2011 09 19 Graviton Defeated

Log Title:
Graviton Defeated

Captain America, Black Knight, Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man, Hercules, Ares, Wonder Man, Vision, Mockingbird, American Dream, Wasp & Graviton

IC Date:
Sep 18, 2011

Graviton's Sky Island

Brief log summary::
The Avengers take down Graviton.


There is no TS in this log::

The alarm is sounded, the call goes out to all active Avengers via their Avengers ID Card that indicates "Avengers Assemble!" issued by none other than reserve member Captain America.

Upon arrival at the Avengers Mansion, everyone convenes in the War Room where the briefing is taking place. Iron Man and Pym have discovered the location of Graviton using their gravimetric detectors. He is located above Northern Alaska on some floating land mass.

People load up in the Quinjet and under Cap's direction are flown as quickly as possible to save the hostages and defeat Graviton.

Those assembled are: (NPC) Thor, Iron Man, Hercules, Black Knight, Pym, (PC) Captain America, Wonder Man, Vision, Ares (who Wonder Man summoned).

Thor and Iron Man fly alongside the Quinjet and often ahead.

The Sky Island comes into view, it's immediately detected that there is a graviton force field around it. With significant assault (Thor, Herc, Iron Man, Quinjet Pulse Laser, and the Black Knight's Ebony Blade, the Force Field is disrupted enough to allow people in, then closes behind them.

The Sky Island (see room description) is quite vast and the Quinjet is set down on a rolling field of green. Everyone (NPCs) disembarks and Cap notes, "We're going to do this by the numbers, as always, hit him hard, fast and in unison with others, otherwise we'll never get through his force field. Also, stay wide, do not draw too close to one another as he has area attacks that can level mountains. Now Move!" and Cap himself will raise his mighty shield and start running toward the palace that's approximately a mile away.

Emerging from the Quinjet a handful of moments after Captain America, Ares steps down the ramp and gives the place a once-over glance. For the first time in a long while he gets a hearty wild smile upon his features. He's not here for justice, or for any affection or camaraderie with the prisoners. He's here for the mayhem.

Shadow flickers to life around him, solidifying forms of darkness that slice through the air and flicker into the strong form of blackened ancient armor that clings to his form, obscuring his features, casting him in the image of a creature from shadow. Blood seeps from the joints of the armor even as a great axe curves itself to existence out of the darkness.

"I've needed this." That having been said he breaks into a run with Captain America.

Under the direction of Cap, Wonder Man leaps into the sky saying, "Gotcha boss." and will spread out to the left. He will put approximately 50 yards between himself and Cap yet not pass or move ahead.

The Ghostly Vision has remained quiet and stoic throughout everything. When the Avengers were called to Assemble, the Stalwart Synthezoid remained quiet and listened to the briefing. On the way to Sky Island, the Vision remained quiet and contemplative… maybe even standoffish.

When given the command by Cap to move, Vizh does just that. He alters the molecular structure of his body and floats upwards strait through the restraining straps of the seat he was in and through the upper hull of the Quinjet. Once outside, he follows above Cap on their way towards the palace.

Sensing that his force field had been breached, Graviton will pull himself away from his chess game and emerge from the palace. Knowing that it's the Avengers that have finally caught up with him he's been looking forward to the battle that lays ahead. Looking forward to once again defeating the menace that has plagued him for many years.

Various klaxons will be heard through the palace, the guards will secure various areas and will be occupied with protecting the location.

Flying over the wall that surrounds his palace, Graviton spies the approaching heroes and smiles. His intent is to let them close the mile distance while taking them out as many as a time as possible.

Captain America rushes forward.

Iron Man goes right.

Thor goes high and above.

Hercules barrels ahead, yelling something about this battle being most glorious and how no villain will defeat the Lion of Olympus.

Pym grows into Giant Man and will intentionally hang back allowing some distance.

Black Knight will jump on his pegasus (whose name I've forgotten) and flappity flap around in a wide right circle intent on flanking.

As for Ares he barrels ahead some distance to the side as he moves, yet in time with Captain America. The man leads, and the God of War has enough respect for him that he will not supersede. As he sees the guards in the distance, his mouth drops open in a wide grin, the axe positively wails with a voice of agony as he lashes it to the side in preparation.

