2011 10 06 Shrinking Sands

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Shrinking Sands

Sandman, She-Hulk, Doc Samson

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Doc Samson's office.

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Sandman comes by for his required visit, She-Hulk stops by, and then Sandman's head is shrunk.


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Doc Samson is found seated on the edge of Irene's desk. He's slightly askew (seated on one leg/cheek) and looking down at Irene from across the desk. They're casually speaking about current events and there isn't anyone else within Samson's outer office suite.

There are four doors from this room, one to the Baxter Building Lobby, one to his own private office, another to a break area/storage and finally to a washroom.

Samson is not dressed professionally (not suit/tie) but he wears his encounter suit, jeans, super shirt, etc. His green hair is pulled back in a pony to keep it out of his face. Irene is dressed conservatively in business attire.

She-Hulk Is currently in the elvator on her way up to see the doctor , she's shehulk right now it seems even wearing her one piece outfit though she's got cargo pants on over her legs , mostly cause she just finished some training so didn't bother to change.

Grumbling to himself as he makes his way to the Baxter Building. "Gotta be kiddin' me. Makin' me see some shrink to be on the team." Dressed in probably the only clothes he ever wears, William Baker enters the building and after showing the proper clearance and credentials makes his way toward the doctor's office. With a sullen, almost bitter expression on his face, it is easy to read that he does not want to be here, but being on the Avengers means that he will at least be compliant enough to attend sessions. Opening up is something else entirely. As he stands at the doors facing the doctor's office, he lets out a loud sigh and instead of entering like a normal person would, he begins to shift into a pssamic form and moving like fluid sand slides under the hole of the door and slips into the lobby office. Sand shifting it comes up from under the door and begins to take a human form.

Irene is initially disturbed by Sandman's entrance, she gasps.

Samson notes the new arrival and reassures his receptionist, "It's alright Irene, It's our 2 o'clock." then slides off the desk and will take a step or two toward the Sandman, "Mr. Baker. Welcome, I'm Doctor Leonard Samson." and will offer the glad hand of welcome to the big sandy.

Completely forming from sand to flesh, the Avenger sands wearing a green and black stripped sweater and brown dockers. He looks between Irene and Doc. Smiling at how unnerved Irene appears, William offers, "Yeah, don't worry, honey. I'm a good guy now." His grin almost wicked and smarmy turns into a frown when he notes the doctor. Looking him up and down examining him, he begrudgingly shakes his hand, "So you're a shrink? I thought you were supposed to be all uptight and crap. Jeans. A pony tail? Is this supposed to make you cool or sumthin'?"

"Something like that.", Samson replies with a slight grin and an affirmative nod. His handshake is firm but not oppressive. He has no intention of offering the dead fish but also doesn't want to burst the sand hand into thousands of grains. "And truth be told, most of my sessions are just talking about current events. I don't do up-tight."

"I guess so." William continues to look the doctor up and down as his hand is shook. His grip is also firm and then he releasing the grip, "So we just sit and talk. How do you get in my head? You a telepath or sumthin'? I don't like people roamin' round in my head, Doc. Ban things happen. Typically to them." He then looks around the office, "So what's wid the green hair? You family to Shulkie and Hulkie?"

She-Hulk LEans against the door frame " Lets just call him a distant cousin " She says with a smirk " I was just coming to say hi Doc but seems your busy I don't wanna intrude " .

Looking over/around Sandman's shoulder at the new arrival and familiar voice. Samson smiles and points to Shulkie, "What she said. Distant cousin and gamma radiation game show contestant."

Samson's focus then turns to the two of them, "Mr Baker, Sandman, surely you and She-Hulk have met - being both new or newly returned members of the Avengers." and he introduces.

Turning around to see the jade giantess behind him, Sandman sighs, "Seriously. Are the Avengers that mistrusting of me that they send you to make sure I am coming to these sessions?" He shakes his head muttering, "Next minute Hulk will coming smashing through the window." Turning to Samson, "Yeah we know each other." Adjusting his position so that all conversationalists are facing each other, "Shulkie, lookin' good as always."

She-Hulk winks at Sandman " Actually I was here to reschedule my appointment with the doctor cause I have some business to attend to off planet " . She smirks " Nothing to do with you sandy " She looks back to the doctor " We met I had to do his legal paper work " .

An eyebrow is raised by Samson, he grins and says, "Off planet, huh?" a rhetorical question, as he suspects she's just making stuff up to avoid her time with him. Instead of pushing the issue, he will allow them to settle their greetings and sort out things before further interruption.

