2011 10 05 Perfect Therapy

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Perfect Therapy

Monet & Doc Samson

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Doc Samson's Office

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Monet wants to talk about dreams.


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Samson is within his office. There's a young man laying on his couch. The man has blonde hair and wears a costume with several yellow spots on a field of blue (Speedball). Samson is seated in a leather chair just opposite the couch and he holds a pad in his hand with a stylus taking notes.

Outside the office, in the waiting room, Irene is quietly surfing the interweb and waiting for the close of the day.

Monet comes into the office after a troubling dream. She asked around about the best therapist for mutants, and Doc Samson's name was overwhelmingly the answer, and Monet St Croix is used to the best. So if she has a problem that needs a therapeutic answer, she'll accept only the best. After all, anyone inferior and she could just use her own knowledge of psychoanalysis herself - but only a fool has himself (or herself) as a lawyer, and doubly so for therapy. She strolls into the waiting room, heading past Irene. "Monet St. Croix to see Doctor Samson. I'll let myself in." she says, heading to the door.

Irene tries to delay Monet's progress but won't be able to get between Monet and the door. Busting into the room, Samson will stand abruptly and say, "Excuse me. I'm in a private session."

Irene says, "I'm so sorry, Doctor Samson, this young woman walked right past me."

Monet nods and walks over to the guy on the couch. "Here's $500. Go do your appointment another time. I have important things to discuss." She doesn't wait for him to actually leave before she continues. "It's probably all your father's fault or you breast fed for too long. Go on, get going."

Speedball is dumbfounded, but happy to get the money, "Hey Doc, I'll see you next time." is said with a happier smile than the paranoia that crossed his face upon Monet's initial entry.

Samson looks to Irene, "Thanks Irene, I'll take care of this."

Seeing his patients departure, he turns to Monet after Speedball leaves and Irene closes the door, "I take it you have something you need to get off your chest, Miss…?"

Monet says, as she sits down on the couch, "St. Croix. Monet St. Croix. I'm told you're quite good. I'm assuming everything said in here is under doctor patient confidentiality?"

"Of course, Ms St. Croix." Samson says as he relaxes and will take a seat in the chair opposite the couch so that they're on closer eye level. "Please, tell me what's on your mind."

Monet pats her lap. "So, how are you with dream interpretation. Because I had a very disturbing one, and I'm trying to figure out whether it's a dream or a premonition. I've been gaining new powers rather continually since I was 13, and I'm actually hoping it's a dream rather than some precognitive power I've developed."

"First, your powers are psychic or psionic in nature?" Samson asks trying to get a basis of understanding before he proceeds down a speculative path. Meanwhile, the hand with the stylus highlights a few things on the pad and writes.

Monet smiles" Oh well some of them are. I have more powers than many mutant groups combined." She counts on her fingers. "Telepathy, Mind manipulation, projection, offensive and defensive psionics, super strength, total invulnerability, superhuman speed, flight,…" She thinks for a bit. "I should really have a resume of all this…." before she continues, "Mutant healing factor, all my senses are enhanced, like I can see 2 miles away, etc., mind control, aura sensing, psychic screening, I have this type of… intuition, like a sixth sense precognition." She pauses. "And of course there are the non-mutant things… 191 IQ, photographic memory, I've been told that even without the powers, I'd be a peak physical human being in practically every category…." she motions at herself, "Obviously gorgeous, rich, famous family, etc."

Monet says, "Not to mention my powers seem to increase each year, or I get additional ones. So you can see how I can assume it might just be another power manifesting itself. Not that I'd mind yet another power. I have a plethora of them anyway and I'm sure i'll develop more. It's just if it's something real, it's something I'd like to avoid happening. If it's something that's merely symbolic, I'd like to know what it means so I can make sure I won't have the dream again."

Sitting the pad on his lap. His fingertips are brought up to steeple where his index fingers meet his chin and middle his lips while she prattles on about her abilities and character traits. An eyebrow raises and he wonders if she's completely finished with her description.

Then after a moment of contemplation he withdraws his fingers and says, "Dreams are often just that, dreams. Yet, I've heard of metahumans having precognitive powers, visions, and so on that manifest themselves in dream like states. We can approach this however you like, we can approach it as a dream or as a premonition… However, ultimately I would like to have you tested for precognitive powers. That would surely settle on whether or not you're dream is a dream or the unraveling of a future situation."

