2011 10 05 Duplicity

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She-Hulk & Doc Samson

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Doctor Samson's office, Baxter Building

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She-Hulk stops by for a visit.


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Just off the main lobby of the Baxter Building, the offices of Doctor Leonard Samson is found. His waiting area is quaint and peaceful. Behind the desk is Irene, a middle aged woman of normal features who acts as Samson's receptionist. Then beyond a certain door is his inner office where Samson can be found.

Irene will gladly allow She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters within the office as Samson is free this morning and just hanging out for the time being.

Samson can be found wearing his encounter suit <see desc> and sitting behind the desk working on his computer. His green hair is pulled back in a pony to keep it out of his face.

She-Hulk Peeks her head in she's of course jen right now as as she moves to see him " Hi leo I figured I should come and have a chat with you , I know you get angry if I don't come see you at least once a month "

Samson looks up and over from his computer, a smile emerges and his eyes reflect a welcoming gaze. "Jenny." is said with warm reception and as he stands he begins to move around the desk to greet. "It's been a while."

She-Hulk Smiles walking over to hug the doctor " It has been too long " She says softly " what with my cases at work and rejoining the avengers it's been crazy but I promised I'd show up once a month so here I am " .

"I heard about that." Samson says as he returns the warm hug. "You re-joining the Avengers that is. Nasty thing about Graviton and all that." - and he comments on the recent troubles the Avengers had with Graviton.

She-Hulk Nods " I didn't get a chance to join that well I was part of the planning at least " . She smiles doc might notice she's got a little bigger and her body is far more defined then the last time he saw her.

"Just glad it all worked out." Samson says before offering a chair with a hand gesture and he himself will take a seat on the near side of his desk so nothing obstructs their clear view of one another, "You've been working out." is casually noted.

She-Hulk Nods " Yeah I noticed when I was with the fantastic four and a little more when I was in space that if I work out it makes me stronger when I change into shehulk , so the extra power helps her when she's fighting " . She grins " Besides I must admit feels good to be in shape " .

In a professonal tone, Samson shifts gears toward the psychological aspects since she seemed to segue into the topic, "I'm surprised to see you like this. I mean normally you were Shulkie 24/7/365. Am I to assume that you've come to grips with your inner self and no longer concerned with the duality of it all?"

She-Hulk rubs the back of her neck starting to squirm a little " Sorta " she says a little sheepishly " It' s more a case of she's her and I'm me .. were booth important , what we do is equally important so we share our time " .

"She and you?" is said with some concern. "Jen. You don't suffer the same condition that Bruce suffers. You're in full control of She-Hulk. Or has this changed?"

She-Hulk Pulls inward a little " sorta " she says chewing her lip " I do things when I'm her .. things I don't wanna think about when I'm me .. it's like she's me but not me.. "

"Then we're going to have to talk a little more." Samson says, retaining his clinical tone while moving off the desk and around behind it. He looks at the computer screen, alt-tabs, and says, "I've an opening tomorrow morning at 10. I'm sure you'll make the time."

She-Hulk Winces a little and opens an eye " Really? 'she ask sand sighs " I was afraid you'd say that I mean were okay I'm happy with the way things are I can change back and forth and I'm happy I even started dating! And he likes us booth" .

"That's just it, Jen. You're not two people. You don't have a multiple personality disorder. At least not one we've diagonsed. However, I'm conserned that your approach to your self is a sign of said condition."

She-Hulk Sighs " how do I explain " she sighs " Look she's me but she's not me " she says " She does things I wouldn't " She chews her lip " That's all it's still me just I think different when I'm in her shape is all " .

"We'll discern that later.. Right now let's talk about your boyfriend. Who is he, how did you meet?" Samson tries to soothe her concerns for now by offering a new subject to follow. Since Samson and She-Hulk have dated in the past, he feels comfortable in their friendship to move onto more friendlier topics.

She-Hulk Blinks " umm well I dunno if he wants me to tell you about him "s he says sheepish "He's kind of a hero too and I dunno if he wants your attention on him.. in his words you scare the poop out of him " .

An eyebrow raises as Samson looks over Jen. "Really now?" he asks in a curious tone. Wondering if she's making it up or what is really going on in her distinct change of personality.

She-Hulk Looks sheepish " I'm just gonna make it worse unless I tell you aren't I ? " She sighs " Alright if I do I'm gonna hold you to the doctor patient confidentiality cause if you break it buster I'll sue you so hard " . She points a finger at him rather strongly now .

Samson smiles, reassuringly as he says, "Anything you tell me will be kept private. Unless it mortally threatens you or others. Then I have to report it. You know the drill."

She-Hulk Nods her head and sighs " I'm dating spider man " She says and just waits for the reaction .

"You're what?" Samson is truly floored by the statement. "No way." is followed by his query with a growing smile. "That's great."

She-Hulk Blushes " It's diffrent.. he's kinda like me.. you know one way in real life and another personality when he's in his suit it brings my promblem in perspective and stuff " .

Samson continues to smile, there's a silent chuckle and he reflects, "Good for you. Seriously. Spider-Man is a good guy. But anyway… I'm glad you stopped by and I'll see you tomorrow around 10. Right?" Not so much a question as a reaffirmation of the appointment.

She-Hulk Nods her head with a sigh " yeah okay " she says she knows it's better to come see him then to argue with him right now . Standing up " We should work out together some time " .

"That's what got us into trouble the first time." Samson replies regarding their former relationship, how working out, hanging out, turned into a romance that didn't last.

He too stands and will usher her toward the exit, "It was great seeing you, though."

She-Hulk Smiles " Yeah but this time I won't change " she says " That's what always gets me in trouble I turn into her and then well yeah I'm green and slutty " she sighs .

Samson keeps quiet as he opens the door, not wanting to go down that road again, not till tomorrow. "You be a good girl, now and have a good day."

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