2011 09 08 Something Wicked Part 1

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Something Wicked Part 1

Magik & American Dream, w special guests Graviton, Captain America, Giant-Man, Hercules, Thor, Black Knight

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Earth 982, Limbo, Earth 72001, Limbo, Earth 616

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Illyana has seen the future of Earth 616. Belasco is going to unleash the demons of not only Limbo but also the Abyss upon Earth. He must be stopped. Illyana travels through time and space to collect the people that will stop the one armed demon.


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The nefarious villain lays at the feet of the American Dream. His crumpled body looks like an unwanted rag-doll tossed aside and ran over by several motor vehicles. The villain's armor possesses many cracks, pieces have been broken off, and the squishy inside (the Beetle himself) is quite battered and bruised - he'll be very sore tomorrow.

Cameras flash and crowds gather around this downtown intersection to view the exploits of the young heroine and her handily dealings with the villain.

Then another flash comes, but not from a camera. Just 12 feet away a stepping disk appears 6 feet off the top of a stopped vehicle and moves down to reveal a young woman of blonde hair wearing a red and black costume (no mask). In her right hand she holds a shimmering greatsword and her forehead seems to display tiny horns. The stepping disk remains around knee level obscuring view of what lies beneath

Her dark blue eyes scan around quickly identifying her situation and land upon the American Dream who stands street level over the fallen villain. The female states, "You! Dream girl. I need your help, they need your help. Come with me. Now." The initial statement sounded almost pleading, yet it closed with more of a demanding tone.

It was a tough fight but the truth is the Beetle's old armor is twenty years out of date. American Dream kneels down and takes a moment to check and make sure the Beetle is still breathing. After that, she's content to let the police deal with him.

"I'm not here to make a statement." She notes to the blogosphere press on hand, "Just to do my job. Thank you."

American Dream begins to walk away when she's hailed by… someone who is obviously superhuman. Curious but wary, the blonde bombshell walks forward, slowly, until she's just outside the radius of the stepping disc. "I don't recognize you." She admits, "… but there's something familiar… who needs my help? Who are you?"

"My name is Illyana Rasputin, some people call me Magik." she says in her more expressed Russian accent. "The X-Men need your help, the world needs your help. Without you, all will be lost." she reaches forward with her open hand (left) and says, "Take my hand." - she is just above a parked vehicle's hood, slightly higher than AD, yet easily reached considering AD's height.

"… one of the… they haven't actually been the X-Men for a while." American Dream notes, "… and I think you're supposed to be dead." Something's hinky here. She doesn't reach out to take that hand but, instead, pulls a small phone from her belt. "Let me contact a friend. He'll call the X-People and we can get this straightened out."

There's an overt frustrated tone in her next sentence, "You don't understand." and her eyes seem to darken. "They don't need your help now, they need your help in the past…." <dunt dunt dunnnnnah>

"I'm fairly certain random time travel is not a good idea." American Dream says, very wary now. "Like I said. I'll call my friend. We'll get in contact with the X-People. We'll sort this out. I'm sure whatever it is, we can help you." She speaks into the phone. "Call Clint."

That's the last straw for Illyana. Her patience has never been long and dealing with people that don't seem to comply is something that she's lived with all of her life. So she's learned to manipulate the situation.

Beneath the American Dream's feet a bright light flashes as a stepping disk forms and will rise up and threaten to swallow her. Footing is nigh impossible as it seems like mud within (in and around her feet) and there's no point with which to push off of. The disk will envelop her within 1 second if she doesn't have a means of escape, like a bat-line, flight, amazing ring of do anything, or a magic lasso.

In the same process, Illyana's stepping disk also rises up her body to envelop her.

Bat-line? Flight? Magic ring? Nope. American Dream has been relying on her superb acrobatic skills. She crouches and pushes off… and fails horribly. Her feet don't get clearance from the mud. Given another few seconds she could work herself out of this conundrum but AD doesn't have that time. In the blink of an eye the disc has enveloped her.

Limbo <read desc of room>. Just 18 feet, Illyana stands holding her glimmering greatsword. With her legs exposed beneath the knees AD is now able to see the cloven hoofs and reversed knee joint <actually the ankle> that would normally be Illyana's lower legs and feet.

Illyana states clearly and with an ominous tone from deep within her throat. "I'm sorry you forced me to do it this way, but we don't have the time to fuck around calling your buddies." The horns atop her head are a little larger, red, and her eyes have a blue flame to them.

Ironically, the call was just going through. Now, American Dream is getting an out of service area message. She slips the phone back onto her belt. She could go off on this woman. Yell at her. Demand to be taken home but that won't solve the problem. Will it?

"I admit, I'm not very familiar with you." Dream focuses on the woman and not the hellish surroundings. Her eyes flicker down to the cloven hooves and back up again to the horns, "But if you're an X-Person, you're one of the good guys. If someone needs help, I'll be glad to give it but you need to tell me what's going on. I need details."

Seeing that AD isn't going to outright attack her like others have, Illyana falls from a potentially defensive stance and starts walking. A few feet in front of her, obviously her destination, a dais rises from the ground. Like a holy water cistern in a catholic church, the object in question is a scrying pool. Illyana waves her hand over it and the murky water within the bowl churns. She says a few words in Latin and then says, "Come look, see for your self."

American Dream glances around, this time. Despite her courage, she shivers. She's never been very religious but even she can feel the unholy aura of this place. She steps forward and looks down into the scrying pool.