Monet crosses her arms a bit. "Actually… premonition is probably a bit of a misnomer, since it sometimes didn't feel like a future 'thing.' More like something that should have happened, but didn't. Or reality changed. I mean… I've been to alternate earths, and I've met reality warpers. But this one both felt like it really happened, and at the same time it seemed absolutely ludicrous, like it was written by some bad hack writer. Maybe now would be a good time for you to ask me about what my dream was?" she asks. "But if you want to test me for precognitive abilities that's fine as well… I just am not sure it will tell me if my dream is really a dream though."

"Let's start there then." Samson projects a defined path to follow seeing that she's likely to have decided where she wants to go in the first place, "Tell me about your dream."

Monet purses her lips a bit, and folds her hands. "Okay… well I'm like… 14 or 15 in my dream, and I'm back in the St. Croix Monaco estate and my brother meets with me. It's like… years after my mother died and he looks like some sort of monster, and he's all raving about how I need to join him so we can both take over the world. And I laugh at him and mock him and he turns me into some sort of… red….. mute… thing" She shakes her head. "It gets even dumber. So anyway, he then brings me into another dimension where he feeds off my bone marrow like some sort of marrow vampire, and since I have this healing factor I'm like an endless feast, you see. Then he comes to America and I escape, still as this red mute thing. Sort of like a porcupine girl or something. And… do you know who Sean Cassidy is?"

Finding his fingertips steepled once again to his chin/lips, Samson listens quietly as she elaborates upon her dream. When she pauses and asks if he knows Sean, he'll answer with a nod, "I'm familiar with Sean, yes. Why?"

Monet leans back. "Well, he briefly ran this group for mutant teenagers with powers, and in my dream, I, as that red mute thing, join the group after escaping from my brother." She frowns. "And Jubilee would act all nice to me by giving me apples and stuff like I'm some sort of pet horse. It was humiliating." She taps her foot a bit. "Anyway… it gets weirder. I have two twin sisters you see, and in real life, they disappeared years ago, not long after my brother disappeared and my mother died. In my dream, somehow they know what happened, what Marius did to me, and they keep it a secret because they felt my father would not be able to handle my disappearance, since I'm his favorite, you see. So they sort of… merge together and become me. Or as good an approximation of me as they could be. I mean.. they don't have my level of telepathic skill or strength or many of the other powers, but they do a good enough job that no one else even notices, like my father. And this charade lasts for quite some time."

Monet runs her hand through her hair a bit. "Anyway, during one fight, they are knocked out. I mean they just can't do the same things I can, you know? So when they get knocked out they can't keep pretending to be me, and everyone finds out that they're not me. Then they tell everyone that the real me is in that red mute thing, that they were calling Penance and treating like a pet or something."

Monet says, "So somehow they do something where they merge with me as Penance, and then I'm myself, and Claudette and Nicole become Penance instead. And I let them do that for some reason!" She shakes her head. "Then a short while later, we beat my brother and they're no longer Penance. And father's there, and that's around where I wake up." She looks at you idly. "Okay. Explain the dream.""

It takes a moment as Samson processes the entire dreamlike story and he asks, "This Penance creature you were. Tell me more about her." and he's curious about the translation of who Monet is projecting herself as in the dream.

Monet says, "Ever since I had it, I've been feeling all antsy and nervous about my brother for some reason." She listens to you ask the question. "Well…. I couldn't communicate with anyone. Totally alien to everyone else. Separate and apart, and I was abused by my brother and fed off of like some turkey dinner, repeatedly. My skin was impervious to anything, but razor sharp and harder than adamantium even…. Anything I touched, or that my skin touched, would get sliced up. I couldn't even hug anyone, or write to anyone, and I knew exactly what was happening the entire time and I was screaming inside that body for anyone to listen. And I wound up giving up. I gave up. I'm Monet St. Croix. I do not give up. And in this dream I did. They couldn't even read my mind at all, and I couldn't use any of my powers to let them know what was happening. I couldn't even use damn sign language because my fingers were like… these long… stabby…. things."

Samson considers Monet's appearance and her demeanor. Then he reflects it upon the description of Penance. "If in fact it's only a dream, then perhaps you're under a significant amount of stress and may be considerate of your self image. Knowing what little of I do about you presently, I don't see that you're restrained in any way personality and physically. Your listed power set implies to me that you can do just about anything. However, Penance was unable to speak, restrained, unable to connect with anyone. Maybe it's a translation of your inability to truly connect with others, something you long for. Or the opposite, that you are having some self reflection - a personality breakthrough on the subconscious level that shows growth and maturity of the persona."

