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Selene, Aurora, Havok

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Aurora and Havok go to Canada to address a disturbance. The disturbance turns out to be Selene.


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Havok is confused, but duty comes before personal matters. Once set on the ground he starts moving toward the building. There's truly only so far he can approach considering the level of debris and various spot fires involved. Yet, after a few moments of scanning there's no sign of Sabretooth and it's safely assumed that the threat has subsided.

"Zo…Sabretooth t'reat avairted, everyone now is zafe again, non?" Jeanne-Marie points out the obvious. She was about to pester Alex further about his dissing of her accent, or accusing her of trying to somehow appear different for whatever reason. But then she gets a signal from Department H and looks gravely concerned, "t'ere is a situation in Canada, I 'ave to go back…do you want to return the favor and 'elp me like I 'elped you?"

"Zo…Sabretooth t'reat avairted, everyone now is zafe again, non?" Jeanne-Marie points out the obvious. She was about to pester Alex further about his dissing of her accent, or accusing her of trying to somehow appear different for whatever reason. But then she gets a signal from Department H and looks gravely concerned, "t'ere is a situation in Canada, I 'ave to go back…do you want to return the favor and 'elp me like I 'elped you?"

With his attention being drawn away from the visual inspection of the debris, Havok turns back to Aurora and says, "Totally. Just as long as they don't arrest me for being in your country illegally."

[X-Men] Emma Frost has connected.

"We're not going to go through customs, silly man, I just 'ope you don't mind flight at 'igh speeds…and I mean, 'igh speeds, I get pretty damn fast," Jeanne-Marie says as she reaches to grab Alex, and without further warning she absolutely zooms away towards Canada. While she's accustomed to such speeds, Alex would feel a considerable slamming of wind against his body, as well as blurred visuals, where the world seems to be pulled away into a mess of meshing colors, before a sudden stop, it could be a bit jarring. One thing is clear when a stop is reached, while seconds ago he was in New York, he is now most definitely in Canada.

His eyes were closed, he's not even sure if he could have opened them if he wanted to. He did his best to turn his face away from the wind, may have ended up burried against her.

Now, he's dizzy, queasy, and trying to get his bearings as he blinks and wipes the water from his eyes. "What tha crap was that?"

"I did warn you t'at I will be fast…t'is is an emergency." Jeanne-Marie comments as she arrives in a flash to Hafford, carrying a very uncomfortable looking Havok with her. "Looks like someone t'ought to start up trouble in Canada, Alpha Flight cannot allow zat."

Couple of things stand out of course first the people they all seem okay walking about except for the fact they are saying good morning and being extremely polite to each other, that and they all seem to be dressed in 50's clothing . One lady walks past with a stroller and her child " Hello welcome to Hafford " She smiles brightly " Might I suggest you put some clothes on dear before you go about scaring all our children " .

Havok's hair is a mess, his super suit ruined with several scratches, tears, and burn marks. He glances around wondering where the heck he is, other than Canada, and watches the commenting lady with the stroller walk by before saying, "Did she say Stepford?"

"Hafford, it's not a big town, but it nevair looked like zis before," Jeanne-Marie frowns, not liking the fact that someone is obviously controlling these poor people. She puts Havok down, murmuring another soft non-committal apology, "again, zorry I wasn't more clear on jus' 'ow fast we will be going, I'll take an aerial look," and at that she soars higher and calls out aloud, "I know you are out t'ere, villain, s'ow yourself! Leave zese people be!"

What you get is several people pointing and staring only to talk among themselves. If you stay up there a cop car comes by lights on and everything before he speaks into his mega phone " Unidentified super , come on down from there ! " . You would also see several more cop cars all of 2 coming towards your area.

Havok is set down and then watches as Aurora leaps back into the air. He's used to being carried around by female fliers and she seems to be doing exactly what he was about to instruct her to do (recon) - except for that whole 'calling out the villain thing'. So he himself falls into confrontational mode and glances around for a target… which could be anyone here. Even the cops.

