2011 09 04 Magma Returns

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Magma Returns

Magma, Richenda Grey, & Emma Frost

IC Date:
Sept 4, 2011

Massachusetts Academy

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Amara returns to the Mass Academy and speaks with Emma about the recent past and possibilities for the future.


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Midmorning has come to Snow Valley, and the sun shines down from a beautiful blue sky, bringing out the vivid green of the Massachusetts Academy's landscaping and the white trim on some of the buildings. Emma Frost smiles faintly to herself as she walks up the steps in front of the administration building, that same sun making her white jacket, skirt, and stockings and her pale blonde hair all but shine, and bringing out the faint luster of her dark blue silk blouse. "Now where are you, Richenda? Not that standing in the warm sun waiting for you is a problem today…" she muses, pausing at the top of the steps and looking around for her most recent errand girl and new student.

Not too far away, the girl in question is dashing up the sidewalk, her navy school blazer tucked under one arm, the tails and sleeves flapping behind her. Chenda's white school blouse is rolled up to her midriff and tied there, and she's trying to hold up her plaid school skirt and fasten its back closure at the same time, and doing neither very well. But at least she's up, out of bed, and /trying/ to get to where she's supposed to be!

Emma turns to face back down the steps and looks out across the grounds. The sound of running feet reaches her ears about the same time that she spies the running figure, and she blinks in surprise, staring for a very brief moment in disbelief.

Then her eyes narrow faintly behind her scholarly round-lensed glasses, and she frowns somewhat less than faintly. By the time Richenda Gray's dashing brings her to the steps, Emma is standing at the top, feet at shoulder width, hands on her hips, and regarding her with the sort of disapproval usually reserved for something smelly scraped off of one's shoe. "So glad you could join us today, Miss Gray," she says, arching one platinum eyebrow. "Care to explain why you've adopted the naughty schoolgirl look?"

As expected, nothing escapes Emma's knowledge of her environment and she would be well informed of Amara's arrival onto the property.

A taxi cab passes the main entrance and ferries its passenger toward the administration building. It comes to a stop in the parking area of the building and the driver exits opening the back door. The young woman steps out wearing deep blue wool slacks, a matching pea coat, and a rich silk shirt of ecru. Her sharp eyes scan the area for a familiar face, expecting to see Ms Frost or someone who would represent her on hand for Amara's arrival.

Meanwhile, the driver walks to the back of the cab and begins removing several bags from the trunk.

Chenda, for her part, looks up to see that freezing expression and blushes as she bounds up the stairs, her light caramel face growing rosy. The bouncing jostles her blazer loose from her under-arm grip just as she reaches the top, skidding to a stop. She reflexively catches it, losing her grip on her skirt as she does. "I didn't… It wasn't on purpose," she says, starting to crouch to try and pick up the skirt and untangle her blazer at the same time, finding she can't, and finally just standing in her underwear as she sorts out the blazer. "I mean, it was on purpose, but it was just for the heat. It's too warm to wear the blouse tucked in under a jacket," she explains, slipping into the jacket in question and beginning to button it up.

Emma's knowledge of her environment is no doubt fantastic, but Chenda's is a bit impaired at the moment by her predicament. Thus it is that she only notices the newcomer when she hears the sound of a car door shutting. The Midwestern girl glances down at the sidewalk at the base of the stairs, her blush deepening as she realizes she and Emma aren't speaking privately in public anymore.

Emma's eyebrow twitches as Chenda comes to a halt and the blazer slips from beneath her arm. And then the blazer is caught, the skirt hits the ground, and Emma sighs softly, adding a roll of her eyes with all of the drama of a Valley Girl in spite of herself. "Miss Gray, your capacity to violate the dress code in mere seconds is commendable for its efficiency, if highly troubling in its direction."

She is on the verge of going on when the taxi rolls into the parking area and stops, and the headmistress can't help a faint smile as she watches it. Looking back to the stricken student, she adds, "I think you'd best get that jacket off and see to your blouse and skirt before you worry about it. I doubt you'll have enough hands to hold onto it and fix your malfunctioning wardrobe, so just pass it to me, please." She holds out her hand expectantly for the blazer. Perhaps the dread Miss Frost has mellowed slightly since Amara last saw her… or perhaps not.

