2011 08 19 Say Babe Gimme Access To Everything I Need To Sav

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Say Babe, Gimme Access to Everything.I Need to Save the World

Dr. Nemesis, Emma Frost, Richenda Gray

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August 19th, 2011

Massachusetts Academy

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The Doc and Emma hit it off!


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It's out of a hired car, not quite a limousine but more like a Lexus, that Dr. Nemesis emerges at the Massachusetts Academy. The man all in white stands there beside it, umbrella hooked over one forearm and pulling on his ivory gloves with a certain aspect of distraction to him. His lips purse into a mild frown as he espies Richenda awaiting to greet him, cocks an eyebrow at her and then starts to walk forward.
"Tell me child, what's your power thing?" He starts to walk forward to Richenda, moving along the walkway with an easy step as he gets to her, "It had best be something remarkable, like world explosion, dimension crushing. Xavier sent out some time-travelling hitman to escort me when I saw him and if you're just some school girl then I'll be horribly insulted."

Another beautiful day in Snow Valley, as is evident at midmorning on the campus of the Academy. Were classes in session, it'd be the sort of day for looking out the window, daydreaming, and probably getting smacked with a ruler. The Academy's pretty traditional, after all.
Richenda Gray is doing that already, having had the bad luck to be in the Headmistress's office when the call came in about a visitor. Clad in the navy and plaid school uniform, along with a cute navy beret she saw and couldn't resist, she's escorting a visitor through the Administration Building to the Headmistress's Office. "Right this way, sir," she says as he reaches her, half-turning and gesturing. She waits for him to follow, hands clasped behind her back. Her eyes stray to the scenery, of course. "My power? Um… hmm. I make air explode and disintegrate matter with a touch," she says at last. "Does that work for you?"

A gloved hand is held out as he looks upwards, considering the weather for a time and the damned bulky umbrella he brought with him. Frowning he looks at her and then says, "Alright, I'm only a little insulted. Disintegrate you say? Where does the energy go?" Dr. Nemesis rubs two fingers along the curve of his chin thoughtfully as they walk. They make their way into the administration building and as they get to the door he's still talking about her power.
"No no no, it's a matter of power distribution, you see matter cannot be 'unmade' it can only be…" He pauses and then looks at the door. A cock of an eyebrow is given and then he gestures with one hand as if to say, 'After you'.
You paged Charles Xavier with 'haw u hav no hare'

"I didn't say it was unmade, sir. I said it was disintegrated," Chenda replies as she bounces up the last flight of stairs. "I don't know where the energy goes, but since I can remake the matter, I'm pretty sure it's still around. I've only had the power a couple months, so I'm still figuring stuff out."
She opens the door. "Miss Frost? A Dr. Nemesis to see you, ma'am," she says, stepping through and holding the door for the distinguished stranger.

Emma glances up from papers she was reading and smiles faintly. "Thank you very much, Miss Gray," she says, faintly warmly, and rises. As with most days, she's dressed in white suit jacket, slim skirt, and stockings over a silk blouse of a contrasting color (today's color is black). "Good morning to you, Dr. Nemesis. Please, come in. How may I help you?" She notes the man's white suit with a faint smile. "Please do not think me too forward, but I wholeheartedly approve of your choice of colors," she adds, her faint smile turning impish.

The good Doctor positively sweeps into the office, giving his surroundings a once-over as he looks back and forth, then his eyes snap to Emma herself. He holds up a white gloved hand to her and says quickly, sharply, "Save it, Ms. Frost." He rests his hands on his hips, his umbrella clicking light upon the floor as it tip strikes the ground. "First thing's first. Don't touch my mind. Before coming here I had a most precise machine take a full image of my exquisite exquisite brain and any tampering with it will change that signature a perceivable amount. You go digging into my noggin and all sorts of X-peoples not to mention my lawyers will have you teaching your pole-dancing classes out of a cardboard box."
There's a beat of a pause, then he adds, "With broken legs." There, that should do it.

There's a certain feeling when you watch American animation these days, usually signaled by laughter accompanied by a healthy dose of disbelief that the producers put /that/ on the air. Chenda's feeling it concerning this small slice of life. Her hand flies to her mouth to stifle laughter, though her look at her Headmistress suggests curiosity mingled with some frank astonishment. At the kicker-line, her other hand has to join her other one over her mouth. Not silently, either.

Emma's expression goes from welcoming to almost amazingly forbidding in the speed of an umbrella's tip clicking on the floor of her office. An almost deadly smile gradually comes to her lips, and she almost absently crosses her arms over her chest. "My, this /does/ change things… clever /and/ amazingly rude. And let's not leave out the two blatant threats. You certainly don't hesitate to come to the point, Doctor… no matter the cost."
The levity and the smile vanish. "In which case, tell me what you want, or get your dapper ass /out/ of my office." Her face is Headmistress to the core. The biggest, brashest, most fearless troublemaking jocks on this or any other campus would be brought crashing to their knees to beg for her forgiveness (and maybe their lives) with only a look at that expression.

"Now that we have some ground rules set." The Doctor steps forward and helps himself to a chair, "I need access to your intelligence assets, any research you might have connected to mutant genetic sequences, and information you might have of various prominent pro and anti-mutant causes." That having been said he reaches an immaculately gloved hand into his pocket and withdraws a small flash drive. He sets it down upon her desk with a faint click.
"On this drive are the beginning bread crumbs of what I feel is a conspiracy against everyone with an aberrant genetic sequence. If you're worried you won't be smart enough to make all the connections then I'll happily explain it to you piece by piece. Oh also, careful. Anything you put the drive into will be destroyed in approximately twenty two minutes."

