2011 09 29 The Breakout

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The Breakout

Siryn, Black Tom, Juggernaut, Iron Man

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Skies above New Jersey

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Black Tom and Siryn attack the transport that carries the Juggernaut. Juggernaut and Black Tom escape. Siryn is captured by Iron Man.


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The next morning comes far too early. Tom is waiting rooftop for the screaming scarlett. He himself is dressed in CIA black costumeesque and carrying his shillelagh. One leg upon the elevated edge of the building, the other firmly on the rooftop. He spies through binoculars toward Riker's island in the Hudson.

Black-on-black looks *good* on her. Theresa has her copper hair bound up in a tight braid, pinned up under. The better for hiding it beneath the mask she intends to wear. But as she lands next to her uncle, the redhead is looking less than thrilled. "Ye ready to go?" she asks. Somehow she has a notion that this is not going to go well, but…. it's what's owed.

"Looking sharp, lass." Tom states after giving her the once over. Then he raises his binoculared hand and points a the modified Chinook lifting off the pad at Rikers. Two other apache type copters are bringing up the rear offering support.

Tom states, "Right on time and the transport is a lot better than I expected. We'll take them over Jersey. So stay low and we'll attack from below on my mark."

Theresa slants him a glance. As if her LOOKS are what he ought to be paying attention to. She pulls the balaclava out of the back of her belt and hauls it on over her face and hair, then she wraps her arms around beneath Tom's chest. Lifting them both with the ability that her father bequeathed her, Theresa stays low and carries them behind the helicopters until he gives her the signal.

The choppers fly around 2K feet off the ground at around 80mph. The sun will be rising soon and Tom is banking on letting it be a source of distraction to them even though it'll be in their right flank (choppers are flying northwest).

Rolling hills and farmland is disected by turnpikes and farmroads over western New Jersey. Tom gives the signal and indicates that he wants to go through the side hatch of the Chinook. He has full intention of blasting off the door with his force pulse and then she'll be able to fly them in.

/Please, God, don't let anyone get hurt/, Siryn prays silently. She alters course and rockets toward the Chinook from below, Tom in her hands. It'll take all her strength to heave him into the helo properly and then alter her direction again to distract the Apaches.

As she rises, the Apaches split off and will begin their circle back to try and target her. The Chinook swings to the left. Yet Terry has better agility in flying than a helicopter. She's able to get Tom in range. He blasts through the shillelagh taking the side door off the Chinook. It's a squeeze, but they manage to get into the chopper.

Within the chopper there are 10 commandos ready to draw down from either side of Terry and Tom.

There's a glance at her uncle. And Theresa doesn't wait for instruction. Instead, she rams a subsonic vertigo attack right on through the chopper to disorient the soldiers inside. If nothing else, Tom can ram the helmet on Cain's head and make sure those two land safely. Maybe. It's not a well-thought-out plan.

The interior of the Chinook is divided into three sections. The fore, the middle, and the aft. The fore is where the pilot/copilot sit. There is an open door from it to the middle. The middle is where Tom and Terry entered and where the commandos are found. Five on either side of the door - some standing, some getting up, all armed. The aft is seperated from the middle by a metal wall and it occupies the majority of the helicopter (cargo bay). It is seperated and secured from the middle access through a standard aircraft metal door. The juggernaut is likely in this location.

Commandos on Terry's side (aft side) go down clasping their ears and convulse on the floor. Nausea sucks.

Tom sees his chance and he slams down the tip of his shillelagh onto the deck, it sends a shockwave forward through the aircraft toppeling the commandos and also disrupting the cockpit. The chinook will then bank a hard right casting everyone around inside.

Theresa is thrown sideways with the rest, and given her position at the door she is thrown back out of the Chinook when it jerks. On the up side… the girl's a flyer. On the down? The Chinook itself is heading groundward. It takes precious seconds for Siryn to arrest her own freefall and get back into play.

The Apaches are moving into position as Terry is thrown from them Chinook. One has banked up, the other banked down. The one that banked down starts firing it's minigun toward the falling and then flying Terry.

Now there was a scenario Terry didn't take into account. She cannot get back to the Chinook without passing through the firing solution of the Apache, and it's a lovely — if deadly — aerial ballet that she pulls off trying to evade the bullets en route back to the troubled dual-rotor craft. But no matter how good a flyer you are, bullets tend to win. She's winged in one thigh and it sends her spinning off course again. Black Tom and Juggernaut are going to have to be on their own while she struggles to regain the use of her ability after the wind is knocked out of her.

The Apache has issues keeping her in its sights so after she's struck it veers to the left and intends to come around for another pass.