Havok raises his right hand, palm forward toward the officers, "Hey, easy there, we're here to help. She's Aurora, with Alpha Flight, I'm Havok, with X-Factor. We received a call that there was a threat. You should secure the location, get everyone into their homes."

"Sapristi! Don't you fools know Alpha Flight? We are Government!" Jeanne-Marie shakes her head, anticipating that the villain they are dealing with must be a powerful telepath or magic user, it seems like too grand an affect to just be a regular schmoe, "'avok," she calls down at the X-Men, "careful, zese people are under mind control, or a zpell, one or zee ot'er…" she leaves Havok to talk to the influenced cops and starts flying about the town, trying to find the source, she's fast enough that it's hopeless for the cops to try and track her movement.

The cops look too the two of you one younger man looking to the older fellow " Chief? " the man just seems to pull up his belt " You got official papers other than the fact your walking around in next to nothing and being all indecent? Tell me why I shouldn't take you to the jail house right now? " . He then looks up " Hold it " he tries to tell the girl as she zips off . What she finds is well a small town of 500 or so people acting like thier from the 50's but on the surface nothing else is odd.

Havok notes as he indicates up with his right index finger, "Sorry, no papers on me, but I'll bet Inspector Aurora Clouseau -up there- will have ze paperz. Anyway, just let us do our job, you worry about the innocents."

If it were under any other circumstance, Jeanne-Marie might have considered the town a dream come true, it certainly fits with the values she was taught at Madame DuPont's School for Girls, but she has evolved since that time, she knows other people has other ideals. Seeing no sign of the villain, she utilizes her super speed to get from one home to the next in gradually more frustrated attempts to spot the culprit.

This place is the town thrown back to 50's values so when a strange woman starts going into windows.. almost naked and in crazy clothes people start to call and that officer looks down as his radio squaks the dispatch telling him about all kinds of calls . He looks to havock " Look here young man you don't look like any hero I know .. but if you're a hero you better tell that girl to stop doing what she's doing she's scaring all the towns folk and I'm going to have to arrest you to restore order that girl is breaking and entering ! " .

Intentionally moving away from the police, he replies to the officer's statement in sarcasm, "I'll get right on that." Then Havok will scan around the sky for Aurora. He's been distracted long enough and needs to know where his partner is.

He mutters to himself about tactical situations as he walks down a street, "Aurora, dammit, line of sight should be maintained; Where are you and where's the rest of your team?"

While Jeanne-Marie knows to expected the many otherworlded or supernatural reasons that are keeping other members of Alpha Flight occupied, Havok would have no way of knowing they fully anticipate every single member of Alpha Flight to be capable of resolving situations on their own. It doesn't look like backup is about to arrive. Jeanne-Marie for her part keeps zooming about, not really giving people a chance to see much more than a blurry light, as she moves along her way. In its own right, it is a scary sight that may invoke fear of aliens from 1950's mindsets. The more she sees, the more furious Jeanne-Marie gets with the villain behind this. If she'll go through every house she can without spotting Selene, she will once more take to the sky for a better aerial view.

This is the world of the 50's not in tech they all use the modern tech but they are in the 50's mindset as such people call their friends and neighbor's so when she comes to the next house what she will see is a shot gun with a man yelling " Die alien scum " And trying to shoot the poor girl . ( lemme know if you go to city hall ) .

Alex has no knowledge of the issue that Aurora is about to face. He continues to move down a random street, a half jogging pace and scan around for his partner while muttering to himself questioning where or when the hell they are.

The man with the shotgun is no bother, even if he does shot at the streak of light he can see, Jeanne-Marie herself would already be far gone. She is not concerned with disarming the man, so much as disarming the villain who is causing this entire effect. When she gets out of the house and takes to the sky again, Havok can finally spot her, what with her light being such a draw for attention. "'avok, zee City 'all, last place to check…" and just like that she's already heading there.

When she gets to city hall the doors will of course be locked , but havock might have a harder time since now the cops are angry and he can hear the cars speeding towards him and city hall . They are of the 50's mind set and a bunch of supers who they don't know are invading honest citizen homes it's time to stop em .