"Coolio, then. Looking forward to my first chance off-planet." Turning his fists into a giant sand fists and making boxing gestures, then returning them to their normal fleshy hands, "So you see the shrink too? Green makin' ya go nutty?" Sandman asks. His tone almost showing support as it is nice to know he is not the only Avenger seeing the doctor.

She-Hulk chuckles " We all have to come to see him at some dear it's part of the job All the avengers come to him for check ups to help us deal with the issues that come along with being a hero " .

Samson nods to She-Hulk's statement. "Sound mind, sound body, sound security.", he addresses as some motto that may or may not reflect the ordering agency's needs. Then he looks at his watch and says, "Speaking of…" and leaves his statement open for interpretation.

"Well, I guess if the whole team is coming." Sandman begins to imagine what his different teammates discuss with the doctor and their various little secrets. "So it's time for you to shrink my head, Samson? What should I call you? Doc? Doctor? Dr. Samson? Shrink? Head Shrinker" He laughs a bit but is clearly nervous about the session.

She-Hulk Nods her head as she walks over to the secretary " can you change my appointment to next week please in the afternoon on Friday , the avengers will contact you if I haven't returned to earth by that point ".

Irene will gladly handle She-Hulk's request and will be pleased to address any issues in the future when She-Hulk doesn't call back and the Avengers are back earth-side.

Samson nods to Shulkie and will start walking toward his inner office. He'll open and hold the door for Sandman, "Most call me Doc or Samson. What ever works for you."

Looking over at his teammate, "Well, Shulkie. Have fun off planet. Kick some alien butt! And we'll party when ya get back." Giving her a wave, he looks to Samson and the door and stares into othe office and sighs as he walks into the office with his head down like a child being sent to the principal's office.

She-Hulk Grins " Don't worry it doesn't hurt " She pauses a moment " Much " she adds changing the info . She smiles as she moves up " Unless you wanna say something else Doc I'll be off see you around I gotta date before I run off planet "

Samson takes mental notes of She-Hulk's demeanor at present and how she acted yesterday. He doesn't comment on such things but he can see what she was talking about even though they're clearly not different personalities, it's a different take on life. He smiles, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." is his comment to her departure. Then Samson will follow Sandman into the inner office.

Entering the office and staring about examining what appears to be every inch of the layout Sandman offers, "You don't have anything in here that can be damaged easily, do you?" He asks as he steps in and remains by the door. He does not take a seat, but stands apprehensive by the door. "Nothin' easily broken or some such, huh?"

She-Hulk Sticks out her tongue " Oh I'll do it anyways besides doc I know you not much you wouldn't do " she winks and she walks off with a sway to her hips .

Samson closes the door behind him as he enters then passes the apprehensive Sandman. He moves toward the front of his desk and will take an electronic tablet/pad and glance over to Sandman as he answers, "Just about everything. Thing is, you break anything affixed to the suite, my land lord might be a little irritated." - His landlord is the F4.

He'll motion to the couch or a nearby chair, places where they can get comfortable and talk eye to eye.

"Don't worry, I got enough control that I won't break or damage anything." Looking to the Doc, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I learned from my time as a criminal and with cops and whatnot ot be careful of who you talk to and where you talk." Sandman's form suddenly shifts from human to a sudden burst of sand, whipping a little localized sandstorm, he swoops about the office touching everything and examining it in his sand form. This takes only a few second and then the little sandstorm begins to form on the couch forming into William Baker and any access sand he may have left behind flies towards the man adding to his form. In seconds, the room is completely clean of any sand the small sandstorm may have whipped up as it is absorbed into the hero. "Sorry about that, but you have to be careful where you are. Don't need nothin' I say being recorded or anything like that."

"Rest assured…" Samson says after the demonstration of 'sandblasting about the room'. "…everything you say will be held in the highest of confidence. I can only repeat what transpires here under court order or if you show signs of wanting to do harm to yourself or others. Even my reports to the Avengers and SHIELD leave out details, they are just assessments, not point by point listings."

Feeling a bit more comfortable, he relaxes on the couch, "Ok then. So anthin' I say is like confidential and stuff. And remember, I got a presidential pardon that covers any past crimes so…" He holds out his finger to the psychiatrist and then pauses a moment, "So you're not really going to shrink my head, are ya?" He asks in all seriousness. He is not the brightest bulb in the pack.

After Sandman is positioned on the couch, Samson takes the chair opposite and adjacent the couch so they can be eye to eye yet a few feet away from one another. Samson crosses his right ankle over his left knee and maintains the pad in his lap with a stylus for notes. "No, I'm not telepathic, nor do I shrink heads. I just listen and help you work through things that may be bothering. As for your pardon…, you may want to read the details on your particular pardon. I've not read it. But. Some are itemized and if you're found to have committed another crime other than the itemized ones then you can serve time for that particular, un pardoned, crime. Yours may offer an umbrella for all crimes known or unknown, but for your own protection, I'd be careful."