In the mean time, the Chinook is having issues. There's another flash from inside the mid section and a rumbling is heard as Tom blasts something else. Eventually the Chinook will need to make an emergency landing. Smoke starts coming out of several of the shattered side windows.

The other Apache banks and will dive toward Terry trying to get a lock on her erratic movements.

Looks like getting shot is going to save her bacon. When the Apaches both have to break off and adjust for her fall, she manages to suck in a breath and scream like …. well, like only the Banshee's daughter can. Her flight isn't as controlled, but it's fast. She hurtles at the Chinook's body, keeping low to avoid the rotors again and hoping the Apaches won't fire again with her in this proximity to the transport. "Get a move on in there!" she bellows!

Another burst of energy resonates through the Chinook and the engines begin to whine as something is knocked amiss. The Chinook then starts taking a dive after banking right. It had already lost several hundred feet and with 1500 more to go. It could be a dangerous fall for all the occupants.

The Apaches regroup and start to make a run at Terry. They're 500 yards away and will likely take the shot when the Chinook dives beneath her - if she doesn't maintain altitude with it.

She maintains altitude with it, barking into the door, "I've gotta slow it down. Get the hell out!" Siryn goes beneath the helo and places herself square beneath the cockpit. She tries to use her power to stabilize the Chinook before it can hit the ground and kill all aboard.

Buffering the rapid descent, Terry slows the craft's plummet to something more manageable. Yet, with every minute of descent the heavier it gets as the rotors lose power.

Still at 900 feet, there's an explosion in the aft part of the Chinook. She is able to see the gantry fly off and fall toward the ground. Then she sees the Juggernaut leaping out of the back with Black Tom cradled in his arms. They're going to hit hard, but it's likely they've performed something similiar to this before and Tom survived.

She breathes a sigh of relief as she sees them fall. Siryn's ability is not superstrength, though. She's not going to be able to keep this helo from landing. Nor is she going to be able to keep it from being almost entirely destroyed. She shouts upward, though, "You lads better be jumping in a fast hurry!" Because by the time they hit, she will NOT be able to keep them safe. All she's trying to do is keep them alive.

Parachuting out of a falling helicopter. HAHAHAHAHA. Good luck with that. In all, those that are conscious are doing what they can to hold on. The pilot/copilot are trying to assist in the descent and by the time they reach 50 feet it appears all will be lost.

The sound of jets are heard and Terry will hear a male synthesized voice, "I've got them." then the crunching and straining of metal as Iron Man takes hold of the Chinook from below, a few yards behind Terry's position. His boot jets fire up and he quickly slows the descent of the chopper and in a few seconds to come everyone will be safely on the ground.

Oh bloody hell. The mechanical voice is not unknown to her — he's well known in New York. When Iron Man takes over Siryn lets him, and she shoots out from under the helo to at least *try* to take off and get out of here without getting nabbed.

the same voice just above her to the left, "Going somewhere? And here I thought we'd have a chance to get to know one another."

Shooting a look over her shoulder, Siryn pulls up and holds herself in midair briefly. "I'd really like t' just be on my way, lad," she wheedles. "Yer lads weren't hurt."

A chuckle comes over the speaker as Iron Man breaks to a hover, "Surely you don't think that supersedes the felony assault, obstruction of justice, damage to government property, flight attempt, and other charges that will be brought up at your hearing."

"I don't want trouble with ye, Iron Man," Terry says quietly. She's honestly forgotten that she was winged by a bullet, and as she hovers there with him and the adrenaline slowly wears off the world's starting to look a little odd. The breath control required to keep her in flight is making her lightheaded. "Is there anythin' I can do t' convince ye t' let me go?" She's fast realizing she's in no shape to outrun him.

Armored arms cross over his chest and he shakes his head, "Sorry miss. Though I suspect that it doesn't look like you'd be going far at all with that wound of yours. Now, would you like to do this the easy way, or the hard way?"

Swallowing hard, Siryn nods slightly. "I'm thinkin' it's gonna be th' easy way, lad," she murmurs as the world grays out a bit. She reaches up and yanks the mask off her face, sucking in a breath to try to descend slowly instead of the oh-so-graceful (and embarrassing!) spiral of collapse that she falls into.

Iron Man unprofessionally says, "Oh, hello." in a letcherous undertone when she pulls the mask off - but then again are there really any un-hot supers in this world? Instead of letting her fall, Iron Man will intercept her and gracefully catch her. He's not interested in her going splat (even if it would only be a 50 to 30 ft drop). "I've got ya." he says again and will start his flight toward Manhattan - actually above - S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

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