2011 08 31 The Masque Is Back

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The Masque is Back

Madame Masque, Mockingbird, The Enforcer, Dreadnoughts, Spider-Woman-II, Shroud

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Seaport, NYC

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Mockingbird investigates a HYDRA/Maggia situation.


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Mockigbird has a few criminal informants that drop a dime from time to time to relay information that Mockingbird may find useful. In this case, Madame Masque has shown up on someone's radar and that knowledge is conveyed to Mockingbird.

The information: Madame Masque, normally working on the west coast, is to receive a shipment of arms/weapons out of New York Harbor. The shipment has been linked to HYDRA through various channels (not directly). The drop will take place at 3:15am at Warehouse 3 off Addams Ave in the seaport district. The shipment is to come in via submarine.

There's little time to get to New York and arrange a sting, also the information is sketchy at most so notifying a full scale assault may be a waste of resources. <If Mockingbird wishes to notify SHIELD, they'll send a few agents, otherwise she'll be on her own.>

The warehouse itself is located right off Pier 88 and easily accessible from the waterfront. The entire area is filled with warehouses (some used, some unused) and most are all within 20 feet of one another. The structure (and surrounding structures) are 30 feet (3 levels) tall and are made of brick/iron. The area is not well illuminated nor does it have security. The warehouse has a large set of front and rear doors. The rear doors (facing the waterfront) are open and there are a few humanoid figures standing about. Several large crates and metal containers are found within and without the warehouse offering possible cover for any person/persons who wish to run a few yards. Most of the containers are stacked several high (up to 20 feet). Closer inspection will reveal that Madame Masque is standing in the rear doorway of the warehouse. On either side (flanking) of her are Dreadnoughts (2) and to her immediate right is a masked mercenary named the Enforcer. Two other Dreadnoughts are located a few yards in front of her also waiting for the arrival of the sub and another Dreadnought is in the warehouse perhaps acting as backup.

It doesn't appear that the sub has arrived yet, as the hostiles are waiting around for something to happen.

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Okay, so this really wasn't Mockingbird's idea of the perfect sting. Far from it. Sketchy information means a lot of variables, which makes the life expectancy of a typical plan to be less than two minutes. It's easy to get to the warehouse, thanks to the lighting and the area, and Mockingbird has prepared a little more than usual. There's a short-barrel shotgun on her right thigh, just because a girl can't be too careful. Knowing that all eyes will be on the Pier, she does a wide perimeter recon and then approaches the warehouse from the land side. A short bit of lockpick work gets her in the -front- of the warehouse, where she slinks her way through towards the back, keeping to the shadows and dodging behind stacks of crates.

And that's when she'll discover the Dreadnought inside the warehouse.

One minute fifty-nine… fifty-eight… fifty-seven.

The warehouse based Dreadnought faces the front of the warehouse and stands perfectly still. It acts as either rear-guard or backup. But at present, it doesn't move at all or seem to notice the new arrival.

Mockingbird finds a safe location where she's able to see and hear any conversation between Madame Masque and her companions.

Madame Masque stands with one hand on her hip, thigh turned outward and seems to tap her boot toe on the floor in an impatient gesture. Her body language reflects just that as she looks at the watch on her opposite arm (for the third time) and then verbally notes, "They're late."

Her hired gun says nothing. He remains standing and alert. He scans the harbor and then glances back into the warehouse but doesn't take note of Mockingbird (in the shadows).

Mockingbird keeps her attention split between the hired gun and the Dreadnought in the warehouse. Padding quietly, she moves only when Enforcer's attention shifts to the harbor and freezes when he looks back into the warehouse. She uses up the last of the two-minute success window for this plan and draws a deep, steadying breath. Close enough to the first robot, now. Time to improvise. With a flick of her wrists, both battle staves slip comfortably into her hands. Timing is everything, and she waits for Enforcer's gaze to sweep back to the harbor again before she launches herself.

Two front hand-springs build momentum and she hits the Dreadnaught from behind with a flying kick to the head. As it begins to topple forward, she brings the staves around together to jab hard at opposite sides of its neck. And before it crashes to the warehouse floor, she's leaping up onto an adjacent crate. Back into the shadows again.

