2011 09 18 Movie Mayhem

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Movie Mayhem

Revelin & Richenda Grey

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Sep 18, 2011

Johnson Theatre

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Tom and Chenda go to the movies and find more than they bargained for.


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The movie theatre lobby is crowded this evening - although that's nothing unusual. People stand in groups all around, talking, laughing, eating and drinking and the noise makes it hard to hear normal conversation. Tom glances around, standing underneath a movie poster advertising a popular romantic comedy, his attention largely on a dark thriller that is advertised on a wall some feet away.
Nearby, standing together under a pillar, is a group of friends - guys and girls - chatting and laughing loudly. Some of the guys are scanning the crowd for good-looking girls and pointing them out, much to the annoyance of their female companions. There is a queue at the ticket-stand - fortunately, Tom already has tickets printed up from his laptop at home.
"What are we going to see then?" He asks, his voice partially drowned out by the din.

While Chenda couldn't make the original gathering of friends outside the theater, she did promise to get there ASAP. And she does value her promises as much as she values her friends.
And here she comes now, weaving through the ticket-line crowd towards Tom. Her flare-leg jeans and tennies aren't anything new or spectacular, but a bright pink baby tee is sculpting itself to her upper body under a black track jacket, and her black hair trails wavily from under a pink, black-striped beanie. She lifts a hand and waves at him as she gets closer.

"I hate crowds," Tom mutters under his breath. "Give me a stage and a microphone and the world's my oyster, but - hmm. I don't even like oysters. Chenda!" He lifts his voice to carry a bit when he sees her approaching and waves her over. "Over here! Do girls really have to take so long to get ready?" He asks, the moment she is a bit closer. "Or… is that a dangerous question? Don't…flash me or anything. Wait - that's got a double meaning, uhm…" He stops talking and just shrugs.
Tom is in long trousers, a shirt, belt and jacket and has his hair hanging down over his ears. "You know I could have gotten us both here really quickly if you hadn't taken so long."

"What? Didn't you want me to make myself beautiful?" Chenda asks, grinning impishly as she reaches his side, and doing a little pirouette so he can see her in all her glory. The differences are subtle, but these clothes are a bit newer and nicer, and hints of cosmetics highlight her dark eyes, making them seem larger and more mysterious. Her lips also sport a touch of gloss. "And it's not like we wouldn't have had to wait in line anyway."

Tom opens his mouth in a toothy, brilliant grin. "Since when do *you* need to make yourself beautiful?" Hah-hah! Score one for Revelin's side! He probably ruins the compliment with just how smug he looks but he doesn't care. He lifts the two tickets up and waves them about in front of Chenda's face. "Well, we've got the tickets yeah - you picked 'em. In my experience - all twenty-two years of it - that's usually a bad thing, but what's this film about?"

Off over by the pillar, a couple of the guys have noticed Chenda and Tom and one is pointing in their direction - well, in Chenda's direction. He's grinning broadly and leaning toward his friend, making comments.

"Never hurts to stack the odds in your favor," Chenda ripostes, elbowing him lightly. "And it's not like I took /that/ long. You just can't rush some things." She smiles at the mention of the tickets. "A friend of mine swears /Darkfiends/ is the best film she's ever seen… though she does admit she was clinging to her boyfriend for most of it, which might've had something to do with her glowing review," she adds, winking.
She glances out of the corner of her eye at the sound of male voices discussing the latest hottie to arrive. Which, she knows, is herself. She doesn't speak of it, but she does blush faintly. Some of those comments aren't about her hair or clothes, though more than one touches on the latter's absence, as do those looks.

"Hey!" Tom exclaims as he hops out of the way of Chenda's assailing elbow - almost. With the wall and poster beside him there is not much room and he has to suffer the indignation of an elbow to the ribs. "I just paid you a compliment you know - a *truthful* one too." He gives a knowing nod. "Yeah…You need to watch out for the truthful compliments we Aussies give. They're the stuff of legends. The hardest of hearts melt before them—Okay, I'll shut up now."
He casts a glance around. "Darkfriends… alright. Sounds like some of the music Mike's got me listening to. And you can feel free to cling as tightly to me as you like. Honestly. I won't mind a bit."

Over at the kiosk, a girl behind the counter accidentally spills popcorn all over the ground, much to the ire of a customer who starts complaining rather loudly. Nearby, the voices of the guys talking about Chenda and Tom grow a little louder, as the girls who were with the guys walk away to join the queue and buy their tickets.

