2011 09 15 Random Flights

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Random Flights

Aurora and Havok

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Poolside, Xavier Mansion

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Alex sunbathes, Aurora visits.


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Wearing kakki shorts, Alex Summers appears as if he's taking the day off. Lounging just feet from the pool, Alex wears sunglasses, no shoes (flip flops are nearby) and seems to be mostly asleep in the afternoon sun. Next to him is a half empty tall glass with an umbrella in it and the likes of some mixed drink. Also next to the drink is a light green t-shirt with some writing upon it. His eyes are closed while he listens to the lapping of the water of the pool against its side and the soulful sounds of jazz being emitted from hidden faux rocks that are found in the surrounding decorations.

Flying up in the sky is one of Alpha Flight's more popular members, at least amongst the male population of Canada. As things have been quiet recently in Canada, she's taken advantage of her super speed and flight to take more visits to the United States. Flying over Xavier Estate, she spots someone down by the pool and descends to better see who it is, "you guys don't mind visitors, do you?"

Alex, already reclined just need to listfully open his eyes and tilt his head back but a few degrees to see the heroine from whose voice arose, he blinks gathering a clearer view of the female and recognizes first the Maple Leaf then the person within it. The hint of a smile emerges as Alex says, "Not at all." is clearly returned with some enthusiasm rising.

There's definitely something about this impish woman before you, standing at 5'11" she seems to brighten up the area simply by being there, something about that playful nature of hers as she is graced with elfin features. Intense blue eyes set at a slight slant, radiating mischievous mirth where she looks. A pair of pointed ears grants her an impish charm. High cheek bones and a relatively pale skin only add to the elfish impression she gives. She does cover for her pale skin with tasteful application of makeup. Her hair seems quite fantastic as well; it is unruly with wild impish waves and is the peculiar color of jet black with silver streaks, reaching just past her shoulder-blades.

Right now the woman is dressed in a tight fitting body suit of exceptional material that highlights every curve of her feminine form. The suit itself is pitch black, but has some white marking in parts. The boots and gloves are bright white and end with a design of rays of light towards the elbows and calves. The area around the neck and shoulders is white as well, featuring pointed rays of light design as well, the longest of which goes directly down in between her breasts, and down each upper arm. On her left hip there's one half of a white bright star, but the rest of it continues along her side, with its other half set across her back at the left side, just above her. Still from a front view it looks like a star cut in half, incomplete, missing the other part to be whole.

With Alex showing no objection, Aurora descends the rest of the way until her feet touch the ground, motioning back behind her at the pool, she quips, "do I need to sign up for membership if I ever want to use your pool? Or do friends get a free pass?" As she asks, she takes a better look at Alex and takes a few steps closer, "are you Summers' brother?"

Deciding it would be rude for him not to raise up and greet her, Alex will grab the back of the lounge chair above his head and pull it forward as he raises to a seated position, "The only requirements for pool use is a two piece bikini."

Once he's assured that his chair is in the right place, he takes off his glasses to reveal his blue eyes. "I'm Alex. The other Summers' brother. And you're Aurora of Alpha Flight."

Aurora inclines her head at Alex's rather playful, "than it's a good thing the only bathing suits I own are two piece bikinis," she seems rather unfazed by slight teasing, whereas other women within the hero community may have given him a piece of their minds. "Alex, pleased to meet you…" she extends her hand in a friendly gesture, "I heard Scott had a brother, but you don't sound anything like him." She does take a bit of a playful curtsey when Alex seems to already know who she is, "hey, didn't expect to be recognized in the States, I guess I'm moving up in the world."

Alex will take the hand offered, give a gentle squeeze assuring that he's not a floundering fish and he replies, "You're required reading down here. Then again I'm surprised we're not up at Department H." Alex questions as he releases and indicates a nearby lounge chair, "Join me?"

He avoids the being nothing like Scott comment, comments like that normally turn into pissing matches.

