2011 09 08 In Memorial

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In Memorial

Magik and Wolfsbane

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Memorial Gardens, Xavier Estate

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Illyana arrives at the Xavier Estate to 'spy' on the grounds. She is however distracted by the grave of Cypher and then discovered by Rahne.


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Mid-day, Memorial Garden. A flash of light is emitted as a stepping disk appears and reveals the form of Illyana Rasputin. Her form is covered in a functional costume of red and black with her hair the normal long golden blonde. She is without horn, hoof or sword. Instead she looks like the normal girl, albeit aged some since she was last spied in the pages of Inferno.
Her features show a youth in her early twenties, yet lines also display that she is exhausted and long since stressed beyond measure. She looks about the 'graveyard' and begins silent ponderance of a long forgotten past.

At the mansion today, Wolfsbane is out for a solitary stroll on the grounds, barefoot and in a somewhat loose shirt and jeans. In spite of having the ability to hide the wolfen features, she's chosen not to. Normally she avoids the memorial garden but this time she's close enough to witness the flash of light that herald's the teleporter's arrival. From there, she stares openly, the expression akin to someone seeing a ghost. "It canna be.."
Illyana has moved to a stone to read the inscription, her hand is placed upon the features and she outlines the word "Doug" with her right index finger. She's oblivious to the one which spies upon her.

With those eyes, Wolfsbane only needs to move a few feet to improve her angle in order to figure out which marker Illyana's in front of. She knows it anyway and the thought makes her frown, glancing back toward..anywhere else for a few seconds, clawed toes curling into the grass she stands on. However, she can't just let this go unmentioned. Moving in the direction of the other mutant, she finally says, "Illyana? I've no' seen ye in..it feels like /years!/"

A voice, she's been spotted. Illyana turns wide eyed with a start and a flash beneath her feet indicate that she is about to teleport away. Instead, Illyana sees that it's Rahne, her features soften as she recognizes her former teammate. The stepping disk fades and Illyana watches Rahne for a moment without voice or answer.
Finally, her russian accented voice utters, "Rahne." as a singular answer.

Brows furrow on the part of the wolfen as Illyana shows that she might leave quickly rather than stick around, then the recognition comes. "Ye look more..grown up," Wolfsbane adds, spoken like it's a surprise. But then - and the memory may be as fuzzy as she is - she could've sworn the last time she'd seen Illyana, she was little more than kindergarten age. "Aye," she adds, crossing into the memorial garden after a moment's hesitation. Her hair is long enough to be kept as a ponytail!

"Yeah." comes Illyana's voice in return, agreeing with the assessment of her progressed age. She's still not sold on whether or not she wants to talk to Rahne. So much has happened, so many troubles, so much time. But finally the homesick wins out and Illyana seems to shed her defenses (for now) while asking, "You're still at Xaviers?"

"Aye, at least part o' th' time," Wolfsbane answers, a slightly guarded way about her during the feeling-out stages of this conversation. "I've been through a lot an' spend some time in th' city as well," she adds. The way she comes off, there's much less of the timid Rahne than Illyana might remember. "Where have ye been all this time?" comes the question in return as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other.

Illyana moves to another large stone and takes a seat without regard as to whom it may represent. She's decided that she has the upper hand in this conversation and has formulated its path. Illyana replies, "Here, there, all over the place. At first I had no control? fell into limbo, met a few charming demons, Belasco enjoyed our time together and then I fell into an alternate reality and go trapped there for a few years. Finally I was able to break free? that's when I saw what /he/ had done." He said with some spite. "Belasco <the assumed 'he' in the statement> had unleashed the demons upon the world. Inferno was a playground compared to what he had accomplished. So then I had to figure out how to stop him?. I did." - which she pauses in statement, as if she's not accomplished it yet.

Ohhh, demons. Of course it's got to do with demons and someone who might as well be the devil. Fortunately, the coating of fur helps hide any pale skin - more pale than normal - as Wolfsbane's eyes grow wider for a spell at the information provided so far. "Och, tha' sounds horrible," she manages following a pause after she'd opened her mouth to speak. A few of the markers are studied more intently for the time being as she's left to think about Limbo and all the rest. "But..what now?"

"I fix it." Illyana answers with a hint of confidence. As if she's on a path to correct the time stream. But she's seen alternate futures and how they can turn out badly. She's grown, more mature - or possessing a false confidence.

Wolfsbane has no real idea about Illyana trying to control the direction of the conversation. She bobs her head in a nod a few times at the answer, offering words of encouragement. "Well, I'm sure if ye have a plan an' see it through, ye can do it. I dinna know much about other realities an' worlds an' all of that, though. I've just..had a lot goin' on." She's closing off part of that already, adding, "But I'm better noo."

As curious as a demon can be in regards to learning about strife and discord, Illyana raises an eyebrow and asks, "Better? What happened, Rahne?" is asked with a sound of compassion and conscern.

"Things that are best left in th' past," Wolfsbane answers, turning back to meet Illyana's gaze for a few seconds. "Th' important thing is I'm fine an' normal." For a shapeshifting 'werewolf,' anyway. Not the easiest nut to crack, straight away.

Sliding off the rock, Illyana moves to join Wolfsbane where she rocks back and forth. An arm will be offered and placed around Rahne's shoulders as Illyana will be inclined to stand beside the wolf girl. "Normal?" is asked with a growing smile, "We can never be normal, Rahne. We're the misfits. And us misfits need to stick together in times of trouble."

Wolfsbane remains in place, barely even flinching when the arm settles across her shoulders. Whatever the apprehension she has toward demons, it can't be forgotten that she helped as much as she could when things were going bad in Limbo and they did what they could for the younger version of Illyana. Maybe it was just a team thing, sucking it up and being strong. Maybe more. "Ye know what I mean, though. I didna have control o' muh own life for a while, an' I do again."

Understanding what Rahne has expressed, Illyana nods and relates, "I know full well what it means to be out of control. And I took it back."

"I needed some help for it, but it worked oot in th' end," Wolfsbane answers. "It was a nightmare," she admits.

Illyana replies, trying to be comforting, (so hard for a demoness), "And we don't have normal lives." is stated while squeezing her some around the shoulders.

Wolfsbane surrenders the argument, "I suppose ye're right, though. We can never be completely normal, can we?"

Shaking her head in denial, Illyana says, "Cursed to live as we are in a world that hates us." then she sighs while looking around the memorial garden.

"Aye, so we do what we can tae make it through," Wolfsbane answers, whether or not she fully buys into it. Then, "Um, can we go someplace else? Being around these markers too long makes me uncomfortable." Along with that, she picks at the neck of her shirt, adjusting it.

"You ask the world's best teleporter if we can go somewhere else?" Illyana muses, "Of course we can!" and then a teleport disk appears beneath their feet and will rise up over them. Rahne is free to leap out of it if she desires.

Only problem is Wolfsbane didn't specify a place. She just brought up the idea. "Och..but where?" she asks, and while she might be able to hop free she's a little too close to Illyana at the moment to really think about it and do it in the time it'd take.

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