2011 10 05 Down The Rabbit Hole

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Firestar and Havok w/White Rabbit, Miss Locke, Mr Chambers, Arcade

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Arcade's MurderWorld!

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Firestar and Havok are captured by Arcade, they realize they have super powers and bust out.


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Evening, Gramercy Park, Manhattan. The skies are clear and the island is filled with the evening's activities. There are busy areas, and then there are quieter areas. In one of the quieter areas a woman calls out in a shrill voice, "HELP! HELP! He took my baby!"

A blonde female stands alone upon a sidewalk within a neighborhood. Tenement buildings are all about. In front of her is an empty baby carriage. Just ahead and speeding off is a white (windowless except for front compartment) Econoline unmarked van. No one in the area seems like they're capable of doing anything.

It has been some time now since Night Thrasher made the claim that the New Warriors were disbanded, leaving Firestar to drift into the background as Angelica returned to a more "normal" life. However, from her experiences with the New Warriors, Firestar learned how much she could help other people in need and even now took to the occasional outing to patrol and see if she might help. It just so happens that this evening she was flying over Gramercy Park in time to hear a cry for help.

Swooping down towards the woman calling for help, Firestar peers at her rather seriously from behind her fiery mask, "please calm down, Miss, I'm here to help…who took your baby? Was it the people in that van?" Firestar asks while looking ahead, keeping her eyes on the speeding van. She knows she can catch up to it, she just needs to verify that vehicle carries the culprits.

The frantic woman points toward the van, "The man, in that van! He took my baby!". Her tone is far from calm, the theft of a baby brings out the panic in all mothers.

"Don't worry, ma'am, I'll get him," Firestar affirms and takes to the sky to fly after the van, picking up speed, making sure that the road is clear, she then proceeds to project her microwaves on the van's tires, meaning to slow it down. At the same time she tries to fly right next to the van, to try and get a look at the driver, meaning to signal for him to stop.

The tires are easily blown. It wasn't going fast enough to turn into some flipping nightmare wreck, so the van struggles to move forward. The driver, a middle aged male of non descript features wears a bandana over his nose/mouth to conceal his identity. He glances to the flying (and glowing) heroine, his eyes get wide and he dives for the passenger side of the van. Thus abandoning the steering wheel as the van continues to coast sluggishly. Between the cargo area and the driver area there is a fence like wall. The baby is likely in the cargo hold.

With her fiery aura surrounding her, Firestar flies through the door before letting her aura fade away, sitting down in the driver's seat, she struggles to get control of the vehicle, gradually breaking and trying to steer it away from getting into any serious crash, gritting her teeth as she struggles to keep firm hold of the wheel, "now why did you have to go and do that…there's a baby on board!"

The man dives out the passenger door as Firestar melts her way through the drivers side. He hits the ground, rolls, and takes off toward the tenement buildings.

The van will come to a stop within a few seconds. That's when she hears the baby crying. It's terrified. Through the metal grate, she can see a bassinet in the forward-middle of the cargo region of the van. The baby is under blankets and alone.

With the van finally brought to a stop at the side of the road, Firestar proceeds to go and check on the baby, already cooing cutely in pitiful attempts to shush the baby, "awww, don't cry little thing, we'll get you back to mommy in no time," she reaches to move the blankets, making sure the baby is okay.

The pig iron of the grate evaporates, some melts away making pools on the floor. The baby cries loudly. Kneeling down, Firestar will remove the blankets. When she does she will immediately notice that the baby is a doll.

Then suddenly the cabin will fill with freezing/knock out gas.

"Oh, no! It's a trap…" Firestar partially whines to herself, feeling quite stupid for not being more cautious. Emma Frost just warned her recently about people wanting to hurt people like her, and again she behaves like a rookie, even though she's had some experience. She tries to fly out of the cargo section of the van, hoping she can make it before any ill effect might happen from the gas. Unfortunately, the fact it's freezing on top of being a knockout, makes her powers react more slowly, and she winds up falling to the floor of the cargo section, trying with all her strength to crawl out of there before losing consciousness.