The vision comes clear, if clear is how it can be defined. Through the scrying pool one can see the horrors of a twisted world consumed in fire and pestilence. Something has clearly warped the world into some post apocalyptic horror with strange and unearthly horrors running about chasing down survivors, rending them of their entrails and then devouring their corpses.

"This, this is what happens. Your world, your time is threatened. If we cannot stop this (indicating the world view), your world will be destroyed by /him/."

"That… that's horrible." American Dream concedes. "But… I'm sorry, why me? We should go back and get the Avengers and the Fantastic Five. Something like this needs a full force, not a single girl just starting out her career."

She touches the border of the pool. The scene changes and the AD can then see what is unveiled, displaying herself fighting off /him/. /Him/ being a one armed demon named Belasco. There are others in the room fighting other demons, their faces cannot be made out. Illyana states, "It is foretold, you are the only one from this time that I can take."

"Magic." American Dream wrinkles her nose. "Clint said it always has arcane rules no one can understand. Alright, then." She straights up, coming to full attention. "Point me to the bad guy and tell me the plan. I'm ready for the mission."

Illyana waves the scrying pool away. It sinks back into the earth as Illyana steps from the dais. "One stop before we get there." She waves her hand and two stepping disks form beneath the two women respectively. Teleporting them to somewhere else.

That somewhere else immediately presents itself as cold and dismal. The star in the sky is red and seems to fill the horizon. The land is barren, rocky and strangely familiar. The air is thin and blows harshly (as much as thin air can). But still casting the female's hair in various disheveling directions.

Illyana looks like a normal girl again. No hoves, no horns, no shimmering greatsword. Instead she wears a red and black costume like jumpsuit.

(the) American Dream may feel that this barren rock is familiar in some way.

"… this seems… I've been here before. Or I've seen pictures." American Dream shields her eyes with her hand and looks up at the star. "Why are we here?" She asks her tour guide. "What's here that we need?"

Illyana walks quietly for a few yards, kneels down and with a gloved hand brush away red dirt to expose something else that would be familiar to the American Dream. Captain America's shield.

If she glances around, she'll see patterns in the dirt. As if where walls once stood yet have been eroded away so many eons ago.

The shield itself seems dirty, but still in mint condition (considering the materials and how it was made). The leather straps will need to be replaced.

Illyana digs out around the edge and will pry it out of the earth. "I think you'll need this."

".. oh…." American Dream gets it now. She glances around… and she knows this place. After all, she has given many a tour on this site. "… I guess everything comes to an end." She feels a lump in her throat. As she sees the end of the mansion she's grown to love and the world she's sworn to protect. Still, she takes the shield in both hands. In reverence. In awe. This icon is as important as any that ever existed in the universe. "I'll do you proud, Captain. I promise." She whispers the words.

A stepping disk envelops the both of the girls, back to Limbo, then suddenly the American Dream and Illyana are standing atop the Empire State Building's observation deck. Illyana says, "I'll be in touch." then another disk takes her far, far away.

The wind is high atop the observation deck. Observers <bystanders> all stand around, some noticed the entry of AD, others are too intent on watching what's going on a few blocks away.

Explosions rock the city streets below. The Mighty Thor, Hercules, Giant Man, the Black Knight, and Captain America fight Graviton. They seem to be losing.

"… what? I.. wait!" American Dream stares in shock as Illyana vanishes. She's left there, atop this magnificent building, clutching a shield she can't properly wield. "Darnit!" Then her eyes are drawn to the scene below.

"Darnit!" American Dream clutches the shield in front of her, takes a running leap and smashes through the glass in front of her. She sprints to the edge of the building and leaps off. As she free falls, she throws the shield, hoping to bean Graviton in the head. She'll recover it once she's down. For now, she focuses on grabbing, snagging, and otherwise blunting her descent so she doesn't go splat.

The shield sails. It strikes Graviton's force field just as Thor's hammer and Cap's original shield strikes it from the front. He's surprised by the rear attack and looks around seeing the descent of the leggy blonde. "What's this?" He asks himself out loud, "A female Captain America." he answers with a smile, "And oh my is she lovely. I think I'll add her to my collection."

Ignoring the heroes below and behind him, Graviton strikes out <flying> toward the American Dream. She bounces, springs, and swings off various aspects of the Empire State. Then in mid air she suddenly stops. She realizes she's firmly in the clutches of Graviton's gravimetric grasp.

Behind, Captain America sees the going's on and commands his Avengers to attack to protect the innocent.

he Avengers begin their assault however it's far too late.

Graviton says as he draws himself and AD closer together. "Hello beautiful. Let's go back to my place and get better acquainted."

And with that, the world turns into a blur of speed as Graviton whisks them away. Due to the G-Force, American Dream blacks out.

Moments (if not hours) later, the American Dream wakes. She feels her back against a metallic pole, her ankles seemed to be chained together (1 ft chain between), her arms are hoisted above her head and shackled to the pole. Her arms hurt, likely she's been here a while and has been stretched. She is free to speak and to see. Looking about, she realizes she's in some dungeonesque setting.

No panic. American Dream was well trained. Instead of focusing on the fact that she's captured, she seeks to focus on how she's going to escape. She looks around the dungeon. She tests her bonds, taking stock of her physical condition. Of how strong the chains are and how competent the locks. How well fixed the pole is to the ground (or ceiling). That sort of thing.

Her struggling and plotting reveals that she's stuck like chuck. Hours will pass before something happens.

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