2011 10 02 Welcoming The Guest

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Welcoming the Guest

Invisible Woman, The Thing, Phantasm

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2 Oct 2011

Baxter Building

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Ben and Susan greet Mike as he comes in for an extended stay with them. They also present him with something that may be of use with his troubles in mind.


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-==[ FF Reception - Fantastic Four HQ ]==------—-

This area is well-lit by natural light and overhead artificial fixtures. Roberta the robotic receptionist is stationed near the civilian elevators. She welcomes everyone into the area and can arrange the schedules of each team member with appointments.

The same day Mike told her about the stabbing and she and Ben discussed what Monet told the big guy, Sue had made a few phone calls. That was a few days ago. Finally, she received a call back to let her know that Mike 'had graciously accepted' the invitation to visit the Four and would be arriving soon. She roped Ben into joining her in the reception area, but only partly to make the musician's usual body guard go the hell away already.

And so Ben waits with Suzie for the arrival of the 'special guest.' It should be mentioned too that he is wearing street cloths, not his trunks or speedos or as Mike likes to accuse him off. He's just here to look big and intimidating, "So he's gonna be here soon right Suze?"

Susan Richards is dressed casually, as is usual for her when not out and about for some other reason. "He should be, Ben. Maybe it's the whole fashionably late thing. Or it could just be traffic."

Being the party veteran that Mike is, he is quite fashionably late. The civilian elevator doors part open allowing for the view of two people of contrasting height. The shorter of the two being Mike. Not wearing the attire he typically wears when out on his own, Mike's attire is substantially more groomed. Still rather grayscale, but the clothing itself does not scream Goodwill. The knit cap and his usual jacket appear to have gone missing but it's quite possible they have been stuffed into the worn and tattered duffel the musican has slung over his shoulder. That is definitely a second hand item. His hair however has been tamed, pulled back mostly into a loose fitting pony tail. Along with all this, he's sporting a very, VERY annoyed expression which changes as he glances towards the Fantastic duo waiting. There may even be a hint of a smile. FREEDOM. Kind of.

As for the person standing behind him is a rather large brute of a man, dressed in a suit which must have been a custom fit. While not quite up to Ben's height, for a non-enhanced human, this guy is quite big. Height and in width. If it wasn't for him picking a suit, one could probably wonder if the man was part gorilla. He's not smiling, but he is violating the standard rules of ettiquite on how to properly fill an elevator as he's practically on top of his charge. Hmm, maybe there is a reason why Mike was looking annoyed earlier.

Susan Richards steps forward as the elevator door opens, greeting Mike with a friendly smile. "Welcome. Thank you for accepting our invitation." She is fully aware that Mike's presence there was NOT because he had a choice so far as the record label people think, but it's all about appearances at the moment. As soon as the gorilla is gone she'll drop the affectations.

Gives Mike a little salute as if to say welcome and immediatly goes to greet the gorilla inna suit. "Thanks fer gettin' im this far. Trust me when I say that he's in the very best of hands while he's here. He's done alot for some of our favorite charities so we're happy to look after while the cops get to the bottom of what's going on." Ben is gentle, but firmly turning the body guard as he rests a hand on his shoulder and is starting to guide him back to the elevator. Hopefully he sees the wisdom in going willingly.

"Well, thank you for extending it." Mike replies, stepping out of the elevator. The duffel bag shifts, smacking the guard as Mike swings his arm up in a wave. If the hit was intentional, Mike's not letting it be known as he continues stepping forward, working to put a bit of distance between him and the goon. Distance that isn't being granted all that easily as the guard comically keeps in step despite his large form. At least not until Ben gets involved. The hired shadow looks over towards Ben, making the rare movement of looking up to the rock face as he finds himself being herded back into the elevator.

Mike glances back, giving the most innocent of expressions he's capable of, "Goodbye Vito."

Susan Richards reaches to take Mike's duffel bag as Ben 'sees' Vito back to the elevator. "We've already had dinner, but I'm sure we can cobble together a light supper if you're hungry."

And as the Gorilla is escorted to the Elevator. Ben directs him through the double doors with a little push, and then pushes the lobby button before leaning back out of the elevator car. "See ya sport!" Ben says as the door close and starts taking Vito down to the lobby, "Well.. he's sure a pleansant guy. Who owns your record label? Wilson Fisk?" Ben asks. He's joking.. at least he hopes he's joking.

After the elevator door closes, carrying away the goon now known as Vito, Mike gives a small laugh towards Ben's joke. "Heh, that'd explain the assortment of guys that have been following me around." Letting out a sigh and turns around to look to Susan. "Should be ok without," He replies, "Didn't really get a chance to do the Sunday routine on Sunday."