Seeing the excitement of Hercules, Wonder Man will pick up the pace and pull ahead of Captain America. One mile will go quickly under the power of his flight, but he intends not to get there so much before anyone else - instead he's moving to give back-up to Hercules in case there's initial trouble. He calls over the comlink directly to Hercules, "Hey Herc, save some for the rest of us and don't get too far ahead."

The Ghostly, inhuman Vision continues to fly a dozen or so feet up off the ground above Captain America. His arms are set to his side and his gaze is directed in front of him. The Synthezoid's eyes glow as scanning suites go through various spectrums to identify any and all threats that lay ahead of them. The Vision is a stark contrast to the enthusiasm of many of his fellow Avengers.

Graviton floats approximately 100 feet off the ground just above and in front of his palace wall by several yards. His arms are crossed over his chest, cape flutters in the wind, and he wears a smile on his face. He eyes Hercules as he rushes forward. His right hand covers his left bicep, an index finger raises as he says, "Ah, the first challenge of the day." and will compound Hercules with massive gravitational force, enough to stop him in his tracks. The 'Lion of Olympus' will be immobilized, practically frozen in mid run.

In addition, Graviton will put up a force field around himself.

Captain America sees the sudden freezing of Hercules and will move wide to Hercules' right yet say, "This is where we make our stand! Avengers, Attack!" and he will throw his Mighty Shield toward Graviton.

Iron Man breaks a hard right and up firing his repulsors.

Thor has been spinning his hammer and then lets it free.

The Black Knight has flanked Graviton and will draw in from the rear and attack with his Ebony Blade.

Giant Man is working on some technical device that's mounted on his left wrist.

Hercules is frozen, his mace is clutched tightly within his fist and he struggles to get free of the gravitation - in vain.

"Don't worry little brother, we shall cover for you." Bold words offered by Ares even as he lets loose with a wild bark of a lap that echoes with ethereal reverberations. He leaps forwards, landing heavily some distance to the side of Graviton. His off hand lashes out to the side, as a long thin spear flickers into reality and wreathed in shadow. His powerful arm draws back and then lashes forwards as he sends the Hephaestus-forged weapon flying straight and true at the villain.

Wonder Man hears the attack command and will zoom ahead, drawing back and will simultaneously attack Graviton's force field in unison with all the other attacks. His own battle cry, "Let's take this jerk down!"

The Vision notes the sudden freezing of Hercules. His sight zooms in on the hovering Graviton, he rears upwards and stops his forward progression. He floats there in midair for a moment to best calculate his own method of attack. As the others start trying to chip away at the villain's forcefield, Vision, too, makes his effort against it. The jewel on Vizh's forehead flares to life, glowing bright red. A beam of solar energy lances out from his forehead intent on striking at Graviton's defenses.

Within the palace, the klaxons and alarm bells make it pretty obvious that SOMETHING is going on outside. And when Graviton himself rises to deal with the threat, that's a sure sign that it's serious. Bobbi watches the guards rush to their posts, quietly sitting in her established position. At the feet of a throne. Her costume is gone, replaced by lingerie so skimpy she might as well not be wearing it at all. And there's a collar which chafes her throat.

Rising casually, Mockingbird takes down a guard with a sweep-kick and plucks the halberd from his hand even before he falls. A jab to the base of the neck with the blunt end stills him, and then she is Mockingbird once more. Wading into the guards from within, her blows are non-lethal but quite disabling.

Graviton will unfold his arms as the heroes attack and with a flick of a wrist, Wonder Man will be moved to be between Graviton and the incoming spear of Ares. Then he will say, "I am not impressed." as his personal force field takes the brunt of the assaults.

After Wonder Man deflects the spear of Ares, Graviton will use the Ionic Avenger as a projectile; casting Wonder Man toward Ares.

Everyone in the immediate area (within 300 yards) will detect a gradual rise in the gravity. The upcoming next round will likely reveal an attack that will render everyone to the ground and unable to move.

Captain America's shield bounces off Graviton's force field. It whizzes back to Cap's gloved hand and he says, "AGAIN AVENGERS! Wear him down before he can get the upper hand!"

Thor's hammer deflects from the villain's shield and returns to his hand. Thor then says, "I CALL UPON THE POWER OF ODIN, DOTH FURY OF GAEA, AND THINE STRENGTH OF ALL ASGARD!" then he levels the head of his hammer toward Graviton and releases a mighty beam of energy that could level entire mountain ranges, cleave the moon in twine, and send shock-waves through to the Kree galaxy.