The last thing Firestar will see/hear as her eyes begin to close is the back doors of the van open revealing two women. Both are wearing gas masks. The woman on the right is armed with some sort of blaster pistol, her hair is blue and matches her jump suit. The woman on the left wears bunny ears and is in an exotic white rabbit (lewis carrol) outfit. Her mask has a pink bunny nose and whiskers painted on it. She holds an umbrella that pumps more knockout gas into the cargo area of the van to make sure that Firestar is out for the count.

The blue haired female says, "We got her. Arcade will be proud.

The rabbit eared wearing female replies, "She will be a nice addition to our MurderWorld collection…." then the lights go out completely.

"Girl, wake up." is heard a few times by a male voice.

When Firestar wakes, she'll find herself in a 10x10x10 metallic room. There is no furniture within the room and no apparent doors or windows. The walls are reinforced, heat resistant, duranium-osmium alloy which is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

Firestar is laying on the floor, she is likely foggy headed, possibly sore from some impact, maybe with a headache. Above her, knelt down, Alex Summers - a moderately known mutant hero that led the government hero team X-Factor a few months back. He wears his super suit of blue and yellow with a stylish jacket. His fingers push on her right shoulder as he tries to wake her.

"You won't get away with this," Firestar tries to sound convincing in her barely audible threat, extending one hand towards the women in the gas masks, particularly the one with the bunny motif, but she can't even generate much heat, let along an actual attack, before she succumbs to an extra dose of the gas that sends her to sleep.

When a masculine voice finally jarrs her awake, Firestar squints her eyes and shifts a little, trying to make sense of where she is and who is it that is talking to her. Eventually she snaps out of it enough to make out Havok's form more clearly, "y-you!? I've seen you before…but you're a hero, aren't you? With the X-Men? Why would you set a trap for me!?" Immediately Firestar shifts away from Alex, moving all the way back till she has her back to the metallic wall of the room.

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"Easy there, Red. I'm trapped in this place just like you." Alex denies any involvement with their captors with both hands raised in front of him in an innocent/hey wait gesture.

One of the walls has a black scorched marking to it that nearly covers the entire wall.

"You're trapped in here like me? B-but you're an X-Men, you guys have a lot of experience, how could they trick you?" Firestar rather selfishly feels a bit better to know someone with vastly more experience then her apparently was also captured, so maybe she's not a total failure like she feels at the moment. Still, having had a few moments to look around, she realizes they are both trapped and starts to get a bit more nervous, "no doors, no windows, where are we? Why are we trapped!? Who would do this to us!? LET US OUT OF HERE!!!" Firestar screams, panic starting to build up.

Alex stands as she indicates that he was gullible to fall into a trap and he's not living up to the X-Men legacy. There's a sigh and a shake of his head but that's all washed away as Firestar starts to unravel.

In a firm but concerned voice, Alex says, "Hey, whoa, Red, chill. We'll find a way out of here. We'll be okay. I've dealt with Arcade before. It's just a matter of figuring out the game he wants to play and then beating him at it."

"Arcade!? Who is Arcade?" Firestar asks, gradually calming down when Alex speaks in a firmer, more commanding tone, making her get back her sensibilities. No point unraveling like a frightened kid, she's supposed to be a superhero, what would the other New Warriors think if they saw her like this? She has to get a grip, Havok is definitely right. "I'm sorry I got all emotional, I never been captured before…and I think I'm a bit scared," Firestar at least can still admit to that, as she looks around the room, eventually staring at that charred mark on one of the walls, "how do you figure we'll get out of here?"

"First things first, I'm Alex. What's your name?" Alex asks not wanting to call her girl or red any longer. And it would offer a more personal touch when he lays out the whole MurderWorld situation.

"Alex? You don't go by code-names and all that?" Firestar asks, looking at Alex with a bit of surprise, having been taught how important it is to always keep her identity safe. "I'm Firestar," she offers, not looking too keen to give out her real name, it would seem.

"'Havok' if you want to use that. But I don't have a secret ID, like Firestar.. nice." Alex states before continuing, "Anyway, Arcade is this nutjob who likes trapping heroes in something he calls MurderWorld. It's normally a massive construction filled with traps, tricks, and things that are otherwise quite deadly. He uses it as a game and we have to find our way out…."

