2011 09 30 Father Knows Best

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Father Knows Best

Siryn, Banshee, Deadpool, White Rabbit, Squirrel Girl

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The Bar With No Name

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Siryn and Banshee investigate her uncle's location.


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-==[ The Bar With No Name - New York ]==------——

A dark, dank, and dingy place. This isn't a place for the uppity-up's to come for a brew and a laugh. The air is musty and the stench of cheap cigars loom in the air that resembles a foggy haze on the bay. The far left wall of the room is a large fake wood bar with many tattered bar stools always occupied by the mercenary and bounty hunters that fill up his place. In the center of the room large tattered pool tables cover up most of the rotted out wooden floor.
Over to the right of the room, several old tables wobble around as chipped wooden chairs seat men and woman alike of the crooked kind. The very back of the room hosts a large caged area. Within the cage a phone, fax machine, and computer are constantly on the go as jobs for the Mercs come pouring in. There is a small window on the front side, and this is where Patch hands out the assignements and snatches his cut.
The atmosphere is low and grim, shouting continues through the day and night as 'naughty' words splash against your ear drums. Large amounts of people come and go here daily, large and small, skinny and fat. Dressed in dingy and grungy clothing, packing large weapons and looking grim and gritty. This isn't a place for the weak of heart or the good of soul. If you don't fit in…run NOW!

'Places' are in effect.

After a lengthy debriefing and tactical briefing on the next phase of the mission, Terry will find herself in the back seat of a SHIELD flying car. Sean is in the passenger seat and a male SHIELD operative is seated in the drivers. They descend quietly into the city from the Helicarrier toward the lower west side/Hell's Kitchen.

Sean is wearing covert street clothing and Terry was offered the same attire.

Landing in an alleyway, Sean gets out of the gull wing door and will hold the seat forward for Terry to exit. He instructs the agent to hold tight.

Closing the door he says, "The intel we got on this place is that it's a hideout for the super powered criminal element of the city. You're right in your assessment that you'll need to handle it alone. But I'll be outside if you need."

"And doesn't it just choke ye t' admit tha' I might be right about something, then?" Terry responds softly. There's not as much bite to her tone right now as there was before. "I'll be fine," she assures him. She pivots on a heel to head toward and then into the bar, pausing just inside the door to look around and see who's present this time.

The usual suspects fill the room. There's a fight going on in the corner and the bartender (Sammy) gets the shotgun yelling break it up.

Deadpool leaps over to the conflict and starts talking everyone down. They'll stop because they don't want to have to listen to Deadpool prattle on about stupid crap.

It doesn't appear that Cain nor Black Tom are presently in the room.

Then in a matter of seconds, Deadpool leaps over and will slide his arm around Terry's shoulders, "Hey there sweet cheeks. You miss me?"

Theresa watches, approaching the end of the bar while she smirks faintly at the fight. And then Deadpool's there. "Little hard t' miss ye when I've only been gone a few days," she teases. "But ye could buy a girl a drink and I'd be more disposed t'… y'know… keepin' company."

"Oh Barkeep!" Deadpool says raising a finger to Sammy. "This beautiful Irish girl would like a drink, in fact, better make it the whole bottle because her bedroom eyes are telling me she's going to tell me her life story, we'll then addend it with frolicking, fun, and tom foolery that will result in the white picket fence, 3.5 children, and a Deadpool that will wear a smile."

Then back to Terry, "Tell me where you've been all of my life, dreamcakes."

It makes Terry laugh. God knows, after the couple of days she's had she could use it. "Most recently, escapin' Feds fer helpin' Cain," she comments lazily. "Yer a good man, but eventually yer gonna have t' show th' mother of yer 3.5 children yer face, y'know." She leans in. "I do enjoy good tom foolery. Let's take our time on th' kids, yeah?"

"Oh baby, you're singin my song." Deadpool says as he tries to act cool. The drinks arrive and he says, "So about that.." he starts off a sentence, "I heard ole Iron Butt captured you and took you to lockup. How is it you're out sooo soon?"

"Bail," Theresa replies lazily. "Amazin' what a father with high-falutin' ties can get ye, innit? A few mitigatin' circumstances — like makin' sure th' helicopter didn't crash an' kill all those people — an' they're willin' t' let me out until my hearin'." She shrugs slightly.

"Nice. Wish I had a rich well connected daddy. Speaking of relatives… Your Uncle left this for you." and he pulls out a business card sized paper. Upon it is an address in Chelsea.

Theresa takes it, glancing down at it. "When'd he leave that?" she asks Deadpool, taking the glass of alcohol the bartender sets down in front of her and swallowing a hefty dose of it.

"This morning, or was that last night? Anyway, he said somethin about being discrete. That the world is out to get him." Deadpool notes while leaning with his back to the bar and looking over the rest of the room. "You know? if ya wanted, we could?. You know. Go do things that boys and girls do on a Friday night."

Leaning on the bar, Theresa leans in and murmurs softly, "And if we slipped into th' back or somethin', who's to say I'm gonna like what I see, lad?" Her brogue rolls the syllables between them. And she brings her hand up to stroke down his neck. "Yer a whole lotta talk, but …." She waggles her brows at him. "I haven' seen ye in action yet."

