2011 09 14 Haai

Log Title: Haaai
Characters: Phantasm and The Vision
IC Date: 14 Sept 2011
Location: Observation Deck - Empire State Building
Brief Log Summary: During Vision's search around the city for a rogue bit of AI, he comes across a rather frowny man and a very familiar looking raven.
Rating: G
There is no TS in this log: Yes


-==[ Observation Deck - Empire State Building - New York ]==--——

The eighty-sixth floor observatory, one thousand and fifty feet (three hundred and twenty meters) up, reached by high-speed, automatic elevators, has both a glass-enclosed area, which is heated in winter and cooled in summer, and spacious outdoor promenades on all four sides of the building. High-powered binoculars are available on the promenades for the convenience of visitors at a minimal cost. A snack bar and souvenir counters are also located in the observatory. The observatory is handicap accessible, and its hours are as follows: Nine-thirty A.M. to Midnight daily. Last elevators go up at eleven-fifteen P.M. Open year-round.

The deck is lined with razor-wire-topped iron grating nearly twenty feet tall, though the bars are spacious enough to allow a good view. Security is always visible, and though firm when it's time to leave, they're certainly friendly and helpful, and almost as knowledgeable about the building as the tour guides.


The Vision

Obvious Exits:

[O] - Empire State Building - New Yo [U] - Heart of the City - Rooftops -

When one has the right location, the view of New York can be quite beautiful at night. One of these right locations just so happens to be the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building where a sizable number of tourists make their trek to gain their glimpse of the city that never sleeps. Due to the popularity, the building has quite an accomodating schedule allowing for people of varying times of wakefulness a chance to go up. However, in the final minutes of observation there is little in terms of foot traffic. A solitary man stands to one side of the deck, glancing quietly to the view below. Hands tucked into his coat, he frowns quietly, peeking through the tall fence that is in place to prevent the more suicidal of visitors. Another form watches, sitting upon the actual grating, drawing little concern from those who may view him. This visitor is a purplish black bird. He too is quiet, and quite possibly frowning.

Another latecomer to the Observation Deck is a rather plain looking man. He's got salt and pepper hair, appears to be a pale caucasian and wearing a muted yellow trenchcoat. This individual steps off the elevator leading to the observation deck. He stands there by the elevator for a moment, hands in the pockets of the trenchcoat. He slowly looks side to side at the mostly vacant observation deck. His head cants upwards and his gaze appears to follow the top edges of the wall.

Indeed quite late. To the sound of another coming to the observation deck, the frowning man starts, glancing towards the trenchcoated man. An odd expression forms upon his face before he turns back. Looking through the fence to the ground below once again.

The bird's head turns, glancing to the newcomer as well before he looks to the man below him. What an odd, nosy bird.

The trench-clad man appears to not pay the frowning man any mind. His attention is oddly on the walls. The man's lips purse a little bit. There is a shake of his head and the figure heads over towards the fenced area. His stride is casual and he sidles up next to the frowning individual. He looks through the fence and says idlly, "Some view." He tries to sound conversational.

Not expecting actual conversation, the other man's eyes shift, glancing back to the trench coated man for a moment before once again allowing his attention to be captured by the ground below. "Yeah. Quiet too." There's an emphasis upon the word 'quiet' as his eyes flit up to the top of the fence where the bird rests. "Despite the company."

The bird's head tilts as he gives a twisted caw, sounding more like a greeting. "Haaai."

The pale man humphs, "Yes. Yes, it's quiet. Now." At the cawing of the raven, the trench-clad figure cuts his non-descript eyes to the side to look at it. An eyebrow raises at the odd verbalization from the bird. The figure looks up and around the deck as if he's looking for something in particular.

The frowning man starts to chuckle to the greeting. "Seems to be all that bird can say." He gives a small sigh before shaking his head, starting to turn around and walk towards the exit.

The bird's eyes fix on the trench-coated man, as if to get a 'What?' look.

"Thankfully." The trench-clad man says in a humorless tone. He turns his head and looks at the frowning man, "If it were to say much more…" he pauses, "…than we would likely have a scientific curiosity on our hands." As he sees the man heading off to the exit, "Good evening." not prying into the frowning, head shaking or sighing.

There is a murmur and a half-assed wave of the hand as the frowning man moves off, leaving the observation deck to just Vision, and the bird with the one word vocabulary. The raven ruffles his feathers as he watches the other man make his leave. "…Haaai."

As the other man makes his leave, the trench-clad fellow turns towards the direction of the Raven. Having only been able to see the avian through normal means, the trench-clad figure tilts his head slightly. He calls out to the Raven, "You are one familiar Corvus Corax."

With him being the only other being on the observation deck, it doesn't take much to figure out that Vision's talking to him. Even if the Raven's unsure what a Corvus whatsit is. The head tilts, mirroring the trench coated man's movements. "…Haaai."

The holographic disguise flickers, intentionally, the salt and pepper hair and pale image flicker to reveal the inhuman visage of the Vision. The flicker lasts but a couple of moments. The Vision says to the raven, "Indeed. I can only see you visually and you do not come up on any other scans. Are you the sentient being who assisted me with an errent Scientist?"

The Raven's somewhat dumb expression falters as there is a bit of clarification to why he looks familiar to Vision. The vocabulary improves greatly as his beak seemingly smiles, "Oh hey," the bird lifts a wing in a wave, "Didn't recognize you with the uh, human look." The wing lowers before he hops down halway. Legs shift to the side to 'stand' on the side of the fence to bring him to eye level, "And it's shorter to call me Phantasm rather than all of that other stuff."

The human looking Vision nods at the bird and the clarification that it gives him. Vizh says, "Phantasm; Indeed. That is not really a name that I would associate with a bird. Edgar; Allen; Poe. Perhaps. Not Phantasm." He looks past the bird and towards the outside past the fence, "Taking the opportunity to catch the view before it gets busy up here, again?"

"Then people would wonder why I was called Poe whenever I took another form." The now named Phantasm replies, glancing back to the scenery. "Neighborhood's quiet." Phantasm comments, "People don't want to get in trouble when they have to get up for work in the morning. Homes are occupied so there are less issues involving break-ins." The bird gives a shrug, "This place is as good as anywhere else for passing the time." The head tilts back, "And you?"

"Searching." The Vision answers the bird without addressing his quip regarding the name or any questions that arise from that quip. The Human-looking Vision says, "There have been Rogue AIs that were unleashed into some private networks that I am looking into for the various governmental agencies. I had a suspicion that there was a signal repeater here that I could study. I was incorrect."

The bird blinks at the explanation before glancing towards the wall that Vision had been looking at earlier. "A computer virus?"

"Similar." Confirms the Synthezoid. He raises a hand to halt any further questions, "It is of no consequence at the moment. My 'hunch' was in error." He looks back towards the Raven, "It was agreeable to run into you again, Phantasm. However, I must be off. If my hunch was wrong about here than that just means the repeater was moved elsewhere. I need to figure out who did it."

The bird gives a nod, "Uh alright. Good luck with that." His head tilts, "And, if you want my help again for something, just check around the Chelsea area any night but Sunday. Ravens aren't THAT common in cities."


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