Monet nods a little. "I do sometimes feel very alone. I mean… let's face it. I'm as near to perfect as any person has a right to be. It doesn't exactly give me much in the way of common ground with most of the huddled masses. Sure, there are some who might be stronger, or faster, or better psionics, but there's really no one with my full package of abilities, or who even come close, at least not on this Earth. I guess maybe I feel like just as much of an alien as I do in that dream." She frowns. "You know, it would be easier to communicate with others if they were closer to my level. It's really tiring having everyone either being jealous of me, or thinking that I need to learn some humility and that I'm insufferably smug. It's not smugness, it's just a fact. I'm an incredible person in practically every way, and I really don't have much excuse to lose or be second best, so I rarely do and rarely am. You know about those cliche, Saturday afternoon specials?"

Monet says, "The one where some popular cheerleader is all mean to the nerdy loser, but in the end the nerdy loser becomes the real hero, and the popular cheerleader is humbled? I'm pretty sure most of those stories were written by the nerdy losers. Fact is, the popular cheerleader can just as easily, or more easily, become a popular, famous starlet who then runs a corporation and is fabulously wealthy and famous, while the nerdy loser lives in his or her parent's basement playing video games until he's 43."

Monet frowns. "It's so annoying that people need to try to build their self images up by trying to make those of us who are truly happy with themselves and doesn't see themselves as broken in some way, down to their level, or makes them out to be some sort of mean person. It's not mean. It's just facts. I'm not exaggerating my abilities or anything.

Monet nods a bit. "But you're right, Doctor. I do have a lot of problem dealing with a lot of others who just see the self-assured, perfect girl and don't realize that if they'd just deal with how I am and not try to change me I'd want to be their friends, even if they're not at my level.

Samson remains quiet as she seems to summarize everything in her head and come to a conclusion on her own. He really doesn't have instructional words for her as he has questions, "If it is in fact inner conflict, then perhaps you should find someone on your level instead of interacting with those you feel are beneath you. Is that a possibility?"

Monet shakes her head. "I'm going to tell you a secret - I don't mind dealing with people benath me. I just wish so many of them weren't so…." she pauses. "I might be smug, but at least it's because of things that I can actually back up. They're morally smug - that's a lot worse." She listens to the doctor. "Besides, no, I don't know anyone who really knows what it's like to be like me. And I do like interacting with people who arent at my level. Some of my best friends are, unfortunately, not the brightest bulbs. They have good qualities though."

Monet shrugs. "If I didnt, I'd be alone all the time."

"Then what would you like to do? Meaning, if we were to establish a professional relationship, what would you like to work on?" Samson asks in a clinical tone, directing her toward a resolution to her interpersonal issues with others.

Monet shrugs. "I just want to know what the dream means, or if it's a dream at all. I'm actually quite happy with myself. If other people can't appreciate me, it's their loss." She adds, "It's nice to talk about it with someone who's not trying to judge me though."

"That's not in my job description." Samson muses and then extends, "Dreams have a way of working themselves out. I doubt anyone can truly translate a dream outside of the dreamer him or herself. Meaning, if it's just a dream, it's up to you on how you want to take it and work with it. All in all, a very interesting series of events."

Monet raises her eyebrows. "No offense meant, Dr. Samson, but that last thing? Doesn't help me in the slightest. You should have some sort of means of dream interpretation, shouldnt you? Rather than saying that 'it's all up to how I want to take it' - there are subconscious reasons for dreams. I'm asking you what those reasons are. Go with that whole 'feeling alien' thing - I think you were on a good track there, before you went all psychologist rather than psychiatrist." she waves her hands at you, ushering you to talk more about it. "Go on.

Monet leans forward to listen.

Samson smiles, "Let's run a few tests first. We need to discern whether or not your dream was psionic in nature or a bad taco. Then we'll go from there. I'll make arrangements with my people to have you scanned. Expect Irene to contact you to make an appointment and a subsequent appointment with my office." he taps his watch and stands, "And I believe our time is up.

Monet stands up and brushes her hair over her shoulder. "Okay well, thanks doctor. I'll see myself out and talk to that Irene person." She holds out her hand to shake yours.

Samson will receive the offered hand and give a nod, "It was a pleasure meeting you. Good day." and will allow her departure unmolested.

Monet heads out.

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