A smile is clearly seen beneath the mask as he says, "Wakka wakka." Then bounds off the bar stool. "Hey fellas…" he announces, "She said we're gonna slip into the back." that gets a lot of laughs and wolf whistles. Deadpool then offers his arm, "Let's get to the action part of this adventure." with the intention of leading her to the 'back room'.

Terry shakes her head and pours another several fingers in her glass. She downs it while the guys are whistling and readily takes Deadpool's arm to accompany him out. More because the guy will talk than anything else.

Like going down the yellow brick road, Deadpool clicks his heels together and starts skipping toward the back room. He sings about going to candy land and finally through the door into a hallway with several rooms off it. The doors are mostly open leading into side rooms for gambling or private parties. Some are closed and thus occupied. At the end of the hallway is a large steel door with a broken exit sign above it.

"Do you want room number one, number two, or number five… all of them are the same and we'll be necking on the couch before you can say 'sassafras'."

The redhead chooses the one closest the back door that's unoccupied, and she plants a hand in the middle of his chest to push him into it. "So tell me, lad, are ye this friendly with alla Black Tom's nieces?" she asks him. "Or is it just the freckles that turn ye on?"

"It's tha freckles baby. I want to get out my magic marker and connect the dots." Deadpool says and actually pulls a sharpie from his belt, pops the cap with his thumb.

Theresa smirks, closing the door behind her and leaning back against it. "Yer a bold one, lad. I do like tha' in a man. But here's th' thing —" She quirks an amused brow at him. "I'm thinkin' yer all talk an' no action up t' this point."

"Well, you gotta understand. Being verbose is half of who I am. You know, Merc with the Mouth, that's totally my handle. Surely your buddy Cable would have told you that I just don't shut up. The moment I do, we know something's up, especially when killin's involved. So, what size shoes do you wear?"

"What th' hell do you want to know my shoe size for?" Terry queries, truly puzzled. But Cable's name brings a bit of a tense expression to her face.

"Just curious. I mean in case I happen to come across some really sexy shoes that would look good on you. Is all. But seriously. Let's go to the casbah and make like a boat that sails. And by casbah I mean that couch over there, and by boat that sails I mean, let's get it on." then he'll back flip to the couch and take a seat. Patting the cushion next to him, he'll try to wink through the mask. "Putter-here sweet cheaks."

Pursing her lips, Terry saunters toward him and ever so casually she instead climbs into the man's lap. Her brogue is like liquid silk as she settles her hands on his shoulders, and she murmurs into his ear, "Do ye fuck wi' that thing on? Could be cute, I s'pose."

Eyes widen, "Oh baby, you've got a dirty mouth. I like that in my women. That and a really really poor taste in men, the cheap kind. Otherwise I wouldn't get dates. Heck, I've really not been on an actual date in … well I don't have that many fingers to count on. But then again, this really isn't a date, is it. You're totally setting me up to bonk me on the head and then run out the back door to elude your SHIELD friends in the alley across the street. I know how you really hot chicks are."

She laughs down into his masked face. "Aw, now, lad… I wouldn' go bonkin' ye on th' head," Theresa demurs. "In all reality, I was thinkin' tha' ye might offer yer gentlemanly assistance in gettin' me th' hell outta here. In light o' th' fact tha' yer a friend o' me uncle's and all." She leans down and kisses his cheek lightly. "An' ye might just get a real date outta it if yer game."

Deadpool stands, lifting Terry up by her hips and into the air just above him, "Babydoll, you've got yourself a deal." Then after spinning her around he'll set her down and say, "Come on, I know a super-secret-secret-squirrel way out of here." then will lead her back into the hallway where Squirrel-Girl is standing with the White Rabbit. They were discussing their next big heist, giggling like schoolgirls. Deadpool pauses, looking at Squirrel-Girl and then mutters back to Terry, "Well, isn't that ironic?"

Is it really that simple? Theresa's kind of amused at the boyo. When he sets her down, she's laughing softly. And then they walk out and there's a Squirrel-Girl. She slants him a look that says SERIOUSLY?? and she starts to laugh. Kind of hard, too. "Oh Lord help ye, boyo."

He pushes a secret button/brick in the hallway and a panel opens up from the floor. He says, "Take the hallway, turn right, go about 500 yards and you'll end up a few blocks down in a garage. The garage has a van, the keys are in the visor. And when you're ready to go out on the best date you've ever had with hotdogs and fries, then you ring me up."

Squirrel-Girl and White Rabbit hop away to continue their talks.

The redhead pauses at the doorway and looks up at him. A faint smile quirks her lips upward at the corners. "Fer this, lad, I owe ye the biggest steak in town." Terry studies the faceless man. "When me father comes roarin' in, will ye pass a message for me?" She's going to trust him because of those ties to Cable. "Tell 'im t' give me six hours. An' if I don't call 'im by then, I want ye t' give 'im th' address." She moves to hand the card back to him. She has the address memorized.

"Will do hot stuff." Deadpool says as he takes the card, "You can count on me. I'll see that the Banshee is well taken care of and knows to give you a 6 hour head start."

Theresa chuckles softly. "He's goin' t' be right pissed and screamin'. Watch yer ears," she warns. And then with a quick stroke of his jaw, she's out of the bar and down the passageway to go meet up with her uncle.

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