- one populated by many and varied 'artistic-looking' people, Tom holds the portal

open long enough for William to join him, and then lets it spiral closed. He

grins. Doing a pretty good rendition of an air-hostess, he says, "We have come to

a complete stop and the seatbelt light is now off. Please unfasten your seatbelts

and make your way to the exits in an orderly fashion. We of Air Revelin would like

to thank you for flying with us today and hope you have a pleasant trip. Au

The cafe is quite large, with round tables both inside and out, many of

which are occupied for the evening rush, and musicians, singers, performers,

artists and other peculiarly-dressed types come and go frequently.
Force walks into the cafe, moving towards an open table. Glancing around as he

does. Hands are in his jacket's posckets.

Force sits down at Table 4.

Not fitting in with how he is dressed, the Avenger is dressed in his usual clothes

of green and black stripped sweater and brown dockers. As he steps out of the

portal, "Well, I gotta say. That is pretty nifty power. You can just go wherever

you want, whenever you want. Kinda cool." When he looks around this new cafe, he

smiles, "Artsy types, huh. Maybe there will be some live entertainment." He enters

the place and takes a seat at a table and peruses a menu, "Just coffee and a ham

sammich, please." He asks the waiter.

Force is sitting a table, at this cafe. News paper laided out on the table infront

of him. A cup of coffee and some pound cake on a plate. Turning pages slowly,

looking through the business section. A bite of cake, several sips of coffee.

A long counter hugs the far northern wall, behind which several attendants

prepare food and drinks for the customers. A corner in the northeast is home to a

PA system, a small stage (enough for a few people to stand on it), with mics, amps

and a DJ booth. A young guy, in his twenties and sporting a short mohawk stands up

there and starts to sing to some music that could only be described as

'alternative'. The song is likely an original work.
In the middle of the room, a group of patrons - ranging in age from early

twenties to early forties - are laughing around a large table and enjoying a

massive pizza. They do not seem interested in anyone coming in, although one girl

- a blonde in her early 30s possibly - gives Sandman a look, eyeing his outfit

Tom, as he wanders inside and takes a look around, gives Sandman a wink.

"Yeah, pretty cool. I get around." He points to the attendant behind the espresso

machine. "They know me here - I'm a regular performer. Drop the name 'Tom Revelin'

and you'll get a discount. Hell - drop the name 'Avenger' and you probably will

too… say 'Sandman' and you might see a repeat of before. That could be fun!"

Listening and nodding his head as Tom fills him in on the happenings at this

trendy New York cafe, he spots the woman staring at it and returns her glance with

a large toothy smile and when his sandwich and coffee are brought to him, he nods

to the waiter, "Um, I'm friends with him." He points to Tom and then adds, "And I

am an Avenger." The waiter looks and nods unsure of what to do with that

information and just walks away.

Force sipping coffee, not one for the fancy stuff. Just coffee with cream and some

sugar. Glancing up as some people leave and a few enter. Looking over at William

Baker for a few seconds. Then over at Revelin, arching an eye brow as he spys the

hooves. Guessing all types come to this place.

"Tom!" yells a girl - brunette, brown eyes and in a garish, eye-hurting

outfit of various colours, all marked and spotted with paint - as she jumps up

from her chair and all but runs in the satyr's direction. Her trajectory takes her

straight past Force and trips over his chair, sending her sprawling to the ground

with a squeal.
Tom looks mildly distressed, but not at the fall - at the girl. While she

is face-down on the ground, he grimaces and trots over, giving Force a nod. "Uhh,

Cindy. G'day! How—how're you doing?" He gives Force a nod and smirks. "Ah,


Meanwhile, the waiter who walked past William disappears behind the

counter, murmurs something to a man in his forties who has spiked hair, a bit of a

paunch and an elaborate goatee on his face. The man waves the Avenger over,

grinning. "You're with Tom, eh?" he has a thick, manhattan accent - possibly put-

on. "He sings here all the time. Grab a seat, Mr Avenger. What'll it be?"

Hearing the man behind the bar, Sandman gets up and walks over, "Wow. So Tommy's a

big shot. I'll need to come by more often and I'll have." He seems to take forever

as his face reads he wants alcohol, but being an Avenger and whatnot. He shrugs,

"I'm no on duty tonight. I'll have a beer. And one for me friend, Tommy." Turning

to see where Tommy is, he catches sight of Cindy falling over and rushes to her

side and by Tom. He offers his hand, "Are ya alright?"

Force blinks, caught off guard…as the girl goes right by him, knocking into his

table. Almost knocking his coffe from his hand. As it was the bite of pound cake

is sent flying. Twisting, moving quickly to save his cup of joe. Frowns, grumbling

alittle. "hey hey now…lets be careful please…."

Cindy, accepting Tom's hand - and William's - allows herself to be pulled

up, and rather unsteadily stands next to Force's table, brushing her clothes down.

