2011 09 18 Popping In At The Wrong Place

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Popping in at the wrong place

Phantasm Nara Revelin

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18 Sept 2011

Johnson Theater - New York

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Set around Movie Mayhem: Revelin spooks a theatre goer who ends up running into a couple women. One of which is a Nara who reacts by dragging the theatre guy out via powers use. Mike and Revelin watch and eventually Revelin helps Mike ditch his own security.


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-==[ Johnson Theater - New York ]==-------——

The lobby of the Johnson Theatre is large and expansive and capable of holding several hundred persons while serving them popcorn, soft drinks, candies and other junk foods. Not to mention, a large video arcade in the corner to take the extra money the kiddies have to spend. The carpet is deep red and the lighting recessed and subdued. Various movie posters line the walls highlighting upcoming movies. All staff greet you with a smile and offer assistance.

The cinemas of the Johnson Theater are built on an incline, this room holds hundreds of soft, comfortable high back chairs that recline and some even rock. Unlike the cheaper theatres, this one has been totally redone to make the patron more comfortable. The carpet and chairs are deep red with grey highlights. Small low magnitude lights line the rows for ease of walking in the pitch black. A very large panaramic screen is positioned at the front of the room and all seats face it.




Obvious Exits:

[O] - Theater District - New York

With the last few moments of the weekend ticking away, the Johnson Theater is by no means empty of people this early evening. Those who dare to risk going to bed at a late time before going to work or school the next day are still lining up outside wanting to buy a ticket for the latest movie. Others, who have already made their way inside are either in their theatre seats watching their showing of choice, standing in line at the concession stand, or debating of withstanding the horrors that is the movie theatre bathroom that has been manhandled by patrons that have been there prior to them. There is a rather large sort of man hanging out near the men's bathroom. Standing out considerably and seemingly unamused as he eyes the people who come nearby and then looks to the door to the bathroom as well.

Nara is one of those people standing in line for the concessions stand. She has her hand up, pointing at the board overhead as she reads the menu and prices. "Wow…were gonna have to be carefull…look at those prices. I'll just get a popcorn, and if you want some you can take it…" she says as she now looks at her wrist. "Unless you think we should order something else…you got a better view then me,"

"Steady on there!" exclaims a voice with an Australian accent from inside the Men's Room, followed by the sound of a scuffle - or at least of a person trying to get out of the restroom as quickly as possible. Moments later, a red-haired teenager bolts out of the Men's Room door, and runs straight past the big guy while attempting to pull on his trousers and do up his belt. He heads straight toward the line of people at the concession stand, mumbling something incoherently about 'the sky falling down'.

Back at the Men's Room, Tom Revelin - a young fellow of average height and dressed in baggy jeans that look a little too long for him, a T-shirt and jacket - sticks his head out the door. Glancing this way and that he focuses on the red-haired teenager running away and calls out. "You could have at least remembered to flush you know!" The sound of his voice draws the attention of a few onlookers as Tom puts his face in a palm and shakes his head.

Nara waits her turn, trying not to stand out to much. As she gets to the front of the line, she pushes her glasses back a bit on her nose. She then speaks softly, "Um, yes…um..could I get a…small popcorn and a diet sode..um, two straws if that would be ok…." Not even really looking directly at the counter person. She hands over the money, then waits for her order.

The large sort of man hanging out near the bathroom glances back to the door. Brow lifting as he does his best Dwayne Johnson impression, he also folds his arms, leaning back against the wall.

From behind Tom, off to one of the stalls, there is the gush of water as someone does indeed know how to flush. With a creak of the stall door, Mike steps out, expression momentarily disgusted as he shakes his head and moves towards the sink area to wash his hands.

The red-haired teenager glances back at the sound of Tom's voice, gives a wide-eyed shake of his head, and then moves backward quickly before turning to leave again. Alas, the turn causes him to run into a couple of people standing in line at the concession stall - Nara included. There's a yelp from one woman who then glares at the fleeing youth as he tries to pick himself up.

Tom, on the other hand, glances once at the guy by the bathroom and then half-trots out - hesitating as he sees the youth get away. Lifting a hand to his jaw he glances about quickly, hoping people do not blame him for the teenager's hasty retreat. He doesn't see Mike exit the bathroom behind him.

Nara yelps a bit herself as she gets bumped by people around her…she looks around quick, the red-hair catching her eye. Frowning a bit, she continues to watch…as something invisible seems to be poking the youth around the ankles, again and again sharply.

With the distraction going on at the consession stand, the large man's glance switches from Revelin towards the people being tossed about. His posture straightens, arms unfurling as he turns, glancing from door, to around the lobby, and then back to the bathroom door.

Mike's exit out after Tom is a little delayed but eventually the door opens, its movement announced by the heavy vrooooom of the ancient hand dryer that was turned on by someone who couldn't wait the five seconds for Mike to finish with the the hand dryer on steroids. His steps pause as he glances to both Rev, the large man, and the scene at the stand.

