2011 09 26 Hypnotic Accent

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Hypnotic Accent?

Aurora & Havok

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Havok and Sabretooth fight, Aurora shows up and saves the day.


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Evening. Police, fire and rescue have been summoned to the 145th block of Rosemont at the old and abandoned Peterson building. The 8 level structure itself is ablaze. Witnesses reported that there were two mutants inside having some super battle. One witness told police that one of the mutants was Havok from the X-Factor team and the person he was fighting was some huge feral guy with yellow fur.

Fire and rescue have begin hosing down the building's burning floors (5 of 8 are fully ablaze) while the remaining 3 floors (2nd, 3rd, and 7th) will be consumed in time. Police have roped off the area and are keeping onlookers back. News crews are arriving and starting their yellow journalism.

Every now and again, there's a roar (not the sound of rending metal) that's heard over the ambient sounds. Other sounds like FOOOOM and explosive sounds are also emitted from the building. It's expected that the battle rages on within one of the upper floors of the building.

Jeanne-Marie arrives on scene, dressed in her Alpha Flight costume, looking alarmed at the fire, she tries to fly quickly around the building to see if the gusts of wind she can generate may stem off the flames a bit, as she does she shouts at the fire department forces below, "do you have some large containers of water I can take to the building?" The fight isn't a chief concern of hers at the moment, hearing Havok of the X-Men is dealing with whatever villain is about. Her primary concern is to minimize damage.

Various buildings in the area have their own water containment devices. They sit atop the structure and at least prior to 1975 they were actually functional. Some still serve purposes and are operational while others are derelict and devoid of water.

A director type fire chief points to one of the other buildings, "You could try one or two of those… if you can carry them." They contain 10,000 gallons of water and weigh around 88,000lbs (44 tons).

Another FOOM followed by an explosion is heard and then one of the walls of the 7th floor has a hole blasted in it. Debris is cast down into the street below. Luckily no one was in the way.

"Don't worry, C'ief, I'm fast ainough to manage…t'anks for zee tip," Jeanne-Marie answers before disappearing from sight into a blurry white streak that zooms about the sky, flying swiftly to collect a water container from a nearby building, and then crashing it onto the burning building to stave off the flames, repeating the process by directly zooming towards the next water container, allowing Havok to take care of whatever must be the cause for these fires. "I try to 'urry as baist I can."

Minutes later the battle still goes on inside and the building has become weakened by the pounding of water containers and the heat of the fire suddenly becoming cooled.

Another explosion rocks from inside and then someone is blasted out of the building. Falling backwards, the large individual is slammed into the side of a fire engine.

The individual wears a yellow and brown costume. His shoulders are adorned with a furry mane of yellow that blends in with the hair from his head. His feet and hands bare deadly claws. His costume has many burn and tear marks and even blasted away upon his chest. The fur/skin of his chest is quickly regenerating and he roars his anger as he pushes himself off the firetruck. Aurora will likely recognize the individual as Sabretooth.

As Jeanne-Marie continues her efforts to bring more water to pour down in massive quantites down the burning buildings, she catches sight of the individual thrown out against the fire truck outside. There's no doubt in her mind that Sabretooth is behind this, the man is absolutely foul in every sense of the word. Without questions, or stopping to check who did what and when, she drops one water container at the roof of a burning building and proceeds to direct concussive light blasts down at Sabretooth, "begone, villain!" She demands, as if Sabretooth ever been impressed with such statements in the past.

Sabes hears the call for retreat and his dark eyes peer upwards to the origin of the voice - he smiles. Fangs are revealed, he snarls and then starts moving along the ground level, leaping from vehicle to vehicle, to nearby structure and gaining altitude.

It's unlikely insurance will pay for class marks in the body of motorvehicles.

Meanwhile, Havok has moved to the edge of the burning building's 7th floor. Above and below him flames still lick outward from nearby windows. The rending of metal is heard on the opposite side of the building, it's doomed to collapse.

