2011 09 30 Fancy Running Into You Here

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Fancy running into you here…

The Thing, Invisible Woman, Monet, Phantasm

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Sept 30th 2011

In the air heading to the Baxter building

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Monet asks Ben to drive the Fantasticar. She hits a certain Phantasmic raven with it. Let the bickering begin.


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Ben Grimm has been many things in his life time. Gang Banging thug, College Football star, Black-Ops Pilot, Heroic Astronaut, and now for the last 10 years. THe Everlovin' Blue Eyed Thing. Probably the most common duty he is on is some errand for Reed. Ben Grimm: Errand Boy! Still, he's his best friend and that's what best friends do. "Yeah thanks for the heads up Ororo. Oh and don't forget to tell Runt and the Elf I 'spect to see all 3 of ya at the next poker game!" Ben says to the fuzy image of Hank McCoy on his view screen. "Yup, 'nother prodigy. Where do they find them all over there."

Ben is really only asking himself as he brings the Fantasticar in over the Xavier Institute and lowers it into a hover at the tennis courts in the back. Sadly it's not the sleek and sexy new Fantasticar. Reed and Sue took that on their mission the Negative zone. No it's the Mark II which is affectionally known as the 'Flying Bathtub.' Though he'd never admit it, it's actually Ben's favorite model. As he lands he looks around the area, "I'm lookin' for a Monet St. Croix. Her limo is here."

Monet comes out from the X-Mansion. She takes her good sweet time, though, walking out the back door to where she sees he Fantasticar. "Hi Mr. Grimm." she says politely, as she floats up besides it. "I've actually been looking forward to meeting you. Again." Strange thing for her to say, considering she's never actually bothered to meet any of the Fantastic Four before, the Ever Loving Blue Eyed Thing included. She looks over at the Fantasticar curiously. "This is really quite the vehicle. I'd say quite a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the Mk. I. Would you mind if I tried flying it? "

Ben blinks once at being greeted, familiar by someone he doesn't know, and as casually as asking for a glass of water she sequeues into the Fantastiscar and piloting it. If he had a hard drive light in the middle of his forehead you'd see it flash and you'd hear his fans kick in as he processes this information. "Nice to Meetcha Ms. St. Croix. Though I feel good and rude now, because I don't remember meeting ya before, so I guess I need to start this conversation with apologizing for fergetting where we met." There's another moments pause then as he considers the request to drive the Fantasticar, but he can alawys take control back if there's an emergency and says, "If you think you can, by all means give it whirl." He hits a few buttons that passes control up to the fore most of the cars 'Quadrants' the car. The "Reed Spot" if you will. "Ororo and Hank both say your smart as anyone they've ever met, so I /guess/ I can trust yah."

Monet grins. "Rad." Yeah, she says stuff like that sometimes. "Oh I'm pretty sure I can. I've flown it before, and these controls don't look too different than the last time." she says as she gets into the 'Reed spot' quadrant of the car. "Ororo and Mr. McCoy are quite correct on that assessment." She pulls back on the stick, pressing a few buttons, then takes off in the vehicle. True to her word, she does seem to have a very good feel for the Fantasticar, which is a bit odd considering it's not like there are a bunch of them to practice on." She starts to talk after they're underway. "Well technically you didnt meet me before. At least not on this Earth. Colossus's sister accidentally got her and myself stranded on an alternate earth for four and a half years my time. I met you on that Earth under less than ideal circumstances. Actually I was rather good friends with your daughter Rad…er… Alyce, as well." She decides to do a little trick move in the fantasticar once they have enough speed, doing a spin.
"I really do have to admire the handling on this. I don't say this about many people, but Dr. Richards is quite a virtuoso with his inventive genius." She adds, "Admittedly I don't say it often because the majority of people are blithering idiots, but my compliment still stands."

"Braces himself as the Fantasticar comes out of it's curly cue or whatever fancy bit of Aviation it is coming out off and Ben says, "Well I'm sure Reed would be touched by that sentinment." Ben says and again there's pause as his brain processes all this information you've thrown at him. You see, Ben though he plays the part of the big dumb lumox, is alot smarter than anyone gives him credit for. But even someone that's seen as much as he has, some things take time to set in. It's nto that you've apparantly been covorting in alternate dimensions and meet alternate versions of himself. Hell.. Ben has met and even battled versions of himself in his adventures, but mention of a daughter? That descends on him like an axe handle blow from the Hulk, "Wait wait wait…. did you…. Did you just say I had a daughter?"

