2011 09 30 The Unnamed Man

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The unnamed man

Phantasm Invisible Woman

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Sept 30, 2011

Baxter Building

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Mike requests the help of Susan to obtain some information regarding the subway attack


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-==[ Landing - 35th Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

This is the top of the Baxter Building, the hangar of the world famuos Fantasticar. You can tell you're actually inside the humongouos 4s on top of the building due to the sloping interior of the room. There is an automatic door, opened via signals from the vehicle leaving or entering, and even some auto-timer buttons to open them for a short period for departing flyers. A pit area is against the far wall, and there is a full mechanics station there, ready to service any flying vehicle ever made, lacking only spare parts.

Susan Richards looks after Monet oddly, then comments aside to Phantasm, "I never would have pegged her for a Doctor Who fan." She leads the way to one of the more secluded lounge areas.

Phantasm glances towards Susan, curious. "Doctor Who?" He repeats, following after her towards the lounge area, "Who's he?" Alas poor Mike. He needs to watch more TV.

Susan Richards chuckles. "He's a character in a British sci-fi TV show. Are you still not getting out much?" She gestures toward a chair in the lounge, inviting the avatar to sit even though he technically doesn't need to, and then claims a chair for herself.

To the invitation, Phantasm moves over to a seat, plopping himself down, features relaxing into his own but the shadow still present. "If I'm catching up on my television that's not really getting out, that's staying in." Phantasm replies, shaking his head. "Although with the way things are, I might end up getting more tv watching time in if I don't do something about it." The tone to his voice does not seem to be happy at all with the thought but instead seems a bit irritated.

Susan Richards recognizes that tone of voice — Johnny's used it more than once. "What's going on? Maybe there's something I can do to help."

Phantasm frowns, "Ok, well, this is probably not going to be much of a shock to you but, I've been in my share of fights growing up. I've been stabbed a few times too, dealt with my share of injuries too. Label was aware of it, never bothered them. Eh, it's just another day in New York."

Susan Richards sighs faintly and nods. "Not terribly pleasant to hear, but not surprising.

"Ok so, a couple weeks ago there was an attack in the subway. 'Chenda and Rev got the guy who stabbed me and he got arrested. End of the story right?" Phantasm continues, "Chalk it up to another day in New York. But, the label's doing the psycho caretaker thing. I have been stuck with security following me everywhere I freaking go. I can't even leave the apartment without someone being there."

Susan Richards makes a face at that. "Ugh. Been there, done that. I feel your pain. Despite the excessive hovering you're healing okay, at least?"

"Yes I'm fine." Phantasm replies, shaking it off. "It's just. I ditch whoever they hire. There's a new guy they put in his place. It's, they've never done this before when I've run into problems. Never did this when someone attacked Wade. The guy who did the attacking was arrested so it's not like he's going to be doing it again. Something's just weird."

Susan Richards hms. "That is weird. Have you gotten into your manager's face and asked?"

"Yeah, I've asked." Phantasm answers, giving a sigh, "All I got was a general 'people are concerned' and that they're not calling off the security. Nothing more than that." He shifts in his seat, folding his hands together as he leans forward, the shadow on his face not moving from where it's obscuring features, "I was wondering if it's possible you could help me get some information on the guy from the subway?"

Susan Richards hms. "I could try… I'm not sure that that's something I've actually done before."

Phantasm gives a small nod, "If you can't, that's alright. It's just I think you'd have an easier time than me while I'm trying to manage a 6 foot plus mountain named Duncan tailing me." He pauses, "Or whatever the next one's name's going to be… Ditching security's a real pain."

Susan Richards nods. "Aren't you glad they think you're asleep right now?" She offers a smile, then leans forward to the modern-looking glass 'coffee' table in front of their chairs. She reaches under the edge of the glass to touch something and the surface of the table becomes one of those futuristic display touch panel things. "Computer, activate voice response, please."

"If it wasn't for this I'd probably be going nuts right about now," Phantasm replies giving a bit of a half smile in return, "Although, some nights are better than others." A glance is given over to the table, looking to it curiously.

Susan Richards smiles at the curious expression. "Reed wanted to put a computer terminal in every room, and I told him it would look tacky. This was our compromise. Computer, requesting search of all accessible databases for subject named…" She look at Mike for the name of the man who attacked him.

Phantasm glances towards Susan, giving a shrug, "Hell if I know. Paper didn't give that and no one's telling me." He looks up, "Attack was on the 12th though."