"Ow! What is that?" the young red-headed fellow exclaims, and he kicks with his legs as he tries to get up. "Get me out of here - ow!" He has no idea what is poking him, but it is likely it is one of the movie-goers waiting in line. Perhaps the matronly lady who yelled at him. The boy pouts as he tries to stand up, shaking his foot around. "Leave me alone!" he whines. "It's not MY fault! Someone dropped out of the roof in the toilet on me! They did! - ow!" He lashes out rather sharply at whatever is poking him, a foot coming close to hitting Nara herself.

Back by the toilets, Tom is still standing there staring, and shaking his head. He notices Mike step out and gives the man a plaintive look. "Nothing to do with me," he comments in his most innocent of voices.

With the general protest of the red-headed guy being quite audible coupled with Tom's quick denial, Mike eyes Tom, brow arching for a moment before it settles. "Riiiiight," he deadpans, voice lowering, "It was the OTHER guy who could do that." He steps forward a bit in curiousity.

The larger man glances down towards Mike and gives a frown before stepping out in front of Mike, blocking his path. "Wait."

Something bigger now seems to slash at the youths leg, at least it feels that way. Nara taking a few steps back. Then there is….a thumping, as the youth gets knocked back. Almost as if something heavy hit him right in the breadbasket.

"Get away from me - oof!" the youth yells, attempting to lash out at any of the people around him, but catching something hard across his body he trips and falls over. "They - they're after me! He squeals and starts to crawl on his hands and knees toward Nara - or perhaps past her. Security in the area are now more than paying attention and the matronly woman who narrowly avoided getting sconed in the head by the youth is dialling on her cellphone - or trying to.

"Oh. my. God…Tom comments more to himself than anyone else. "The blighter's gone *nuts*! Look at that, mate - only in New York." He plies his skill as an actor to resemble the shocked bystander, although he eyes the big man standing in front of Mike by the restroom warily.

With the kid's protests to something unseen, there is a bit of a gap in the line providing the kid space. Perhaps he's on PCP, who knows?

Seeing the crazed kid going after the girl, Mike frowns, starting to step around the larger man to step towards the crowd. This plan is however short-lived as the larger man reaches out, hand clamping down around Mike's arm, "Wait."

Nara stumbles back as the crazy man starts moving towards her again, her popcorn flying up into the air. The popped kernals landing all around her. Suddenly something seems to grab onto the crawling youths legs and start to drag it in the other direction towards the exit of the theater

Two security guards approach the red-haired youth as he flails about at - seemingly - thin air. They break into a run as the kid is apparently whisked away.

"Stop him!" calls one guard, as though the youth had any say in the matter. A third guard enters the scene and approaches the movie-goers to check on them. He talks briefly with the matronly woman and then walks up to Nara.

"Are you alright, miss?" he asks, eyeing the spilled popcorn.

Over by the Men's Room, Tom glances from Mike to the big guy and frowns. "Friend of yours, Mike?" he asks with casual suspicion. His attention is distracted by the youth and security guards.

The expression upon Mike's face is a bit different than from previous times of interaction with him. Instead of the general calm and relaxed, His teeth are gritted, reminiscenet of a slowly seething fury building underneath. "Not at all." He answers Tom. He turns his head, glancing up to the other man, "Nothing more than background decor that did NOT even get run by me first." He yanks his arm from the man's grasp, grumbling as he turns to look back to the scene playing out in front of them. "Figures you'd set off a nutter."

Nara eyes the guard a moment, then nods her head. "yes..um, yes…he just…scared me a bit. So…violent. Why was he like that…" As she lets her eyes drift along the path the youth took. Then back down to her popcorn as she adjusts her glasses.

Tom shakes his head at Mike. "Don't look at me - they're doing maintenance inside and some guy stuck his head through one of the overhead fluoro-lamps or something. The kid just freaked. I'm gotta see what's going on." With that he trots off in the direction of the concession stand, coming to a halt near Nara and the security guard.

"Blimey," he exclaims in an Australian accent, blinking with wide-eyed curiosity that is probably exaggerated. "What'd he do? That guy just bolted out of the Men's Room like a bat outta hell." He looks at Nara and flashes one of his disarming smiles. "Hey," he offers. "I saw what happened - let me buy you some more popcorn."

The security guard nods to Nara. "So long as you're alright. He didn't hurt you at all? Our guys will get him and see he's taken into police custody. He's probably on drugs." The guard glances at Tom. "Oh? You saw him?"

Mike glances over to Tom, irritated expression fading a little into surprise, "That, is hard to believe." As Revelin moves away, Mike starts to walk away too only to feel the hand of the large man reaching for his arm once more. He jerks forward, moving in front of Revelin for a bit as he glances back at the other man, scowling. Shaking his head he turns to look towards Nara, giving a nod of greeting to her and the security guards before glancing towards Revelin, head tilting curiously. This ought to be good…

Nara shakes her head, "No, no..I'm fine…he's gone…somewhere…." She lowers her eyes again, "Perhaps it's best….if I just…skip the movie." She nods her head a couple times, "I'll just,,um, read the book…." She steals a quick glance around.