Monet peers in Ben's direction briefly, then does another maneuver in the Fantasticar. She needs to find out if she can build something like this. It's so much better than the Lambourghini! "Yeah. Well you also have a son, but he's a bit of an oaf. Alyce, on the other hand, is a delight. I figured you didnt have children here. Google, you understand."

Oh what a Fantastic vehicle to have flying in the sky! Free of such things like TRAFFIC. Ugh. Really, why deal with cars when you can have the sky all to yourself? Free to manuver this way and that. No worries whatso-


As the Fantasticar comes out of the maneuver, there is a blackish purple bird of some size splayed across the windshield. In what could be considered a miracle, there's no blood and only the itty bittiest of chips in the windshield from the force of the impact. Oh what a fine time to go and hit a Raven.

"Wait I have son and a daughter?" Yes this is still sinking in and clearly this is something that Ben was not prepared to come up in casual conversation with some prodigy he was picking up to study with Reed today. He braces again and says, "Ok keep your eyes on the sky's hot shot… this alternate reality where you ended up? Did the accident never happend and did Reed, Suzie, Johnny and I never becomet he Fantastic Four? Did I actually get to live a normal life and settle down?" And of course that's about when the purple raven goes SMACK into the wind shield, "My Aunt Pentunia said there'll be days like this… I think there's a button for the avian defibrilator on yer console somewhere M." Which Ben thinks is just a quick nick name, having not realized he's stumbled on a code name, "Reed's actually calculated the odds of this happening and figured he should build one into the Fantasticar, just incase."

Monet winces a bit when the bird hits the window screen "I'll pay for the chip, sorry Mr. Grimm. If you're asking if your physiology was mutated so that your body tissue was organic rock? Yeah you're like that on that Earth as well." She pauses. Well, your arm was replaced with a cybernetic adamantium arm after an accident though. Otherwise, yes. The Fantastic Four exists there as well." She pauses. "You know, you say the same thing about 'Aunt Petunia' there too. I have to ask, do you really have an Aunt Petunia, because Alyce said she never met any aunt of yours. She doesn't mention anything about you calling her by her codename. In Monet's mind, there's no reason you shouldnt know it - it's not like she hides who she is, and people should know about her anyway. She looks around on the dashboard. "You mean Dr. Richards actually built into the car a littl electroshock for birds?" She shakes her head a bit. Yep some stuff even surprises her. She sees a button which she figures is probably the correct one, and presses it, as she continues to talk. "Oh wait, you were probably thnking you can't have intercourse with the whole organic rock bodymass thing. Apparently there are ways around that, because Mrs. Grimm was a normal human from what I could tell, and I'm rather good at telling that type of thing."

If there is a zap of sorts that comes from the pushing of the button, it is not apparent as the bird simply lies there for a few more moments, unmoving. This is just but for a few moments before the raven does start to move. Muttering something as he shakes his head and glances in the car with his beady birdy eyes. "Watch where you're g-" The bird pauses, looking to the driver, blinking as he recognizes Monet.

This is really alot of Ben to process and so after a few moments of not being able to think of what to ask next, "Ok… I think maybe I'm starting to learn to much about the other me…. I just…." he looks to the bird then and jumps as it speaks. "Oh.. it's you…"

The Thing says, "And yes my Aunt Petunia is real!" Ben says as if that comment just floated to the surface of his thought, "In fact when we get to the Baxter Building I have tin of her famous Rugelach to prove it!"

Monet peers at the bird when it starts talking. "Um… Mr. Grimm, the bird I just hit is talking." Okay, this bears further investigation" She uses a telepathic scan on the bird. Couldnt be a shapeshifting mutant - she'd have known that right away. Her nose scrunches a bit about the rugelach. "Okay then." she says as she checks the bird out with her mind while flying the car, noticing a psionic link to someone else, but unfortunately one of the few limitations Monet has is that her telepathy doesn't tend to work beyond around 15 feet or 20 feet. Then she realizes, The Thing seems to be less than shocked about the talking avian. It could be chalked up to that he's a member of the Fantastic Four, so has seen pretty much everything anyway, but he also seemed to think of the bird as being familiar. Never being a particular stickler for mental privacy, she uses her telepathy to check Ben Grimm's mind for an answer to the mystery. Sure, she could just ask, but sometimes words take a long time. When she's curious, she likes to be expedient.