The robotic Dreadnought is struck with relative ease and before it's able to put up any defense the striks to the neck region with the battle staves cause various sparks to fly and with a CLANG the robot crashes down to the concrete floor of the warehouse.

This will alert Madame Masque, the Enforcer and the other four Dreadnoughts. They all turn to look into the warehouse. They do not see Mockingbird as she ducks back into the crates but that doesn't dissuade Masque from ordering, "Enforcer, see what's going on in there." then fingers toward her two closest Dreadnoughts, "Accompany him, kill any intruders." and the two robots begin to follow the Enforcer into the depths of the warehouse in search of Mockingbird.

Mockingbird crouches upon the crate, hidden mostly in the shadows. . o O (Congratulations, Bobbi, you've got their attention now.) Her -real- target is Madame Masque, and she knows it. Everyone else is just going to be in the way on this little outing. The assassin is going to be the difficult one, though. But at least the Dreadnoughts are somewhat divided.

Expecting at least some of the attention to be on the fallen robot, Mockingbird crouches in the shadows and bides her time. As the group passes her, she leaps from the crate into a front somersault and comes down on the nearest Dreadnaught like she was diving into a pool. Both battle staves jab into the back of its neck, and she swings her feet over her head into a handspring as she rides it down. With better timing on the setup, she would have tried to crash one robot into the other, but there isn't really the opportunity for such niceties. Sticking the landing, she swings both staves at the assassin… one high and the other low. "Bit late for a picnic, don'cha think?"

The attacked dreadnought is hit in a vital area and will go down. Yet the other combatants aren't so surprised. They were expecting to encounter someone, and now that the target is revealed the Enforcer springs into action leaping back and out of the way of the assault with two .45 caliber pistols drawn. Both are fired toward Mockingbird - not slugs, but knock out gas releasing ammunition that will explode on contact. Meanwhile the second Dreadnought lurches toward Mockingbird. The fists of the robotic monstrosity are tipped with small spikes and are intent on punching the heroine. <Dreadnoughts have special attacks (shooting knuckle spikes, flamethrowers, electrical fields, gamma-ray eyebeams, freon mouth gas, etc).

[OOC] Viper says, "http://www.classicmarvelforever.com/cast/dreadnaught.htm"

Bullets are bullets, and Mockingbird isn't terribly interested in being hit by them no matter what's inside. When the guns are fired she cartwheels away. Well not actually -away-, but a half-twist at the waist sends her towards the advancing Dreadnought. Landing on her knees drops her below one of the sweeping fists, and as she slides forward between its legs on armored shins she arches backward to make sure the follow-up punch misses her as well. Both staves jab up and back, striking behind the knee joints where the plating is thinner… intending to bring the robot down as a brief shield for anymore bullets.

The shield tactic works - Mockingbird finds herself behind the Dreadnought with the Enforcer in front of the robot. Bullets strike the chest of the Dreadnought (doing no damage). However she quickly learns she is now between the Dreadnought and an emerging Madame Masque who comes into view some yards away. Masque yells, "It's MOCKINGBIRD! Take her alive!" then mutters something about a hostage situation.

From behind Madame Masque, the two other Dreadnoughts emerge and are walking (picking up pace) toward Mockingbird (still many yards away).

Several expletives come to Bobbi's mind right about now, but she settles on a muttered "… shit". Raising her voice as she kips back up to her feet, battle staves are twisted together and extended as well. "Well HELLO there, darling! I thought surely you'd be back on the Coast, working on your tan. Whatever brings you to THIS dreary place?" Vaulting over the downed (and stationary) Dreadnought, she gives the now-longer staff a sweep at Enforcer's knees before vaulting away again. Towards one of the many stacks of crates.

The Enforcer knows that it's best to keep his distance (having pistols and Mockingbird has sticks) so when she leaps back over he's already backpeddling. Two more rounds are fired but with her vaulting away she's clear of the shots (which are fired into the rafters).

The closer of the Dreadnoughts gets to its feet and will also launch a stream of fire toward the fleeing Mockingbird, she will feel the heat but know no pain or physical contact. It however sets several crates aflame.

