2011 09 10 Helicopter Crash

Log Title:
Helicopter Crash

Aurora, Spider-Man

IC Date:
September 10th, 2011

New York City

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A helicopter plummets due to a malfunction, Spider-Man and Aurora rescue the people on board


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Evenings in New York City are no less active than the days. The city comes to life in an entirely other manner, the crowds change, the people are there for other reasons. Shows are visited, tourists wander about, and the nightlife kicks off with a vivacity that's impressive, and tonight's no exception.
The lights of the skyline gleam like low-hanging stars, partially obscured behind the faint haze of the occasional drifting cloud and giving an almost ethereal look to the great city. Far below the people move about, crowds ebbing and flowing at the signal of street lights and moving in flocks together. There on Broadway so many people are standing along the sidewalk, intermission having let people out of the recent show 'Batguy: I am the Night' so that folks can smoke and eat and enjoy. Then high above there are the lights of the occasional plane passing overhead, the steady motion of the commercial elite's helicopters flittering their people hither and yon.
Though tonight, above most of it, there is one figure that's barely noticably against the skyline. A slim lithe silhouette of a man in red and blue, darting across the sky and unseen save for the hint of a blur.
The Spectacular Spider-Man is in mid-leap, having let go of a webline and letting himself fall into space. His form twists, turns as it plummets, one arm darting out to fire another webline with a /thwip!/ that catches the corner of a building. In a smooth arc his descent is transformed from a fall into an easy swing. The speed of the descent being transferred back up into space and sending his thin frame hurtling back into space.
He twists, letting go of the line as he runs parallel along the gleaming side of a tall skyscraper. His gloved fingertips reaching out to caress the side of the building even as he runs along it sideways, then pauses to catch a solitary flagpole off the building. He loops around it twice, ending in a perch upon the balls of his feet as he looks out across the city, "Friday night, and here I am again. Typical." Spidey tsk tsks at himself idly as his thoughts drift for an instant.
Of course it's then in that instant that his spider-sense buzzes a loud warning, interrupting his thoughts. His eyes shift to the side abruptly… and there off in the distance… one of those helicopters so ubiquitous throughout New York's skyline, seems to be spouting smoke and flame out of the back of it.

Serving on Alpha Flight surely is an honor, an official government team of Superheroes that protect Canada from all kinds of extraordinary threats, from super villains, to aliens and at times even Asgardian gods and Great Beasts. However, Canada for the most part is not as frequently threatened as the United States, nor does it offer the same constant level of thrills around the clock. So one particular thrill seeking member of Alpha Flight, does enjoy the occasional (okay…the very frequent) trips to the United States, particularly to the city that never sleeps.
Always new heroes to meet, new villains to fight, and many hotspots for fun and entertainment. Of course the fact that there are all kinds of fetching guys could also have something to do with these visits. Right now, however, Aurora has spotted a curiosity in the form of the swinging webhead. She's heard of Spider-Man, to be sure, but never had the chance to meet him. So it is that she follows his swinging motions from above, curious to see what he does in his daily routine. However, not having his spider-sense, Aurora has not yet caught sight of the helicopters swiftly running into trouble, being far too focused on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The helicopter is hurtling down, the rotorblades visibly rotating slower than they should as smoke trails from its tail. The pilot must be one heck of a one as he's somehow able to keep the helicopter somewhat steady despite the deadened stick. The blinking blue and red lights grow larger as the chopper falls out of the sky, plummeting down… down down towards the gathered crowds of the city all along Broadway and awaiting their return into the theaters.
It doesn't take much from below to get a crowd going. At first it's just a few fingers lifted, pointing. Then a woman screams. That's the moment when eyes are drawn upwards, voices lifted in shouting, and suddenly people start scattering as the first touches of chaos begin to break out.
As for Spider-Man, however, he's wasted no time. He's moving, leaping off of the building, firing a pair of weblines and /sling-shotting/ himself at speed towards the path of the helicopter. His spider-sense is still wailing in his mind, and his voice is low as he murmurs to himself. "Sometimes I wish I'd gotten like Eagle DNA. You know, Eagle-Man. JJ wouldn't trash a guy named Eagle-Man nearly as much."
And even as he cuts across the night sky, he knows it's going to be close. Damned close.
From afar, Spider-Man needs a brief afk, brb!