The Black Knight has flappity away and will circle back around in the next round for another assault.

Hercules is pissed. Still unable to move.

Iron Man hears the command and fires his UniBeam toward Graviton. Knowing it will be his last ditch attack, but it's got to be.

Giant Man pushes a button.

That manic grin upon Ares' face only wavers for a bare instant, slipping into a flicker of a growl as Graviton purloins his weapon by shifting Wonder Man into its path. The God of War starts to advance at a run, only to have the hurtling form of Simon Williams thrown at him. For an instant there's a flicker of thought, as if he should catch the great man, but then at the last moment he dives out of the way, rolling forwards and moving on Graviton again.

Over his shoulder he snaps, "Back up at him, Wonder Man." Easy for him to say, he didn't just get hit with a spear and thrown around.

Wonder Man takes the blow of the spear straight into his chest. It doesn't penetrate but it does significant damage - enough damage to make Wonder Man scream out in pain. Then no sooner does he get hit as he's thrown directly toward Ares.

With Ares' dodge, Wonder Man is slammed into the ground and driven 100 feet through the dirt as he yelps with every tumble and skip involved. Embarrassed more than hurt, Wonder Man will lay there a moment before he can get up again.

American Dream has arrived.

The combined might of the Avengers doesn't seem to phase Graviton. However, even after witnessing the villain take or deflect all that was thrown at him, Vision's resolve does not falter. The Ghostly Synthezoid notes the subtle tug of increased gravity on his phased molecules. He de-solidifies to the point of intangibility and flies up and towards the Villain. As he approaches, solar energy beams dart out from the jewel on his forehead, attempting to weaken the personal forcefield of Graviton with the peppering of blasts.

Graviton is blown backwards by the assaults of Thor, et al. A massive shock-wave emits from Graviton's field and the Palace beneath is nearly shattered. Graviton is launched a mile away (other side of palace - out of sight) where he'll find himself on his back, half conscious, and madder than hell.

The gravity increase fades.

In the massive attack, the Vision was unable to make physical contact with Graviton. Though he's likely aware that the attack he was planning would be more successful than others. Pursuit of that attack may be best followed.

Holding his shield up to deflect any of the energies that erupted from the assault upon Graviton.

Iron Man falters and falls to the ground, energy reserves will have to be recharged.

Thor drops to one knee, he too will need to recover for a round or two.

The Black Knight circles over the palace and intends to fly out to investigate Graviton's position/status.

Giant Man relays over the Avengers Com. "Gravimetric flux in effect. He's weakened. Striking now would be advised."

Hercules breaks free of the gravity bonds and says, "YES! We shall crush this foul villain!" then starts bounding forward again - intent on circling the palace and running out to strike.

Cap instructs, "Avengers, press the attack!" and he too will start running forward.

Inside the palace, Mockingbird is using the halberd she's acquired like a battle staff. The guards catch on quickly, and they turn to engage her. Outnumbered, Mock keeps moving as she whirls and cartwheels into the midst. She breaks a heel, pausing in her assault only to chop the other one off to match. And that's about when the whole palace shudders. "Crap! Boys, I've got a feeling this island is gonna be a VERY unpopular place to be real soon, now."

As the shock-wave washes over him Ares is _slammed_ to the ground with the force of the impact. It's enough to stagger him and grant him a moment of blurred vision. He rises out of the crater that was created by his impact into the ground, planting the heavy shadow axe to help pull himself out. When he crests the rise he lets loose with a wild laugh, almost crazed as he rounds to consider his surroundings, the guards in their positions those that might still be left.

Rising up like a creature of blood and shadow, the God of War roars. "Flee, flee before our might!" He charges forwards.

Wonder Man rolls over, rises up and begins to brush himself off as he flies into the air. An ionic trail follows him as he does his best to catch up with Herc and Cap. He'll say over the com, "Someone needs to clear the castle, looks like it's gonna crumble."

Undaunted, The Vision presses on. With Graviton thrown backward under the combined assault, Vizh makes every effort to calculate and determine where the likely landing spot for the Villain would be. He hovers higher into the air and flies over the castle. He looks down, telescoping his vision to get a better look at the ground and where Graviton could be. The intangible Avenger flies towards the other side of the palace, which was Graviton's likely trajectory.