"I have a very good reason to keep my identity a secret, let's just put it at that," Firestar offers, sounding a bit grave when she mentions that fact, "I can call you Havok or Alex, whichever you prefer, I mean, it's you who went ahead and gave your real name." She does seem to ease a bit when Alex compliments her codename, "thank you, Havok." Listening to Havok, Firestar seems gradually more and more concerned, "wait, so that freak locks us in here like lab rats to see if we can get out without dying on one of his traps? What kind of a crazy person would do that!?"

Over a hidden loud speaker, the voice of the very mad-man in question is heard, "Now Havok, you hurt me with your words. Telling this fine young woman that I'm a 'nutjob'. When all I've ever been is hospitable to you and your friends. When I offer my games at no charge and provide quality entertainment."

Havok looks up at the upper corners of the wall as if he's addressing some hidden camera or microphone, "You're damn right I called you a nutjob, nutjob. And believe me, this 'fine young woman' as you call her, needs to know how insane you are."

"Arcade!?" Firestar asks, looking up at the ceiling, not sure where the voice is coming from, "why did you kidnap me like this? What did I ever do to you!?" Firestar demands, feeling very much like a trapped animal.

"Why, why, why!?" chants Arcade in a maniacal tone. "Why not?" Then he breaks out into laughter.

Havok walks over to Firestar say in a quiet tone, "He's nuts, there's no reasoning with him. Depending on how long we've been here, I'll be missed, the others will come looking for me."

hen Havok is interrupted by the maniac's voice, "Yes, your friends will look for you, but they'll never find you. Not until your body washes up on the Atlantic Seaboard." more manical laughter.

"Don't mock me, this isn't funny, you'd be scared too if someone tricked you and had you locked in a cell, or whatever this place is," Firestar murmurs while looking around at the hopeless situation she's facing with Alex, clearly appearing the younger and less experienced by her shaky reaction to the situation. Suddenly Firestar's fiery aura returns, as she cries, "I'm going to get us out of here," before blasting at the singed looking wall, hoping it might give in to heat.

The speaker goes quiet for a moment as Arcade's disembodied voice and gaze observe the outcome of Firestar's blast. Ultimately the wall gets hot. And that's about it. No hole, no melting, no discernable damage. Then more laughter intones over the speakers. He seems to comment to other observers, "Did you see that, did you, did you? She tried to escape. Hahahahaha."

Unaffected by the heat, Havok remains near to the glowing form of Firestar. He watches her action and starts to speak after the voice of Arcade fades into the background, "I already tried… wait-a-minute." and he starts to realize something about her power - his eyes widen and his expression is one of curiosity of her abilities.

"What is that wall made of!?" A stunned Firestar exclaims, not used to having her powers fail her, she stops projecting heat on the wall and turns to look at Havok in puzzlement. Noting the odd look Havok gives her, Firestar takes a few steps away from him, "what's wrong?" She asks in alarm, ever mistrust of him, even though they are in the same prison.

Havok has taken to rubbing his forearms as if they're experiencing some level of discomfort. "I don't know. But. What sort of energy is that?" He asks in an amazed tone that rises slightly in pitch toward the end of the question. His mouth is left slightly agape as he breathes through his mouth,

"Oh," Firestar never thought to explain, but when it comes to it, she wonders if perhaps she endangered Havok needlessly by projecting her powers on that wall, "I kind of absorb and emit microwaves, but, a lot more powerful than the kind that makes you pizza in 2 minutes."

Havok mutters, "Microwaves, cosmic background radiation." he pauses as he starts to smile, "Oh Firestar, I think I'm in love." then he takes off his jacket and tosses it to the side. While doing so, he states, "You're gonna want to focus everything you got into me. We're gonna bust outta here."

Over the speaker Arcade is heard questioning someone in the background, "Is he gonna? Can he do that? Rabbit, you said…" then in a little more radical of voice he says, "Someone, hit the gas, don't let them escape!"

"You got it, that's the stuff," Firestar says with a smile, a bit surprised to find someone else mention the cosmic background radiation. For her it's an entity she can constantly sense in the way she absorbs microwaves every living second, but to others, it's much more abstract. She does lose that smile when Havok mentions he's in love, "don't tease me, I'm kinda nervous enough about being trapped here."