"More than that, I need to watch out for your honest /eyes/," Chenda says, winking at Tom. She hasn't forgotten him staring at her injured knee in the bathroom. "But I shouldn't complain about that. I just spent twenty minutes with the makeup kit to make sure they have something to see, right?"
She winces at the sound of the complaining customer, but her gaze strays to the ogling, commenting guys. "Okay… /they're/ getting a little annoying," she murmurs. "Have they never seen a girl with a tan before or what?"

"But it's such a beautiful knee," Tom retorts, followed by a sagely nod. "You could make money, you know - opening it to the public for viewing on Tuesdays and Fridays with the purchase of a visitor's card…" He smirks and then frowns quickly. "Hmm, that was from the Mikado. Look - I need to use the loo. Hang tight for a sec? We've got time before the film starts. If you get bored waiting here, then you can always save us some good seats."
Tom hands Chenda her ticket and immediately trots off toward the restrooms.

Near the pillar, the two guys who were gawking earlier, have turned toward each other and are talking more excitedly, gesturing with their hands as they seem to be describing someone's figure. Occasionally they point toward Chenda, but also to others that pass them by. Both fellows are in their early twenties, or so they appear, one with dark hair and brown eyes, and the other with blond hair and blue eyes. The dark-haired one has a long fringe that covers half his face, while his blond friend sports several body piercings. 'Blondie' whispers something then to his friend, glances in Chenda's direction again, and then the two chuckle.

"I might…" Chenda murmurs darkly, with a glancing glare at the nearby guys as she accepts the tickets. She watches as he trots off, then leans against the wall, frowning uncomfortably. Public attention is a lot more comfortable if you're looking for it, like when you're performing. And she isn't.
She looks for the doorway to the particular viewing room for /Darkfriends/, frowning thoughtfully as she looks over the names. Two or three look interesting; pity she can only see one before she runs out of time and has to get back to the school. And there's the right title… right past the two oglers. Chenda sighs inwardly, and moves slowly in that direction, choosing a moment when their eyes fall on some other unlucky girl.

The dark-haired fellow by the pillar looks meaningfully in Chenda's direction and nudges his friend. He pushes away from the pillar and gives Chenda a smile. His friend - the blond one - speaks up: "Yes, you're right, Justin," he says in a melodic voice, pointing at Chenda's outfit. "It really does bring out her hair. This one has taste - not like some of those others we've seen."
The dark-haired one - Justin - nods and puts a finger to his lips in an expression of artistic thought. "Mmm, of course I'm right, Steven," replies - rather rudely speaking about Chenda while she is practically in front of the two of them. "Taste - but not in men. I mean, what's a specimen like this doing with a piece of short-dark-and-hairy like the guy with the strange gait who just went off to the men's room?"
Steven - 'Blondie' - nods. Then he turns to Chenda and gives a smile that is mostly friendly, but a little condescending. "We like your outfit - we're fashion critics, my partner and I." He gives Justin a fond look. "But your friend could use some tips - with his hair for a start." They both chuckle.

'This one' has ears, and they're rather sharp, too. Chenda tries to ignore the two, to just blow them off, but when the talk turns to Tom she colors to the roots of her hair, and her eyes blaze.
She looks to the both of them. "Fashion critics? Well, I'm a /manners/ critic. And you two are getting some seriously low marks already, talking about myself and my friend like we're just here to give you something to snark at," she fires back, hands on her hips. "Besides, aren't you supposed to wait and write all that stuff up later?" She's no expert on newspapers, but she's seen more than a few critical reviews.

Justin - the dark-haired one with the long fringe - draws himself up to his full height of 5'6" and hmphs indignantly at Chenda for her heated response, even as Steven, his blond companion, yelps in a somewhat camp fashion and looks chagrinned seconds later. Can these two be for real? They both stammer - Justin with counter-remarks that are confused in with Steven's apologies.
"You have no right to criticize a critic—"

"Our apologies," Steven interjects - eyeing Justin to try and shut him up. "We didn't really mean any offense, it's just—"
"We know what we're doing, girl," Justin cuts Steven off and sets his jaw, looking more comical than threatening.

"Hey!" says a voice from behind Chenda. "Leave the girl, alone you two! She's not interested in you." Behind Chenda is the man who was yelling at the kiosk attendant who spilled his popcorn - and is now carrying a fresh tub of it. He is 6'2", with brown hair, a short beard and he has popcorn crumbs down his front.

"I just /did/," Chenda says flatly to Justin. "Deal." She turns to Steven. "I get that you're trying to smooth things over, but you're in the wrong place to criticize fashion or my choice of companions, especially since you both came with dates. Do they know you're having this conversation with me? We'd all probably better cut it out before they see this."
She blinks again as there's a very loud interruption. Now she has /three/ people to deal with. "Um, thank you sir. I'm handling it," she replies, managing a faintly plastic smile for this new person.