Blue eyes fall upon the exchange between Frost and Gray and study silently while the cab driver finishes unloading the bags and placing them on the sidewalk. The cabby is dismissed quietly with a soft 'thank you' and Amara then steps upon the sidewalk and begins walking toward Ms Frost.

Amara strides confidently, her chin raised and determination within every step. She is not shy, oppressed, or lost in any shape or form. She knows she belongs here and even her mind is squarely focused on the task at hand; listing recent events in her life and seeing what Ms Frost may allow.

"Um, thanks… I try," Chenda replies, perhaps just a little acidly. Her blazer is long enough to hide her underpants and is halfway buttoned already, so she shakes her head at that offered hand and keeps working. A few moments later, she stoops and pulls up her skirt… and finds that the tails of the blazer are in the way of getting it properly into place and fastened. Sighing inwardly, she steps behind one of the stair banisters to fix the problem, nodding in hurried greeting to the newcomer. "Hi…"

Emma shakes her head as Chenda discovers the problem she had already foreseen. "Whenever you are ready, Miss Gray," she says softly. Lowering her hands from her hips, she smiles faintly at the sight of the familiar recent arrival. "Amara Aquilla… it's been much too long," she says, her tone warming a little as she regards her former student ascending the steps. "I had begun to wonder if we would ever see you inside these gates again. And now… here you are."

With the acceptance in tone and word, the corners of Amara's lips slightly rise while coming to a stop within a few feet of Frost. Though she's never been one to show much emotion (other than anger). Her hands stay palm to palm (one down, one up just in front of her waist). Then she recites in a pleasing tone with a placid meter, "It has, Ms Frost. Far too long." is said with an indistinguishable Mediterranean accent. "I pray that I am not disrupting you and request that we are able to speak in private."

The newcomer utterly ignores her… which isn't such a bad thing in this case. Chenda has the matter seen to within a few moments. Not that it matters, since the newcomer is now asking to speak with the Headmistress in private. "I'll go check with Miss Hallwell and see if she needs any memos delivered, Miss Frost," she says simply, and moves for the doors. She can always try and meet this Amara Aquilla later.

"A good idea, Miss Gray. But please stop by my office after lunch," Emma replies to Chenda, her tone carrying a faint air of command. "We've a few small matters to discuss."

She turns her attention back to Amara. "You are never a disruption, Amara. Please, step into my office," she says, once more just a bit warmly, and turns to hold the door for Amara in Richenda's wake.

Not concerned about the items she left on the sidewalk and without regard to other events, Amara does as requested with a slight nod of acceptance. She enters the office after the exit of Richenda and will move into the depths of the office but not take a seat, only wait for Frost's instructions. Something inside of Amara begins to build, perhaps memories from being in here before, former associations, conflicts and now it's all coming back full circle. Though she remains silent, she stands awaiting Frost's direction. It's the only proper thing to do.

Maintaining a professional posture and tone, Amara has been guided to take a seat opposite Emma, and in that seat she sits upright with back straight, no crossing of legs or leaning, and hands placed one over the other palms up. She maintains eye contact and her mind is devoid of distractions. She is also open to Emma's mental advances because she knows that Ms Frost would rather be allowed in than be presented with foolish attempts to sing songs or block telepathy.

In a regretful tone Amara states, "As you well know, Mr de la Rocha…" Empath's last name said with a hidden contempt, "… and I traveled to Nova Roma last Spring. It was initially a pleasureable experience. At first. Then subtle things started revealing themselves. On one jungle trek, we came across a tribe of Amazons that nearly killed Mr de la Rocha. Though, we were able to use diplomacy and our own powers to escape. That sort of spooked me. I've known full well what his power was. Even warned by my comrades at the Xavier Academy, but the subtle workings of his emotional control unnerved me." She pauses to collect her thoughts and wash away the anger that wells up inside of her.