Aurora smiles as she shakes hands with Alex, asking, "are you a member of the X-Men these days? I didn't see you with them when they last crossed the border to Canada." Laughing, Aurora takes the invitation and moves to settle down on the lounge chair, "it's a good thing we're not in Department H right now, way too official, and no swimming pool besides those set purely for exercise swimming, so boring." As she sits down, Aurora looks at Alex with a slightly arched brow, "so…required reading am I? How come?"

His kakki shorts are somewhat baggy and extend down to mid thigh. His muscular frame is well defined, tanned, and there's no urge to cover himself up. Alex maintains a relaxed and confident posture having no concerns about the situation. This is his turf and he's not being a leader right now. So it's all casual.

"Guess we need to update our files. As it stands, though, I'm just reserve." He too shifts some where he can get a clear look, "Isn't everyone required reading? I mean, you need to not only know your enemies, but also your allies. Scott runs a tight ship around here."

While Alex has no urge to cover himself up, Aurora isn't shy from giving him a very thorough visual examination, looking up and down his body as if measuring him. "Ah, reserve, so they don't really count on you for the big stuff, do they?" Aurora teases immediately, despite having just met Alex, she's easygoing that way. "Oh please, if James or Heather would force me to read stuff I'd be out of Alpha Flight already. Who wants to do that, I mean, we're not school kids, are we? Your brother really is a total bore."

Noticing that she's noticing him, Alex has no reservations about his body or the shape it's in. Listening to her words, he considers and relays, "Must be nice." reflecting how they don't have to do homework. He however does defend his brother, somewhat "Scott might be a bore and a tight ass, but he's really got the leader position nailed." which shows that Alex does have some admiration for his brother and leaves the statement open to translation by Aurora.

"For me, it is, other people have to do all kinds of stuff, I just don't really care for it," Aurora points out, before noting rather sagely, "life's too short to bother with things that aren't fun, don't you agree?" As Alex speaks on behalf of Scott, she shrugs, "I've met Cyclops, and all I can say is I'm glad I don't have to take orders from him. Then again, I suppose that suggests he is a competent leader at the very least."

Alex is in tune with her remark about doing things that are fun and life being too short. It's likely something that he's been struggling with recently because he actually needed to hear it conveyed by a complete stranger. Reaffirmation of something he's long forgotten.

With eyes that seem to have a new spark to them, Alex begins to smile inwardly as well as out while reflecting her words and not even considering the whole Cyclops part of the statement.

"You know, you're absolutely right." is stated as Alex leans forward, parting his legs around the lounge chair and then pushing himself up as he grabs his shirt - all in one simple fluid motion. "You want to go out, see what fun we can get into?"

"Of course I know I'm absolutely right, that's why I said what I said, it's just a fact a lot of people choose to ignore and then they wonder why they're so stressful and miserable," Aurora shakes her head and mockingly makes a 'tsk' sound, "we'd all be better of if more people allowed themselves to enjoy life. Joie de vivre is so important!" Grinning impishly at Alex, Aurora herself gets up from her seat, "is this just an invitation to go out and have fun, or you asking me on a date?" She looks at Alex intently, as if not sure herself what to make of it.

With a split second of confusion in her question, Alex shrugs having an answer, "You, me, and 2 million of our closest friends out on the town in Manhattan. I don't think it's a date until if and when we go out again. Right now it's two people having fun in the city, no strings, no expectations, no nothing." and will place his half folded shirt over his left shoulder as a closure to his remark.

"Hmmm…very well, we'll go out for some fun together, I'll just go change into something more conspicuous," Aurora says with a wink, "I guess I'll come back to meet you here? That works?"

"Penn station in 3 hours. Which judging by your speed reports, that'll give you 2 hours and 59 minutes to get ready." Alex says with a muse at her documented speed capabilities.

"I'll have to ask you later more about these reports you have about me," Aurora quips, before adding, "see you then," and taking into the air once more, leaving a blurry streak of glowing light in her wake.

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