2011 10 05 Sand In Your Pants

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Sand In Your Pants

Sandman & Wonder Man

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Avengers Mansion - Gym

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Sandman and Wonder Man meet, conflict


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Coming out of the locker room into the gym proper, Wonder Man is dressed in his super suit <see desc> and ready to face the day. His hair is still somewhat damp as if he just showered and he begins to cross the gym room toward the main exit that will subsequently take him to the sub basement. In his right hand he holds a hairbrush.

Sand begins to filter into the gymnasium from under the door and from crevice. First small little grains and then suddenly more and more sand begins to slide into the entrance and begins to whirl about and take a humanoid shape. Grumbling and mutterings can be heard, "Think they'd have prepared or somethin'" As the sand coalesces into a human shape a body forms, legs, arms, face. The sand begins to change color appearing to resemble human flesh and clothing and when completely formed, Sandman appears directly in front of the door, "Place has changed a bit, but the gym's the same." He has yet to notice Wonder Man.

Wonder Man came to a stop as he noticed the sand taking shape. His jaw tightened and his fists clenched. Realizing who it is, and thinking him a super villain, Wonder Man leans forward and will break out into a run toward the sandy target.

"SANDMAN!" he yells as he draws back with clenched fists. Intent on gathering the attention of the villain and slamming him at the same time, Wonder Man will have raised both his arms with the full intention of bringing them down against Sandman's torso with monstrous force.

With not much time to react, "Gah!" Sandman screams out as he is taken by surprise by Wonder Man. "What the hell?" Sandman utters as he is not fists are slammed into his body, the fist connect with his torso but then as sand does Wonder Man's arms swing right through the pssamokinetic as two gaping holes appear where Sandman's torso would be with sand shifting in circular motions, "Is this how you welcome someone to your house?" Elongating into a giant stream of tower sand and bending over Wonder Man's body to come up behind him, "Want to play? I can play!"

With a failed strike, Wonder Man is a little off balance while Sandman reforms behind him. He looks both ways then starts to spin around. "Welcome? Why would I welcome you? Villain!"

As he spins, he's intent on punching again. But likely won't get the strike off in time and leaves himself wide open for assault.

The swing misses as Sandman is able to move his body in ways most contortionists would only dream of. "Seriously, this villain things gets tired…fast." Sandman completely reformed, both literally and metaphorically, looks to Simon, "We're about to get to know each other…Really well…" His chest seems to rumble forth as a large stream of sand flies towards Wonder Man, attempting to seep into opening in his costume (sleeves, pant legs, etc). "I'm no villain, but you, on the otherhand…"

Already off balance, he swing misses and Wonder Man is pushed back a few feet as the Sandman invades his personal space.

"What the hell?!" Wonder Man exclaims as sand beings to proliferate his articles. "You trying to tickle me?" he asks as he pushes forward with what ever force it will take to overcome the push and then will attempt to bring his hands together in a clapping fashion in front of or upon Sandman's frame. The clap will cause a shockwave of sound and force in a parabolic arch.

"Yeah, today is tickle-an-Avenger Day. It's how I get to know my teammates." The sand within Wonder Man's uniform begins to expand outwards and hopeful to have a similar effect to a balloon filled with two much air and ready to pop." Shaking his head at Simon, Sandman's facial expression from a know-it-all grin to a scared look as he knows what Wonder Man is doing and is not prepared to counter. The force of the clap sending ripples through his body as Sandman begins to disperse and scatter in an explosion through the room, "Oh sh…" is all that he cries when he literally explodes from the shockwave sending sand all across the gymnasium and a small cloud of sanddust filling the area around Wonder Man and where Sandman has been.

After the shockwave, Wonder Man shake-shake-shakes trying to get the sand out of his pants. "Teammates?!?" Exclaims in the curious tone of Wonder Man. "Where am I, Reverso-World?" is questioned as he starts to shake his sleeve and attempt to dump out the remaining sand.

A sort of disembodied voice can be heard groaning and muttering curses as the sand cloud disperses and sand flies about the gymnasium and begins to form on the floor. A large face with an angry expression forms on the ground as more and more sand including that which is being dumped by Simon joins in. The face begins to speak, "Yeah, Wonder Nut…I am back with the team." The face begins to elongate as a body starts to take shape similar to when he first appeared in the room. "I see the memo has gone out yet."

Wonder Man is relieved when the itchy sand is removed from his uniform. "Seriously?" he asks as he takes a step forward, toward the forming man of sand. "You're with the Avengers?"

"No not seriously. I just walked past security. Past all the fancy schmancy technology stuff and decided while trying to rob the place that I would come down here for a workout." Fully formed now, he stretches a bit in a sort of wavy sandy ripple effect and then run his fingers through his brown locks, "Much better." He sighs and looks back at Simon, "You see, this is why you Whackos on the west suck! I joined the team. Cap himself invited me when I got my presidential pardon. I left to hang with Silver Sable and the Wild Pack and now I am back." He leaves out the part of a rather heated argument with Cap that was the original reason he left the first time.

"Oh… Damn." Wonder Man seems to put things together in his head and recalls /maybe/ reading how the Sandman had been invited as an Avenger. But then again, how else do heroes meet in the Marvel Universe - there has to be a super miscommunication that results in a fight.

Wonder Man then smiles, trying to brush everything under the rug, "Hey so, I hear Silver Sable is pretty hot."

Shaking his head at the man before him, William puts his hands all too fleshy hands together an cracks his knuckles, "Yeah, Damn is right. I guess it had to happen sooner or later that I'd get my initiation get smacked around by an old-timer, though it might have hurt less if it was Wasp or Ant-Man." Pretty much putting the little squabble behind him now, Sandman relaxes his stance and loosens up, "Well, she looks better in tights than you do." Getting an almost telling grin, he used to have a crush on the silver-haired sable himself, "I've tangled with a lot of the hotties and I'll tell ya. She's the hottest."

Simon likes the transition from hostility to talking about hot chicks. "Really?" he questions, "How about we get something to drink and compare notes. Cause It's hard to compare to Scarlet Witch when we're talkin about hotness scale."

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