2011 09 27 News Juggernaut Captured

Tuesday Afternoon, Daily Bugle News

The Wall Crawler was able to foil and capture the diabolical Juggernaut during a midtown rumble around Noon Tuesday.

Witnesses suggest that the Juggernaut was going after an armored car when Spider-Man showed up on the scene and taunted the villain. In the course of the battle, the web slinger was able to lure the Juggernaut off a 3rd floor structure into one of the hero's webs. This then suspended the villain in a stretchy trap and prevented him from gaining traction enough to escape. The local Mandroid units of Precinct 56 arrived on the scene and were able to secure the Juggernaut in an anti-grav bubble. They then shipped him to an unrevealed location for processing and it's expected that the villain will be transferred to the Vault as soon as possible.

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