And, if you're the hapless student who had to bring this person up to this other person's office, what do you say? Fortunately for Chenda, the good doctor has stepped from in front of the door. She edges sideways towards it, very slowly and quietly. Being in the room with these two is similar, in her mind, to being in the same room with a ticking bomb.

"You certainly don't ask for much, do you, Doctor?" Emma asks, her tone subtly sarcastic. "And since your little drive is, frankly, devastating, I'm going to ask you to explain every last detail on it in all possible clarity, because I have no plans to let it near even one computer in my possession. While I have no trouble sharing information mutually, I draw the line at destroying resources needlessly." She sinks into her chair and settles in to wait, fingers steepled before her, then glances at Chenda. "Perhaps you should leave us for now, Miss Gray. Your services are most appreciated. Good day," she says, just a bit frostily.

"Alright then," Dr. Nemesis leans forwards in his chair, resting his forearms on his knees and meeting Emma's gaze with his own. "Let me tell you a little story."
Though, before Richenda departs he offers her a small token gesture of a wave over one shoulder. See, he can be polite. That having been done he turns his attention back upon Emma with that steely-eyed look of his. "I monitor my research, I have alarms and safeguards upon it to gauge when it's inquired about or drawn upon. Three days ago a project I'd worked upon back in '94 set off a few alarms. A protein-based nanite deployment system for global innoculation when placed in the five primary water supplies of the world. Deployment would be total in a period of three weeks. Just a little something I threw together on a weekend, sat on it."
He pauses and his brow furrows, as if ordering his thoughts, then he presses on. "Saw it was pinged, I followed up on it. Got some answers, they brought up more questions. I checked the connections of data gathered by that vector, let to more sites where inquiries were made and a larger picture started to coalesce. There were extended links to the people who requested this information that touched upon elaborate genetic research by one particular doctor who had managed to unravel must of the possible variant sequences of mutantkind. Bam, soon as she makes this declaration she goes missing. That was two years ago." He uncurls a hand, "More connections bring in aggressive agents for direct genetic manipulation, then there's yet more connections to survival mechanisms to maintain its viability into perpetuity. And all of these data vectors, _all_ of them stem ultimately from a governmental standpoint. Ours most likely, but hey."
He sits back up and smiles that oh so knowing smile that's terribly… terribly deadly. "So what we're talking about here, Ms. Frost, if you trust that I'm as smart as I think I am. Which, hey, I am by the way… is an extinction level event for our species." A hand lifts, "And if that's not enough know that as soon as I learned this mess three days ago I immediately dropped my plans of killing this nazi clone I'd been tracking for eight weeks. And if there's one thing I really really like, it's killing nazi clones."

Oops. Busted, probably. Chenda manages a faint smile as the good Doctor begins his explanation, bowing her head. She even curtsies, though this skirt's a bit short for that. "As you wish, Miss Frost. Good day." With an extra bow of her head for good measure, she steps out the door, shutting it behind her.
And leaning against it, eyes wide, her mind reeling. Total extinction of her species? Yikes!

Emma would smile faintly at the dutiful and spirited Chenda, but the annoying-but-intriguing doctor has her full attention. Still, she does glance after her briefly. Then her eyes and attention are back on Dr. Nemesis.
Her expression turns thoughtful as she listens, though she doesn't look any less forbidding. "That's an interesting track to follow, Doctor," she muses softly. "Very well, you have my full attention. I happen to like living. You'll have whatever help is in my power to give you. As long as you don't threaten me again, speaking of ground rules."

"Fair is fair, no brain diddling, no threats. Seems like we have an understanding." That having been said, Dr. Nemesis opens one hand to gesture to the side, "And alright, I'll need somewhere I can work, the best interface you have for covering your intelligence, and what information you have on your operatives. I'll keep it short and be out of your hair before your next botox treatment." He gains his feet and extends a white gloved hand towards her, "Seems like this is the start of a beautiful friendship, Ms. Frost."

On the other side of the door, Chenda gets her rubbery knees under control, silently standing and wincing. She slowly moves towards the stairs, not trusting her legs entirely just yet.

Emma doesn't accept the handshake. "Perhaps… in my mind, this friendship needs to percolate a bit more before I fully accept it. But you will have all the help I can give you. I do prefer that you do not share more of my private data with Professor Xavier than you absolutely must. I don't want to yield up /all/ of my secrets to my rival so readily, after all… at least, not without an equal trade of data in return. Follow me, please." She rises from her desk. "The fastest computer lab is, sadly, not in this building."

Handshake rejected, but offer accepted, Dr. Nemesis elegantly doffs his fedora with his extended hand. "You enjoy my thanks, Ms. Frost. Please, after you." He's so agreeable when he, well, gets his way. That having been said he adjusts the hang of his umbrella on his arm and starts to walk after her, even going so far as to open the door and hold it for her.

Emma pauses at the door. "As much as I appreciate the gesture, I must ask you to please walk in front of me, Doctor… I do so enjoy glaring daggers at your unprotected back," she says, sardonically, gesturing at the door herself.

A smirk twists the good doctor's features as he again offers a nod, he strides forwards, umbrella tip clicking upon the floor with each step as he affects its use as a walking cane. "I understand, you enjoy the view. Far be it for me to deny a lady the small pick me ups that get her through her day." That having been said they make their way into HISTORY!

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