She makes it back behind the crates to the relative safety of the shadows. The flames don't really bother her, mostly because she's already on the move again when the crates are ignited. Just at the edge of the firelight, Mockingbird stops and turns. She knows the area she disappeared into will be swept and searched, so she waits and quietly draws the shotgun from the thigh holster. <BOOM!> The first Dreadnought who gives her a clear look will get a slug into the sensitive optics.

The opportunity presents itself when the crates are smashed to the side by a Dreadnought. Various crates topple as Mockingbird blasts the dreadnought in the face. Optics shattered the Dreadnought will be disabled for a time, but still dangerous as it immediately releases a stream of fire toward the place it recalls Mockingbird last was. Yet, it may be involuntary because the Dreadnought begins to rotate and the 20 ft stream of fire then begins to strike other locations and pose a threat to everything in the immediate area.

The Enforcer has also disappeared from direct sight. He's found cover and will use it to attempt to strike out at Mockingbird when she reveals herself again. Also, Madame Masque is not directly apparent, though it's likely she too is on the hunt in this cat/mouse game, or cat/bird in this case.

The other two Dreadnoughts are closing.

Mockingbird jacks another shell into the chamber during the fiery spray as she darts around for better cover. She needs to act fast, or downed Dreadnoughts will become combatants again. As much as she hates to admit it, Bobbi could really use Clint right about now. Why is it there's never a good man around when you need one? The two Dreadnoughts are the keys, now. Both hounds as well as bait. But for who?

From the shadows, she calls out "So did you ever stop to wonder why the sub is late, Masque?" A few moments of stealthy creeping, then she calls out again from behind a different stack. "Looks to me like somebody else got to them first, and you've been set up…"

That remark likely struck a chord with Masque since no response is heard. The villainess is likely trying to hunt in silence and brooding all at once.

From above, Mockingbird will hear a male's voice, "Move and I'll put you down." - it seems that the Enforcer has gotten the drop on Mockingbird from three crates above her.

A Dreadnought rounds a corner to be in front of Mockingbird (10 yards away) and another Dreadnought rounds the corner to be behind her (also 10 yards away). Crates are all around and she would seem to be in a pickle.

Trapped in an aisle way, an expert marksman above her, nowhere to dodge, and killer robots closing from each end. Well at least they want her alive, right? "Yeah, Slick, you got me." she replies, looking up and keeping the assassin in sight. Very deliberately, she twists the staff and it separates into two staves again. "So now what?" Her expression may be calm, but she's watching his hands… his eyes… for any sign that he's going to pull the triggers.

"Drop the sticks. Kick them over to the Dreadnought in front of you." is intoned by the Enforcer. The two Dreadnoughts have their right hands raised (flame thrower at the ready) and they remain 10 yards away.

The Enforcer then states, "Then you'll lay on your stomach, interlace your hands behind your head and spread your legs." He almost sounds like an officer of the law.

Mockingbird gives him an annoyed look, and for a moment something flashes in her eyes as if she might be considering something. "I'm really not that kind of girl, y'know." she replies. But the sticks clatter on the concrete floor. A sweep of her foot sends them skittering towards the Dreadnought, and then she sinks slowly to her knees. Onto her belly, she laces hands together behind her head and spreads her legs.

From off to the side she hears a female voice call out, "NOW!" and everything goes dark. Mockingbird will still be awake and alert but the room itself is shrouded by inky blackness. Not a split second after the voice is heard, Mockingbird will feel someone near to her, and hear a voice say, "Stay down." as he seems to engulf her in his cloak. The voice is very familiar and Mockingbird will come to realize that it's the voice of Shroud (Night Shift - villain team).

He wraps them both up in his cloak and shroud of darkness. Gunshots are heard, the flame throwers of the dreadnoughts lash out and she can feel the heat of the flame through the cloak, but no damage will be taken. Shroud says, "On the count of three, you take the one nearest your sticks, I'll take the other."

More gunshots are heard in the distance/above, some punching, kicking, beating around the head and face.

The flame stops as Shroud counts, "1, 2, 3! Now!". With that the lights come back on (his darkness goes away) and the Dreadnoughts are ready for prime butt kicking. Shroud goes one way to attack his Dreadnought, giving Mockingbird the ability to go toward the other where her battle staves are.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the crates there's kicking, fighting, a random gunshot, and more fighting.