Tom looks back at Mike and then between the security guard and Nara. He points back at the Men's Room, and toward Mike - well, past him. "Yeah, he came running out of there while the rest of us were—yeah. Dunno where he is now." He looks at Nara and frowns a bit. "You sure? It's no trouble. My name's Tom - from Down Under."

The security guard looks like he has little patience for what is probably an Australian tourist and he mutters something into his radio. Moments later, a response is heard:

"We've got him," says a voice on the guard's radio. "We found him sitting by himself outside the theatre - he's pretty scared. He keeps saying something dragged him out here - but he doesn't know what."

The guard next to Nara and Tom speaks a little louder. "Alright - I'm on my way. The kid's probably on something." He glances back at Tom and the girl. "If you two are okay, I'll go see to this." And he starts to walk away.

Mike's glance follows the departing guard for a moment before he glances back to Nara, "As much as I might also like a good book, you're here now and after that happened, your evening could only get better right?"

The large man near the bathroom lingers near it. Although he does not move towards Mike, he does not lean against the wall anymore and is instead looking around the lobby once more.

Nara raises an eyeridge, looking at Tom "Down under what?" Confused for a moment, before shaking her head. "No, really…I'm fine. I'm, i'm just gonna head home….Ok." She looks around again, for any crazies…and makes her way out of the theater. Glancing back now and then…..

"Down Under…" Tom starts to say and trails off, standing by himself in a mess of popcorn. "Australia - it's slang," he finishes and heaves a sigh. He looks over his shoulder back toward Mike and shakes his head, his gaze also taking in the big fellow nearby. Now who's he? Tom's steps crunch the popcorn underhoof as he makes his way slowly back toward Mike.

Mike watches as the girl leaves, frowning. "What a shame," he murmurs, "She spent what? $20, $24 just to walk out after getting run into?" Giving a shake of the head, he sighs. "Personal security," he answers, eyes rolling, "Label's idea, not mine."

Tom stops. He points at the big fellow. "You mean - he's *yours*?" He blinks. "What for?…I, oh. Of course." He lifts a hand and starts counting deliberately on his fingers. "The fundraiser, the subway - now the cinema." He puts his hand down. "How do you attract so much attention, Mike? Does it come with the fame and glory of being a celebrity?"

As Tom reasons things out, Mike shakes his head, keeping his voice a bit low, "I'm not paying him. The label is. I just get the /benefit/ of it." With the emphasis to the word benefit combined with the roll of the eyes, it could stand to reason that it is not much of a benefit, "I thought they just meant to beef up the security around appearances, NOT everywhere I ing go."

"Like the dunny," Tom agrees dryly - and indicates the Men's Room behind them. He flashes a grin at the bodyguard, to see what reaction he gets. If any. "Well, I've saved myself the cost of some extra popcorn at least - not that it's much of a consolation. I can't believe she paid to see a movie, and just bailed. And what on *earth* dragged that kid off??? Did you see that? He was ON something, he had to be. There's no way he should have reacted like that - fighting with…an invisible phantasm of some kind. Weird, eh?"

The large man's eyes narrow as he looks to Revelin before glaring at the back of Mike's head. Apparently Mike's words from earlier were a tad hurtful. Oh my.

Mike glances towards the doorway, lips quirking a bit, "Yeah, that was weird." He glances to Tom, "Hey, any chance you could help me sneak out of here without the latch on back there?"

Tom suddenly struggles to keep his face straight and nods very slightly to Mike. "Yeah well…" he ventures innocuously. "I didn't get to actually use the loos in there before that kid ran out." He puts a hand on the door and pauses. "See you round, mate," he smirks and ducks inside. At least within he can *probably* 'port out without causing the fiasco of 'porting *in*. He hopes. The door shuts behind him and he quickly checks the room for other occupants. All clear.

Mike smirks slightly before he starts walking towards the guard. He pauses as he looks to have realized something. "Dammit. All that commotion in the bathroom and I didn't w- I'll be right back." He holds up a hand in a waiting gesture before he moves towards the bathroom, disappearing behind the door. After making sure the door closes, the musician glances towards Revelin, "Thanks."

Tom bows - a little - as there isn't that much space in the anteroom to the toilets. He points at the wall behind Mike and the typical swirling vortex appears vertically in the air to open a moment later into an oval portal. "Compliments of Revelin Expeditions - straight to the lobby at Tate Apartments. I haven't seen your house yet, or I'd drop you inside. Hurry through - I can hold it open from the other end."

With that, Tom steps through and vanishes from sight, although the portal remains.

Oh thank God the lobby's empty. With the avenue to freedom available, Mike steps through after Revelin. Yeah it's a good time to be on good terms with a person who makes portals. Particularly ones that don't lead to hell dimensions. Ugh. "We'll have to correct that sometime." Mike considers, glancing around to make sure no one saw their entrance.

C'est fini~

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