2011 09 23 Something Wicked Part 5

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Monet's Back

Monet and Magik

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Earth 982, Limbo, Xavier Mansion

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Illyana finds a way to get Monet home.


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In a flash of light, Illyana Rasputin (AKA: Magik) appears in the living area of Monet's domicile. She wears her form fitting red and black super suit that covers her legs and torso with a matching black leather jacket. Her feet are covered in leather boots and she appears as the young woman - not the demon tainted harpy that is often seen when she becomes angry.

"Monet!?!" is called out in a tone of excitement. Her eyes glance around the room looking for her friend and otherworld companion. "I've done it!" is added in her commentary. What she's done is left up for explanation.

Monet's not exactly surprised at Magik's unexpected arrival - or maybe a bit preoccupied, sitting in a chair and leaning back. "Torque and I just broke up. Irreconcilable differences." She looks over at Illyana. "What have you done?" she asks curiously. "I'm not - okay, actually I am psychic, but tell me anyway."

Illyana was ablaze with excitement until she hears the remark about Torque. "Never mind, that can wait." she hanwaves away the news about her doing something. She starts moving over toward Monet and will take a seat on the arm of the chair. In a softer more caring voice, she asks, "You okay?"

Monet shrugs a bit. "He wanted our relationship to go further. I just didn't think of it like that." She sighs. "Still, he was rather nice. Not bad to look at, attentive, pretty much worshipped me. Then again what's not to worship but still… I keep thinking eventually we'd get back to our Earth, you know? Then what would I do if in something more committed than a casual thing?" She looks at you and smiles. "It's okay, no need to worry about me. Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix is not the sort that has to want for companionship, after all. Still, I feel like I'm in limbo. Pardon the pun."

Illyana is reminded of her original story. No, she doesn't have ADHD, or she'll deny it till her dying days. Further, realizing that Monet is already over Torque, Illyana moves back to the original statement, "Oh My God, guess what." she says with a growing smile. "There's no way you're going to guess it."

Magik's mind has always been obscured by demonic mental shields, things that not even Professor Xavier could crack. She knows that Monet cannot read anything but her facial expressions and her body language. Which says pretty much that she's got the best news ever.

Monet peers at Magik. "Are you really wanting me to guess? You seem to want to blurt it out anyway Illyana." she says, smiling. "Just go ahead and tell me the good news."

"I found home." Illyana says unable to contain herself, "We're going home. We're totally going home. Get your stuff."

Illyana bounds off the chair and seems to dance around in a circle of glee.

Monet blinks. Okay Monet's surprised at that. Not that she'd ever admit to being surprised - it would imply she wasnt able to figure it out. Nevertheless, she asks. "You found home. As in you figured out how to return us to our Earth?" she says, standing up.

"It's a stepping disk away. Get what you want to take. We're totally going back." Illyana states with half giggles behind her happy dance.

Monet wants to do the happy dance too, but … no, not dignified. She pauses, looking over at the phone, then decides against calling Torque. Or even Argo or May. Better that it just be a clean break. "Let me just write a letter and get one or two things, and I'll be ready to go." she says, heading over to a desk and taking out a pen and paper as she writes a note. She then folds it up and pats it, leaving it on the desk, then heads into the bedroom and takes two books, a DVD, and a scrapbook. Then does a happy jump and a fist pump in the air, before composing herself and heading out of the bedroom again, books and DVD in her hand. "Okay, everything else is just so much fluff, so I'm ready whenever you are."

Half way through the 'ready when you are' statement Illyana will already have a stepping disk forming beneath their feet. Suddenly Limbo is their midway point. Illyana pauses here, her eyes emit a mystical flame, and then she says, "It may be a little bumpy."

All around the flowers look at the two girls, demon faces within the petals grin and sneer. S'ym is seen chopping down demon trees in the distance, perhaps atonement for some infraction against the demon queen of Limbo.

Another stepping disk forms beneath their feet and rises up over their bodies depositing them with the Memorial Garden of the Xavier Mansion.

Monet gets onto the stepping disc. "I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to hearing Alex's inane prattling again." she says, smiling, her hand on your shoulder as she looks around.

Illyana's tone goes solemn as she looks around and takes note of Doug Ramsey's gravestone, "I forgot how much I hated this place."

Monet looks around. "Er… Illyana?" She pauses. "This is not DC." She looks at Magik. "You're my friend, and I'm very close to hitting you, so please explain. Are we back or did something else go wrong?"

Illyana looks through the trees toward the Xavier Mansion, she points in a quieter voice, one that's no longer thrilled to be here, "I spoke to Rahne the other day, she says that what's left of your team is here."

Monet looks at the mansion. "They're X-Men now?" She looks back at you again. "Four years, somehow I did not expect that to happen though. So… what are you going to do now that we're back?" she asks, looking back at the mansion again.
Illyana moves toward the gravestone that reads Douglas Ramsey. She looks over it and sighs. Her body language reports that she's becoming more introspective than extroverted as she was 5 minutes ago. "I have to complete my quest." Illyana says quietly, more to herself than to Monet.

Monet says, "Myself…? I'm going to call my father to let him know his daughter's still alive, then I'm going to try to visit my teammates. In that order." She looks at the gravestone that you look at. "Although I could be persuaded to help a friend with a certain quest, after letting my father know that I'm back." She looks at Illyana. "Friend of yours?""

Illyana glances back to Monet, her face reveals that she's saddened by recent events that haven't fully been shared with Monet. "I've got to go." she says quietly and then a teleport disk swallows her and disappears in a flash.

A quiet autumn breeze blows through the trees and the mansion looms off in the distance upon a hillside.

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