With Spider-Man moving to prevent a disaster, Aurora's gaze finally locks on the descending helicopter, if she'd knew Spider-Man a little bit better perhaps she'd know what to expect but as she doesn't, she quickly tries to devise her own plan weighing her option.
The easiest will always be to ram the helicopter out of the path of the people, but then it also means likely ramming it into a skyscrapper. This has her wondering why the New Yorkers insist on having such tall buildings, but while she ponders, time moves on an a danger nears even further. Eventually she settles for the more necessary of choices, help in clearing people, minimize damage. Just like that she swoops down in a blur of glowing light, making it hard to distinguish there's a person inside of that glowing streak, as she grabs people to forcefully distance them from the area of impending impact.

That sudden flickering of light, the blur of Aurora's motion goes unnoticed by most as their attention is rapt upon the falling helicopter. She hurtles from one person to another, getting the crash sight clear in a steadily widening circle as more and more people realize that the chopper is coming down right at then. There's a burst of light, a crackle of flame as a piece of the chopper explodes off the back of it and hurtles downwards towards another part of the crowd…
Only to have the Amazing Spider-Man swing by, almost entirely at the last second as he releases his webline. He twists in mid-air, falling backwards as a web-shooter fires, snaring that falling flaming piece of wreckage and wrapping it up into a small net that's /thwapped/ against the side of a building out of the way.
Yet he's not finished. He flips up, landing upon the very lip of the building even as the helicopter hurtles past him towards the ground. There's no time for witty comments, casual repartee. He has to act quickly. Bracing himself as he can against the industrial concrete lip of the building, Spidey extends both arms and /fires/, twin weblines _thwipping_ to snare the back of the helicopter. The lines thin, tensing… then _snap_ taut as Spider-Man has to hold himself, hold on right there.
Inside his mind, just before the pain kicks in, Spidey's thoughts are along the lines of, // This may have been a mistake. // And then WHAM!
The helicopter's fall is slowwwwwed, the heavy vehicle straining the weblines. Above Spider-Man's curled partially over the edge of the building, his strong arms powerfully taut as he holds onto the falling vehicle, his head arched back as he groans. "The people, get them… out." He grunts, perhaps to himself, perhaps not.

Aurora continues to snatch people and put them down a safe distance, creating a safe radius for the helicopter to crash without claiming any unnecessary victims. It is only after she's finished clearing the area that she takes a moment to see how Spider-Man is doing, and it looks like he's facing some difficulty.
Her initial instinct is to try and help in supporting some of the weight of the falling helicopter, but Spider-Man calls out with the more sensible decision. She is so used to flying, she never really considers much the machines that fly about actually carry people, and within seconds she's already breached the door, taking people in her arms and bringing them safely to the ground. Her speed is such that there are parallel blurs of motions with her constant movement until finally she is there besides Spider-Man, offering a hand, "you want some help making the perfect landing or you're good?"

She could probably tell even as she was getting people out of the copter that his strength was giving. The chopper would jerk as it slowly would swing dangling from that heavy webline. Small bits of debris and broken concrete would fall from above as the wall threatened to giveway. It's only once she's got the people secure, when she appears at his side that he knows that now… it's okay, the years and years he'd been holding up the helicopter… all fifteen seconds of them in real time but to him… decades.
When she appears her voice reaches his consciousness only barely. The mirrored lenses in his visor reflect back her image to her, and a second later his voice lifts. "Me… nah… I'm… urk."
And that's when finally the webline snaps. Far below in that circle that Aurora had prepared the helicopter falls the last thirty feet to the ground _smashing_ into the concrete of the road and sidewalk. And, thanks to her efforts, not harming a single civilian.
As for Spidey, however, that's another story. The line snaps, he _flails_ backwards and lands heavily upon the gravelled rooftop sprawled and splayed the picture of utter exhaustion. For a time he just lies there, letting the sound of the chaos below wash over him, feeling the ache through his arms and chest.
"Ok… I think. I'm gonna take a nap now." He breathes slowly, heavily, "Yeah. A nap."
Then down below the crowd starts to come around, voices lift. "What happened?"
"Somebody shot down the helicopter."
"I saw, it was Spider-Man. He did it!"
Meanwhile emergency vehicles begin to roll up to the scene.

