2011 09 30 Family Reunions Suck

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Family Reunions Suck

Siryn, Sharon Carter, & Banshee

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SHIELD Helicarrier

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Siryn and Banshee are reunited.


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-==[ Brig - S.H.I.E.L.D. HeliCarrier ]==------——

The TurboLift's doors open out onto another platform, high off the ground floor where the corridor is thick with guards. The steel staircase spirals downwards to another platform, where a set of 5 guards check badges and ID's. On the ground floor, visitors to the brig are greeted by another set of guards before they are allowed to enter the main floor area. There are two cells, both of which are smack in the middle of the room, with every watchful eye on them.

The cells both look like hovering platforms in the middle of the room. In fact, they are protected by an incredibly strong force-field on all sides. Inside the cell is a cot, a toilet, and a table - nothing more. These two cells are the most heavily guarded, and are used for MetaHuman captures. On the walls to the sides are functional cells with regular bars and cement, used primarily for normals. The guards in this section don't seem particularly pleased, in fact, they seem rather bitter. Better not stay down here too long….



Obvious Exits:

[1] - Cell 1 - Brig - S.H.I.E.L.D. H [IR] - Interrogation Room - S.H.I.E.L

[T] - Turbolift - S.H.I.E.L.D. HeliC

After being patched up in the medical bay then tossed into the brig, Terry will wake to find herself dressed as she was prior. Any equipment or stuff she was carrying with her has been confiscated and she's locked in one of the cells. A guard will identify her wakefulness and go to summon someone. Terry will notice something else that's not supposed to be there. She's wearing some sort of choker that generates a field that will prevent her from using her scream/sonic powers. Albeit she can still speak freely. It may act like a dog bark collar or it could just be dampening the power all together.

Moments later, the guard will lower the force field and say, "Miss, come with me please." to lead her into the interrogation chamber associated with the brig. She will be handcuffed to a metal ring on the table and seated on the 'prisoner side'.

Within 10 minutes a blonde woman wearing a SHIELD uniform will come in with a file folder. She'll toss the folder onto the table where Terry sits and quietly take a seat giving Terry time to puruse the file and realize it's all about her and her public exploits. Even details about who her father is and his former associations with the X-Men.

[OOC] Black Tom says, "http://www.comicvine.com/sharon-carter/29-38227/"

Theresa remains quiet the entire time. She goes where they tell her to, docile as they cuff her to the table. She does reach up to unbraid the mass of red hair on the way to the interrogation room. And as the agent seats herself across that table, Theresa's chin comes up. She can read well enough upside down to know what the file is. And she remains silent.

"You're in a lot of hot water, Siryn." Carter states clearly as she pulls a sheet from the file that has a list of charges that Siryn is being accused of. She'll start reading them off and stop about 8 into it by saying, "…and the list goes on. Do you have anything to say?"

"No, ma'am," Theresa replies quietly. She's quite dignified about being brought in here like this. She's no fool — the risks were pretty clear. Although just about now she really really would like a drink.

"No, ma'am." Carter reiterates the last statement made by Terry. "That's how it's going to be is it? It's a shame. Seems to me that every mutant I've ever met has had some horrific childhood story that they had to learn to live with. Some of them used it to make them stronger and eventually become heroes such as the X-Men. While others clung to their roots and ended up behind bars. It's sad that someone as yourself with such potential would step outside the law to break out a man who is one of the more dangerous mutants in the known world. I realize you had family ties that convinced you that it was a good idea. Yet, from what I've heard you're a rational girl with good intentions. Surely you couldn't have thought that rescuing the Juggernaut was a good intention…"

Theresa's eyes don't leave Carter's face. "I could give ye my sob story about how I owed th' man who raised me. But it doesn' change th' fact that I did it — it doesn't excuse m' actions, ma'am. Stickin' around so none o' th' lads was hurt was th' only thing I could see t' do."

"Noble of you." She says with a silent chuckle. "And probably the only reason you're here in front of me and not underneath Rikers." She pauses a moment and stands. Folding the file folder she scoops it up and says, "You're going to be presented with a wonderful opportunity. I suggest you take it. But before that happens, you have a visitor." and she'll move toward the door.

OH, she's not likin' the sound of *that*. Theresa grimaces, but then looks surprised. A visitor? Her gaze flickers toward the door as the agent gets ready to leave, just waiting.