Susan Richards ohs softly. "I'm sorry, I thought you knew." She looks at the terminal again. "Computer, change query. Compile and display arrest records for the twelfth." A computerized genderless voice asks for authorization, and Sue puts her hand flat on the tabletop, where the unit apparently takes her handprint for verification. "Display results in text format, please."

Watching as Susan makes the authorization, the curious look is back as Phantasm watches the screen.

The list takes a bit of time to bring up because, well it's New York and the list turns out to be very long. Mike glances down to the list, frowning. "It was in the Chelsea station so his arrest is probably around that area."

Susan Richards nods. "Computer, narrow results to arrests booked in the area closest to the Chelsea subway station."

After a few more moments, the list narrows down even more, trimming it down to about two pages worth. Mike leans forward, skimming the list. "Can we narrow it to arrests in Cheslea's station?" Picky picky picky.

Susan Richards thinks for a moment then adds, "Also eliminate all arrest records for any incidents other than assault or attempted murder." She looks at Mike. "These records are sorting by the stations that entered them. I'm not sure it can get quite that specific."

Mike gives a nod. "Was worth asking," he murmurs, watching as several more entries fade away to bring them down to one page. "Narrowed it down a bit more though." He leans forward, skimming the list. He frowns, "Is there a way to display the whole record or does it just do the list thing?"

Susan Richards says, "It can display the whole record for each of those, but you'd not be able to look at them all at once like this. Let's see…. how to narrow it down further…""

The page is looked at again. "Well," Mike considers, "He was male. Kind of large. That's all I got really. Never seen him before in my life."

Susan Richards hms. "Oh, wait. Computer, search currently listed records for keyword 'subway'. Display only the records that contain the keyword."

Mike glances to Susan, "We can do that?" Blip. Blip. The results cut down to two records. Mike glances to the listings, focusing on the second one. "Let's try this one. It was late at night."

Susan Richards says, "Okay." She taps on the entry Mike indicated with one finger, and the details of the arrest record cover the 'table' surface almost like sheets of paper. "There you go."

"Thanks." Mike's eyes focus on the papers, skimming through the summary of the events, finding that it mentions the stabbing. As for the name of the assailent, John Doe. How cute. "Guess he didn't have any ID on him.

Susan Richards leans back a bit. "Sorry, Mike."

Mike leans back, bringing a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose, "Dammit." He sighs.

Susan Richards says, "Maybe your manager and label will let you come here and stay for a few days? I know it's not much better than house arrest, but you'd be far safer than any bodyguard could achieve alone."

At the offer, Mike glances up, "No, I'd say it'd be an improvement probably." He gives a crook of the head, "If you could, could you extend the invite a bit more officially? I'm not sure I wan't to be saying I got the invite while moving around in my dream form."

Susan Richards says, "Of course. Though, what reason would I give for the invitation?"

Mike chuckles, "Because you're Sue Richards, that's why." He leans back in the seat, despite not necessarily needing the chair for comfort. "And I do run into you occasionally at those charity events."

Susan Richards chuckles. "Well, you do have a point there… All right. Who would be the best person to contact with the invitation?"

Mike smiles, "Got a real sheet of paper somewhere?"

Susan Richards chuckles at that and stands to go to one of those little decorative half-tables against the wall. She pulls open a drawer and takes out a notepad and pen. "Apprently I'm a complete Luddite."

"You'll also be the best prepared one on the team in the event of a power outage." Mike replies, looking to the notepad and pen.

Susan Richards chuckles. "Not really. Johnny would just burn notes into the wall or floor, and Reed would claim that we can't lose power because of some fancy generator or other he's got hidden in one of his labs or something."

"Which just leaves poor Ben." Mike comments, holding out a hand for the notepad and pen.

Susan Richards chuckles. "Oh, he's got his ways of doing things too. The man's got a memory like a steel trap." She give the note pad and pen to Phantasm and sits back down.

Writing utensil in hand, Phantasm leans over to scrawl out a name and number. "I figure the best one to contact will be this one." He sets the pen down on the notepad before sliding them over, "And, thanks."

Susan Richards takes the pad and pen back and looks at the number there. "I'll go call right now. With any luck you can come over this evening. I going to cook lasagna."

"I can only hope." Phantasm replies, "Hear fro-" Annnnd he's gone.

Susan Richards blinks as the apparition abruptly disappears, then sighs. "That is so disconcerting."

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