2011 09 24 Some Things Don't Change

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Some things don't change.

Monet and Havok

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Patio, Xavier Mansion

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Monet shows up after being gone for 9 months


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The back patio is quiet in the morning hours. The water is still cool from the evening before. Next to one of the patio chairs, upon the ground, is a small black cell phone. It vibrates in short bursts then goes quiet. Then vibrates in another series of short bursts, then quiet again.

Emerging from the mansion is one Alex Summers dressed in sneakers, jeans, a black t-shirt. He holds a mobil phone (standard land line) and hits the redial button. A second or two passes and the small black cell phone begins to vibrate once again. His ears triangulate the origin and his eyes follow, "Son of a bitch." he mutters as he starts walking over toward the phone, obviously his.

Monet gets off the phone, letting her father know she's still alive and okay. "Well, that's done. Wonder who's here now." she say as she flies over to the mansion. Spying Alex from above on the phone, she quietly lands behind him. "Hi Alex." she says simply, arms crosses casually.

Just after snatching up his cell phone from the ground, Alex is interrupted by a slightly familiar voice, but is still caught off guard. He turns to address the person and identify the source, "Monet?" he asks in a queryful and slightly confused tone.

Monet is 20 now, but still has that same 'I'm perfect' demeanor to her. "Yes… I'm back. Was stuck in an alternate reality for about 4 years. Funny thing, apparently I'm extraordinary no matter what reality I'm stuck in. Not that I'm surprised. Illyana told me most of the team is now here." She looks around. "So… what, everyone's an X-man now?"

"Damn, yeah look at you. We wondered what happened. You were supposed to be gone for just a 3 hour tour. Next thing we know you're hanging out with the Skipper and Gilligan." Alex makes light of her departure and its untimely length while taking a seat.

"Illyana got it wrong. It's just Rahne and myself and we're not X-Men. I don't know what she's planning, but I was thinking about getting the band back together."

Monet puts her hands on her hips. "Well, Illyana's still looking for that amulet that caused us to be stuck on another Earth for all this time, but as you can see, I'm unscathed from the experience. So… what has been happening with you?"

"Hang on, you said 4 years? It's only been…" Alex counts the months in his head, "…9 months. Time must have flown there. Or something." he reflects disregarding the question as he tried to wrap his head around the temporal sliding time scale.

Monet peers at Alex. "Time's relative between different dimensions. Please don't make me to explain quantum universal theory - it's iritating to have to simplify for others." Yep, typical Monet. "I'm assuming, though, that the difference in speed of time was based on gravitational differences between universes, rather than velocity or muon life cycles. Anyway, as I was asking and before you got confused…. what has been happening with you?"

There's no doubt in his mind that she's Monet now. Alex grins, "That never gets old with you does it?" he says with a grin. More of a rhetorical question about her arrogance and he moves on to answer her question, "Nothing's been going on.. well aside from the same ole same ole. Here in the illustrious Xavier Mansion, one gets up at the butt crack of dawn and trains in the danger room until something comes up."

Monet nods a bit. "Well we can't all be naturals. Some people need practice. But if you're not an X-man, what are you and Rahne doing here?" She looks around. "It's quite nice, of course. Are you a student here then?"

Alex grins reflecting back to the past, "Student? Oh those days are long gone. I finished my PhD last spring. This place may be a school, but it's not seen students in over a year, maybe two. When ever the new mutants left… Seems so long ago. But, I'm here because I used to be an X-man and Rahne used to be a New Mutant. This is our team 'alma-mater'."

Monet suppresses a laugh. "You have a PhD… really?" She pauses. "Oh, you're serious about that. Interesting! What did you get your PhD in?" She looks around again. "No students. I'm guessing Professor Xavier still runs this place though?"

"Geophysics." Alex answers and instead of answering Monet's question about Xavier, he asks, "You're still impatient, that's for sure."

Monet shrugs. "It's easy to be impatient when one operates at my level." She sits in midair. "Geophysics. I'm actually impressed with you, Alex. Then again, you've always been capable enough."

Did she just compliment someone else, other than herself?

Alex doesn't see it as a compliment more than a back handed compliment, "And that didn't change either. I'm thinking the only thing that did change is your cup size."

He rises and grabs his phone from the tabletop.

Monet smirks. "Very mature, Alex. Seriously speaking though, where can I find the other members of the team? Trying to figure out my place now that I'm back here. I had actually made something of a life for myself in that alternate reality."

"No idea." Alex answers truthfully in an uncaring tone. "Things happened, we went our separate ways." and with that statement he's dodgy, "We've got plenty of room here, the professor wants to meet you anyway. I'm sure he'll help you out with direction. He's good like that."

Monet nods. "Well I did let my father know I'm back. He was concerned, of course, so that was my first priority." She smiles. "So - going to tell me what happened with X-Factor to make everyone go their separate ways so I don't have to read your mind?" She looks around some more. "I leave, everything falls apart.."

"Oh yeah, it was all about you." Alex says as he walks toward the mansion entrance, grabs the door and heads in, "Come on, I'll take you to the professor."

Alex's mind is presently occupied with other thoughts, or rather, thoughts from another person (Xavier).

Monet gets back to her feet and follows Alex in, hands neatly behind her back.

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