Not that it does much good. The clash of colours and paint-spots is so…vibrant,

that a coffee-stain would look right at home in this outfit. She gives an

embarrassed half-smile.
"Ah, thanks. I'm fine - no really - happens all the time." She turns

toward Force and gives a very apologetic smile. "I'm really sorry about your cake.

I have two left feet. I'm not nimble like Tom here." She all but bats her eyes at

the hooved man, who clears his throat.
The burly man with the spiked hair shows up then with two beers tucked

under an arm - and a second plate with a slice of cake on it for Force. "Here.

We're used to this. Two beers for Mr Revelin and Mr Avenger - and a replacement

cake for you. Cindy, you want anything?"
The mohawked fellow on the stage finishes his song, which wasn't all that

bad if one likes that kind of music, and Cindy ignores everyone else to

boistrously applaud.

Watching Cindy around Tom, William laughs and begins to back away to allow the

satyr the chance with the young woman. When the burly man arrives with the beers,

Sandman takes his hand holds it up in a toast like fashion to others and chugs it

down, letting out an uncouth burp. When the singer finishes, Sandman claps and

applauds out peer pressure since everyone else is doing it though he admittedly

was not paying much attention to the music.

Force looks up at the burly man as another piece of cake is put down on his table.

Tilting his head alittle, looking back at Cindy and Tom. Leaning alittle more to

look at the hooves. Speaking up, "ah…yeah of course, we all like Mister Ed…a

horse is horse of course…the famous Mister…" he smirks as his voice trails

off. Taking a large bite of cake and then a sip of his coffee.

"Thanks Roberto," Tom says to the spiky-haired man, the cafe owner, and

accepts the beer while grinning at Sandman's belch. He looks toward the stage and

toasts 'Mohawk' with the bottle before downing a swig. At Force's comments about

his feet, he glances down, and does a surprisingly nifty little tap-dance routine

- and then he smirks. "I'd like to see Mr Ed do that. Hey, I'm Tom."
To Cindy he says, "I thought you'd be at the art gallery or school or

whatever this evening. Didn't you have something on?"
The girl practically beams, although she is distracted by Sandman's belch.

"The school, silly! But plans changed and I got to have an evening to myself - and

bump into you! Well, into this man here, but I got to speak to you! Isn't that

Tom clears his throat and forces a wan smile.

At this point, William just kinda keeps to himself to allow what he thinks may

happen between Tom and Cindy to happen. So moving over towards Force, he lifts his

now empty mug to which Roberto goes to refill, "Howdy. Mind another joining ya?"

He asks rather gruffly as he stands at the table waiting to see if Force allows

him the chance to join him.

Force hmmms softly, looking at Tom. A few glances at Cindy. Speaking up,

"Carl…very nice to meet you…" looking back down at his paper, ruffling his

paper alittle. Looking back up at William comes over, speaking. "I ah…ah hmmm,

sure…" glancing at and motions to an open chair with his head.

Cindy continues staring at Tom for a bit, waiting for him to reply -

possibly acknowledge his own elation at being thrust into a conversation with her

again - before finally giving William another look. Her expression goes blank for

a moment and then suddenly brightens like a beacon. "Wait… I know you. I've seen

you on TV. You're—you're…the Dustbin, no! Dust…Sand…Sandman! You're an

Avenger!" She giggles and glares over at Roberto. "He thought it was your last


Tom looks almost relieved at the girl's shift in attention and downs

another mouthful of beer. "Victim of your own success…" he mutters wryly.


"Well, Carl. Nice to meetcha. I'm William." He takes a seat and joins Force at the

table, "My first time here. Just met Tomy and he brought us over. But it's a nice

spot. Should come more often. You a regular?" He asks. As Cindy offers

recognition, William seems to blsh a bit or is it shift quickly from flesh to sand

and back to flesh, "Uh yeah." He looks to Tom and shrugs, "At least, she's not

peeing herself, huh." He chuckles.

Force turning his head to look at Cindy, as she speaks up. Arching an eye brow,

turning to look back at William and hmmms softly. Sipping his coffee and then

putting his cup down. "Me…oh, ah, now and then the coffee is half way decent"

Closing his paper, moving to fold it up. "Sandman and an Avenger…not to bad for

someone who used to be…" Smiles, letting his words trail off.

"I make better," Tom comments unashamedly. This one does not mind showing

off one bit. He regrets it almost instantly as the comment draws Cindy's attention

back to him with a series of vigorous nods. The teleporter tries to distract

himself from the girl by talking to Carl again. "So, Carl is it? What do you do

for a crust?" the question is asked so quickly, and with such an Aussie accent it

must sound like a common colloquialism.

Cindy, still looking ga-ga at Sandman, tries to not-quite-casually adjust

her brown and frizzy hair. "So… what's it like? Being an Avenger? After

being…. you know. And turning into sand! Personally I hate sand. It gets into

everything. Have you ever tried to get sand out of your knickers?" She instantly

claps her hands over her mouth and blushes beetroot red.

When Force does not finish his sentence, William quirks a brow and frowns a bit.

