2011 09 20 Kitchen Encounters

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Kitchen Encounters

American Dream & Wonder Man

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Kitchen, Avengers Mansion

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Simon encounters Shannon within the kitchen. They talk about her displacement in time and space.


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The kitchen seems quiet. American Dream, dressed in uniform, sits at the breakfast nook. She's nibbling, occasionally, on a muffin but her focus is absorbed almost entirely by the tablet computer sitting on the table. Her eyes are locked on the screen. Occasionally, she slides her finger over that screen to turn the page but, beyond that, she doesn't move.

Wonder Man, aka Simon Williams, enters the room with direction in mind. However that direction is shattered when he notices the youth at the table. Yesterday's adventure left little time for him to talk to her as he was distracted helping other beautiful women and Dane sort of got in the way.

So when he enters the room and notices the girl, he slows and tries to act casual with a simple, "Oh, hey." in greeting while slowing his pace and moving toward the pantry.

"Hmm?" American Dream jerks her head up, caught off guard. She had been absorbed in her reading, apparently. "Oh… hello, Mr. Williams. I hope you're having a good morning." In her mind, she's going through what she knows of Simon Williams. Not all of it is pleasant. Another Avenger who died in the line of duty, on her world.

"Mr Williams was my dad. Please, call me Simon." he says with a glance over his shoulder with a smile, "Especially since we're going to be living together. Speaking of names." He says starting anew, "What's yours?" is asked as he decided to abort his going into the pantry and addressing her square on with his body turning to face her and he'll move to take a seat across from her at the table.

"My codename is American Dream." The tall blonde woman explains. "My real name is Shannon Carter." She pushes the tablet aside, for the moment. "Thanks for helping to rescue us. It was… a situation. Graviton was sort of a moron but he planned out things well when he actually sat down and thought."

"That's what we do, Shannon Carter." Simon states in regards to the whole saving thing. Then he realizes something, "Hang on, Carter, as in you're related to Sharon Carter, by chance?"

"Not the one you might know." Shannon says, quickly. "On my world, she's my aunt. Was my aunt. She… there's a lot that's different here. Both worlds are the same year and, culturally and technologically seem mostly the same but its as if we're fifteen years in your future in some ways."

There's a quizical look on his face, but it passes while she unfolds the story not only in her mind but also verbally. It's more over his head than he'd want to admit and leaves it at, "Cool. Well hey, we're gonna have a welcome back barbeque today. If you're interested you're welcome to join us."

"Oh. Thank you. I might. I'm reading. Trying to sort of what's the same and different." Shannon explains as she picks up and waggles the tablet. "I want to be sure I don't reveal something I shouldn't or… well… it can be a bit confusing."

Sliding out of the chair to stand, Simon smiles, "Pym's tried to explain that stuff before. Problem is, he says, is that the moment someone comes back is when everything changes. So I don't think you've got anything to worry about."

"Cl… my sensei said sort of the same thing." American Dream offers, "Still, studying up is a good idea. From what I understand, Captain American did the same thing when he was woken up from his long sleep."

Moving back to the pantry, then inside, Simon replies, "I really hope to avoid the whole time paradox thing myself. I don't want my brain to break."

"I don't think there will be one. It is pretty obvious this isn't my world, future, past, or present." American Dream explains. "So… we should be alright. I just don't want to make an assumption that, just because something is LIKE an event from my history that it will turn out as I learned it."

He pauses a moment, then sticks his head out of the pantry, "Hey, so will I get an Emmy for my performance in Meteor Storm 2?". It's asked in an excited tone, but he's wearing a smile of 'yeah right'.

"The Academy tends to ignore action movies." American Dream points out. "No matter how good your performance was. Sorry." She smiles sympathetically.

His smile drops, "Awe man." is stated as he goes back into the pantry. "I totally owned the part of Jace Starhawk, Intergalactic Space Captain on a mission to save the solar system from sentient meteors. Seems like I'll get a nomination, at least." Seconds later he emerges with two bags of charcoal and some lighter fluid.

"Its a tragedy." American Dream agrees, "After all, it isn't like stuff like that could happen in real life. Sentient meteors could never exist out there." She smiles.

Simon pauses a moment in the doorway of the pantry into kitchen, he starts to say something then changes his mind and starts walking toward the patio door. Then with a nice change fo subject to the BBQ in question, "I'd give it two hours or more. Hawkeye is getting slow in his old age."

American Dream's expression changes at that. "I… yeah. Well. I'll give it a few hours." She says. "I should get back to studying. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Williams." She picks up her tablet and muffin and escapes out the door.

Simon bumps through the door to exit the kitchen leaving her to her tablet and studies.

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