2011 09 01 Sauron Restrained

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Sauron Captured

Sauron, Siryn, Storm, Bishop, Jubilee

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Westchester County

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Desperate for mutant energy, Sauron moved to attack Siryn. However, in the process he knocked himself silly and reverted back to Lykos before he was able to drain the mutant.


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Clakity Clack, Clakity Clack goes the commuter train heading north out of the city into the northern most reaches of the burbs. Countless passengers ride through the city, Morningside Heights, then into Westchester County where numbers depreciate with each stop along the line.

Past Pine Crest, Lillypoint, Daviston, the numbers have fallen to just over 30 passengers per car. Giving plenty of space for people to spread out, read, listen to music, or play with their tabets and whatnot. There's even a kid on a tablet typing into some text based adventure game - likely Planetfall or Zork.

In all, Terry is able to relax and reflect upon the previous evening's events while the clakity clack, clackity clack drones on.

She's looking out the window as the train rolls along, her elbow propping her chin up. Theresa has had a few of these moments before. The Walk of Shame. Or in this case, well… there's no shame attached, is there? Alex Summers might go down in history as one of Terry's worst decisions. And that's saying something.

She sighs heavily, rubbing a hand along her jaw. She's hoping to hell the note will keep him from asking awkward questions — that he'll just assume she tucked him in and nothing happened. Terry'd like to think nothing did. Mostly it *was* nothing. Her mind continues to whirl around as the train goes on its merry way.

Someone screams seconds before there's a crash. The shattering of a window inward draws everyone's attention to the 'creature' that skips over a few seats and then skids down the middle isle.

Though a blur, the creature was seen as green and reptilian. It crashed through the train car's window toward the back of the car (some 30 feet from Terry). People have all stood up, trying to get a look at the creature (that is now just 10 feet from Terry on the floor between the rows of seats). Crumpled up, the creature seems injured, like a bird that broke it's wing. However people quickly realize it's the size of a man and though crumpled up, the wingspan is quite large.

Camera phones are removed from undisclosed locations and the video begins to roll as people will be posting this to YouToob in moments to come.

[OOC] Sauron says, "http://www.comicvine.com/sauron/29-3180/"

The jerk and crashing of glass as the critter comes hurtling through the car and up the aisle can't exactly be missed. Terry's thrown around a bit, much like everyone else in the train's car, and turns in her seat in time to see that the guy's green. Winged. Friggin' huge! But what strikes her initially beyond those three things is that he *slid* through the train. Her eyes track backward immediately, looking to see if he was actually *thrown* rather than having thrown himself. She's scrambling to get out of her seat, calling just in case, "Everyone, get back. Get down!" Not like mutant attacks are unknown in this area.

People don't see an immediate threat. The green thing is on the floor and seemingly unconscious. Instead of backing away, some even draw closer to get a better look with their camera phones in hand.

The creature (Sauron) seems to be losing his green color. The skin tone starts shifting toward a pink (standard caucasian). The leather wings are reducing in size and he groans like he's in pain. Even his tail and head start to shrink. Claws turn to human hands.

Outside the train, it appears there are no other threats. It doesn't seem that Sauron was thrown, instead just flew into the side of the train car.

It's not exactly the norm … but Terry supposes not unheard of either. Crazy pterodactyl people. She herself stays back and looks for an emergency pull for the train. "People, seriously - ye need t' get back. An' fer God's sake, let's get th' man a doctor!" Having read the X-Men's files, she has some clue who and what that guy might be and the redhead knows enough not to get too close.

A few more moments pass while people don't heed Terry's warning. Instead they witness the shifting of Sauron into Karl Lycos, just a man wearing tattered brown slacks. His eyes open and it seems the pain has passed for the most part, he asks, "Where am I?" not having direct memory of what transpired before.

A woman breaks through the crowd, she wears scrubs and says, "I'm a nurse, sir, are you alright?" seemingly fearless of the fact he was just a humanoid pteradactyl. She kneels down and looks over him for any injuries. He's not scraped or bruised.

The cord to pull is quite available if someone wished to pull it and stop the train.

Eyeing the situation warily, Theresa is watchful. Sauron is an enemy, but according to the records the *man* was once a friend of Xavier's. She remains far back so that he can't touch her by accident and revert again, hoping the nurse is not a mutant. "Ma'am, given tha' th' man just turned human from being a friggin' flyin' lizard, I highly recommend tha' we give him a little room, aye?" The cadence of her voice is gentle. "We don't know what might … cause him t' change back or become otherwise dangerous."

Lycos is helped to sit up in the isle, then he's seated into the adjacent chair. His eyes are still blurry and disoriented. The nurse, identifying her name as Betty Ratchet, says, "We're on a train about to enter Salem Center."

Hearing those words, he looks a little paniced, not because her name is Ratchet, but because of Salem Center. "No, NO, I cannot go there. Not again. I'll turn. They'll make me turn into /HIM!/ and I can't do that again. I can't be allowed to hurt people, ever again."

Ratchet says, "Calm down sir, it's alright. The police…" and she's interrupted by a conductor coming back (passing Terry in the isle), "What's going on here? What happened?" and the explanations will begin.