Mockingbird stays down, but she gathers her legs under her when Shroud speaks to her. She nods, but also mutters. "Gotcha…" The darkness lifts, and she -sprints- towards the Dreadnought in front of her. Timing the handspring to pick up her staves off of the floor, she extends a brutal kick up under its jaw to snap the metal head back as her colliding weight begins to topple it backwards. And as they're going down, she glances about quickly to see what else is going on around her now.

From this angle (in an intersection between crates) and atop the fallen Dreadnought (but not out of the fight yet), Mockingbird can see Spider-Woman II <Julia Carpenter - a fellow member of the WCA> knocking the hell out of the Enforcer. She seems to be taking pleasure in the fight and how she's handing him his ass.

Spider-Woman notes Mockingbird while leaping atop the blind Dreadnought and steering his fist spikes toward the Enforcer, spikes are launched while SW states, "Looks like we were on the same job."

Meanwhile, Shroud moves efficiently around his Dreadnought and uses its actions against itself.

Madame Masque is no where in sight.

Mockingbird rides the falling Dreadnought down, half-sitting on its chest. When it crashes, she jabs the ends of her staves into the vulnerable neck joints and grins up at Spider-Woman. "Oh! Hey there, and glad you could join in." she quips back. Tumbling free of the Dreadnought, she turns quickly to look around. "Madame Masque was here a moment ago…" And then she'll start looking around for the villainess.

The Enforcer dives for cover from the fist spikes ends up sliding into a crate. Spider-Woman rips the head off the blind Dreadnought she was perched upon and then leaps to take care of the Enforcer.

Meanwhile, Mockingbird goes in pursuit of the displaced Madame Hydra and emerging from the warehouse she will take note of a submarine just off the pier. There, Madame Hydra is boarding the conning tower. Also atop the conning tower are several HYDRA agents and it's clear that the sub is departing from the pier to attempt an escape.

Bobbi mutters to herself again, and not for the first time does she wish Clint was around. As she runs, she calls out. "Hydra sub is leaving the pier!" Keeping an eye on the agents, she knows she's going to attract attention. And she also knows she can't stop a submarine by herself.

The pier is long, the run seems even longer. By the time Mockingbird reaches the end of the pier, the sub is well out of range and descending into the depths of the bay.

The attention she caught was the right attention. Shroud and Spider-Woman run up alongside Mockingbird a few moments later and Spider-Woman says, "Drats."

Mockingbird stands at the end of the pier, catching her breath and watching as the sub slips away into the dark water. Looking back over her shoulder when she hears Spider-Woman, she smirks and replies. "Yeah. Something like that." Shifting her attention more towards her unexpected rescuers, then, she tucks her staves up inside her sleeves and adds. "All the same, I'm glad serendipity was working tonight. It was -real- good to see you guys."

A question may be posed as to why Shroud is here, as he's head of one of the largest west coast underworld gangs, but it's also assured that Spider-Woman knows full well what's going on.

Shroud turns and says, "I'm gonna make sure everyone's tied up for when the cops arrive."

Spider-Woman lets Shroud get out of ear-shot before saying anything, "Yeah, I know, he's a bad guy. But really he's not… You can't tell a soul, not even Clint. He's been undercover for years now, setting it up so the underworld will take a significant hit. He's the one that told me about Madame Masque and the shipment of carbite weapons from HYDRA to the Maggia and Madame Masque."

Mockingbird's dubious expression is mostly-concealed by her glasses, but the set of her mouth isn't. Still, actions are worth something, so she replies. "Mum's the word, of course. My tip came from an old source on the streets." Watching Shroud slip away for a few more moments, she adds. "Masque may have gotten away this time, but at least the carbite weapons will stay out of New York for another day."

Spider-Woman looks off into the harbor and sighs, feeling like she still failed, and she's really against failing.

Meanwhile, sirens are heard in the distance, fire/police/rescue (because of the flames in the warehouse that Shroud is likely taking care of).

"You want me to handle the police?" Spider-Woman asks, being a member of the WCA and all, low man on the totem pole.

Mockingbird smiles softly at that, but she shakes her head. "I don't mind sticking around to help, actually. After all, you -did- save my bacon. This way we can make sure they have both my intel and yours. And who knows? They may even have something to offer as well."

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