Nodding his head and even though he is more relaxed there is the natural apprehension that one that has led the type of life that Sandman has, that leads him to always be ready and careful. Once assured that Samson is neither an actual head shrinker or telepath, he reclines further on the couch, "Good point, Doc. I'll have Shulkie check it out when she gets back." It helps having a top lawyer as a teammate. "So you ask questions and I answer?"

"Cool." Samson says and then will 'begin'. "That's pretty much how this works… so we'll start off with, "Tell me about your return to the Avengers."

Listening to the question and moving his mouth from side to side and stroking under his chin with his right hand as he ponders how to answer the question and then simply shrugs satisfied that nothing he says will used against him, "Well, Doc. I was over in Symkaria with Silver Sable and the Wild Pack. Living the good life. Bein' respected and enjoyin' doin' what I do best." His fist forms into a large sandy block that he smashes into his other hand which absorbs it. "But I don't know. I was missin' somethin' As much as I miss the Wild Pack, I thought I should come back home. I did." He shrugs again, "I wanted somethin' to do and Avengers took me back."

"Have they? Accepted you that is. Meaning it's hard for a historically significant villain to flow right into the ranks of a heroic team. Especially one that they've fought on many occasions."

Shrugging his shoulder as Sandman ponders the question again, "Well. To be honest. The only ones I've seen since my return has been Shulkie just now and Wonder Man yesterday and let's just say we got off on the wrong foot." Shaking his head, "Minute he saw me. He attacked me." Feeling a little put-off about that, "He scattered me across the gym, but we worked it out and went for a drink." Sighing, "Just wonderin' if I am gonna have to deal with that with every member who doesn't know I am back."

Samson smiles but tries to oppress the sentiment. With a nod he says, "Isn't that always the case? Even if a memo goes out, when you put two supers in the same room, regardless of whose side they are on, it results in a super battle." then after a brief chuckle, "Honestly, I would talk to Hawkeye and ask him to have an introductory meeting for you if he hasn't already briefed the team yet."

Nodding his head, "Good idea. But I gotta wonder what he will be like as a leader. I am used to Cap, which was hard enough, but Hawkeye. I dunno. He shoots arrows. I mean, I guess he is all badass chair of Avengers and whatnot, but still…I mean he shoots arrows." Sandman shrugs, "I never actually encountered him, so I have no idea how he will be."

"Believe me, those arrows will leave a mark." Samson says with a grin and then returns to the subjects at hand, "Tell me about your family."

Sandman has reconnected.

"Believe me, those arrows will leave a mark." Samson says with a grin and then returns to the subjects at hand, "Tell me about your family."

Sandman hmmmmns a bit, "Gotta talk about my family, huh. Ok." He stands up and begins to pace about the room, "Not much to say. My dad left when I was three. Don't know him too well. My mom raised me by herself." He stops pacing to see what the doctor says, "So because of no dad that means I had to become a criminal and stuff?"

Samson denies the suggestion, "Not exactly. There are circumstances that influence development, none are truly fixed in cause and effect. We have to consider all the factors and then consider the outcome. One factor in itself doesn't make a criminal, nor a hero. But tell me, have you been married, children?"

Sandman has partially disconnected.

Laughing a bit much, "Oh hell nah! Kids! HA! A wife! HAHA!" Sandman guffaws, "You may not have noticed, Doc. But not too many women are runnin' to mate with former criminals and…" He stops laughing, "Now the Avengers life does not make for a family." He shrugs, "Though I may be able ta get a few dates outta the title though."

Samson chuckles along with Sandman's laughter and denial. "You'd be surprised. I understand that some girls like the bad boys. So don't give up on the relationship angle. It can happen."

"True. But I wanna stick with good girls. Girls that like bad boys tend to be bad girls…" Sandman shrugs, "As for kids, I'm not even sure if I can have 'em. Still not sure what the whole radiation thing did to my…uh…ability to have kids." He shrugs, "You might want to shake that out to, Doc. I mean that gamma stuff may be more bad than the nuclear stuff that made me."

Samson presents himself in a more relaxed poise as the comedy of the moment presses on, he chuckles and nods, "I've pretty much written that off too." then he segues into another topic, "I can tell you're quite comfortable with your powers, at least overtly. Does that hold true internally as well. Meaning, are you alright having your ability. Would you rather be normal or perhaps have alternate powers?"