Firestar was getting into all kind of nervously discomforting feats over Havok's quip, before she hears the voice calling for the gas over the speakers, which gives here all the knowledge in the world about how Havok knows what he's talking about, "super sized shot of microwaves coming right up!" She calls out, all of a sudden getting back to serious business mode as she projects microwaves emissions directly at Havok, giving it her all, as she unleashes whatever energy she's got, within reason, she still doesn't let out the same way she did when destroying the Hellions' facilities.

With her projections, Havok begins to glow. His eyes turn fiery white and his uniform beneath starts to radiate light. He absorbs that which she projects and he states in a strained tone, "Keep it coming. I'm about to level this place."

Arcade is heard saying, "Oh crap, we've got to go!" just as there's a hisssss of gas being leaked into the room. The gas will have no time to act upon the occupants.

That's when Havok seems to groan while bringing his hands together in front of him and then releases a supercharged continuous stream of plasma. 'FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!' is pretty much all that's heard as he atomizes the wall and subsequent walls therein. He arcs the plasma stream and cuts through other walls until daylight is seen (possibly the next day). And he doesn't stop there. He continues to blast and wrought damage over the entirety of the proposed MurderWorld!.

Firestar looks surprised when Havok starts to glow, if anything, she's glad she really isn't hurting him, he seems to able to absorb microwave just as she is, and that makes her happy. "This is incredible, Havok, I'm not hurting you!" Looking at all of the destruction, as Havok continues to destroy the obstacle course that was awaiting them, Firestar feels fortunate to have been imprisoned along with Havok, "I guess that was pure luck on our part!"

"I'll say… Look!" Havok exclaims as he cuts the plasma stream and points toward sunlight, "Let's get the crap outta here."

He'll start moving toward the light (no, he's not Carol Ann) and will grab his jacket in passing. He still has a glow about him and will need to discharge it further before he has a melt down.

"I'm all for getting the heck out of here, can you fly, Havok?" Firestar asks as she floats into the air, her aura surrounding her once more as she starts to fly out of the room, delaying a moment to make sure Havok doesn't need a ride.

"No." he says as he's being left behind. "Can you carry me?", is asked by Havok as he continues running, intent on getting out of there as quicky as possible.

"I carried Colossus, of course I can carry you," Firestar says with a smile, swooping down to grab Havok and then taking to the air. It's actually quite nice to be carried by her, as unlike someone else Havok recently took a flight with, she's very attentive to his comfort, holds him carefully, and goes at a reasonable speed. "So, you really know that Arcade guy? Do you think he will try to capture me again?"

Being scooped up by Firestar, Havok feels the additional energy rush as his proximity to her generation increases his absorption. "Oh man." he mutters as his eyes reflect the energies within him, causing them to glow. He himself will place his arm around her shoulders and try to form a complete sentence, "Yeah… he's a jerkwad but probably won't try this again. Especially putting us together. If he likes you though, beware. He fixates and will turn your torture into a hobby of his."

"Are you okay, Havok?" Firestar asks with concern, immediately having guilt trips over causing him pain, when she was already sure he could handle her energy emission without a problem. "Torture!? I don't want to be tortured! I didn't do anything…why did he even kidnap me in the first place? And there was a woman with bunny ears, and another one, I couldn't quite make out…it's like a twisted nightmare. I hope I never happen by him again. Thanks for helping me break free." Flying a bit higher into the air and further away to get a bearing on their position, Firestar asks, "where should I drop you off?"

Off in the distance, what appears to be a carrot car dives off the pier and turns into a carrot sub as it goes directly into the water. Meanwhile, another escape vehicle rockets away through the sewer system of Manhattan.

The two of them emerge from a large warehouse and find themselves over the seaport of Manhattan. Havok doesn't demonstrate pain, it's actually a feeling he's experienced only a few times in his life which he relays after pointing toward Battery Park, "Oh no, you feel great." he says without consideration of how that can be construed.

