2011 09 12 Mockingbird Abducted

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The Abduction of Mockingbird

Graviton & Mockingbird

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Lower East Side

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Graviton approaches Mockingbird about joining his royal court.


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The evenings have cooled some since the fading of the summer. Yet at sea level, Manhattan is still somewhat humid and sticky even at 11pm. The night crowd is out and people are everywhere doing what it is Manhattanites do at this hour. Streets are occupied (but not wholly conjested) by vehicles, most of which are taxis. While sidewalks have pedestrians of all shape, size, nationality and origin.

The thing out of place, which no one (bystanders) has yet to notice is a man in a blue and white costume with a long blue cape flying around 90 feet in the air between the tall buildings. Graviton flies standing erect (legs down, head up) and seems to move with a forward motion while scouring the city with his vision and sense of gravitons.

In one of the seedier parts of the Lower East Side, the still of the night is interrupted by the chirp of a starter and the low rumble of a motorcycle's engine. Ever since Madame Masque's escape, Mockingbird has been canvasing the streets for any signs of the villain, or of her Hydra connections. Of course, Mock's own connections aren't as good in New York as they are out in California, but she's just getting re-established. As her contact slinks back into the shadows, Mockingbird eases the bike out of the alley and into the smooth flow of the late night traffic. The city is pretty clear for her through night vision glasses, but her attention remains mostly focused at street level.

Graviton catches a glimpse of the rider on the bike. He is more interested in that she's female first, then while following a few yards he starts to recognize the rider. They've met before, and was he ever humiliated. Trying to flirt with Mockingbird while the rest of the WCA were held to the ground, he was slipped a Mickey by Tigra dressed as a bartender. How pathetic was that for Graviton.

Graviton smiles and continues to watch from 90 feet up.

Bobbi eases the bike out into traffic and moves smoothly through the gears, accelerating. The long coat flutters in the wind, as does her streaming blonde hair. The heroine is distracted by her own thoughts, just now. What was Madame Masque doing smuggling experimental arms into New York, anyway? There HAS to be more to it than that. Masque isn't a two-bit arms dealer, and she sure as hell isn't going to spend Hydra resources just to arm gangs on the Lower East Side. Downshifting, she twists the throttle and lets the sudden acceleration clear her head a bit as she weaves through traffic.

Prone to the dramatic, Graviton isn't one to just rip Bobbi off her bike. He's more inclined to rip the street up several yards in front of her.

As she accelerates he sees his opportunity and will seize the moment. 30 yards in front of Bobbi, the road/sidewalk will be ripped off the ground beneath and form a wall of concrete/asphalt that extends from building wall to building wall and is 20 feet tall. Some cars are pushed back, others topple onto their backs. Pedestrians do the same as they're being blocked from further advancement. Panic will set in in a matter of seconds.

Bobbi is enjoying the wind in her hair when suddenly everything seems to go all wrong. Wandering thoughts return suddenly, and Mockingbird voices them in her usual, succint, manner. "… shit." The bike is going way too fast for her to stop in time, even if the cars weren't in the way. She'll wonder how the pavement suddenly got vertical another time; right now she needs to save herself first, and the bike second. Laying it down really isn't an option, so she comes up with Plan B. Blue eyes dart quickly amongst the rapidly-approaching wall of cars, and she finds her route.

It's a taxi that's flipped onto it's top, the crowding vehicles turning it so it's nosing towards her. Blue eyes squint and she aims towards it, kicking the throttle back to pop the front wheel up at the last second. The bike rumbles up the impromptu ramp, and Mockingbird shifts her attention to the approaching wall as she kicks away from it. Airborn, she spreads her arms wide and arches as she reaches apogee, controlling her descent with coat fluttering behind. It looks like she'll actually make the top of the wall, too, although the bike doesn't fare nearly so well.

Graviton is impressed with the display of prowess and skill. As he watches Bobbi sail upward toward the apex of the wall, he raises his right hand toward her and will give her that additional momentum to sail up beyond the wall and well beyond what normal momentum would offer. Instead, she will find herself landing atop a 50 floor bank building in such a way that she'll need to roll instead of coming to a skidding stop.

Okay, so she really didn't expect that but Mockingbird manages the roll anyway. It also answers some important, upcoming questions. She's an experienced enough acrobat to know when her fall is being tampered with, and the list of possible suspects narrows rapidly in her mind. Rolling longer than is necessary, she does a half-turn as she rises to face back the way she came. "Graviton? Did you miss me SO MUCH that you came all the way out to New York? I'm flattered, honey. Truly I am."

Graviton hovers closer finally over the rooftop that Bobbi has found perch. His arms crossed over his chest he watches with some admiration while his eyes size her up. "You should be, the master of gravity hasn't the time for just anyone." he replies. "Just the most beautiful."

Graviton has always had interest in beautiful women. That's one of his greatest motivators. His weaknesses are often a lack of imagination and given to distractions of the fairer sex.

Mockingbird just watches him as he hovers closer, and perhaps it's surprising that she doesn't go for her battle staves. Clucking her tongue, she grins back and takes a few, casual steps closer to the edge of the roof. "Then I most certainly AM flattered." she replies, putting a bit more sway into her walk than usual. "Although I've heard I wasn't the first girl you called when you hit the Big Apple, hmm? You've visited Jan already, and I never even got so much as a call."

"Had I known you were in town, you would have been first on my list." Graviton interjects trying to bend the conversation to make his position sound better. "I assumed you were still slumming with the West Coasters. But now I see I was wrong."

Beneath, the city street collapses onto the ground as he no longer cares to maintain.

