2011 09 06 Awkward

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Siryn and Havok

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Xavier Mansion, Second Floor

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Alex returns something that belongs to Terry and they discuss the bar crawl adventure they shared.


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Alex reaches the landing and turns down the hallway of the female faculty wing. Looking at the name plaques, he's searching for Terry's name and her new digs. His sneakers land softly upon the carpet and his right hand squeezes the plastic bag within causing a crinkling sound. The bag is no larger than 6 inches across and likely 2 inches deep in a circular shape, folded several times over the contents within.

Spying Terry's door, he moves up to it quietly and pauses within a foot of the door listening for what may be signs of her occupancy.

She must have been just on the inside of the door because he's barely stopped when it flies open and she steps out, all long legs encased in black pants with a sea green top. She nearly walks right into him. "Oh!" Jumping back just a bit, Terry blinks up at him. "Alex! Ye startled me." She smiles at him. "Did ye need somethin'?"

Surprised by the initial sounds of the latch being turned, Alex tried to jump back and act as if he was going somewhere else but never got quite far enough to make a convincing argument, physical or potentially verbal. In essence, he's busted.

Eyes show his surprise and his lack of discerning expression is an expression onto itself. It takes a second or two to gather his thoughts and he says, "Oh hey. I found your…" and leaves the name of the article in question out of the sentence. Instead he offers the bag in a slightly firm grasp.

It brings a puzzled expression to her face for a moment, and then a hint of a blush climbs her cheeks. "Oh!" Terry reaches for the bag and clears her throat. "Well, now… an' here I thought I was losin' my mind an' forgot t' put tha' on." Or something. It probably sounds as lame to him as it does to her.

Alex smirks and his eyes cannot help but glance down then back up again as he tries to recover from his typical male distraction. "Hey so. Our excursion, it was great. I had a lot of fun." Alex says trying to drum up conversation that doesn't dwell on what she holds.

"Aye," Theresa agrees. She ducks back into her room to toss the bag on the dresser. "I had a good time too," she tells him. "Haven' had a right proper pub crawl in ages." She turns back to the door to walk back to it and although it's a hint of a struggle, she plays the night off. "I was glad th' safe-house was close by, though. I was too tired t' head back out."

There's a look of curious question in his eyes but it quickly passes as he does his best not to go down the path of moronic guy. Instead of saying the wrong thing, he shoots for the right thing, "I don't think I've drank that much since college. My head hurt for two days after that."

Terry chuckles softly, though she doesn't say the same thing. Instead she murmurs, "I'm not surprised." She's pretty experienced with blackouts. She spins a bit of a yarn for him. "Yer quite amusin' when yer pissed," she adds with a grin. "An' quite th' snuggler. Ye even let me share th' bed when I was too tired t' be bothered extricatin' myself from yer … rather clumsy entrance."

Her subtle walk down memory lane draws a blank from him as she can see the gears working in his eyes just before he replies with a relieved tone and tries to cover up his own lack of recollection and in a lower tone so his voice doesn't carry down the hallway, "Yeah, I hope it wasn't too forward. I mean, we hardly know one another and stuff."

Waving off that comment, Theresa says kindly, "Ye weren't forward. Ye were very sweet, Alex. I had a wonderful time, an' I'm grateful tha' ye were such a gentleman. Bein' as I was… a little forward m'self." She blushes again, glancing back toward the bag he just dropped off. "Anyway, I hope tha' we'll… be able t' hang out again sometime. P'rhaps not quite so much crawlin' involved, aye?" she offers.

"That'd be great." Alex expresses with a softening smile. One that reflects relief due to her words expressing that he didn't do or try anything that he shouldn't have.

Instead of lingering, Alex thumbs over his shoulder, "I've got to …" leaving it blank as he knows as a guy it's best to cut off the conversation at this point. He adds, "We'll talk; and do something." then he'll start his movement in a back-step.

"Uh-huh," Terry agrees easily. "That'd be.. great. I'll see ye around, then," she offers, again feeling somehow exceedingly lame.

Moving off down the hall, Alex disappears around the corner and down the stairs. Leaving the past in the past and the future to chance.

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