Spotting Aurora he'll acknowledge her words adn say, "On my way.". Then, Havok will turn on his heel and start running toward the city hall. (or rather the direction she flew) . Cops be damned.

The man with the shotgun is no bother, even if he does shot at the streak of light he can see, Jeanne-Marie herself would already be far gone. She is not concerned with disarming the man, so much as disarming the villain who is causing this entire effect. When she gets out of the house and takes to the sky again, Havok can finally spot her, what with her light being such a draw for attention. "'avok, zee City 'all, last place to check…" and just like that she's already heading there.

When she gets to city hall the doors will of course be locked , but havock might have a harder time since now the cops are angry and he can hear the cars speeding towards him and city hall . They are of the 50's mind set and a bunch of supers who they don't know are invading honest citizen homes it's time to stop em.

Spotting Aurora he'll acknowledge her words adn say, "On my way.". Then, Havok will turn on his heel and start running toward the city hall. (or rather the direction she flew) . Cops be damned.

Jeanne-Marie stops midway to city hall, seeing how Havok is having trouble, she flies right back towards him and showers the policemen in the area with her calming lights. Sure, it takes the utmost application of this power to break the hold of a telepath as she did with Headlok, but then it could also be a spell. Whatever the case, her power should be sufficient to bring the cops down to a point where they don't have hostility on their minds, and may be more attentive to what Havok has to say, instead of shooting at him. "Everyt'ing is okay, we are only looking for a criminal, we want to keep zee people safe."

The powers work the cops Do calm down thought he chief still seems upset " You got to stop running into peoples homes miss.. your upsetting the people of this town.. and I won't have you and your friend here tearing it up just cause you think you have the right " .

"Dude, seriously. What part of take care of your people don't you understand? We're the good guys looking for a bad guy. Remember, white hats? So to play with your tin star and we're going to head into City Hall where we'll likely find some diabolical mutant overlord giant brain in a jar that's mind controlling all of you while siphoning off psychic energy." Then Havok will turn and start moving toward city hall.

"I did not go into anyone's 'ome, ask zee people, I'm sure zey wair talking about an alien." Jeanne-Marie points out, and indeed, with her calming lights affect it would be easier to note how the people complained about bluring lights, and not a woman. "Maybe you should go investigate, Chief," Jeanne-Marie offers, before landing besides Havok and nodding in the direction of city hall, "let's go, mon ami, we 'ave to see if zee villain is t'ere."

When you open the city hall doors or well break them down.. you will get gasps of surprise inside everybody is wearing toga's and very little else all of the people in here seem to be rather young and good looking,, like all the best looking people in town were brought here and dressed greek style .

"Where's your team, Aurora? Surely they were notified of the situation, right?" Havok asks in an annoyed tone. He's one to blast, not to have to deal with bothersome cops on a day that's already gotten off on the wrong foot.

Breaking through the doors, Havok will step inside and announce his arrival. Instead of saying something heroic like -stand down evil do'er, I've come to stop you!- he states, "It's a Toga Party and I didn't bring my sheet."

"Togas?" Jeanne-Marie looks a fair bit distressed when she and Havok set foot inside city hall, in fact, she seems to be blushing a bit, "t'is is ridiculous, zee people outside zaid I was being indecent! So s'ameful!" Jeanne-Marie tsks in the manner that might remind one of a school teacher as she surveys the sight before her. "Maybe Shaman has zaim working in the Realm of Grait Beasts, so zey are unavailable." Taking another step inside, Jeanne-Marie tries to talk to the people, "is zere anyone in charge 'ere?"

Two of the girls giggle and wave a spar toga " We could put it on you if you like " . Though one well-oiled muscled man walks over " If you want to talk to the mistress you must be presentable " . You might notice they seem to have made a wall of people blocking the way .

"When in Rome." Alex says with a smile as he takes off his already ruined jacket casting it aside.

