2011 10 01 If We Aurora Have Offended

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If We Aurora Have Offended

Jeanne-Marie & Dr. Nemesis

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October 1st, 2011


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Jeanne-Marie goes to the X-Mansion to seek help with in dealing with Selene / Belasco but finds insults from Dr. Nemesis instead.


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The X-Mansion is usually a hub-bub of activity, so many individuals and students darting hither and yon about their tasks during the day. Some semblance of order is given by the schedules that each person must keep, and further order is given by the gentle guiding hand of the faculty as well as the Professor.
Yet right now it's only a handful of hours before the people rise, beore the day truly begins. It's this time that the good Doctor likes to indulge himself. He's normally reclusive, working in his laboratory beneath the manor. Yet at times he rises up just at the moment of dawn and today he emerges out upon the great sweeping deck behind the mansion.
He stands there, the door open to one of the living areas behind him. His white and black fedora is tilted jauntily on his head and his cane is held casually in one hand, not really taking much of his weight upon itself. In the other gloved hand he holds a bright green grannysmith apple that is right at the moment of perfection. It's in this picturesque moment that he smiles to himself, a smirk against the world as if he was thinking…
. o O ( Hah. Beat you for another day. I'm still alive. Suck it, earth. )
He bites the apple.

It is only a moment later that a flying streak of light heads towards the X-Mansion, most who bothers reading dossiers might suspect this to be Northstar or Aurora from Alpha Flight. Upon slowing down, it seems the latter may prove the better guess as the blurry streak of light fades into a more distinct feminine form. As she descends, the Doctor is the first person she spots, and therefore approaches him directly, "is it safe to assume you're wit' zee X-Men? I am Jeanne-Marie from Alpha Flight, we 'ad a situation in Canada involving Selene, my team is currently unavailable, do you 'appen to 'ave any magic users amongst your contacts?" Yes, she is direct.

It is in mid-bite that the flicker of light resolves itself into Aurora. The man's blue eyes lift to focus upon her, narrow, and in a bare sliver of an instant his memorization of the X-Men's database has him placing her and bringing up the recollection of who this Jeanne-Marie person is, and that Alpha Flight thing. His nose crinkles.
For a time he doesn't answer her, instead he chews. He chews for a bit longer, then he even swallows. One eye narrows as he looks up at her and then he says cleanly, simply. "There's no such thing as magic." And as if that settled it entirely, he takes another bite of his apple.

When the good doctor takes his time chewing, prolonging a reply to Jeanne-Marie, she mutters under her breath, "admirable manners, not zpeaking wit' your mout' full, but zis mattair is kind of urgent." His reply, once it does come, only serves to infuriate her, "explain zat to zee people suffering in 'afford at Canada, Selene does a good job of convincing wit' 'er magic too. Now laits skip zee discussion on we't'r magic exist or not and jus' get to zee point w'ere you tell me if you can 'elp or not."

"Magic is still a system, manipulable phenomenon through scientific methods in an extended operational frame." He says this easily enough, as if he's had this discussion with himself before. Which he has. But then she mentions a measure of urgency and she can almost witness the warring within him as he strains against the desire to elaborate, but then again lives might be at stake. The lives win out. Barely.
"Selene. Vampire Sex Witch? Hellfire Club and all that? Interesting. Might call for a trip to Canada." He starts to take another bite of the apple, then frowns and as if something didn't sit right with him he tosses it away out onto the lawn. Okay so it's littering, surely some student will pick it up eventually, for like… detention, or something.
"Illyana Rasputin is at times in residence. She might be able to help you, though really I get her confused with all the other Yiffy the Vampire-Stabber type people. Not sure if she's the redheaded one that falls in love with a werewolf, or the blonde that falls in love with the vampire."
He steps towards the hovering form of Aurora and meets her gaze. "Tell me what you can, I'll see what I can do. My name is Dr. Nemesis. I'm kind of a big deal."

"Que?" Jeanne-Marie doesn't seem as if she was prepared to hear a mini-lecture about the nature of magic and how it functions or how one interacts with it, she just stares a moment in confusion at the doctor, wondering why he won't simply answer her question. "She 'ad played wit' people's minds, made thaim t'ink zey wair living in zee 50's, and zen ot'ers made to t'ink zey wair living in Ancient Rome."
When Dr. Nemesis throws the apple so casually on the lawn, Jeanne-Marie seems to get a visible twitch on her visage, as she points at it, "you are not going to pick it up? I understand zis is also a sc'ool, w'at kind of example are you giving zee c'ildren?" When Dr. Nemesis switches to teenaged show references, Jeanne-Marie looks completely lost, staring blankly and not understanding anything he says, "I don't know," she comments politely, before getting back on topic, "could you please leave zis Illyana a message to contact me?"

"I don't really talk to these people…" But Dr. Nemesis grimaces faintly and gives a small shrug. "As you like, I suppose I can put something on the refrigerator." The older man folds his arms over his chest as he looks upon her, giving a small nod. "Tell me your message, I'll see that the little sprog gets it."

"You didn't just completely ignore me, did you?" A very upset Jeanne-Marie states in a very officious sounding tone, her finger now points directly at the discarded apple on the lawn. "T'row zis in zee garbage, don't loitair," she murmurs impatiently, surprised to find a grown up with such lacking manners in the setting of a school. Professor Xavier has such pristine reputation, she never expected to encounter this kind of behaviour from any of his people. "I do appreciate your willingness to inform Illyana I am looking for 'er, t'ank you."

