2011 09 16 Ares Offers Aid

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Ares Offers Aid

Ares & Wonder Man

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Upper East Side

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Wonder Man encounters Ares in a diner. They talk about recent events. Ares offers his assistance in the matter with Graviton.


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Akin to Harry's Hideaway for the X-Men, the Grapevine Cafe is sometimes seen as the 'sneak away and cool off site' for a random Avenger. A place where they can get out of the Mansion and think about what just transpired.

In this case, it's Wonder Man's turn to get out and cool off. He's seen in half costume (jumpsuit with jacket) with shades as he bursts into the diner through the main door - nearly taking it off its hinges. The poor bell will never be the same.

He quickly apologizes to everyone who looks up from the disturbance and then he will say to the approaching waitress, "1, booth. Please." and she will grab a menu and say, "Come on sugar."

Meanwhile, everyone will go back to their business since it's just another day in Manhattan.

Perhaps unknowing of the visiting frequency of said Avengers, another individual with some small measure of connection to the team has found himself passing the time there on the rare occasion. When he wanders in it's without fanfare, though there are the occasional doubletakes. He's a tall man, rivaling someone of Simon's size but not as striking. He's a bearded man, looking ragged, rough around the edges in jeans and flannel. His expression is a calm one, and is only brought out of some distant reverie at the bell's crunch and the arrival of Wonder Man. He recognizes the man, his brow furrows. One hand lifts to signal a small wave of acknowledgement. "Mr. Williams."

Turning around (since he wasn't led off by the waitress yet), Wonder Man addresses the man. His brow moves to furrow as he tries to recognize him but instead says as he gets the Hollywood smile thinking that it may be a fan so he hams it up, "Yes? Hello citizen. Would you like an autograph?" - he starts to fish into his pocket for the marks-a-lot.

The man with the dark reddish eyes cocks an eyebrow at Wonder Man. He smiles easily enough and gestures towards the seat opposite him as if offering. "I don't believe I am actually a citizen, my name's John Aaron. Ares if you like. I never did the paperwork." He then pauses and his brow furrows, "What are your autographs worth these days?

There's a moment of hesitation as Wonder Man sizes up the 'god?'. "Ares…" then as if he blinks behind his sunglasses, "Holy crap, you are Ares." and into the offered seat he slides. Then the typical superheroic question comes up when one powerful individual meets another, "Wait, this doesn't mean we're gonna fight, does it?"

"If you want to," The God of War does seem a touch mellow despite his reputation. He settles back into his seat, tilting his head to consider the actor across the way from him. "I'd just as soon not unless there's some sort of extenuating circumstance. I've lost track of the people I've offended of late." He lifts his chin, "You're an Avenger aren't you? How is Natalia these days?"

A smile rises from Wonder Man's relieved face. He really didn't want to fight, just not in the mood. "She's great, doing some undercover work right now and heck yeah, I'm an Avenger." is answered in his relaxing tone. "What brings you around?"

"Conflict usually." The tall bearded man's eyes drift across the room. His attention flows over the various mortals around them, then back towards Wonder Man. "It could be something going on now, or it could be something that might occur soon. I don't always have a great measure of foresight in that regard." He reaches forwards and takes up his own cup of tea and takes a sip. He sets it back down precisely in the center of its saucer. "Good to hear that she is doing well."

"Yeah, she's great but the rest of us aren't." Wonder Man admits, "Which is probably why you're here. Your hoodoo foretelling stuff. There's some bad juju going down and right now it seems we're spinning our wheels."

"Isn't that always the way though? Something or other threatening great epic downfall of this or that?" Ares seems to be rather calm, as if not fully engaged on what's going on around him. He cants his head to the side, "Enlighten me though. A year ago your Captain extracted an oath from me that I'm still bound to honor."

Having no clue what Oath Ares is talking about, Wonder Man regards the first question in the statement. In a lower voice trying not to spread the information around, "Graviton. He's kidnapped Wasp, Mockingbird, and some unknown heroine. We have no idea where he is, how to find him, or what we can do against him."

"Graviton. That's curious," Ares opens a hand towards Wonder Man and relates, "It was due to that villain that your leader had me swear that if he fell in conflict with that man that I would lend my aid to your comrades." He leans forwards a bit, as if only now actually engaged by the moment and his surroundings. "Has he fallen?"

"Who Cap? No. He's temporary acting chair during this crisis. Or until Hawkeye or Iron Man get settled back in Manhattan. Thor and Herc are both scouring the planet looking for leeds while the rest of us keep on high alert waiting to be called into action." Wonder Man relays all of this in a glowingly frustrated tone.

"Ah good, I'm sure Hercules is looking high and low in all of the most dangerous brothels known to man." There's a flicker of a smile upon the God's features, but it's only there for an instant. He straightens up and then Ares gestures to the side, "Well if it comes to a time where efforts must be focused, I still owe Natalia a favor or two, if not your leader."

"Dude, we'll be taking you up on that offer. Graviton needs to be taken down once and for all." Wonder Man admits a possible future and desired outcome to the ordeal. "So how do we get in touch with you?"

"I tend to move around more these days than I used to." There's a pause as Ares looks around the room, and then he looks back at Wonder Man. "If you wish I can have one of my heralds follow you and should you have need of me you would simply need to tell him."

"You have heralds?" Wonder Man asks with a raise of his tone that signals surprise and curiosity. "Dang, that's gotta be a hundred times better than a publicist or agent. And cost a lot less."

The grim man's expression sharpens to a hint of annoyance as he waves a hand to the side. "Comes with some responsibilities that have been thrust upon me." He straightens up in his chair, "The herald's name is Marius, and he will be silent until you call upon him. Once you do, just tell him to get me. If he says anything ignore him, he can be… loud."

"Uh?" Wonder Man says trying to figure out what, or who, Ares is talking about, "Marius?" he asks while glancing around the room for the 'friend' Ares may have in his pocket.

At the mention of his 'name', a small wisp of shadow, that before could only be seen as perhaps a slight hint of darkness at the corner of Ares' own shadow, seems to solidify and grow darker. It opens its 'eyes' above Ares' shoulder, gleaming red things that positively seethe.

Abruptly an ethereal voice rails angrily, // Foolish Mortal! How dare you call upon me early. Did you not hear his instructions? Did you not understand them? What you wish me to fetch Lord Ares now? Idiot! Imbecile! Ares should crush you, take your spine for his belt and your empty skull for his tankard. //

And as this thing rails, all of the faces around them seem to turn and just _look_ in the direction of the two men. As for Ares, he seems nonplussed and he simply says. "Marius, shut up." And so Marius does so.

Wonder Man's eyes grow large behind the glasses, he leans back some with the verbal assault and asserts that the creature on Ares' shoulder is none other than some mystical bird, "Oh." he says in response to it all realizing what it's all about.

"If you do have to talk to him, you might want to be patient. He was the First Man in Rome for a time." That having been said, Ares now starts to gain his feet, rising smoothly. One large hand slides into the pocket of his jeans and from within a few bills are produced and placed upon the table. "He'll do what is needed of him, however."

Still slightly unsure of the whole magic aspect of it all, Wonder Man sees the intended departure of Ares which clears all his concerns, "Will do, and thanks. And uh, try to stay out of trouble."

The Greek God offers a small smile then continues to walk towards the door, still being marginally stared at by most of the people, though Simon probably also has his fair share of stares as well.

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