"Non! Absolutely no!" A furious Jeanne-Marie snaps at the suggestion she will be put in a toga, but she does look aside at Alex who looks much more comfortable with this and spits out, "you go see zees so called mistress, I will wait 'ere, I am not wearing any shameful scandalous clothes! I am no 'arlot!"

The girls giggle and drag him off to the side where they will strip him and oil his body putting him in a toga that will show him off. Then they take his hand " We'll take you to mistress now " .

Havok has a few disconcerting remarks like 'hey!', 'easy with the handsies', 'I'm not that kinda guy.', 'oh, hello to you too.' and so on while being changed into something more comfortable.

Then as he's being paraded off, "I'll get the 411 on the going's on." to Aurora with a slight wave in departure.

Jeanne-Marie doesn't like to be left behind, so tries to see if while the others have their attention on Alex, there's any chance for her to fly up right next to the ceiling and try to sneak on through. But if it's impossible, she'll stay put, as patiently as she can, whilst reciting French verses from the bible.

You can't seem to fly past them though if you stay put some will come by with food and drink offering it to the hero " Are you sure you don't want to change? If you don't want to change can we get you some food or drink? " . For his part havock is brought to a rather lavish room where a plate of food and drink is set down " for while you wait " the girls state.

Havok will avoid eating and drinking anything for fear of poison. Instead he'll pretend while making himself comfortable awaiting the 'mistress'.

Jeanne-Marie gives cold looks to any toga wearer who approaches her, males in particular get scolding looks, "away from me! I want not'ing! I will just wait for my friend," and she continues to recite French verses from the bible aside from that, being very cold and close for any attempts of interaction, refusing to eat or drink anything she's offered.

soft hands and a warm body press into havock , hands sliding over those shoulders " My my Alex have you been working out ? " The husky voice asks " It's been too long how are you doing these days? I'm so glad you came so quickly I must say I wasn't expecting you but it is a pleasant surprise " That voice is VERY familiar .

"Stranger Danger." Alex says as he's being touched from behind without knowing who it is. Then he'll look up and over his shoulder. Immediately recognizing Selene, his eyes will widen and he'll yell, "SELENE!" as he does his best to get clear of her grasp.

Unable to hear Alex's cry of "Selene," Jeanne-Marie doesn't know that there is someone very dangerous involved, and for now still thinks of this as a mystery, and sos he continues to wait patiently for Havok to get back to her. Refusing to don a toga.

Havok backpedals putting as much room between him and Selene as possible. He'll make 15 feet before he raises his arms and will release a plasma blast at the witch. He's not holding back, he's releasing as much power as he can. Enough to level entire buildings. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Selene Is thankful she was in his mind and saw what he was going to do allowing her to move out of the way using her incredible reflex's though normally she doesn't have to use them like that . She growls at havock " THAT WASN"T NICE!!!" even as she says that she forces a Blast of mental power shooting it at Havok trying to return the favor.

Havok is suddenly struck with the brain pain. Instead of his blast being a single bolt, he maintained the plasma stream because he knew how bad his enemy is. However, instead of following her with the plasma stream, the pain causes him to raise his hands and blast upward into the wall and then ceiling above Selene. The massive amounts of energy will destroy the roof above (and if it's a single floor structure it will cause it to begin to collapse. double or triple structure will take more damage but still debris will begin to fall.)

Havok falls back into the wall behind him, the plasma stream is cut as he grabs his head in pain but does not go unconscious, just yet.

Just as Selene sets to attack Havoc, Jeanne-Marie is standing there besides him, appearing in a flash. Jeanne-Marie proceeds to shower Selene with her calming lights, tryig to interfere with whatever power she has working over the people. It's a gamble, Jeanne-Marie really doesn't know a whole lot about Selene, but she hopes maybe the calming light will help her get an answer, "w'at are you doing to zese poor people? W'y? Zey done not'ing to you."

Selene Is about to let that little light show girl know what she's doing is just annoying when the ceiling starts to collapse , She jumps back and opens a door trying to get out of the room before something falls on her trying to get to a more clear room " Hero's this is why I don't like working with them.. don't even care that this wasn't my work " . Of course the door is also open for them to follow long as they don't die from the collapsing room.