Monet says, "I'd like to point out that your friend the bird hitting the car might have not been my fault after all, apparently."

The bird glances to Ben at the response. "Oh… yes it's me." He replies, mimicking Ben's cadence of voice before he looks to the windshield, birdy brows furrowing before he flits over to the seat side of the Fantasticar. Sitting on Ben's shoulders. "So, other than attempted Avian-slaughter, what else are you teaching her?"

Ben really, all things told, doesn't know Michael that wall, in fact he's always been introduced to him as 'Phantasm' when he hangs aroundthe Baxter Building. 'Suzie's Friend' seems to be the most notable his brain gives the creature. "I don't know that your talking about. I'm not teaching her nothing. You're the bird that couldn't avoid a flying bathtub."

Monet frowns, finding no real help in Ben's mind either on this. "Okay… so what is it? A robot?" she asks as she flies along, not bothering todo any fancy flying moves now. She doesn't particularly like not having all the answers.

"Oh for- You know it's near the end of the week." The bird retorts, "And considering the car was traveling one set path and then veered towards MY set path, during one of my bad times, well uh yes. I got hit." The bird's head turns, glancing towards Monet, "What about robots?"

Monet rubs the bridge of her nose as she pilots. "Well, I can hear that you have no breath or heartbeat. You have a psionic tether to someone. Oh yes, and you're a bird that's talking. Also not a mutant, since I'd be able to tell that right away. So are you a robot?"

"He's not a robot." Ben answers as the Baxter Building looms nearby, "He's a Friend of Suzie's, Reed helps him understand his powers, cause their kinda unique. WHen he's not being a bird or something.. he's kinda into that whole 'emo' look I think the kids call it…" And that's really exausted most of his knowledge of the man, not being much of music guy. "He's a bit odd but a good guy. Anyway where almost to the Baxter Building.. I'll show you to the Lab and get you some Aunt Petunia's Rugelach when we get there.

The bird's head turns, beak opening in protest to Ben's summary. "Into the emo look?" The bird scoffs, "You wear a blue speedo for YOUR job, I don't go around saying you're into the grape smuggler look." He pauses, apparently not happy with the visual he cooked up as he shakes his head. He glances over towards Monet. "Basic summary. I'm a Phantasm. Only with the occasional physical tangiblity and audibility mixed in." Phantasm's head tilts in the other direction. "So, psionic tether?" He queries.

Monet sees the Baxter building off in the distance. Most likely before the others in the Fantasticar can, since it's 2 miles away. "Approaching Baxter building. And… Phantasm, since I have no idea who that is, you just saying your codename doesnt help much. So … your power is to - what, control mental projections of birds?"

"Those /trunks/ not 'speedos!'" Ben says defensively to the bird "Yer just lucky ectoplasm isn't kosher!" Ben says pointing a finger towards the glowing lavender birdy in mild. There's a dejected harumph, "Grape smuggler." Ben meanwhile hits a few buttons on the console and says, "H.E.R.B.I.E. make sure the lab is ready for Ms. St. Claire's arrival will ya? Cause… I don't know what any of the stuff Reed told me would be in there actually does."

Monet pauses. "St. Croix. Monet Yvette Clarisse, Maria Therese St. Croix. You know.. just keep calling me M. It's my codename anyway."

"Then get a loser fit." Phantasm quips back towards Ben before looking towards Monet. "That was an explanation to what I am. Phantasm. An apparition or the illusionary likeness of something. A figment of the imagination." Phantasm provides, "I'm not a bird. Right now, I just look like one."

Monet nods a little as she stops over the Baxter building and switches to hover mode before lowering it down in a perfect 3 point landing. "Oh.. being an intangible figment of the imagination. Hrm, well aside possibly from espionage, that seems like a rather pointless power. Are you a spy or something, Phantasm?" She turns back to Ben and the bird. "We're here, you can continue your fascinating discussion of speedowear now."

"Ah.. M… yeah that's much easier. You have alot of names kid…." As the Fantasticar lands he also ads, "No no.. I've said all I care to on the subject. So…" He looks to the raven, "Did we intercept you on your way somewhere? or where you heading here when we… well.. ran into you." The THing hopes over the edge of the flying bath tub, offering M a hand down should she want one.

The bird's eyes narrow before he flies over to Monet's shoulder, balling up a wing into a small fist before knocking on her head with a light but present tap. "Intangible? Does this feel intangible to you?" He taps her head some more. At Ben's question he glances away from Monet to face Ben, "Well I had been thinking about coming over here. Wanted to see if you guys could have an easier time getting information around something that happened a few weeks ago."