"Alright so the message is Crazy Canadian girl seeks help in defeating Crazy Vampire Girl." And he does it again, the jerk totally ignores the request for him to pick up the garbage, almost as if it didn't exist to him anymore. The man in pristine white tilts his head to the side as he looks up at her, then idly as if out of pure spite he unbuttons the second button down of his dress shirt. Not the top collar button, the second one down, making him look just slightly out of order. "I'll post the message to the X- people's facebook account and get a tweet out on it immediately."

Jeanne-Marie glowers at Dr. Nemesis, her patience for him starting to wear thin, "I. Am. Not. Crazy." She asserts the words with disdain, seems like Dr. Nemesis may have read a dossier on her to push such a button. "Zee apple," Jeanne-Marie insists, pointing at it anew, this time landing on her feet and stepping up close to the Doctor, as if that would help get his attention to where her finger is pointing. She does blink at his sudden gesture to unbutton the second button of his shirt, causing her to look at him oddly, "iz somet'ing wrong wit' you?"

The man's blue eyes narrow slightly as he looks at her closely, gaze flickering between her own eyes as if he were gauging something. He draws his top lip down then releases it with a slight 'smack' of sound as he gauges her reaction to a few choice bits of stimuli. He gives a small nod, "So many many things are, actually. But in any case."
That having been said he reaches into his pocket withdraws a small leather wallet, black of course. He flips it open and starts to flick through a few cards. Finding what he wants he snaps it out of its place and then presents it towards her. "Go to this address," And indeed upon it is an address, for a laundry of all things. "It'll look like a laundromat. Ignore that, walk in, go to the manager's door. Knock on it, tell the person who answers that Dr. Nemesis sent you and he's calling in that favor that Strange owes him. Tell him your sob story, he's always been a sucker for accents. He'll adore you. He'll take care of your Whedonesque problem."

While not appreciating being condescended in the way Dr. Nemesis interacts with her at the moment, Jeanne-Marie still appreciates that she has somewhere to move onwards too. Whether Illyana Rasputin contacts her, or she finds this Strange fellow, she needs to advance the case while Shaman is away. "Merci," she quips at Dr. Nemesis, and shaking her head, she walks over to pick up the discarded apple to dispose of it herself, "if I gait to mait zee Professor, I will tell 'im of your be'aviour, loitering at a sc'ool and you're not evain one of zee students. Dispicable."

"We all have our flaws, my dear." Dr. Nemesis watches her with that calmly edged icy gaze, an air of amusement touching him as he cants his head the other way. "Mine are two-fold in nature, an almost duality to my problems. I am twice in need of the occasional bit of help. If only I didn't let these issues split and grow, perhaps I'd have a better personality."
He clucks his tongue sadly and then gives a wave of his hand, "Now, off with you. Shoo. Shoo."

Almost simultaneously, Dr. Nemesis can feel an inexplicable rush of wind cutting against him, while his cheek feels like it got slapped by a knight's gauntlet, and while moments ago she was leaving it appears Jeanne-Marie is standing right infront of his face, her hand set in a position that suggest whatever hit him must have been a ridiculously fast slap. "You must t'ink you're funny, but you're a sad little man wit' an ugly soul. I pray one day zee lord will cleanse you from all of your wickedness. Maybe one day you will find zee light."

/WHAK!/ And the Doctor's jaw snaps to the side. He winces and rubs at his cheek as he looks back at her, meeting her gaze. He eyes her hand, then rubs his cheek some more. A grin flickers to life upon his lips as he takes a step back, "Umm," Then, perhaps in a slightly smaller voice, "There's kind of, you know, no god either?" He says this lightly as if half-expecting a particular reaction.

"You are a sinner, speaking blasphemy iz expectaid of you," Jeanne-Marie speaks the words with disdain, before turning her back on Dr. Nemesis and starting to leave, foregoing her initial notion to go and complain about Dr. Nemesis to Charles Xavier right at that very instance. There are more important things at stake than petty things such as seeing Dr. Nemesis pay a price for his insolence, no doubt god will see to it is her take.

"You're French-Canadian, it's expected of you to be rude. So there." That rejoinder is offered with a casual whiplash firing of a comment that seems to bubble up from him with an ease of offering. Though he does seem amused for some reasno as he stands there, hands sliding into the pockets of his white pants and his gaze remaining upon her. "Now hurry, and when Strange saves your bacon you'll always remember, 'Mon dieu, zee good doctair Nemeesees, eee safed our lifes! I tink I luf heem.'" At that he nods once, sagely.

"Imbecile," Jeanne-Marie hisses under her breath as she keeps walking away, growing more and more dislike for Dr. Nemesis for every second she spends in his vicinity. She does stop, however, when he openly mocks her and her accent simultaneously, causing her to slowly turn and glower at him with the kind of look only an instructor about to thoroughly abuse a student at Madame DuPont's School for Girl can wield, "votre stupidite est consternant," she snaps sharply at the Doctor, and then she flies out of there in a streak of light, not wanting to hear what kind of retort he may have for her.

A hand is lifted to cover Dr. Nemesis' heart and he heaves a small sigh. "I think I'm in love," That having been said he turns around and opens the door back into the mansion. He lifts his in this early morning to casually sing, "Allouette, gentille Alouette. Alouette, je te plumerai!"
And into the kitchen he goes.

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