With the brain pain fading, Havok grabs Aurora by the waist and says, "We've got to move, NOW!" and will start moving in the opposite direction of the Black Queen and away from the collapsing ceiling.

"But we need answairs, Havok," Jeanne-Marie starts, she was about to react fast and take Havok and fly with him after Selene, but when he touches her to grab a hold of her and carry her away from the room, she just seems to lock from any reaction, staring at him in horror, "you're touching me!"

Selene Of course now the building is starting to fall apart and the people in toga's are milling about aimlessly wondering what's going on not even trying to get away .. Selene for her part moves outside quickly as she can waiting for those pesky hero's she'd much rather leave but she's got no choice in this matter she has to tell them "

If there's not an exit, Havok will make one.

While carrying Jeanne-Marie over his shoulder and away from the rubble, Havok will answer, "No, we don't need answers. We need backup. That's the Black Queen back there. She'll brain zot us both and then drain the life out of us. There's no way either of us are defeating her."

He moves to touch the com badge of his uniform then realizes he's not wearing his uniform. He mutters profanities.

"We need answairs, w'y do Americans always t'ink of fighting first…," Jeanne-Marie sounds a bit annoyed, obviously feeling the right course of action would have been to set after Selene rathe than allow her to escape should she wish to. "S'e can vairy well try, but zis is no easy task, 'avok! I am Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, and I 'ave god on my side."

When they exit the building of course the cops are all still there trying to get people out as the building starts to collapse. But for the hero's they can see it's written in glowing flaming letters right across the buildings in front of city hall < BELASCO Has Returned > .

Havok moves them both a safe distance while listening to JM ramble on about some god being on her side. Reaching a point he will lean forward and set her feet first onto the ground, "So that god of yours, is he going to do anything about Belasco?" and then points over to the rock as an indication of his statement.

"T'ank you for finally un'anding me, you brute!" Jeanne-Marie responds as Havok sets her on her feet, following up with a slight smack to his shoulder, before her eyes veer towards the written warning, "demons cowair before god!" Seems like Jeanne-Marie is either determined enough or crazy enough to actually try and confront Belasco with just that faith of hers. "Zee demon will let zese people go."

Selene Watches from afar now already on her way away from the location " Let's hope they take the warning if not " she looks over " This town was fun I must admit belasco does good work " .

After being smacked and offering a grin, Havok starts to scan around the area and notes. "Your government needs to send a clean up crew to get this place back on track."

"Looks like we drove Selene off. You have a magic user on your team, right?"

"Shaman, Talisman, per'aps Snowbird, I will notify Department H," Jeanne-Marie states, taking once more to the air, generating a brilliant glow of heavenly-seeming light as she asserts, "zis land is protected by god, demon, you will not 'arm it or its people, know zat!" Yes, Jeanne-Marie isn't very subtle at all. On the positive side, she'll at least appear like an angelic messenger, hidden from sight and appearing like a glowing white aura, so at least some believers may be strengthened by the sight.

After the issue with the team and government is worked out, Alex asks, "Hey so would it be possible for you to give me a lift back to my place?" in an upbeat tone with a half smile.

With all the official matters handled, Jeanne-Marie turns to Havok, for a moment looking confused before she realizes she actually brought him with her from the States, "mais oui, you would like to go back 'ome, non?" She smiles faintly, "don't worry, I go much slower zis time around, it won't 'urt at all," she says and reaches to grab a hold of Alex, taking to the air, and true to her word, while she does fly fast to make it a shorter flight than it needs to be, she goes much slower than the first time around. This time, Alex can actually enjoy the view from above, and the forces at work aren't as punishing.

In mid flight, after he's appreciated the views for a while and enjoyed the proximity to a beautiful woman, Alex finally states, "So seriously, tell me what's going on with the accent. Last week you didn't have one. Do you have a twin sister that I need to know about?"