Well, at least that's good news. Theresa lets the conductor get inundated with information and while he's busy, she speed-dials the mansion.

Bishop answers the phone, "Theresa." is said in greeting, "This is Bishop, what can I do for you?"

In a low undertone, Terry murmurs in the line, "Bishop, I'm on th' train headin' int' Salem Center. Dr. Lycos just blasted through th' windows of th' damn thing. He's in human form right now, and he's scared out of his mind about comin' int' th' town — afraid he'll turn back. I'm thinkin' perhaps it might be somethin' we need to … assist with, but I canna get close to him w'out risking th' change if I remember right. D'ye think th' professor can help th' man out?"

"Theresa, get off that train immediately. Storm and I are 10 minutes out." Bishop says with militaristic tone and then hangs up with some urgency.

Right…. get off the train. Well… the redhead hangs up and looks around. There's a bit of a half-formed chuckle that comes from her throat. "Jaysus, ye people," she whispers. She slips out of the seat and into the aisle behind the conductor, heading for the door through which he entered the car. She should be able to get far enough down the other car, at least, to make a difference, even if she can't get off the train as yet. She can't leave all these people completely alone with a man who could run psycho any second. But she'll comply with the order to the best of her ability by hauling butt for the other end of the train.

Giving the situation some distance, Terry discovers the car in front is mostly oblivious as to the situation of the car behind them. There are one or two onlookers trying to see the car to the rear through the glass in the door, but for the most part they have no clue what's going on and think it may be some guy or girl who had a heart attack (or some other medical emergency).

The silence of the new car is potentially disturbing because they're unaware of the threat just 50 feet behind them. But hey, they may learn of it the hard way.

Oh God… Theresa bites her lip. 10 minutes. She has to hold Lycos here — without changing! — for ten minutes. Bishop said get off the train, but what if some of them are mutants too? She can't take that chance. Instead, she turns to watch through the windows into the other car. If he changes, she'll have to go back. And Storm and Bishop can rip her a new one later.

The minutes tick by the train starts to slow almost unexpectedly (but not dangerously). The conductor gets a call on his radio and a second after that he starts telling everyone to clear away from the man. It's unsure what he's telling them, but in this case they're doing just that. Perhaps he told them that the man has a disease. Either way, it's working. Some begin to flee toward Terry and will effectively block her vision of the situation.

Theresa will tell everyone in her own car, "Folks, stay calm and everyone move t' th' front of th' car. People from th' next car are needin' t' come through. Quickly now, move it. Th' conductor's havin' everyone move!" The urgency certainly communicates itself.

Some people look back toward Terry, giving her odd looks as she doesn't look official, heck she's not even wearing a bra. Take her seriously? Pshaw.

While others slowly stand and are aware that the stopping of the train is unscheduled.

A conductor comes over the PA system and states, "Ladies and gentlemen; due to conditions out of our control we will be coming to an unscheduled stop. This is not an emergency, but you are required to disembark the train as soon as the conductors clear the doorways. Busses will arrive shortly to take you to your final destination." <part 5>

See? Her look says it all. MOVE, people! Terry starts shooing them off right this minute. Go, go, go, dammit!

The people are being allowed off the train on the right hand side. Terry may notice Bishop standing in the grass on the left hand side of the train. He's standing a few yards away from the car that holds Lykos. Bishop is also looking into the car. Outside, the weather is turning grim. Clouds are forming and rain threatens.

Theresa herds her passengers out of the train and heads for Bishop. "I couldn' just leave 'em," are her first words to him. "I didn' know if anyone else in th' car might set off th' transformation. What're we goin' t' do?"

Terry may notice Storm floating 100 feet off the ground as the winds are growing higher with each passing second. Bishop sees and hears Terry's approach and replies, "We're taking him to a secure location." then taps on his com badge and says to Storm, "They passengers are clear, let's get this show on the road."

With that, the storm increases and winds grow more impressive. The whine of metal is heard from the train car as it begins to lift from the track. It's quickly realized that the particular car has been seperated from all the rest. The car itself lifts from the tracks. Lykos, inside is seen looking through the windows out and down toward Terry/Bishop. He seems relieved and afraid at the same time, concerned about being dropped, but glad that he's being moved safely away from people.

Theresa, too, is relieved. "Tha' man is terrified," she murmurs to Bishop. "Ye gotta feel fer th' lad — tisn' entirely his fault." She sighs.

Bishop watches as the train car is carried over his and Terry's heads, blocks the sun and carried toward a hillside. He starts walking in that direction.

Onlookers are all staring in shock and awe. The train will get back underway in the very near future.

Bishop states while walking, "You did the right thing even though you disregarded my instructions."

"I didn' disregard them," Theresa says, shoving her hands into her pockets as she walks with him. "I was on my off th' train when I realized that I might not be th' only person on board who could set him off, and ye were 10 minutes out. So I got out of his proximity and stayed close enough t' be of help if need be." Her tone is calm. "If someone else had caused a transform and he'd started killin' civilians because I fled, tha' would have been a consequence I couldn' live wi'."