Emma listens, every inch the attentive listener and supportive, if reserved, headmistress. As Amara pauses, Emma's head tilts a little to one side, her eyes turning thoughtful. "Mr. de la Rocha's powers are never pleasant to witness, unless one is the object of them… then they are only pleasant if you are unaware of being manipulated," she adds softly. "It is beginning to sound as if your vacation was much less restful than you had intended. But please, continue. It sounds as though there is a great deal more I need to hear."

She swallows and pushes down the anger and the swells of magma that would rise from beneath the earth's crust and ruin everything - yes, Amara still struggles with anger issues. Once repressed, Amara says firmly, "Mr de la Rocha's influence over me was revealed when we came upon several of the Savage Land Mutates who attacked Nova Roma. The fools thought we were helpless savages who'd taken over some lost city. They learned the true nature of a Roman Legionnaire and saw full well what a Phalanx is capable of. Yet, if it weren't for those fools I would still be oblivious to the very nature of your former student. Who's name I speak with utter contempt and disdain. It is my regret to inform you, Ms Frost, that Mr de la Rocha's life was ended by the very fires that well from within the earth and from within my soul."

Her words are complete and filled with venom. She feels that Empath used and manipulated her all of this time, that her fellow New Mutants were right all along and she can never truly show her face to them again because of the guilt she feels for denying such allegations. Even designing hateful words toward them because of their remarks. Thinking it was only jealousy that they had for her relationship. She is saddened and angered by her actions and the whole situation. She may or may not be truly saddened by killing Empath; if anything venerated or justified. But still, she comes to Emma for resolution and absolution for her actions.

Emma frowns faintly as Amara finishes. For a long moment she is silent. When she finally breaks that silence, her words are soft and faintly cold. "I will regret his loss… he was useful, in his own way, and there were times his attitudes were of aid to me as a teacher and a leader. Yet had he manipulated me as he manipulated you, and your classmates, too, I'm sure, I doubt my response would have been different than yours. Still, I am worried for you… the price of killing another human being is never easy to meet, and is often subtler than we ever expect."

The silence is shared by Amara. Even when Emma summarizes the events, Amara remains quiet only to allow her eyes to drift to the floor and feel further regret as she bites her lower lip. Then capturing her breath, Amara's eyes return to Emma's in a queryful expression. Her thoughts have been taken back to the time even she herself had experienced such trauma of loss - loss of her own life and return of said energies. Her regret runs deep but she's a strong girl and will get over it, repress it, compartmentalize it, something. Either way, her query comes in initial silence then followed by a clearing of her voice and finally, "Ms Frost. I request that I be allowed to return to your supervision. I realize that the age of primary schooling is behind me. Yet I know there is far more for me to learn from you. Your guidence has always been beneficial and enlightening to me. I request that I be allowed to continue to learn from your guidence, as my mentor, my teacher. In addition to this I will gladly take classes at the nearest university setting to further my academic education."

Once more Emma listens quietly, her eyes thoughtful as they remain fixed on Amara's. Only after she finishes does the headmistress respond. "Granted. You may remain here for as long as you wish, Amara… you have more than earned that privilege. Every major university offers courses on-line, if you wish to attend in that fashion. I realize that higher education is, sadly, far from Snow Valley, but there are always ways around those obstacles." She stands slowly. "Besides, I have missed you." A tiny, ironic smile comes to her lips.

Standing as well, knowing that the meeting has come to a close and Amara has fulfilled the designs she meant to see played out. A pleased nod is offered and Amara says, "Thank you Ms Frost. I will not let you down." and then Amara will await direction, if she is to be shown out or if she is to be welcomed into Emma's arms in a gesture of welcome back. Amara has only seen Emma physically affectionate a few times, this may not be one of them. Though she's none the less pleased at the turn of events.

Emma steps closer and gently hugs Amara. "See that you don't," she says softly. "You know how difficult I could be as your headmistress… imagine how bad I'll be as your landlady and hostess." A soft chuckle concludes her words, and perhaps takes the sting of her words away. "It is good to have you back, Amara."

The embrace is returned, yet maintaining a professional demeanor about it. No snuggling, cuddling, or the like. Once separated Amara smiles reflecting back to the former days and the trials of being a Hellion. "Thank you again, Ms Frost." then Amara will see her way out and to the details with the admin assistant in the outer office.

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