"I always 'ad zee accent, I didn't lairn English until much later in school, it's a bit 'arder for me compared to zee French." Jeanne-Marie explains, not sounding too pleased to have to explain her accent, but as they are in a flight back to the US, there's sometime and she may as well answer. "Last week?" That part seems to make her even more displeased, "we nevair met last week, 'avok."

Prior to her final statement, Havok was thinking that he must have been drunk or something so he's having false memories about her accent. He was about to bring up the part about her standing him up when she denies ever meeting him. In reply, he states, "Then you've got a twin sister. Or a doppelganger that's pretending to be you…. wouldn't be the first time I was tricked like that."

"Ugh," Jeanne-Marie spits out a sound of disgust, realizing now what happened, as she explains to Havok in the most blunt of terms, "you did not meet wit' me, 'avok, you met the 'arlot, Aurora, I 'ope she didn't embarrass 'erself too badly. She is quite shamless zee trollop."

"Oh damn. Then there is two of you." Alex states in an apologetic tone. "I had no idea and didn't mean to take you for her. But don't worry, she didn't embarrass herself. She was actually nice." - And he still doesn't know that they're the same person, he's assuming that they're twins.

"Only one of me! Aurora, zat accursed imp is not me! I 'ate 'er!" Jeanne-Marie groans, obviously having not an ounce of affection to that other woman who looks so much like her. "Feh, Aurora acting nice, now zat's a far fetched tale if I evair 'eard one. Was she evain dressed or did she not evain bothair?"

Thinking that they're estranged sisters, Alex continues along the same thread of trying to make it sound nicer than what it could have been - even though the ordeal never truly played out and is completely innocent. "Actually, she was in costume."

"Costume?" Jeanne-Marie frowns, "no doubt borrowing mine and making it dirty wit' all the filth and smoke, and alco'ol she 'angs around, zat 'arlot, if I could make 'er go away I would!"

Realizing that changing the subject would be a good idea, considering how high they are and that he could be dropped at any moment if she goes into a fit of rage, Alex says, "Hey so, tell me about you."

"Moi? I grew up in a Catholic school, I was a teacher and a nun, and now I use the powers god gave me to 'elp protect Canada wit' Alpha Flight." Pausing for a moment, Jeanne-Marie proceeds with, "you probably t'ink I am boring, you will probably like my twin brozair bettair, 'e is 3 time Olympic Gold Medal winner, Jean-Paul Beaubier."

Alex listens quietly, attentive (not like captive audience attentive). When she gets to the twin brother part Alex smiles and denies, "Oh no. I'm not into guys regardless of their olympic stats. Plus, you're much prettier… but I'm not sure I'm allowed to say that cause of the whole nun thing. Right?"

"Beauty is but a passing t'ing, it 'as no virtue in zee eyes of god. If anyt'ing, it promotes sin, but I can accept a well intended compliment, 'avok, t'ank you." Jeanne-Marie, as can be expected, has nothing to say of Alex's physique, no matter how attentive Aurora seemed to it when she met with the X-Men.

It's also good to keep the jesus freaks calm when they're carrying you several hundred feet off the ground. They might be inclined to drop you for being a heathen and let the devil have ya.

Alex smiles, realizing that he should avoid the compliment stuff and says, "Hey, I can see my house from up here."

"You probably can, 'avok," Jeanne-Marie quips matter-of-factly, her humor apparently not quite as well developed as Havok's. She'll answer if he has anymore questions, but if not, she'll soon lower him into the ground of the X-Mansion, "t'ank you for 'elping in Canada, I appreciate it."

Touching down, Alex is glad to have his feet back on solid ground. In return, he notes, "Glad I could help. Make sure you keep your Shaman guy on high alert. The Black Queen is seriously dangerous."

"I t'ink she was sincerely trying to draw our attention to zat Belasco demon, I will 'ave words wit' shaman. If you see Aurora again, just stay away from 'er, she's a bad girl, being wit' 'er is like being wit' sin, a bientot, 'avok." With that parting, Jeanne-Marie is taking to the air again, this time zooming faster than on the way to the X-Mansion.

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