The newcomer cuts off the protests of both Justin and Steven who attempt - at the same time, and in their own unique ways - to both rebuke Chenda and excuse themselves. The bearded man, looking down at Chenda, gives an oily smile of his own. "Are you sure, sweetheart?" he asks in a Southern accent. "I couldn't help but notice you're here on your own, being bothered by these guys, when you could be with me. What film are you here to see? I was going to watch Darkfriends. Maybe we can enjoy it together?" He smiles again at Chenda as Justin and Steven turn toward *each other* and start to bicker like an old married couple. And where is Tom?

Chenda just ignores Justin and Steven, who aren't exactly understandable right now anyway, since they're talking over each other. The oily stranger with the popcorn, on the other hand, gets her full attention. "Thank you for your offer, sir, but I'm here with a friend who'll be back any time now. Please excuse me." She could say more, really, and more emphatically, but this isn't the place or time. Instead, she gives the man a casual salute and strides away, towards the wrong movie viewing room. But only until she gets into a knot of crowd, and can lose him with visual clutter and her own lack of height.

The bearded stranger who was yelling about his popcorn - and now seems intent on pursuing Chenda - pursues! This guy does not like being denied. The 'fashion critics' are left behind, bickering between each other, as the other man jogs after Chenda, wending his way through the crowd and calling out occasionally. "Hey! Wait up! I just helped you out with those two goons - wait up. I just wanna talk, you know!" That may or may not be true, but he is gaining on Chenda quickly as she strides out of the foyer toward the movie viewing room.

Tom, on the other hand, is still missing. It has been some time since he vanished into the Men's Room, and he has yet to come out. Instead, a red-haired teenager bursts out of there, runs into a queue of people at the concession stand and starts causing a ruckus on the other side of the foyer from where Chenda is. It is only after this that the russet-maned and goateed Tom Revelin pokes his head out of the restroom, his attention in the opposite direction from Chenda.

Chenda glances back at the sound of that shouting… yup, he's chasing her now. Of all the blasted luck! And she knows better than to think that darting into the women's restroom will help.
So, time to improvise. And there's no better time than while that red-haired teener is making himself such a good distraction! She weaves into a particularly thick knot of crowd, taking advantage of her small size versus his hugeness. While she's out of sight, she ducks her head and whips off her beanie and stuffs it into a hip pocket, then slips off her jacket and ties it around her waist. Thus altered, she slips out of that knot again and turns in the direction of the viewing room for /Darkfriends/. Maybe Tom's in there by now.

"Come back - hey! C'mon… I'm not tryin' to - hey! Where…?" The fellow in pursuit loses sight of Chenda and glances about, popcorn in one arm - his other upraised to scratch his head. He starts moving forward again, forcing his way through the crowd toward the cinema, scanning again. This dude is stubborn.

Meanwhile at the opposite end of the foyer, a red-haired teenager is flailing around at thin air, attacking 'something' and yelling loudly. Security are moving in and a second familiar face appears at the entrance to the Men's Room - Mike. Tom exchanges words with his friend before the two disappear back into the Men's Room once more.

The two 'fashion critics' - Steven and Justin - start walking hand in hand toward the movie viewing room, their steps taking them toward the theatre into which Chenda disappeared.

Oh, crap. It's like the universe simply decided to amass all of Chenda's irritations from the past hour into one place, the same one as the movie she's been wanting to see. The gypsy girl sighs inwardly and slips through a gap to hide behind one of the curtains that hangs beside the walls, hiding the age-scarred brick of the theater from view. Through the gap she watches the theater, to see where Popcorn Man and the two 'fashion critics' decide to sit… since that's where she definitely won't be.

The satyr returns! Some minutes after venturing - again - into the Men's Room (what on earth kept him in there???), Tom emerges with packets of crisps and two bottle of soda. Mike is nowhere to be seen, and the red-haired teenager is also gone - carried off by security perhaps. There is, however, a great big mess of popcorn lying across the foyer where he was…
Tom immediately starts looking around for Chenda, but, since he cannot see her, he immediately makes his way through the crowd toward the theatre marked 'Darkfriends'. He passes Justin and Steven, the ones who were staring before at his date and frowns. Where is she?

The two girls who were with Justin and Steven originally, finally return from the Ladies' Room and join them on their way to see the same movie. Justin speaks up, "You should have seen the hairy one with the girl we just saw. A *mane* of hair, and the clothes… trousers too long. Terrible taste. He walks strangely too—" he cuts off as he sees Tom approaching. All of them are now visible to Chenda, as is the 'popcorn man' who is pacing back and forth in front of the gap where Chenda is hiding, looking for her still.