Susan Richards smiles her thanks to Ben for playing the heavy. "The Sunday routine?" she asks Mike.

The Thing waves a hand at Susan's smile, as if to say 'Don't mention.' After all playing the heavy is what tiggers do best. "For what it's worth Imma little bit afraid to find out what the Sunday Routine is so feel free to just write it down if you prefer." Ben says with a smile, "But yeah, Feel free to make yourself at home. If you like Football I have all the games from the Past Weekend DVR'd and you should see them on the high def rig, Reed has set up." Of course.. Ben will never get around to watching all the games he DVR's each week.. He never does. But with each new week there is hope. "Seriously though, how're you doing? Suzie told me about the attacks."

"Yeah." Mike answers, he upturns his hand and mimicks the actions of taking medicine. Oh. Too late Ben. SORRY. Mike glances over to Ben, giving a shrug, "I'm not about to be trying backflips as I am right now but otherwise doing alright. It's New York. It happens. Only thing really new was their reaction to it." He shakes his head, "You'd think with the way they were acting that the guy wasn't still in jail."

Susan Richards turns to lead the way into the residence proper while Mike and Ben chat. She doesn't entirely grasp the meaning of the pantomimed Sunday Routine, but she doesn't ask again. Because honestly, football might just be the perfect thing. But then she remembers something and ohs silently, looking up at Ben and tapping one wrist to silently remind the big guy about the surprise he found for Mike.

The Thing blinks as Susan taps his wrist and then leans in to whisper to him, "I thought you could tell him. Yer better at explainin stuff like that and all." Ben says to Sue, Looking to Mike he says, "You sure it's just an issolated incident? I mean does your label have a reason to think someone's gunning for you that they aren't sharing with you?"

"Other than some guy trying to stab me in the back in the subway?" Mike asks, frowning. He pauses, considering it, "Nothing different than normal. Got my share of fights growing up, still a couple of losers in the Clinton area who'd love to pick a fight when I'm in the area but, that's all old news. Haven't released any albums recently so there's not much in terms of people putting up a fit over that either." He shakes his head, "There's nothing new. Except for the stabbing, things have been quiet on the waking side of things."

Susan Richards hms. "Still strange. And I did ask the computer to flag me if anything significant changes on your case file. But in the meantime, Ben had possibly the best idea ever. Come on." She leads them in to one of the more homey living areas in the residence the includes furniture clearly designed for Ben's comfort. The previously mentioned big screen set up appears to be in here as well. "Please, have a seat."

"WEll I don't know if it's the /best/ idea ever." Ben says as a bashful smile spreads across his rather severe mug. "But it's a good one. But I want to make sure I'm clear. The paper said they caught the attacker right?" Ben says as he goes to find his favorite Ben-sized bean bag chair and starts to fluff it a bit, "Have the cops told you any thing about why the guy said he did it?"

Mike follows Susan curiously, the duffel slung on his shoulder wobbling with each step as the bag's weight shifts. Upon reaching the living area, Mike's head turns around, glancing to the supersized furniture. The duffel is set down on the floor before Mike follows on Susan's offer, actually able to enjoy the comforts of the furniture this time around as he sinks into the seat. He glances towards Ben, resting his arm on the side of the sofa, "Yes, he was caught. Paper said that much. But, nothing on the why." He shakes his head, "Not sure if the guy said that much yet."

Susan Richards moves further into the room, moving to a side table and taking a small metallic box off of the top. The box is plain, and about the size of a old fashioned music box. She carries the box over to Mike and sits lightly in an occasional chair set adjacent to the sofa. "Here."

As Susan sets down the box, Ben chimes in, "That's Reed's holographic image projector thing… And well… It might be somethin' that can help ya out. I mean.. you can use it to make yourself look like someone else in public, or if this goon that attacked you turned out to be hired by someone we can use it to make me look like you and set a trap for the next attempt." He looks between Mike and Susan and says, "Well hell, you two are alot more clever than I am, I'm sure you'll both have better ideas of how to use that dohicky, but I thought we could put it to good use to help ya."

Pale blue eyes follow as the blonde makes her way over to the table, watching as she picks up the box. When it's brought over towards to him, he glances to it. Before he can ask what it is, Ben gives an explanation to which Mike looks over to Ben and then towards Susan. "That's, huh." He looks back to the box again, frowning a bit in consideration. "That does sound like a good idea but, we don't even know if he was specifically targeting me. What if it turns out that he is one of your basic nut jobs who prefers picking random people in the subway and he's just not all that talkative?"