Aurora was about to extend her help and help Spider-Man down without the pain, but it seems fortune favors providing him with ample opportunities for reunions with pain. Aurora for her part flies along to land besides him, looking down at him curiously, nudging him with her foot, "are you okay, Spider-Man? I hear spiders are awfully resilient, although I gotta say you're kinda cute for a bug."
It is then that she hears the voices from down below and shakes her head, "is this how it is like here everytime? How come you Americans even have Superheroes, they're so ungrateful, it's appaling! You just saved lives and you get the blame for the accident, that's just unfair."

"Hm, wha?" Spider-Man, for his part, is content to lie there on the rooftop as he tries to recover from the crazy arduousness of the last few moments. "Oh, yeah. That, yeah. It's my other super power. I call it spidey-luck."
When she nudges him with her foot he scrunches up one eye to look at her. She seems hazy around the edges for a time, but then when the multiple versions of her stop dancing around his eyes he is able to focus and perhaps even recognize her. "All the girls say that,"
Slowly, with a groan he sits up, one gloved and bewebbed hand going to his shoulder as he grimaces with the pain. "Oh Spidey, you're so cute. And then I take off my mask and they're all, 'ohmigod you have mandibles and an ovipositor.' and I'm like, 'Babe, I'm Spider-Man.' and then there's screaming and crying."

"Spidey-Luck? Never heard of it, but I glad it's not something we share…in Canada when I save people I am usually thanked and adored, some people ask for pictures, some for a kiss, but they're all quite nice." Crossing her arms and looking over the edge of the roof, she snorts, "these people, however, I'd almost not bother to save them…they're lucky I'm not a bad girl."
That last bit of joking has Aurora looking at Spider-Man with genuine concern, she's as playful as anyone, but ugliness and insects is about where she draws the line. "If that's true can you please never remove that mask in my presence…" she assumes he is joking, but isn't willing to take a chance.

"I'll try to somehow manage to not rip it off in some sort of romantic display." There's something mildly bitter there in those words, hints of the past perhaps though then again it could just be his sense of humor.
Far below several ambulances are already pulling up and police cars. There's the sound of car doors being slammed and the helicopter wreckage is being doused in water from a fire hose. The police are circulating amongst the crowd, some of the people are pointing upwards towards the rooftop where they rest for now.
"It was Spider-Man officer, he saved those people, and this girl."
Then another voice, "No way, the girl was fightin' Spider-Man."
And the commotion continues.
Leaning forwards, still seated upon the rooftop, Spidey grimaces behind the mask and groans again as he slowly pushes himself up to his feet. As he rises she might finally get her first close look at him. He's thin, that's for sure, a little gangle. He's powerfully build, not like a bodybuilder but more like a swimmer or gymnast. And curiously enough… he's actually a couple inches shorter than she is. Those mirrored lenses meet her gaze as he says, "Thanks for the help, by the way. Don't know what I would've done without you being here." At least in this there's no joking.
Spider-Man pages: ugh, gangly, and built, not gangle and build.
Long distance to Spider-Man: Aurora grins.
You paged Spider-Man with 'BTW, loled at the girl was fighting spider-man line. You really have his terrible media PR down.'

