2011 09 26 News Trouble In El Barrio

Monday Evening, El Barrio (Spanish Harlem). Fire and Rescue crews were summoned out to a 3 alarm fire to the 145th block of Rosemont where they discovered that the abandoned Peterson building was ablaze. The cause of the blaze was a super battle between two mutants. The first identified as X-Factor leader, Havok, the second was identified as the mutant terrorist known as Sabretooth.

During the battle, a third mutant arrived. Known as Aurora, the heroine is a member of the Canadian team Alpha Flight. She rendered assistance and eventually the terrorist was routed from the scene during a catastrophic collapse of the building allegedly caused by the heroic team-up.

Fire officials note that there will be an investigation to the nature of the blaze and collapse of the building.

Assistant District Attorney, David Kassidy had this to say, "Our city is overrun by mutants and metahumans. It's horrific situations like these that we need to put a stop to. We were lucky today in that the Peterson Building was vacant. Who knows how many could have died had the building been occupied. An investigation is underway. If it is discovered that the mutants (heroes or terrorists) are responsible for the fire and subsequent total destruction of the building then the city will file charges against the parties responsible."

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