Susan Richards winces at Ben's comments. "It's not quite THAT good, Ben. It can't make you look like Mike. Too much of a height difference. But pretty much anyone within about three or four inches of height is fair game." She sits back after Mike takes the box. "Well, if that's the case, then you can use this to avoid the overzealous protection detail that your management has insisted on."

"Man… what is it with you artsy types. How about a thank you in there somewhere." Ben says with a harumph, "Cleary /you/ don't think this is an issolated incident or you wouldn't be here, cause we know full well you can slip your freakin' minders if you want to. How about instead of just throwing out all these 'what-ifs' why don't we find out what this guy that came after you was all about." And that said he flops back into his bean bag chair which miraculously supports him. "Ahh I love this thing." Must be made unstable molecule cloth and ball bearings.

The thing is Ben, I can only slip them so much without help when I'm /awake/." Mike replies, glancing towards Ben. "And I don't know what to think about what happened in the subway." Mike looks down to the device once again, the glance visibly tempted with Sue's suggestion, he turns the box, studying it, "But thanks." He frowns a little, lowering the box, "Maybe I'm overracting just as much as the label is. But yes, I do want to know the why too."

The box has a seam around the circumference and hinges on one side, clearly meant to be opened like a jewelery box. Sue nods to Mike. "Maybe you are. But could it be because you've been treated like spun glass since it happened?"

"Well look. There's help here if you wanna take your destiny in your own hands." Ben says as he pushes up from the bean bag chair. "Look I'm gonna get my work out done. Watch TV or somethin' and enjoy yer stay ok?" And that said he pushes up from his bean bag and heads towards the hallway.

Mike nods, "Yeah." Mike runs his fingers along the edge of the box to finally open it to actually see the device. Silly musician and their box studies, "It's annoying as hell. And where the hell are they finding all these guys? Oversized Security Folks R Us?" Mike glances up, giving a nod to Ben. "Alright. And Thanks, Ben."

Susan Richards smiles after Ben. "Dinner's at eight like usual, Ben." She looks back at Mike. "Any preferences for dinner, by the way?"

Mike turns to look towards Susan, shaking his head. "I'm pretty much good with whatever gets placed in front of me," he replies, giving a small smile, "Can I help?"

Susan Richards says, "Sure. You can also try that trinket out while we're at it." She stands and gestures for Mike to follow her. Inside the box is what looks like a chunky man's wristwatch, with way more buttons than is normal for an analog watch. "Be warned, though, if Franklin latches onto you, he's not likely to let go."

"It's alright." Mike replies with a laugh as he gets up, holding the box to one hand while he reaches down to pick up his duffel bag, "Haven't you heard about musicians? They're used to different types just latching on." He slings the bag over his shoulder and gives a nod towards the doorway he thinks Susan's going to take, "After you."

Susan Richards uses a force field to pluck Mike's bag away from him and set it back on the sofa. "That'll be safe there. I promise. And if Franklin latches on to you, you'll be stuck playing with Letos or Gobots or something. You sure you're ready for that?" She starts to lead the way to the kitchen.

With the bag lifting away, Mike's head turns, looking to it. Fingers release their grip upon it as he gives it away to the force field's will. Mike glances back to Susan, "I don't know. What's a Gobot?"

Susan Richards laughs softly. "A blander version of a Transformer, from what I've figured out. I had to ask the same question myself." They reach the kitchen, which is one of those huge, nearly industrial affairs.

"Oh…" Mike follows Sue with the box in hand, opting to set it on something kids are less likely to be able to reach, "Okay, Transformers I've heard of. Good movies." He looks around the kitchen, "Wow. People really make kitchens this big?"

Susan Richards chuckles. "Apparently so. I used to feel lost in here, especially whenever Reed would have to host some bigwig or other and the building's caterers would come in to do the cooking. Me, I'm more used to the six foot by six foot version, you know?"

Mike nods, glancing around, "That I'm a lot more familiar with. I think you could fit any of the apartments I've lived in just in your kitchen alone. Then again, none of them were meant for entertaining."

Susan Richards starts pulling cookware from the cabinets and food items from the pantry area. Clearly, despite her claims she knows her way around. "Exactly. I think my first apartment in L.A. was smaller than this pantry." She sets out several fresh vegetables as well as a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. "Since you're helping, you get to pick the menu. Luckly, Franklin's not too picky an eater."

Mike moves over to the pantry area, peeking in. "Okay then, let's see what we have here…"

And so the cooking adventures of Susan Richards and Mike Hannigan begin.


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