"I zaid, begone!!" Jeanne-Marie shouts as assertively as she can, now using both her hands to keep projecting concussive blasts at Sabretooth, increasing their intensity in her attempt to really hurt the fearsome villain. The closer he gets to her position, the higher she rises in the air. Then she spots Havok at the edge of the building, and calls at him, "w'at are you waiting for!? 'it 'im!" If Havok even realizes it is Aurora who is there with him, he may find it puzzling she now seems to have a thick French Canadian accent, whereas the last time he met her, she spoke English flawlessly.

Havok will begin to blast, but he quickly realizes that things are going bad on his end.

Behind him the far end of the building collapses - and like a wave rushing toward him, the entire building starts folding in on itself.

Havok doesn't have any other choice but to jump.

Sabretooth moves quickly and defensively enough to avoid the pulse blasts from the Alphan. Yet he leaps from structure to structure and climbs aggressively as he yells, "Girl, you best fly back to Canada, because I'm about to take you down."

In a split second, Jeanne-Marie spots Havok and flies down to catch him, managing to do it at about the time he leaps off the collapsing building, "I'll take you ta a good vantage, kaip 'ittin' 'im!" Intend to use Havok as a turret, Jeanne-Marie proceeds to circle around until Sabretooth has no building to use to get to her, holding Havok so he can aim his energy blasts at Sabretooth, "Jeanne-Marie does not flee from evil, Sabretooth, you will soon lairn zat!"

Caught, Havok takes a second to realize before saying, "If you think saving my bacon is gonna make up for standing me up, you got another thing coming."

His words are directed to Aurora, yet his eyes and focus are on Sabretooth. One hand held outward, he waits to get a good shot.

That's when Sabes leaps through the air toward the flying duo yelling, "Not likely, sweetcheeks!"

Havok releases the blast - FOOOOOOOOOOOM - Sabes is blasted back into the burning building. The building completes its collapse, trapping Sabes unseen beneath all the rubble.

"Staning you up?" Jeanne-Marie sounds extremely confused, before she spits back, "don't talk nonsense and jus' focus on 'ittin' zee villain! Crazy American!" Then Havok strikes true while Jeanne-Marie steadies him before the leaping Sabretooth, giving him a perfect shot which he delivers upon, to her credit she didn't flinch while Sabretooth was heading towards them. "Greve! Tres fantastiques, 'avok!"

Havok answers while he surveys the building. "He may be down, but he's not out. Sabes regenerates. Either he'll try to slaughter us in the next few seconds or he's realized that it's not a fight he wants to continue and he's gone to ground. In this case, underground."

"I move bettair in zee air, you want to go down and look fer 'im? I can give covair from above…," Jeanne-Marie offers as she flies down a bit lower, still holding to Havok, prepared to either throw him at an oncoming Sabretooth, blast him with concussive light, or make evasive maneuver, there's no telling what she may decide to do, but she's alert.

Havok's costume is torn, cut, burnt, and he himself is looking worse for wear. "Yeah, sit me down over there." He indicates with an outstretched finger.

In the descent, as the fire crews continue to assault the burning rubble, Havok asks on a more personal tone, "So what's the deal? Now that we're in public you're trying to maintain some alter ego with the accent. I mean seriously, neither of us wear face masks. Surely you're aware that the world knows who you are in and out of costume… unless that accent is like hypnotic glasses or hypnotic ties."

"You got it!" Jeanne-Marie lowers Havok to the indicates spot, prepared to blind any assailant if need be with direct light projection to the eyes. At his question she looks and sounds confused, "w'at is wit' you Americans? Can you spaik Frainch wit'out zee accent? So w'y care if I got an accent, zat is rude!" She doesn't say anything to the comment about maintaining secret identity.

Havok is confused, but duty comes before personal matters. Once set on the ground he starts moving toward the building. There's truly only so far he can approach considering the level of debris and various spot fires involved. Yet, after a few moments of scanning there's no sign of Sabretooth and it's safely assumed that the threat has subsided.

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