"So Spider-Man partakes in romance as well? Never heard any exciting stories of the sorts, who have you been with?" The question perhaps a private one, but the French Canadian doesn't seem to have any qualms about discussing such topics with one who is essentially a total stranger.
Catching perhaps the genuine tone of his voice as he thanks her, Aurora smiles brightly, "you're very welcome, glad I could help…by the way, I really hope you were joking about the mandibles, because from the looks of it, you're definitely high potential. Nice trim athletic physique, nicely toned muscles, I bet you look real good outside of that costume…"

The young woman's directness takes him aback a half step. For once, for a split second, Spider-Man's speechless. If she could see his expression behind the mask she might get a hint to the incredulity there in his somewhat surprised eyes frozen features. But she can't quite read his masked expressions quite yet, so most likely isn't privy to such hints into his psyche. His voice, however, might be enough.
One hand comes up as a points at her, "Are you umm, vamping at me? I mean alright you're a beautiful woman and such. But c'mon, I've been vamped at by the best. I've been vamped at by Black Cat. Black Cat is a friend of mine. Madame you are no Black Cat." Though some would argue that's a good thing, him included. Perhaps she'll take the wry attempt at wit at face value and get offended, or she might see through it to the delaying tactic that it is.
From afar, Spider-Man's traditional response, deflect with humor!

There is one thing that Aurora does fancy about Spider-Man's mask, and that's the fact she can fix her hair after all that swift flying by using the reflection in his 'eyes', which is exactly what she's doing at the moment while waiting for his reply, not realizing she's just achieved what most can only dream of in keeping Spidey quiet for but a moment.
"Vamp…? I don't think so, I was only giving you a compliment, perhaps in hopes you may be persuaded to show a bit more of Spider-Man…?" Looks like the girl is shamelessly persistent, pretending not to have even heard the quip about the Black Cat, always easier to deal with such quips when she hasn't a clue who is the other girl being referred to. Common sense dictates that if the other girl was of any consequence, she would have heard about her in Canada too.

"Yes, well. Thank you." Spider-Man tries to accept the compliment with some measure of aplomb. He counters with, "Well I'm sure you… I mean you did a good job. So again, thanks." There's a small smile there, probably hoping she didn't catch what he was about to say or won't notice it, but then he adds. "And not to be a jerk or anything, but I'm not hugely like… a dating type."
A few steps carry him towards her and then to the side. He's still grimacing a bit as he rubs one of his shoulders, stepping up to perch on the balls of his feet upon the edge of the building. His side to her for now he says, "Also I don't usually stick around these shindigs too long, for obvious reasons."
As if on cue from far below a bullhorn keens and then words are hurled upwards, "Spider-Man, you are to be held for questioning. Do not move."

"I am Aurora of Alpha Flight, of course I did a good job, I'm always quite immaculate in how I work. That's why Canada counts on us," Aurora lets Spider-Man enjoy one of her more famous qualities, her splendid ability to appreciate and praise anything she does or has something to do with. "You're not a dating type?" Aurora arches a curious brow at that, "you mentioned a woman before, Black Cat you said? So…is she just for misdirection?" Unfortunately, it seems Aurora has drawn the wrong conclusion out of his attempt to push her advances away, after all, she knows no men could possibly resist her.
"I totally understand…of course, I'm sorry for causing you discomfort…I'll let you be on your way, and I'll be on mine…" stepping towards the edge of the building herself, Aurora quips, "I'll give you a distraction…." and with a brilliant flash of light she takes into the air, no doubt drawing attention from people below at the sudden brightness, which should give Spider-Man enough time to swing away from the other side of the building unnoticed if he cared for it.

"Uh yeah, I mean no not like that." That's all he manages as she steps off the side of the building and gives the public that brilliant display of glimmering light to focus upon. It causes the police officers to look away, even as some of the crowd's still holding up their phones to film what video they can for the youtubes.
Spidey, for his part, takes the chance. There's a /thwip!/ as a webline is fired, snapping into place upon the corner of a far building. When it snaps taut it helps propel Spider-Man off the side of the building and into the air. He grimaces, and there's not the same athletic theatrics to his motions right now. In fact he swings a few times, just enough to get some distance between him and the accident scene. He slows, then sets down some distance away upon the top of a water tower.

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