This is taking far too long… and here comes Tom! Chenda curses silently, glaring invisibly at Popcorn Man. Time to get rid of a pest.
Chenda cups her hands, calling up a power seed that's more bang than flash. Holding it tightly to mute its telltale glow, she waits for Popcorn Man to pass in front of the gap in the curtain again. When he pauses to turn, she slips the seed into the popcorn bucket, pushing it down some for better effect, then pulls her arm back behind the curtain. 3… 2… 1…

There is a bang! Not a gunshot 'bang' or an explosion 'bang' but more like the 'bang' of a party cracker…inside a tub of popcorn.
And after the bang it rains popcorn. 'Popcorn Man' yelps in terror as his munchies are spread all over the cinema floor and several other people nearby duck and cover at the sound. One disgruntled old man gets popcorn in his cup of coca-cola and starts complaining. Security begin moving toward the fellow who can no longer be called 'Popcorn Man' and start having words with him about causing disturbances.

Nearby, Steven, Justin and their two female friends all squeal seemingly at the same pitch and run the opposite way - nearly knocking Tom over. They do not stop to find out what is going on - but popcorn-rain must be a bad omen.

Tom on the other hand, leaping upward in surprise at the sound, recognises it and dodges around the former 'Popcorn Man' and the security guard to make his way to the Darkfriends showing room, waving his ticket for the attendant to see.
"Chenda!" He hisses intently, hoping not to draw other attention. "Where are you? What's going on? Are you alright? Chenda…?"

It worked… and yet not. He's /still/ not gone, which means she can't get out and get to Tom! Chenda bites her lip to keep from cursing aloud. She won't be able to move with those security types around. The space behind the curtain isn't deep enough not to billow as she moves.
One more try, then. She ever-so-slowly lowers herself into a low crouch, waiting until the security men and women are watching Popcorn Man's face, then reaches out once more. She barely brushes the leg of his pants with a finger, and they vanish with a low *POOF* that might not be audible over their arguing. Instantly her arm is back behind the curtain. Maybe now he'll move! Or they'll make him move!

With the 'fashion critics' and their friends gone, only 'Popcorn Man' remains to potentially vex the hidden Chenda. As his trousers are surreptitiously converted to energy with a faint 'poof' he glances down and yelps again. He puts his hands over his groin to conceal his love-heart-spangled boxers and immediately tries to flee. The security guards reach for him, but miss his arms and are forced to pursue, calling for the now trouserless man to halt.

Tom, his attention drawn to the event, bursts out laughing. He comes to stand right next to where Chenda is hiding, unashamedly chuckling at the other fellow's predicament.
"Ooooh, mate!" he exclaims softly, speaking probably to himself as he cannot see her. "Would you look at that. There's a story right there. OK, Chenda - where are you?"

"Right beside you!" Chenda hisses as she stands, stepping from behind the curtain. "I thought he was never gonna go away. That guy's been following me almost since you stepped off to the john," she explains, finger-combing her mussed hair back into some semblance of order.

Tom bends down to help Chenda stand - even though he probably doesn't need to - and gives her a quick once-over. "Jeez," he whispers in amazement. "Sounds like you have some story to tell." He grins, and holds up the sodas and crisps. "Well, so do I - you won't believe the trouble a guy has to go to, just to use the loo. Oh, and I saw Mike as well while you were… playing 'nuke the tail on the donkey' with that guy back there. So are we going to see this film after all? Or would you rather hightail it back to my place - or yours - for something quieter? We've probably missed the intro by now and half the film too."

"Maybe…" Chenda murmurs, with a rueful smile. "I must've taken longer to lose that guy than I thought, and for nothing. Sorry to drag you out here only to miss the movie."

Tom flashes a brilliant grin and goes to put an arm around Chenda. "Not to worry!" he exclaims in his usual cheery disposition. "We can still go in, if you like - it's up to you! Besides, I've had some fun - and I can't wait to tell you about it. And it seems you've got your own story as well. Name the place and we'll go."

"Your place. 'Cuz I doubt you want to wait to tell me, and I'm not that great at waiting, either," Chenda replies, grinning. "And if we tried to tell it during the movie, assuming we're lucky enough to have any left to see, we'd just miss it anyway." She points out the door. "Home, sir. And I can carry some of that."

Tom allows Chenda to take one of the sodas and the other packet of crisps, and then holds out his elbow - oh he's the gentleman now. "My place then. Well - it's too crowded to take the 'express' right now, so I suggest we walk, talk and have what fun we can. Ladies first too - who the hell was that guy, and why in the world did you 'poof' his trousers?"
Tom starts to walk off, beckoning to Chenda with his elbow to follow…

C'est fini~

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