2011 09 18 Beware Of Darkness

Log Title:
Beware of Darkness

Aurora, Ares

IC Date:
September 18th, 2011

Central Park, NYC

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Aurora happens by Ares fighting a supernatural being, but Jeanne-Marie walks away from the scene.


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The city of New York is beautiful when seen from above. The gleaming lights of the buildings, the slow crawling beams of car headlights criss-crossing across the city, the slow drift of low-hanging clouds all come together to make this great work of man to seem almost a living thing. No other city is quite like it, and would seem an almost entirely urban thing save for that great swath of green in the center of it.
Central Park has its own reputation, the cultivated man-made attempt at wilderness in the center of the world's largest city is known for the beauty it's able to present at times. The lakes that mark it, the gentle swaying trees, but for better or worse it is also known for the crimes that take place there.
Tonight, however, it's primarily a crime against nature that is in evidence. The trees serve to hide this thing from prying eyes from all those that might glance, save perhaps if one were high above and looking down. What such an individual might see would be flashes of purple and reddish light, flickers and blazes of beams that cast a copse of trees in long shadows so late at night.
Were one to look closer they would see what few beings have. A swirling reddish vortex of power slicing through the grove, tearing up branches and roots, knocking over trees left and right. It's a thing of energy, yet also a malevolent energy that seems to aim itself as it bears down viciously upon a tall man. A tall bearded man in jeans, and flannel… who holds his hand up against it.

Aurora is soaring in the air, enjoy the view that few can share, aside from the several heroes, mutants and villains who are gifted with abilities that allow them this rare pleasure. Normally she would take to aerobatic feats to entertain herself, or simply hunt down a good spot for entertainment of her choice, and then again the occasional crime fighting even though New York City is not in Canada. This evening, however, it looks as if an impromptu decision has been made for her.
She can easily spot the strange visuals down at Central Park below as she looks onwards from above, and intrigued by these otherworldly affects, she swoops on down to see for herself whether Aurora could offer her help to those in need, or at the very least, if there's something interesting behind all these glowing swirling energies.

The vortex is a roiling, surging, seething thing. It lashes at the man before it with wild tendrils that flicker back and forth even as within its form can be seen flickering images of a place entirely unlike what can be seen upon the planet. It's created a furrow in the ground over the course of the path it's travelled, leaving debris and detritus in its wake.
As Aurora swoops down she gets close enough to hear the hissing ethereal sounds of anger and fury as whatever the creature is rips up a tree from the ground and slashes forwards, slamming it straight into the man in front of it.
The tall man holds up his arms, forearms crossing before him even as that huge tree trunk crashes into him and completely seems to _crush_ him under its weight. The tree's embedded in the ground, and for a moment there's no sign of the man in flannel. Then there's a beat, and with a growl of movement the tree is knocked to the side. The man survived, relatively untouched… but now that vortex creature looms large over him.

Remaining a rather safe height above the battle below, Aurora takes a few moments to try and realize what is it that she is observing. She isn't sure who is creating that vortex, or if the vortex itself as alive, but she does know that the man battling this phenomenon likely has no use for her help when he manages to get up from being crashed with that tree—uprooted only moments earlier.
For now she plays the role of an audience member, albeit a flying one, edging a better closer for a better look but not interrupting. She just doesn't understand enough to get herself involved at this moment.

It's probably wise for her to keep her distance at the time as the energies that crackle back and forth between the creature and the man seem entirely otherworldly. There's a flash of light and for an instant the man in front of the creature seems entirely ominous, as if momentarily transformed into a tall creature of shadow, garbed in black armor that seems to drip blood spatters as it moves. And then in another instant the armor is gone and the man remains. There comes a crackling crescendo of sound and fury, and then with no warning… no fanfare, the vortex is gone.
The silence that races in to replace the cacophony of moments before is almost as disconcerting. The damage remains, the park is still a ragged furrow with scattered trees thrashed hither and yon. Yet for now it's quiet. It leaves the man down below alone for the time being, flickers of power licking across his strong frame and casting hints of light about him. Yet after another moment that too recedes.

Observing from a safe distance in the air, Aurora half wishes Shaman or Talisman could have been present as she knows how tricky otherworldly things can be and how magic usually does a better job dealing with them compared to anything else. Then the vortex disappears, as does the armor around the man who seemed to have eliminated it. Things looking a bit safer and apparations free, Aurora descends to have a better look at the man, which all things told, has quite an impressive physique.
"These were not an auditions to a Roman Galdiators movie, right? Just wanted to make sure…," Aurora quips as she floats closer to the man, "safe to assume you are some kind of hero?"

The tall man casts his gaze up at her, one eyebrow cocking as his expression shifts wry and perhaps a little stand-offish. He slides his hands into his pockets and then tells her casually, "You are fre to assume as you wish, girl." The only thing still supernatural that remains of him is the faint flicker of red deep in his gaze. He cants his head to the side, then starts to walk forward which just so happens to take him towards the young Aurora.
As he walks a pair of small shadows cling to the tall man's own, small wispy wraith-like things that seem to hound his step yet remain silent for now.

