2011 09 02 Abduction Of The Wasp

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The Abduction of the Wasp

Graviton, Wasp

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Wasp's Penthouse -> Sky Island

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Graviton abducts the Wasp


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3:14am. There's a local tremor. It quickly fades. However, a second or two afterwards another tremor occurs. This time it's sustained and more pronounced.

Janet's entire apartment quakes with significant turbulence. Things fall over, things break. It's as if the area is experiencing an earthquake well above a 7 on the Richter scale. Electrical things short out and sparks fly. The apartment does more than shakes, it seems to move /outward/. As if the building is toppling or worse, the apartment is being drug from it's place in the structure.

Outside Janet's bedroom window, the man known as Graviton hovers several yards away. His arms outstretched, cape flowing in the wind, he's apparently in control of the situation at hand. The expression on his face is of maniacal glee - pleased with what transpires.

Janet's physical apartment is surrounded by a gravimetric force field that holds the isolated structure in tact. It also contains anything within from falling out or off.

Janet Van Dyne is jarred awake and almost tossed out of bed with the quake. A half awake, "..what the he…" is cut off as she is knocked onto the floor. She quickly shrinks to Wasp and hovers, letting her penthouse shake and rumble around her. She does dodge a few things as they topple and looks out the window to see the source of the attack.. she grits her teeth and takes aim, trying to fire a full power stinger attack against him.

The blast is deflected by the containing gravimetric force field that surrounds her apartment. Graviton notices the flash (not having seen the tiny version of Janet until then) and he smiles responsively. His voice calls out, "Good morning, Janet. Please just relax, this will only take a moment longer and then we can get underway."

And moments are fleeting as he completely rips the penthouse from the rest of the apartment structure. Chunks of debris fall to strike cars below and set off car alarms. Though, aside from being quite disheveled, Janet's apartment stays in tact.

Janet Van Dyne grinds her teeth as she tries to find some way out but knows it's already too late. She flits about, confirming she's trapped as Graviton steals her penthouse with her in it. Just great. She tries her Avenger's comm, trying reach anyone. «Avengers. Anyone, respond! Graviton's attacking my penthouse with me in it!»

Graviton planned for the event of her trying to radio out. He maintains a EM flux around her penthouse that shields against communication bands. She calls for help yet no one hears.

Her saving grace may be that cameras in the area could be capturing the event as it unfolds. Bystanders and neighbors have been alerted or awoken to the event and they look on with horrified gazes.

Graviton then coaxes the structure upward and with it he flies upward into the clouds; Away from the city toward his Sky Island.

And Janet is simply along for the ride. Song, different verse it seems. She mutters and proceeds to stew, waiting for some chance to try and get free.

Same Song, Different Verse

Some time later the sun breaks the horizon and casts illumination into Janet's wayward penthouse apartment. The illumination grants her the ability to see Graviton flying alongside (roughly 9 yards away) the structure and she is also able to see their presumed destination. Just a few miles away above the cloud layer she can make out a floating rock which upon closer inspection looks like an inverted mountain or a rocky wedge. Further inspection reveals that the 'rock' is around 4 miles in diameter and about 1 mile in height.

Closing on the Sky Island and finally getting within tactile range. Janet's penthouse apartment is gently settled down upon a field of green grass. The gravimetric force field is removed from around the torn structure and Graviton settles down just outside the door of the apartment. He then knocks.

Janet Van Dyne watches as she is forcibly taken to Graviton's… pleasure island.. from the looks of things. Water is dripping all over her apartment from torn and severed pipes for the penthouse's fire sprinklers, sinks, tubs.. toilets.. meh. "This is just… great.." She turns and growls as he knocks, firing another full stinger blast through the door at him, charging rapidly to follow it up with a full speed Double-Fists-Forward-Wasp-Strike.