"Well, I gotta admit. When I first got 'em. I was super happy. Meant I could rob stuff easier and not get caught…Then old webhead got involved and put that career under rest." Sandy shrugs, "I mean, the only times I ever really regretted it was when I got cancer, but that went away. And then there was the whole Hydro-Man mess."

Curious, "Tell me about Hydro-Man."

"Hydro-Man." Will grumbles, "He's a cheap watery imitation o' me. What I can do with sand, he can do with water. But I'm better. The best actually." He goes back to sitting on the couch, "We teamed up to take out Spider-Man. Unfortunately the wall-crawler handed us our asses and in the process his water mixed with my sand. We got merged into this mud monster crap thing. We got beat by Spider-Man again, but we got stuck in that mud-form. Was all weird. When I am completely in sand, I feel like I am outta my body and can see my sand and move it like a puppet or somethin' I guess it's the same for Hydro, but we were stuck in that weird limbo place or whatever it's called. We were stuck trapped and couldn't do nothin'. Couldn't move or anythin' Wasn't for a few months when we finally got freed and I got my body back."

Sandman has reconnected.

Samson has steepled his fingertips to his lips and chin and listens to the assessment of the Hydro-Man / Sandman conundrum. "Interesting." He says with a reflective tone and then after a moment asks, "Normal water doesn't do anything to you?"

"Nah, I mean I'm not afraid of showerin' or rain or anythin' I mean I can go to the beach and swim and stuff. Just gotta be careful. I tend to avoid hydros, but if I gotta fight I will. Water makes sand all damp and crap. Makes it hard on me to move and stuff. Get all muddy and murky." Sandman answers, "But yeah. I am ok. I guess." Perhaps not so much.

Moving on to better subjects, Samson nods and then asks, "How about pets. You ever have any?" just as a way to get away from the previous subject and likely move onto another.

"Nah, not a big animal lover or anythin'" He shrugs, "Never thought about 'em and not really sre if they're allowed at the mansion or not. Guess I should ask Jarvis. But Falcon used to have his bird and Black Knight had his horse, so maybe. " Will asks, "Ya think I should get one?"

"I've really no opinion on it. Some people find animals therapeutic. When they have a troubled day they'll go spend time with the animal and find a relaxed peace that helps them decompress."

Shrugging, "Well considerin' I got among my teammates a wasp, a beast, a warbird, a black widow, and a mockingbird. I think I am surrounded by a bunch of animals." Sandman chuckles at his own joke.

Samson also chuckles with a nod, "Funny how our kind tend to lean toward the interesting naming associations. Many of them are hysterical if given the time to think about them between the moments of them trying to hit you."

"True. True. I kept my simple. I control sand. Thus Sandman." Looking at the doctor, "What about you? Got a hero name or somethin' Green guy or Doctor-Man." He leans back, "Samson huh. Is that the guy from the Bible and stuff. Cut your hair and ya get weak." His hand forms into a sandy pair of scissors.

Samson smiles, "No, I didn't quite go with the codename. It just happens to be my real name and I wasn't interested in the whole naming convention. Honestly, I don't see myself as a super-hero either. If need be, I'll take action. But my real life jobs take the better part of my time. Time that I split between this office, it's contracts, and trying to capture and contain the Hulk with the Hulkbusters."

His hand returning to normal again, Sandman's furrows his brow a moment curiously, "So, you go after the Hulk and stuff, huh. But Jen sees you as her doctor and stuff. That's gotta be weird and all. Ain't she and Hulk family? Like real family? And you are after him." He asks inquisitively, "And he's a tough nut to fight. Fought him a few times myself."

Samson receives the deluge of questions with a grin and then shakes his head as he denies, "Today is about you. Which brings us to the next part of this session. I've a test I want you to take." He says while leaning forward and rising up to move toward a smaller desk/chair area in the far corner of the room, "It's a personality profile battery of tests that will help me discern certain paths to our conversations in the future."

Standing up and lifting his arms about in a 'hold up' manner. "A test? No one said nothin' about tests. I ain't too bright, Doc. No one said anythin' about a tests." He begins to shift his body to a sand form, "I ain't doin' no paper and pencil test. Talkin' is hard enough. But no test, Doc. Or I am outta here." Completely in his pssamic humanoid form, he starts to walk towards the door.

"It's not an intelligence test, and nothing you can fail. Plus, it's required." Samson states with an inflection on the last sentence, implying that Sandman must take the test.

Heavily sighing, "Alright, Doc." He shifts back to human and goes to start the test. After a few hours of asking the meaning of some of the questions and being a difficult test taker, Sandman completes the batter and nods to the Doc, "Alright I'll schedule with Irene. See ya next week, Doc."

"Take care." Samson says allowing Sandman's departure.

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