Her further concerns are too much to think about right now as Havok seems to be lost in the surge of energy that he's receiving. "Yeah… don't worry about Arcade… can you sit me down over there, bedrock.." he points indicating a large cluster of bedrock in the park.

"Did you see that!? They actually drive in a carrot!?" Firestar sounds perplexed as she looks shocked at that getaway, good thing she's not too concerned about following the villains for now. "I feel, what!?" Firestar obviously took that the wrong way as she lets go off Havok, allowing him to drop just a bit before catching him right back again, "you weren't coping a feel were you? It's awful rude when I offer a ride," for some reason it appears this Firestar always assumes people are trying to take advantage of her, looking at Havok with a reprimanding look. "Yes, I can do that…" Firestar says while descending down, gently placing Havok on the bedrock, making sure he's alright, while giving him odd looks, still a bit unsettled over his misinterpreted comment.

There's a fleeting moment of his impending fall but he's too overwhelmed with the energy exchange to be too concerned. When he's set down he allows her to get distance and he'll kneel down to place his hands on the rock, "Gimmie a sec, would ya… I'll explain but I've got to get this out of me."

Then when she is clear, he'll release his energy directly down into the rock. It'll rapidly atomize a 2' tube straight down through the rock and into the ground below. This will take him a total of 2 minutes.

Firestar looks curiously at Havok, that is by far the strangest reaction she's ever seen anyone has to being in her vicinity while she emits microwave radiation. She always tries to keep it control and not harm others, but Alex almost looks like he's enjoying this more than he should. "Okay, take your time, I'm still here…" he then unleases his power and Firestar staggers backwards in surprise, "whoa! That's impressive! Is all that my fault?"

Rising afterwards, Havok turns toward Firestar. His eyes have returned to the normal blue and he no longer possess the glow of before. He'll take a step or two closer (3-5 feet) to her and will address her questions, "Totally, and I'm going to hold it against you too." he says with a smile and intentional comedic tone. "But seriously; Your power seems to feed mine. I emit plasma after I've absorbed cosmic radiation, microwaves, stellar waves, and so on. Essentially, you're my fuel and wow… I've never quite felt that much power before."

"Well, I have a way of screwing things up, I'm not surprised it's my fault," Firestar murmurs, not looking as easygoing and jovial as Havok, perhaps missing out on the fact he's joking with her. She does eases a bit when Havok explains how she's like fuel to him, giggling a bit at the thought, "I guess we could make a good duo then, huh? That's the first I ever heard of me fueling someone…so was that why you had that look on your face? Does it feel good to get this 'fuel'?"

"Does it ever." Havok notes with some enthusiasm in his tone then smiles realizing that he's said a few things off color that she may once again take wrong. "I mean, it was great." trying to correct for translation issues.

"It does?" Firestar seems considerably cheered up, "well, at least I make someone feel better, that's a positive." She nods, and then remains silence, likely not the most outgoing person in the world, "well, thanks for your help, Havok, I'll try and be more careful next time."

Realizing that the 'moment' is fading, he interjects, "So uh, can I see you again?" before putting his words together to be suave or cool and ultimately he's going with the flow of the 'moment'.

"See me again?" Firestar hesitates for a moment, looking a bit unsure about what to say, before nodding her head, "I guess so, I mean, I sometimes go out to try and help people…I just never thought anyone would try to capture me."

Havok sees that she's not understanding his intent. So instead of beating around the bush and not having a clue that she's younger than he imagines, he says straight away, "Like for dinner."

"For dinner?" Firestar looks shocked, apparently she's not used to being asked for dates, and really isn't sure how to respond, "just you and me, for dinner? Err…I guess we could do that, but why would you want to have dinner with me? You don't even know me…"

"That's what dinner is for. Getting to know one another. Here." he pulls a card from his jacket. A business card with his name and number and X-Factor written out in a stylish pattern. "Call me. We'll arrange something."

"I guess that does make sense," Firestar at least acknowledges that. She takes the card offered her by Alex, and looks it over, "okay, I'll call, thanks for inviting me. Goodbye, Havok." She gives a little awkward wave, clearly confused and unsure of herself, and flies away.

Alex smiles and allows her to fly away. He turns and heads toward the Battery Park station.

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