With a raised hand, his gravimetric shield protects and deflects her attacks. After zipping through the hole punched in the door she closes on him and launches her additional blasts. His hand remains up and suddenly she'll feel the gravity of the situation - literally. His open palm turns into a gravity well that will attract her tiny form toward it while deflecting any energy launched toward him. His voice calm, he says, "Please, Janet. I'm not here to fight you. I have a proposition."

Janet Van Dyne can't help but find herself pulled into his palm. It grates on her, teeth grinding further. "Yeah. Be one of your little Beach Bunnies? I don't think so, Graviton."

When she makes contact with his palm he turns it upward and allows just enough pull so that she can be seated as his hand flexes/cups her bottom like a chair. "Tell me, Janet." He asks while turning and rising off the ground (2 feet) to start hovering slowly toward his majestic castle (still 200 yards away). He continues, "Tell me about your Avengers. How unappreciated you are for your talents, your beauty, your intelligence. They applaud you no more, their ranks distracted by petty bickering, immature relations, and moronic tea parties that only result in combative situations. Your team no longer needs, appreciates, or has want for you."

Janet Van Dyne sits there because what else is she gonna do? As he tries to convince her of his altruistic intentions she just smirks, "Forget it Graviton. You're not going to convince me of anything beyond the fact you're messed in the head. I'm a reserve member of the Avengers, of course they don't need me or expect much from me anymore. I don't really care."

"That's a shame to hear." Graviton says in a voice intended to console or comfort (yet she knows he could snap at any minute), "A woman who no longer demands appreciation from her companions is a broken woman. One that has found too many disappointments in her life and now sees the world through tainted glasses. It is a shame that those around you do not appreciate you for who you are. A beautiful, intelligent, amazing woman."

Janet Van Dyne shakes her head and begins to revert to human proportions if only to make it difficult to hold her in his hand anymore. "Graviton there's nothing you're going to say that will convince me you're right."

As he watches her grow, his eyes demonstrate appreciation and admiration for her qualities. Instead of dropping her, his powers shift in nature and she's allowed to remain seated within his hand as if he is the strong man at the circus. Though this doesn't last as he waves that hand outward so that she is allowed to 'stand' beside him in his forward moving hover (still only 2 feet off the ground).

"Then allow me to prove to you through action. You will be my guest upon my Sky Island. Here you will have freedom to move about as you wish. Enjoy the pleasures, my riches, and the amenities offered. I will show you how a woman should be appreciated, elevated to the status that she truly holds, and bathed in the pleasures that every woman should experience."

Janet Van Dyne smirks, "Right… and I can freely leave too, I'm sure." She then pauses as if realizing something, "Oh… that's right.. I can't. Because, regardless of your claims, I'm really a prisoner here and you're just doing this for my own good. Isn't that how it goes?" She smiles sweetly but with loathing in her eyes.

Graviton smiles in return, "Darling, darling Janet. It is for your own protection. I would hate for you to get caught up in the freezing cold winds just outside the force field surrounding my Sky Island. Your tiny frame would be whipped around and likely suffocate since we are so high up. It's only for your protection, of course."

The modernized castle structure is just a few yards away. A gaping maw of a front gate is opened leading to an immaculate courtyard within. Two guards stand on either side of it. From the courtyard, two modelesque women wearing blue and white bikinis rush out to greet Graviton who settles both Janet and himself onto the grassy walkway. The women rush up and embrace him with giggling undertones and words of welcome in his return. "Ladies, he says after returning their hugs. Won't you show Janet to her quarters. She will be in the north tower. See that her clothing is brought from her former apartment and that she's shown around our beautiful home."

Janet Van Dyne snorts, "Right.. never-mind that you kidnapped me and forcefully brought me here. No.. that part we won't dwell on. It's all for my protection.." Finger quotes and all. "You're so eff'd in the head a flow chart wouldn't be able to sort it out."

The ladies break from Graviton and will move to intercept Janet's arms (as girlfriends would walk interlinked arm in arm). Graviton disregards the accusations and smiles only to respond, "Welcome to my home, Janet. You will be shown the appreciation you deserve. All that you ask, within reason of course, is yours for the taking."

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