2011 10 06 Lookit All Tha Green

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Lookit All Tha Green

Juggernaut, Black Tom, Banshee, Siryn, Iron Man, Giant Man

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Lower West Side, Manhattan

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Siryn sells out her uncle and the Juggernaut.


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After traversing a series of tunnels, Terry finds herself emerging onto the street level then is able to find the run-down hotel that was indicated on the card.

It starts to drizzle and the night is turning sour.

Behind the exterior door of the hotel room, Terry can hear the laughter of her uncle and Cain.

Raising her fist, Terry bangs on the door. She's more than a little annoyed at this moment. Goddamn it all.

Tom is heard reciting, "Hark, doth I hear a tiny bird at yon door? Would ye be so bold, Master Cain, to see whom we shalt receive?"

Cain is heard standing and lumbering through the room, he only says, "Yer a dork." and then opens the door. His eyes widen with relieved glee, "Terry! Hey Tom, Terry made it."

Theresa sweeps in past Cain, offering the massive man a pat on the arm. "Uncle, ye've got a metric shit-ton of explainin' t' do, an' not much time t' do it in," she informs Tom quietly, walking over to kiss the man on the cheek. "What th' bloody hell are ye into?"

When Terry sweeps past Cain and into the room, she is able to see the loot all around. They've got stacks of cash piled up in small groups all over the place. They seem to be divided into three distinct piles. It's likely around 20 million dollars.

Tom answers with a confident and pleased with himself (smug) tone, "Darlin, we're in tha money." and he hand-waves all around the room.

Dear God. "Tom… God, man, what'd ye do?" Terry asks, appalled at the sight. "What did ye get me into?"

He stands, dances around with his stick <because i don't have the correct spelling in front of me to type it out>. "Inta more green than the whole of Northern Ire. Yer very own shamrock awaits you right over there.." - he points to her stack of dough.

Her heart sinks. Theresa was hoping her Da was so wrong about this. "I canna take it… right now. I dinnae have a bag with me. I need t' make some travel plans first." She'll have to bring her father in on this. "How long are ye plannin' on bein' here? I'll make m' plans around yours."

"We're gone like the wind in the morn. Figurin we'd take ye with us back to Ire. We've got plenty o bags and a fine transport to smuggle us and the dough out of the country." Tom answers while Cain settles back down onto the floor, encircled by his loot.

Theresa nods. "An' the thing ye delivered t' get the money, Uncle? Is that already gone? I dinnae want t' leave until it's in th' clear for sure. Y' never know, they might need us t' cover an escape." She forces a smile. "More money, ye know?"

"It wasn't just one thing, it was a plethora of things. They're all gone now. Viper took her toys, gave us our dough, and told us to scram. We knew when we were no longer welcomed."

Theresa forces a relieved look on her face. "Good. I hate dealin' w' them." She breathes out a long sigh and kisses Tom again. "I'm gonna go pick up coffee an' dinner, then. Ye got preferences, Uncle?"

"Oh, I thought you'd never ask.". Between he and Cain, they want an entire buffet table wheeled in of foodstuffs.

Terry rolls her eyes and snickers. "All right. I'll be back in half an hour 'r so. Ye two keep layin' low." She takes a small amount of the money off the bed — enough to cover the food and such — and heads out the door. "Dinner comin' right up!"

Leaving the two giggling school girls behind, Terry will…

Make sure she's not followed, keep tabs on their location, and call Sean. He's gonna be beyond pissed.

'Furious' is the word best described as the unintelligible words are spewed through the phone. When he finally calms down and she's able to get a word in…

"If yer finished bein' incoherent, Da…." Theresa sighs. "They've already turned over th' merchandise t' Viper. They're sittin' … maybe $20 million. An' they're headin' out of th' country t'morrow." She pauses. "What d'ye want me to do from here?" She wouldn't normally ask, but she's not sure if they want her to stick with Tom or go a different route.

"Give me the address." - apparently Deadpool was playing hard to get or something. "Stay clear of the place, SHIELD is going in."

"I'm already out," Terry murmurs softly. And she gives him the address. She did tell Deadpool not to give Sean the address for at least a half an hour.

He then says, "Meet me at <address in lower west side - diner> in 3 hours." Then he clicks off.

Avoidance is a good policy. SHIELD shows up with the Avengers: Giant Man and Iron Man. The flea bag hotel is nearly destroyed in the battle, but they came ready to subdue the Juggernaut.

The diner is decent, old school metal free standing building on a tiny lot with a row of windows and booths adjacent to them. Sean is seated in one of the booths waiting for Terry's arrival.

The redhead slips in and her jaw is clenched very tightly as she moves to sit across from her sperm donor. "What now?" Terry asks without preamble.

"Right now, nothing." Sean replies quietly, in a calmer tone. "Your uncle and Cain were taken to the Helicarrier for interrogation. When we get the results, Agent Carter will fill us in on the next steps."

"Ye should let them see me being taken into custody," Terry murmurs. "Hell, ye should let 'em see ye lookin' pissed at me." Her eyes turn back to him, their expression hard. "After all, if ye want t' exploit th' relationship when they break out again, ye'll need 'em thinkin' I didn't turn 'em in, right?"

He ponders that a moment, "I see the angle. Yet, I'm pretty sure he already knows that you set him up. You weren't at the hotel when SHIELD showed, and you were captured at the original breakout. Tom's not dumb. He's probably rightly pissed at this point.

"Yeah. Thanks fer that, Da," Terry says, looking away from him. "So is this all ye wanted? Just fer me t' sit here wi' ye while we wait?"

He's calmer, more focused, his voice passive and regretful, "Look, Terry. I realize I wasn't there for you. I know that we've had our issues and lord knows that I could have figured out what Tom was up to back then. But I didn't. Your mom, when she died I buried myself in my work and didn't pay attention to anything."

Theresa turns her green eyes back to him and she has to pry her grinding teeth apart. "Ye really want t' sit here and … what? Apologize fer bein' grief-stricken and not knowin'? I'd rather ye apologize fer puttin' me in position t' send th' only parent I've ever known t' jail, Da. But ye won't do that — because ye hate him. An' rightfully so. I'm no' so pleased w' him meself. But it doesn' mean I don't love th' man. So…. with that on th' table…. really?"

After a sigh and a long pause, Sean wears his regret on his sleeve. "I can't imagine what you're going through. But you know as well as I do that he's a criminal and diserves to be behind bars. He's broken more laws than I can count and his partner, Cain, is a dangerous menace to society. You know as well as I do that you did the right thing."

And that's what the Irishman has never understood. "Just because it's th' right thing doesn' make it hurt any less, ye bloody great idiot," Terry informs her father, the tears appearing in her eyes in spite of her desire to keep all her emotions away from this man. He doesn't deserve to see her hurt. "But none o' that's ever mattered t' ye. Th' only important part t' ye is that it's th' right thing. No' whether it kills a body t' do it." She'd get up and leave, except that she's technically in his custody right now and feels like she's got little choice in the matter. "Are we sittin' here until we hear from them or what?" she demands softly.

Making an executive decision, or basing his decision off what she just said, Sean says, "No, we're done for now. Keep your phone handy and on. When we learn anything about HYDRA we'll be assisting SHIELD with the operation."

"Fine," Theresa replies softly. She pushes out of the booth without looking at him. Her sadness is nearly tangible as she pauses there. "I try real hard t' do th' right thing, Da. No matter what ye think of me." She pivots on a heel and leaves quickly. It'll be far easier to drown her sorrows somewhere other than where he is.

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