Monet floats out of the fantasticar, rather than take Ben's hand. "It's a royalty thing with the name." She pauses as she gets punched by a BIRD. She's invulnerable, but she recognizes the tangibility. "So.. what, hard light construct then?" She looks over at Ben. "Mr Grimm, you have a girlfriend on this Earth too, right?"

Monet takes her index finger and thumb, then flicks her finger at the bird to knock him… it… whatever… off her shoulder. Yes, she 'flipped the bird' so to speak.

"We can try at least. H.E.R.B.I.E. can help you search all manner of databases and what not." Ben says, his eyes following the bird as M goes to flip him. He coughs then as Monet asks about his girlfriend and he says, "Wow kid, you like… don't have one of those inner censors that warns you when you might be askin real personal questions do you? There was someone I was very close to but…. well it's very complicated and we're not seeing each other anymore…" He clears his throat, "Anyway the Lab is this way."

With the bird looking towards Ben, he doesn't see the finger do it's motion. Monet's finger passes through the bird, feeling no change in temperature or resistance whatsoever. The bird nods, flying off the shoulder to take a more humanoid form. Dressed in street clothes, the form has a hoodie where the hood casts a shadow over the face area. The facial features seem quite common, lips, nose, nothing all that destinctive or identifying.

Monet nods a little "Oh. I was just asking because I have 2 backstage passes. It's for this mediocre musician, but it would probably be good date material. Trying to figure someone to give them to." She lands lightly on the ground. "Was her name Sharon Ventura? She was your wife on the other Earth, at least until the two of you divorced, Mr. Grimm."

Ben has seen Back to the Future. he knows the Perils of knowing to much about his future self, and there is a fighter in UCWF named Sharon Ventura who's caught his eye a couple of times…. and really that's when Ben realizes that he's just standing their silent thinking about all of these revelations and not saying anything. "Look like I said.. it's really complicated, and this is just alot for a guy to absorb so if we can talk about something else that'd be great." He sighs, "I'm sure matchstick has some bit of arm candy he'd like to take to a show. Who is it? I probably ain't heard of them cause I ain't really a music guy, but Johnny is." Ben says as he shows the pair towards the elevators and toward the labs.

Phantasm shoves his hands into his pockets, looking away from the remaining pair. "She really does talk a lot, doesn't she?"

Monet pauses, saying "You know, it's not like it's your future self. It's an alternate reality. Quite different." she says, again not showing much with the boundaries of other people's minds. She doesnt bother to acknowledge Mike's statement. "I'd rather give the tickets to someone who doesn't iritate me when they talk too much. He'd likely just use them to get into some unsuspecting woman's pants, and I'm pretty sure I would not want to be a party to that, Mr. Grimm."

"A'right, you two both behave or I'll seperate you." He looks over his shoulder to the hooded youth, "So what are we helping you look into? We can see what we can dig up once M gets started on her studies." And that said he looks to Monet and says, "Reed's…. well Reed's out, but he's got one of his staff labs set up for you to continue your studies in…." there's a pause…. "Well whatever Reed and Xavier talked about giving you the chance to research…. It was all stuff that was pretty well over my head."

Monet looks over at Thing. "Well I was basically asking Beast about whether a Schwarzchild wormhole could be crossed like a trnsversible wormhole, and from what I was reading, it probably would only happen on a planck scale. But then Dr. McCoy said that Reed Richards had proven that they can exist on a larger scale, and I read some of his research and it was actually quite brilliant and fascinating, so Professor Xavier suggested that I study with him a bit on wormhole physics. You know. Raychaudhuri's theorom, exotic matter, that sort of thing."

Susan Richards enters the landing bay area from the elevator, having been alerted by the Baxter's security systems that the Fantasticar has just returned. She'd been expecting Ben back a good half hour earlier, so is a bit worried, even if it's completely unfounded. "Ben?"

"Yeah yeah, You're not my father." Phantasm murmurs, lifting a hand in a dimissive wave before stopping, turning his head to give Ben a bit of a smirk, "Although that's a good thing. From what I know, he was a downright bastard." He glances towards Monet before looking towards Ben. Smirk fading, "There was an a-" He pauses, hooded figure looking towards Susan before giving a smile, "Hey Susan. Wings were getting tired. Thought I'd stop by."