"Girl!?" Aurora seems a bit surprised by the casual dismissive manner in which the man speaks to her, "how about Aurora? Alpha Flight? You really never heard of me?" She then leans forward for a better look at Ares' visage, before murmuring, "are those contacts? Or is this your usual eye color, fire red is it?"
"Errr, don't look back now, but it looks like you got shadowy things following you there, is that supposed to happen?"

Usually Ares keeps a tight rein on his 'heralds' as they cling to his footsteps, the little shadowy creatures that were once so much more. They seem to swell as they manifest, growing more dark, and having red eyes themselves. They bracket the man's footsteps as he pause and then she'll hear their shrill voices as they raise them, railing at her.
// Foolish girl! You pretend to not recognize him, and you dare speak so to us, the Heralds of the Great Lord Ares! Ruler of the Underworld, God of WAR! In such a manner! //
The other wirling little shadow creature darts forwards and shakes an ethereal fist, // You are lucky he does not take your skull for his throne, that he doesn't not snap your spine and wear it as his belt! Cower, mortal, and beware! //
Then Ares, perhaps having had enough of it, gestures to the side. "Titus, Marius, quiet." And instantly they fall silent.

Aurora's eyes open wide, in what looks to be terror, as the shadowy creatures seem to expand and grow darker, their red eyes adding a menacing quality. "Get them away from me!" Aurora shrieks, dropping what short distance she had to the ground, and stumbling backwards fearfully, a glow of light starting to engulf her body.
"Demons!" Aurora cries out in horror, as the creatures snarl at her with booming voices, Aurora falls back most ungracefully on her rear end, before curling into the fetal position on the ground, shaking and covering her head with her hands, "please, sistairs, 'ave maircy! I will pray! I will be good!" She seems to not quite be all there for the moment, going into a shock of sorts, and curiously enough her words are suddenly thick with French Canadian accent, whereas moments ago she had no trace of accent.

Another small gesture is given, and suddenly the shadowy wisps flicker away, forced back to their home in the Underworld. It leaves them there alone in the park, the trees swaying, and one slowly rolling over on its side with a crunch. Ares tilts his head towards her and considers, "If you fear demons girl, then best you flee." He cocks an eyebrow at her curiously considering her reaction. There's no sympathy there, no thought for her well-being. There is a measure of consideration as he looks upon her, but if she is going to breakdown so abruptly at seeing such… well his thought is that perhaps she had best not be around such a demonic being as himself.

Jeanne-Marie is still cowering on the ground, all curled into herself and muttering broken prayers in French, looking frightened out of her mind. "I fear no daimon! I 'ave god on my zide! If you are aival spirit, you s'ould do zee worrying!" For a cowering young woman, she sure chooses her words strangely.

"Girl," Ares steps forwards and then he seems to set his jaw. Those dark eyes focus upon her and then with a strong effort he closes them fully. For a time his eyes tense, scrunching shut as he focuses… and then when he opens them the red is gone, leaving only the visage of John Aaron.

"Girl," Ares steps forwards and then he seems to set his jaw. Those dark eyes focus upon her and then with a strong effort he closes them fully. For a time his eyes tense, scrunching shut as he focuses… and then when he opens them the red is gone, leaving only the visage of John Aaron.
A step towards her is taken as he extends a rough and calloused hand. "My name is John Aaron, I'm…" And then he finds himself saying something he didn't expect to, ever. "I'm an Avenger." Alright a small white lie, he's half an Avenger, about. But still. "You are safe, girl." And to be fair, she is.

Extended a helping hand, and the demonic redness gone from Ares' eyes as he now stands before her as John Aaron, Jeanne-Marie reaches to take it and help herself up using John's offered hand. "Praise be to god, 'ee zaved your soul, you s'ould be grataiful." Upon hearing the man is an Avenger, Jeanne-Marie smiles, "I t'ank god eveain more, I am Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, I'm wit' Alpha Flight."

"Yes," And that single word lingers there. The man cocks an eyebrow at her again, expression distanced as he tries to think of something to say that won't send her scurrying again. He lifts his chin, "Are you capable of returning to those who are your teammates?" He looks around slowly, perhaps hoping Sasquatch will hop out of the woodline. Those dark eyes shift back to her and his gaze narrows, "Or do you require my assistance? It is dangerous to remain here."

"W'at kind of quaistion eez zat?" Jeanne-Marie looks quite offended by it, as she quickly adds, "I am more zan capable to care for myself! I am not in dangair, because I 'ave god on my side!" Not quite so pleased with John anymore, Jeanne-Marie turns to go about her way, curiously enough choosing to march away on foot, "'ave a good day, M'sieur!"

And, once she's out of sight, Ares' eyes return to their crimson glow and he shakes his head. "Mortals," Is all he says, and then the world tears asunder, another vortex rippling into being but this one allowing him to depart the scene. There's a flicker of light, then nothing.

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