Mockingbird continues her slow approach, even weaving the path a bit to be more casual. "Mm hmm. Nice try, Slick, but I've heard that one before." Putting on a fake-apologetic expression, she cups hands around her face dramatically and mock-whines. "But -darling-, I swear I would've called if only I -knew- you were in town. Honest!" Then the blonde snorts, her gaze only briefly distracted by the collapsing street. "Puh-LEASE…"

Graviton knows it's a ruse and he knows that she's only toying with him. Though he's intrigued with her (he seems to like blondes, then again he loves brunettes and redheads alike), he allows her to draw as close as she desires. He himself is just a foot off the rooftop and well within clubbing range. Her biggest concern should be his force field, which can deflect Thor's blows.

Instead of pursuing this thread of conversation, "Is that a new costume? You seem more 'pent up' in it rather than relaxed and free showing a lot of leg."

Mockingbird isn't stupid. She assumes he's got his forcefield up, and knows better than to try and club him. Folding arms over her chest, she cocks her hip and smirks at him. "Pent up? How do you mean? And in case you hadn't noticed, New York gets pretty damn -cold- in the winter. I'm not a Rockette, after all." Shifting her weight one side to the other, she adds. "So what brings you to the Big Apple these days?"

"I'm building an army." Graviton notes with his eyes being easily distracted by her sway and shifting. Poor guy is just a guy, and interested. "Would you care to join? I know how the Avengers treat their women. Disregarding and ignoring their needs. Needs that I can fulfill."

She wrinkles her nose at the offer, but keeps right on smiling all the same. "Again, I've heard the before, Charlie. So what're you offering? Favored status in your harem with Jan and the American-flag girl?" Mockingbird shakes her head, then adds. "Sorry, but you're gonna have to do better than that."

"There are of course levels, a hierarchy within my subjects. You being who you are would definitely afford you the right to be on top. That is if you could take down Janet. She's taken on such a role and has gotten all my subjects in line." Graviton says giving Bobbi the what's up on the Sky Island as well as where she could fit into his 'harem'. "But of course, if you were just interested in diamonds, rubies, emeralds, fine clothing, shoes as far as the eye can see and of course a position of power, that too can be arranged."

Mockingbird raises one foot to rest it on the roof's ledge while he talks. Arms folded over her chest, she cocks her head and smiles wryly. "So how did you get Jan to have a change of heart, then? She's not really into furs and bling, last time I checked. Was it the cookies?"

Graviton hovers toward the edge to her left approximately 4 feet away. "She came to the realization that being a woman and following her womanly desires was more invigorating and inspiring than being kept in a club of men that care nothing about exploring her needs and interests."

Mockingbird shakes her head slowly, hands moving to her hips now. "Following her womanly desires? What the hell is that supposed to mean, anyway? I mean, it sounds good on paper but I just don't buy it. And you're not exactly Susan B. Anthony, Grav. When did you take up the feminist banner, hmm?"

Graviton smiles with a slight release of his breath, "It is not a banner that I wave. It is the understanding and appreciation of the /woman/ and her needs. How long has it been since Hawkeye has brought you flowers, taken you to dinner, listened to what you really have to say, or even expressed himself beyond tactical commands."

Bobbi snorts softly at the mention of Hawkeye, and folds her arms again. "If you're looking to win me over, Grav, that's really not someplace you want to go." she replies, perhaps a bit too curtly. "And no offense, but you expect you'll have time to keep… what is it now?… THREE women satisfied. All in your spare time when you're not out fetching us furs and trinkets and whatnot. Sounds like a busy schedule to me."

His right arm raises his index finger to his lips, lightly touches as he recalls something personal then it moves to his temple. "I have my ways." - He is likely one of the most powerful of the regular Avenger's villains. Surely he has some talents beyond being a genius and graviton control.

Mockingbird's brows raise behind the large amber lenses, and her mind races. No, this guy's not known for being a suave lady's man. And yet he's confident… waaaay too confident. Something flickers in Bobbi's memory on the subject of influence with women, and for just a moment the blonde's hackles raise as she recalls her time in the Old West. And Phantom Rider. Relax Bobbi. A slow, deep breath clears those thoughts away, and after exhaling again she smiles. And she extends her hand. "How about you show me what you've got, then, Sport? And we'll see whether I'm interested in your little club."


Taken without a struggle. Unique. Graviton turns to her curiously and has the illusion that she's potentially not trying to trick him. Geniuses are so dumb.

Reaching over, "It would be my pleasure." he states then Graviton will take Bobbi's hand and she will feel the gravitational flux take her. Lifting, both are cast into the air with incredible speeds nearly straight up only to arc northwest after the city beneath is but a tiny glimmer beneath their feet.

Her hand tightens around his, and Mockingbird holds on as they're swept away in the gravitational field. Taken without a struggle? Perhaps. She knows that fighting would have followed a predictable conclusion, however. Mockingbird can't take Graviton. Not alone, anyway. And she strongly suspects he's done -something- to Jan and the other girl. Bobbi remembers when the Rider gave her a love potion, and she REALLY doesn't want to end up that way again. The way she sees it, remaining conscious and lucid is about her only chance out of this right now. And maybe she'll learn something to her advantage.

Within minutes, well above the cloud layer and likely higher than the stratosphere (not the one in Vegas). The stars can be used to guage their direction (toward Canada's northwestern provinces). The speed was incredibilly fast but slows as she can start to make out another Sky Island floating just above the cloud layer. He circles it allowing her to take in the splendors of the inverted mountain and the palace upon its surface.

"Welcome to my kingdom, Mockingbird." is said prior to setting down within the palace walls.

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