"Like I said, you did the right thing." is said in a low tone as he picks up his walking pace. Just over the ridge, there's a jeep, he climbs in and starts it up. He'll drive himself and Terry to the rendevous spot where they'll find the passenger car next to a cargo truck. Jubilee is standing next to the truck and Storm hovers just above. Both of them are looking at the train and seemingly waiting for Bishop.

Going along with Bishop, Terry climbs in. The only plus about staying the night in the safe-house is that though her clothes still smell of smoke, they had some time to air out overnight. And she's neither still drunk nor hung over. She's watching the situation as they arrive at the cargo truck.

Bishop takes charge, talking to Lykos through a loudspeaker, "Doctor Lykos. We're not here to hurt you. We only want to help get you to someplace safe. Please disembark the train and step into the back of this truck. There is food and clothing inside. We will be taking you to a remote location just north in the catskills. There you'll be able to continue your research without fear of encountering mutants or draining anyone of their life."

Bishop's tone and promises seem to instill trust within Lykos who starts down the isle and toward the exit of the train.

Jubilee says, "Hey Terry." in a greeting as the redhead gains proximity.

Glancing at the girl, Terry grins. "Nice t' see ye again, Jubilee," she replies easily. She keeps her eyes on Sauron, though, just in case something goes wrong again.

Lykos disembarks the train, quietly walks to the back of the truck and boards it with only a quiet, "thank you" offered from his very tired and ashamed face. Bishop closes the back of the truck and says, "Jubilee, see Terry back to the compound. Storm and I will take Lykos to the cabin.

Storm has been quiet and awaiting trouble, but when the door is closed she descends, looks to Terry and states "Welcome back, Siryn." as she passes toward the passenger side of the vehicle.

There's a smile toward Storm and she says, "Thank ye, Storm. When ye've time… I'd love t' talk t' ye about joinin' yer squad, if ye've a spot." She turns to Jubilee. "Looks as if tis ye and me. C'mon, ye can fill me in on how things have been since I last saw ye."

Jubilee jumps in, intending to drive because she's still new at it and it's fun. Staring up the jeep, the youth states rapidly, "Oh my god, you've missed out on so much. We totally rock the camel's butt now. And can you believe it, I'm an X-Man. It's totally awesome. Oh my god I would have never thought they'd actually let me on the team and do X-men stuff. I figured I'd be stuck being first on the new New Mutant's team part two because those guys took off. But no way, I'm kickin butt and taking names like the big boys now. No need for Logan to be watching out for me cause I totally rock…"

Terry will let her drive. The adrenaline surge of this matter has burned a lot of the alcohol through her system and she's getting a low-level headache at this point. But she listens to Jubilee with an amused grin as the girl drives. "I canna b'lieve they let Logan taught ye t' drive… Christ, lass." She grabs the roll bar, belted in, as Jubilee gets going. "Sound like yer havin' a grand time. D'ye have another New Mutants team?" She hadn't heard that.

"No. But I figured I'd totally be on one." Jubilee comments about the lack of a new New Mutants team. "I heard horror stories about Kitty being demoted to the New Mutants from time to time. So I hope to hell another team doesn't get started. I don't want to be demoted."

Laughing, Theresa totally gets that. "Kitty? Yeah, that I could see. She had…. 'tude." It always amused the redhead, really. "I'd say as long as ye don't do too much t' piss off th' lead of yer squad, demotion isn' really an issue, yeah?" She glances at Jubilee. "I'm t' take it yer on Storm's team?"

"No, I'm on Blue with Cyke and Logan. Storm runs Gold. Half of blue is off on some excursion that required more stealth and stuff. I got none of that." Jubilee states while careening onto the turnpike.

Terry erks as the Jeep screeches tires a bit. "I canna imagine," she retorts drily. "Well, as much as I like th' boys, I'm reasonably sure I'd irk Cyclops t' no end. So I think I'd rather stay wi' Storm's team if they'll have me."

Jubilee smiles, turns on the radio and tries to find a station that has good music playing. Events that distract her from the road at hand. But she manages not to collide with any other vehicle.

Jubilee says over the music, "Everybody irk's Cyke. But he's cool once you get to know him and he trusts you…"

Oh. My. God. "Jubilee," Terry says a bit tightly. "Please, girl, keep yer hands on th' wheel. Ye drive like Logan, an' I don't regenerate!" It's the one thing that has always terrified her about Logan, truly.

Both hands on the wheel, Jubilee laughs thinking the careening is funny or perhaps Terry's statement was. Either way, she drives more safely.

"I could totally go for a shake right now."

Ice cream? That perks a redhead up. "Smart girl. Is anyplace open this early fer that?" Theresa wonders.

Entering Salem Center proper, there are many places open and serving lunch in an hour or three, including McDonalds, "She points, swerves and says, "Micky-Ds!" heading for the drive thru.

Yep, that'll work. Theresa hold on tight, though. "Jaysus, girl!" She'd do right well in London. Mother o' God!

Things are ordered, Jubilee gets a large chocolate shake, and back on the road finds the girls able to make it back to the mansion safely and without incident. It's good to be back on solid ground again.

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