As the Palace recovers from the shock-wave, Mockingbird takes charge. "Everybody get out of the Palace!" she cries, pointing towards the nearest exit with her stolen halberd. "If the island falls, this party is gonna go south pretty fast." A couple of the guards hesitate, then one takes a swing at her. And he receives the butt of her halberd up between the legs for his trouble. "I said MOVE, people! Get everyone up from downstairs, too!"

"Finally." The statuesque blonde known as American Dream in her own time growls. Dispatching her guard takes all of five seconds. Stomp the heel. Knee the groin. Punch the throat. An effective three point combination that disables most men. American Dream snatches away his conveniently round small shield and pushes out into the hallway, not far at all from Mockingbird. Like Bobbi, American Dream is dressed in white lingerie that would look more at home at the Playboy Club than the Avenger's Mansion. All she's missing are the ears.

"I don't remember seeing life boats or an evacuation plan. The man's an idiot." American Dream growls to the other blonde heroine.

Graviton starts to rise from the small crater he created due to his impact. He appears disheveled, his costume torn in a few places, hair asunder. His right hand raises and his force field flickers. Graviton then realizes he's significantly weakened and needs to flee.

He's easily seen by the Vision and anyone else who has the height advantage.

Captain America charges ahead with Hercules.

Thor rises from his knee, spins Mjolnir and uses it to cast himself into the air. He will be following the arc that Graviton followed due to being blasted.

Iron Man sends a message over the com, "It's going to take 30 seconds to recharge. You guys be careful."

The Black Knight spies Graviton and notes, "He's down, but not out."

Giant Man lists over the communicator, "Gravition's fields have destabilized. We've got him on the ropes. However, we need to do this right, remember, we're on a floating island 40 thousand feet above the surface of the earth."

Cap notes, "Black Knight, Iron Man, find the girls, get them and everyone else to the Quinjet. We need to evacuate this place."

Iron Man begins 'walking' in his heavy armor toward the Quinjet as he notes over the com, "I'll get the Quinjet powered up and move it closer. Pym, help out Dane."

Ares is running straight across the field in the direction that Graviton hurtled. His course takes him towards and through what fortifications stand in his way, what guards remain. There's no hesitation in his stride, what opposes him he lashes out at with that great axe, be it stone, metal, or flesh.

Wonder Man zips over the palace and will be seconds behind the Vision. His eyes are peeled for the villain and he intends to wallop him when given the chance.

Through telescopic sight, the Vision spots Graviton climbing up out of the crater of his own making. The ghostly Vision says calmly over the Avengers' comlink, "Graviton; Located. He is weakened, I am engaging." With those words, Vizh tilts in midair and flies in the most direct path that will take him to Graviton's present location. The intangible hero doesn't fly fast, so he increases his density to allow the natural gravity to increase his speed. The distance between hero and villain shrinks very quickly and when Vizh is right on top of Graviton, he comes to a stop and thrusts a semi-intangible arm towards the villain's chest.

Mockingbird rolls her eyes and flashes a grin over to the taller blonde. "An idiot… Y'think? The Avengers are taking him apart, which means they'll have a plan to evacuate the island." Or at least she hopes so! The guards seem to be catching on that their terms of employment are soon to expire, and look to the two women for guidance, now. Funny, how things change! In addition to the guards, the Palace has a good number of lovely women dressed much like Mockingbird and American Dream. Most of the girls settle into a wild, screaming panic. Wrinkling her nose, then, Mockingbird shakes her head and offers. "Not a spoonful of common sense between the lot of 'em…"

"He didn't pick most of them for their intelligence." American Dream snatches a sword from a confused guardsman and begins slamming it against her shield, forming a makeshift gong. "LISTEN UP!" She says after she gets a bit of quiet. "This woman is in charge." American Dream points the sword at Bobbi. "She's an Avenger and if you want to survive? You do exactly as she says!"

Graviton sees the approach of the Vision and something becomes quite apparent in his mind. His eyes go wide, hand raises to try and stop the attack and he screams "NOOOOO!".