Monet pauses. "No… you hit into the Fantasticar windshield, Phantasm"

"No… you HIT me with the Fantasticar." Phantasm rplies back, "Even veered out of the way to do it."

Monet looks back at Phantasm. "If you were a mindless bird, rather than a person who can think on their own and doesn't run right into flying vehicles while not looking where he's going, I'd take blame for it, but considering you're not a brainle-" she stops. "Okay, I take blame for it actually."

"Heya Suze…. This is… Monet St. Croix…. Um.. I just call her M c ause she's got alot of names." Ben says as he explains, "Professor X and Reed worked out a deal for her to continue some of her studies at part of the Baxter Building labs, since she's more advanced than they had facilities for over there." He leans over and says conspiratorial, "Reed asked me to bring her over and set her to work. He explained what she'll be doing but I don't get it." He cocks a thumb at Phantasm then and adds, "And we ran into Phantasm on the way back. He was hoping we could help him doin' a little leg work so it looks like we've got all kinds of stuff to do."

Susan Richards slows when she sees others by the Fantasticar with Ben, then starts toward them again smiling a polite hello to the young lady. "Hello, Monet." Mike receives a nod and a more familiar smile. "So I take it running into Phantasm is why you're running a little late?"

Phantasm shakes his head, holding up his hand, "Just like driving with a regular car, you stay on your own side of the road, little Miss M. If you drive on the sidewalk, it's not the pedestrian's fault you killed them with your car. When you DEVIATE from your flying path to go into other's flight path, YES it's your fault." Phantasm glances towards Susan. "I didn't make them THAT late. I just flew in to car after they ran into me."

Monet crosses her arms. "If the pedestrian is a brain-adled twit who runs in front of the car without looking, it's quite forgivable actually." She looks at Susan. "It's very nice to meet you Ms. Richards."

Susan Richards looks back and forth between Mike and Monet for a moment, her forehead starting to crease in a frown. "Um, excuse me… what is the disagreement about here?"

Monet says, "It's nothing. He thinks I spend my time swerving flying vehicles out of the way to try to hit into flying birds, as a means of excusing him not looking where he's going when he's flying."

The hooded figure blinks, the head tilts, "Excuse me, are you actually arguing that you're in the RIGHT when you drive on the sidewalk?" He chuckles, glancing towards Susan, "Not much. You know how I can be with things. Well she's about the same way."

Susan Richards catches something Monet said and holds up a hand. "Wait, are you saying that YOU were driving this thing?" She indicates the Fantasticar with one hand, then turns to look up at Ben sternly. "Ben, you know that Reed really frowns on that. If what I'm hearing here is correct, you'd probably best make sure that there's nothing to make him think anything of the sort."

Monet looks at Mike. "No, I'm saying if an obviously deranged person runs into the street and gets hit by the car, it's their own fault. Pay attention, the big kids are talking." She looks over at Susan. "I've flown it before on an alternate earth and I'm really an accomplished pilot, but I'm sorry if I broke any of Dr. Richard's rules."

And Ben sighs, somehow he knew this would all come back to being his fault. "A c'mon Suzie.. it's the older Flyin' Bathtub model. Reed practically forgets we have it." He looks at Susan for a moment and really she doesn't have to say anything he knows when he's in trouble, "I'll go grab my tool box and make sure everything's alright." And with that said Ben goes to get his tools and well quite frankly hide up here while giving the Fantasticar a good solid servicing!

Phantasm watches as Ben starts to walk off, frowning. "Hey Susan, it's probably not his fault." He gives a tilt of his head towards Monet's direction, "From what I've seen, she's not exactly the type to take 'no' for an answer."

Monet tilts her head. "So you know this person then, Mrs. Richards?"

Susan Richards crosses her arms, looking from one visitor to the other. "I'm not going to mediate a pointless argument between you two. That's not my job. Ms. St Croix, I'll show you to the labs Reed set aside for you. Phantasm, if you'll accompany us, I'll see what I can do to assist once Ms. St Croix is settled."

Phantasm gives a mischevious smirk, "Aww, but the pointless arguments are the fun ones. Ok fine." He opts to follow along.

Monet shakes Susan's hand. "I'll go down to the lab. Really nice to meet you." She looks at Phantasm. "Exquisitely annoying to meet you."

Phantasm smiles sweetly, "The feeling is mutual."

Monet heads down the hallway with Ben to the labs that were set up. "Allons-y"

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