He cannot never move past his past, but simply nods his head, "Yeah, used to be a

criminal. Now not so much." He teases a bit with only half a smile on his face and

is starting to enjoy the attention from Cindy, "It's pretty…It's actually

really amazing. All of them are just so…wow…really no words. They are all

good people. And they do good and I'm a lucky schmuck to be included among 'em."

He gets an even bigger smirk when Cindy mentions sand in her knickers, "I don't

have to worry about that problem so much, but if ya ever get any stuck in, I can

remove it for ya." He holds his hands out and shifts them to sand and moves them

like a slinky before morphing them back into flesh and bone.

Force watches the display of sand power. Looking between Cindy and Sandy. He looks

down at his cake, taking several large bites of cake. Listening to them chat back

and forth. Working very hard to keep from rolling his eyes as Cindy is gushing all

over Sandman and he is just lapping it up.

The girl claps her hands together initially at the display of powers from

William, only to frown suddenly a few moments later. "Umm," she says uncertainly.

"I don't think I like the idea of you putting a sandy hand (or any hand) in my

knickers, Mr Sandman. I don't know you very well after all."

Revelin nearly chokes on his beer at the brazen comment from the girl and

wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. "That's never stopped you before," he

mutters - a bit too loudly.
Cindy hits him in the arm, sloshing beer onto the floor. "Shh! You're not

supposed to tell!" and with that she gives William a smile of pure fan-worship.
Revelin itches at his scalp and heaves a sigh. "It wasn't my fault the

sand got in there in the first place…"

When he hears about the comments about sand in her panties, Sandman lets out

another loud holler of laughter, "Don't worry. It seems you and Tommy may have

somethin' But thank I appreciate the…attention. And you are very pretty and. .

." Turning to Tommy, "…let the girl have some fun, will ya?" Looking at the

two and making a face as he looks to Carl, "So yeah, Carl. Um…crazy night, I

guess, huh."

Force almost chokes on his coffee as he takes a sip, listening to Cindy. Having to

put his coffee cup down. Clears his through alittle. Shaking his head slowly. It

seems Cindy is something of a mutant groupie. "yes…i would agree, sand in the

breeches is not a good thing for sure, bound to give you a rash…"

"Oh you have *no* idea," Cindy starts to say to Carl. "That day at the

Tom cuts her off. "Yeah, yeah, yeah - I'm SURE they want to know about

that, don't they? Seriously, Cindy - don't you have to…finish your painting?

Wasn't it…sort of important?" He looks slightly exasperated and finishes his

beer - a good thing too, in case Cindy spills any more of it.
At William's comment to Carl, Tom gives a grin. "We seem to have…invaded

your space. Sorry, mate."

Realizing that Tom is right and they have totally intruded on Carl, "Oh, man. I am

so sorry. I never meant to bug ya or anythin'." Sandy stands up and gestures

apologetically with his hands when Roberto brings over his second beer. He remains

standing moving next to Cindy, "So, yer a painter. Do you show yer art and stuff?

I'm not a painter, but I can create artsy type things." A small amount of sand

flies off his shoulder and onto a table and forms into a tiny statue of Cindy.
Force hmmms softly, "no no…its ok, it was no problem…" Watching sandman

working his powers. Glancing between the three of them, picking up his coffee.

Leaning his head back, moving to finish the last of his coffee.

The girl all but completely ignores Tom now, and tries to latch onto

William's arm - watching the display on the table. At the sight of a mini-Cindy

statue, she squeals. "Ohh! I want one! Can I have that one? Will it stay like

that? I could paint it to look like me. Sand-statues…" She leans in a little

closer. "And…we could show the other Avengers what you made for me when you take

me on a tour of your base… headquarters? Secret lair? What do you call it?"

Tom coughs into his hand, and glances at Carl with a wry expression on his

face. "It's like a trainwreck isn't it," he muses aloud, not caring who hears him.

"You are horrified, but just… can't… look away."

As Sandman admittedly enjoys the attention from Cindy, his Avengers ID seems to

beep and he sighs. Not able to finish the second beer, he turns to everyone

present, "Sorry, all. Off to save the planet." Looking to Cindy's statue, he

absorbs it into his form. "We'll meet again soon, Cindy. Carl, nice meetin' ya and

Tommy, my man! You got a new best friend!" With that his flesh seems to melt away

and sink and shrink until he is a pile of sand and slinkies towards the door and

out through crevices and cracks in the doorway and is gone.

Cindy looks positively dismayed at Sandman's signature departure and

heaves a sigh. As she turns toward Tom, he holds up his hands in a 'back away'

gesture, a look of apology on his face that may or may not be genuine. "Don't look

at me, Cindy. I gotta be off too - performance tonight elsewhere. I'll come by

your gallery soon though. We'll catch up." He turns toward Carl and tips an

imaginary hat. "Pleasure meetin' ya, Carl. Have a good one, mate!"
Cindy sighs again and starts for the door, and Tom waits until she is gone

before he too heads out - taking a more conventional exit than his usual

teleportation skills.

C'est fini~

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