Something inside of Graviton is triggered. Something bad. Graviton is immediately lifted 8 feet off the ground and his arms go out in either direction. Everyone in the general area then begins to feel the gravity well that pulls toward Graviton.

Motes of dirt are ripped off the ground beneath Graviton and start to orbit him. Faster, faster, and seemingly like falling into a drain.

Graviton himself is screaming in utter pain. There is something very bad about to happen. And it won't be good for Graviton or anyone in the general area.

Captain America rounds the palace with Hercules, they close half the distance and end up on a rise looking down at Graviton some 100 yards away.

Iron Man gets into the Quinjet and starts it up.

Black Knight flies down into the palace courtyard and starts giving commands to evacuate. Head to the quinjet.

Giant Man steps over one of the palace walls into a side courtyard and will do as the Black Knight does, listing that everyone should head for the quinjet's cargo bay and they will be evacuated.

Captain America notes the trouble that Graviton is currently in.

Iron Man relays over the com, "We've got a problem. The Quinjet is detecting a black hole forming… right on top of Graviton's location.

Giant Man says, "Oh Crap. We need to go, NOW!". His giant voice booming across the region.

Thor asks, "What beith a black hole? Surely you meanith not the Abyss."

The general populace of the palace realizes that there's something bad going on and will start to run toward the directions indicated.

It just so happens to be that the palace is in the path of the God of War as he lowers a shoulder and /smashes/ through the entrance with a shattering of brick and stone. Debris goes flying as do some of the guards as the great armored being of blood and shadow stands amongst the cloud of dust and detritus. The gleaming black onyx axe in his hand wails with the voice of a lost soul even as he lifts his helmed head back and roars, "Your lord falls, flee this hovel and raise no hand against me lest you face the wrath of Ares!" It's been so long that he's given in to the berserker fury, the rage, and for once he positively exults in it even as small wisps of ghostly shadow flicker to life around him like wraiths.

Of course this might not be the most helpful thing for an organized evacuation.

Wonder Man mutters as he hovers just above Cap and Herc, "Oh hell. Uh guys… can we stop a black hole?"

The Vision rips his intangible arm out of Graviton just as he begins to rise up. He takes a couple of staggered steps backwards, as that attack kind of took it out of him. Vizh stares up at Graviton with a neutral expression and glowing white eyes. He purses his lips and continues to backpedal away from the villain. The pull of gravity around Graviton is apparent and it doesn't take the artificial being's sensors to determine what is happening. Vizh musters up some reserves still within his solar batteries and goes intangible once more. He flies backwards to escape the gravity. Vizh admits over the comlink, "I was not expecting that…"

Well technically, Hawkeye has kept Mockingbird on the 'inactive' roster until certain issues… never mind. In charge now. Super. Raising her voice, Mockingbird points with the halberd towards the Palace main doors. "Everybody OUT! Move quickly and quietly, and we'll all get out just fine…." Of course that's right when the God of War widens the front door significantly and tells everyone to run for their lives. Mockingbird mutters something under her breath, which would be edited for content anyway. "Go-go-go! Just ignore the scary War-god and he won't hurt you." Okay, he PROBABLY won't. "Dream, can you make sure everybody's out of the back rooms?" Yes, it's a dangerous question to ask. But the taller blonde is a hero, after all.

"He didn't pick most of them for their intelligence." American Dream snatches a sword from a confused guardsman and begins slamming it against her shield, forming a makeshift gong. "LISTEN UP!" She says after she gets a bit of quiet. "This woman is in charge." American Dream points the sword at Bobbi. "She's an Avenger and if you want to survive? You do exactly as she says!"

"Done." American Dream kicks off her heels and begins running. "Graviton's kingdom for a sport's bra." She mutters as she begins a room by room search. She isn't gentle. Anyone cowering is dragged out and shoved towards the exit.

The gravitational pull increases. Bushes, then trees begin to become uprooted in the general area. They too orbit Graviton. His image becomes distorted right after a bright flash. Light is being bent immediately around him.

Cap says, "Everyone, Fall Back to the Quinjet. Evacuate the innocents."

Thor flies ahead toward Graviton. He calls out, "Flee my friends. I shall shield thou against thine impending threat. The Mighty Thor will prevent the disaster which befalls Midgard!"