The door is opened by a guard, Carter exits and then Sean bulls his way into the room. His face is red and he's beyond pissed. His first words are presented in a harsh and angry tone, "WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!" as he slams down his fist atop the table

OH, *bloody* hell. Terry flinches visibly when her father streaks into the room and shouts. Her hands are already shaking and she drops her head, giving every impression of a thoroughly cowed child. She's glad she took her hair down because now he can't see the tears that are leaking out of her eyes. She refuses to look up at him. "'msorry, Da," she whispers.

Sean goes on a tirade, "Sorry?!?! What the bloody hell? You're Sorry!? Sorry doesn't cut it. Sorry is for people who spill milk or step on toes. What you have done is put not only your life in jeopardy, but everyone associated with you. Did you even think about the ramifications of your actions before undertaking them? Did you?!?! Those men could have died. You freed the bleeding Juggernaut. You allowed Cain to walk free. Do you have any idea what he did? What you're responsible for?"

Theresa shakes her head slightly, her gaze still down. Her voice is steely. "I'da died before I let th' soldiers die," she tells her father with some amount of dignity remaining. When she looks up, the tears in her eyes are belied by the anger on her face. "Yer always so pure and wonderful in yer actions. People in glass houses shouldn' cast stones, Da. I'm sorry I *embarrassed* ye in front o' yer colleagues. Because tha's what yer most pissed aboot, yeah? Well, get over it."

Enflamed even further that he'd be challenged by Siryn, Sean slams down his fist again and says, "You really have no idea do you? Cain and that son of a bitch uncle of yours just attacked a secured military caravan in route to Fort Dix. The caravan was carrying several light and heavy energy weapons as well as an extra heavy plasma pulse cannon. With the help of HYDRA agents, they were able to get away with most of the weapons before the military could respond. They seriously injured several of the personnel and nearly put Doc Samson in the hospital." He changes it into a question, "Were you working with HYDRA on this? Please tell me you weren't. Because if you were they're going to likely toss you into the vault and you'll not get out until your 70th birthday."

"What th' *hell* d'you care?" Terry retorts in a sharp mutter. The shame that crosses her features at learning what Cain and Tom did, though, is pretty evident. She looks away from him. For all that she's an adult, there are some situations that cut too deeply. And her father — he's one of them. "I wasn' workin' with *HYDRA*, ye damn fool. I'd been hopin' t' work wi' the X-Men… but unfortunately, ran afoul of a large number o' Cain's associates in a bar in th' company o' one of them. Cain got us outta there wi'out gettin' our asses killed. I owed him."

Then in a sarcastic tone, Sean rebuttes, "You owed him? Seriously?" he rolls his head up to the ceiling and pushes himself back away from the table. Turning his back to her he shakes his head and sighs. He gathers his thoughts and realizes that he needs to get to the point, "Ok, fine. You're going to tell SHIELD everything you know. When you're done with that, you and I are going to go to that bar of yours and see if we can pick up any clues that might lead us to your uncle. You should know… if you try to deceive me or SHIELD, they won't hesitate to lock you up. You're responsible for a chain of events that lead to some very very bad stuff. They don't have mercy and honestly, this is the only way you're going to get out of this situation you're in."

Now her eyes come back around to him. "I'm no' taking *ye* t' that place," Theresa objects. "If hangin' around wi' Alex Summers was like t' get me killed in there, hangin' around wi' *ye* and yer bloody loud mouth an' temper'll get us *both* killed in a heartbeat." The redhead pauses. "An' I'll flat out tell ye that I don't know *anythin'* about what he's plannin, Da. On me mother's grave, I dinna know what he's up to." There's another brief pause. "An' I'll help th' lot of ye…. but only because I don't want Tom killed in the midst o' this debacle." She grimaces. "Th' two of ye have too much history, an' I don't think yer any more objective than I am on th' matter."

Sean turns around. His eyes ablaze with hostility and concern, "Alex Summers? What does Alex Summers have to do with this? You're not sleeping with him are you? That's all we need is some futuretense nutbag Summers cyborg coming back in time to stop some jacked up timeline by killing us all."

"And isn' that none of your business, then?" Terry retorts sharply. "Ye might be me father by birth, Sean Cassidy, but ye've a long way to go before ye have th' right t' give me life instructions in any form." She turns her eyes from him once more, the only way she can dismiss his inept attempt at fatherly concern.

Sean's distorted face is wrought with anger and concern, "Dammit Terry!" then he says nothing more only to turn and abruptly exit the room. He's done with this discussion and will let SHIELD brief her on subsequent events.

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