The Black Knight and Giant Man help facilitate the evacuation. The Black Knight will rush into the castle looking for those that might be trapped or lost. He'll likely run into Mockingbird and first thing that he wants to say will not come from his mouth, instead he'll say, "We've got to get everyone out of here." reinforcing the status of the threat.

Hercules will turn and start running as Cap ordered.

Wading through the tide of rushing humanity, Ares stalks past the evacuating individuals. He touches a hand to his ear and the great shadowed helm flickers and fades, revealing the bearded man for an instant. He scowls as he listens to the exchange of words and warning, then looks around. His red-eyed gaze falls heavily upon Mockingbird as she tends to the evacuation, then he roars. "Thus, to the vehicle. Those who do not wish to dine with me tonight in the Undeworld!" He gestures behind him with the axe, the sweep of it slamming another hole into the wall that just might serve decently enough to let more people get through.

While he falls back, Wonder Man will fly down to the castle and grab two models as he says in a flirtatious tone "Ladies, I'm Wonder Man, you look like you could use a lift." and will fly them toward the quinjet.

The Vision continues to flying away from Graviton. His eyes remain on the poor, unfortunate villain. The Synthezoid's expressionless face soon finds itself with an expression on it. There's a frown; A slight one. However it is there. The Vision twists around and flies upwards and ever further away from Graviton. When the Quinjet is spotted, Vizh makes a bee-line towards it to join the other Avengers in their evacuation.

Mockingbird is herding people towards the main entrance when she runs into the Black Knight. And it's a good thing he holds back his first remark. "Yeah, nice to see you too. Had a little wardrobe adjustment, and let's leave it at that." And the look on the blonde's face declares further discussion on the subject of her wardrobe officially closed. "American Dream went back to help round up any others. Tall blonde in heels. White panties and wonderbra. Can't miss her."

"Here's the last one." American Dream comes running down the hall with, not one of the harem girls, but a guard. She shoves him forward. "RUN!" She screams at him, swatting him in the backside with her shield for good measure. "Follow the others!" She stops beside Mockingbird, panting just lightly. "Everything's clear. Janet says she can get out on her own power."

The gravity well increases in strength. Graviton himself becomes blotted out by inky blackness. Debris continues to orbit him and fall into the event horizon fading from existence.

Thor's mighty hammer is twirled and he tries to form a shield around Graviton, something that would help squelch the gravity well that threatens to destroy everything.

Cap rushes into the palace and will intend to take up the rear of the fleeing innocents.

Black Knight nods, "Ladies, my steed awaits." then he whistles and from an open hole in the ceiling, a black winged pegasus descends. The Black Knight will leap onto the horse and offer his hand to the women, "Come, we will depart this falling island.".

Iron Man has moved the Quinjet closer to the palace, the cargo bay doors are open and people are able to board via that entrance. There's plenty of room.

Hercules will stick with Cap and work on collecting people who don't run fast enough.

As the heroes retreat, Ares stops outside of the Quinjet. He looks back as people begin to file aboard the vehicle, and seems uninclined to board until the last of those in evidence are safely stowed away. He glances towards Captain America, then gives a nod. "I will remain if there is not enough room. I should be able to survive the fall of the island if I jump at the last second." There's a faint smirk upon the red-eyed man's features as he looks back towards the growing blackness of the oncoming black hole.

Wonder Man lands in the back of the Quinjet, drops off his ladies and says, "Maybe we'll see each other around, again." then flies off to retrieve two more - just because he can.

The Vision flies to the Quinjet and phases right through the hull of the vehicle. He rights himself and re-solidifies in a standing position inside the vehicle. The Synthezoid grabs a hold of a handhold and remains standing, allowing for someone else to take his seat in case space becomes a premium. His head hangs a bit as he looks towards the floor of the Quinjet; contemplating.

"Don't need to tell me twice!" Mockingbird accepts one hand as she makes introductions. "Dream, this is the Black Knight. One of the good guys." Swinging up into the saddle, she slides on behind him and wraps her arms around his armored chest. The halberd is forgotten.

"Hello, Mr. Whitman. I'm a big fan." American Dream says just before swinging up to ride the third position in this little trio. She slides her arms around Mockingbird. The shield is left behind. Its inferior, after all, to the one she has her eye on.

The gravity well around Graviton is mostly shielded by Thor's hammer. Yet it continues to grow in strength logarithmically and will consume everything around. It's just slowed by Thor.

The wind increases as Graviton's force field around the sky island fails. And the sky island itself starts to lose altitude.

With everyone aboard the Quinjet, it lifts off the sky island and under the piloting of Iron Man is moved away from the ever growing event horizon.

Everyone can see as Thor hovers near the swirling mass that was once Graviton. Using his hammer to shield the quinjet and the earth as he can.

Within the cargo hold, all of the men and scantly clad women huddle together for fear of death.

Suddenly, a flash of bright light is emitted from the black hole, the sky island is distorted, and then swallowed by the black hole. Another flash of energy, a shock-wave that knocks the quinjet back (to be righted by Iron Man) and when the windows are able to see the former location of Graviton and Thor, neither can be detected.

Giant Man notes. "By my calculations, Graviton's black hole swallowed the Sky Island and Thor alike…. By taking on such mass and mystical energy, I believe he became an inverse singularity… essentially the storm blew itself out."

Everyone stands in agape and remiss that Thor may have been lost this day.

"This is wrong.." American Dream says as she looks out at the scene. "… I don't remember Thor being lost on a mission… and I didn't recognize the big guy with the axe at all… something's wrong…"


Captain America stands within the Gallery holding the /other/ shield with his strapped to his back. He seems to appreciate the workmanship and the whole nature of it all - being that it's exactly like his (now equipped with leather straps). He wears a clean costume, as that's the thing to wear when one can be summoned on duty at any moment.

Mockingbird would love nothing more than to take a bath. A long, hot bath. However, since Cap requested her for a meeting she settles for a change of clothes. In this case, it's jeans, sneakers, and a TECH sweatshirt, although she does take the time to scrub off the cheap makeup as well.

The make-up comes off, yes. Then the uniform is put on. American Dream sighs, happily. The truth is, she spends more time in uniform than she does in her civilian clothes. A week in nothing but lingerie (or even less) was ENOUGH for a while.

Despite the confidence of having her uniform on… and despite her height and obvious physical prowess, she's clearly nervous as she walks into the Gallery. She says nothing, just steps up next to Mockingbird.

Upon their arrival, Cap turns to address them with a welcoming smile, "Ladies, than you for coming. It seems that you all had quite the ordeal and I would like to personally apologize for allowing the kidnapping to happen in the first place. I'm sorry. I should have been more of a sentinel than a reservist."

Bobbi smiles softly at that, shaking her head. "You don't need to apologize, Captain. I got caught because I didn't call in for backup, and tried to work things from the inside." Looking over to her fellow-prisoner, then, she offers. "Oh, allow me to introduce American Dream."

"Um… hello." American Dream waves, gently. "Nice to meet you, sir." She blushes, gently, under her cowl and glances down at her feet. "I… umm… I'm a big fan. Obviously." After all, look at her costume.

With a nod to Mockingbird, then looking to Dream, "American Dream, is it?", Captain America greets with a rhetorical question, "I believe I have something that belongs to you." and will offer her the shield, star side up.

Bobbi smiles just a touch, hands clasped behind her back as she watches the exchange. "She's a good hand in a fight, Cap, and she kept her head under pressure." she offers.

"Thank you." American Dream accepts the shield. She slides her gloved hand over the surface, then says. "You repaired the straps and the paint job. Thank you. I… thank you, sir." She clutches it in front of her like a school girl might her books.

Cap allows her to take the shield and appreciates how she contains it in her arms, "You are welcome to stay here as long as you need. I've come to understand that you're not from this Earth and suspect you'll want to get home. Pym, Iron Man, and the Beast will see what they can do about getting you back. But until then, Jarvis will get you a room and anything else you might need."

Bobbi isn't surprised by the offer, actually. "I was gonna say you're always welcome to crash at my place as well, Dream." she replies anyway, adding a smile. There's camaraderie between the two, former prisoners. "But either way, you'll want to meet the others."

"I guess so. I would be honored. Thank you." American Dream says. She slides the shield onto her arm, her hand and forearm pushing through the straps. "I… I'm not sure on the protocol but I probably shouldn't tell you much about where I come from. I don't want to mess up the time stream."

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Captain America says with a reflective smile, having heard that remark/warning more than once. "Now if you would excuse me I've a few reports to file." and he'll break away off to deal with business as usual.


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