2011 08 15 Hi Give Me Access To Everything I Need To Save Th

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Hi, Give Me Access to Everything, I Need to Save the World.

Dr. Nemesis, Charles Xavier

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Aug 15th, 2011


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Chuck and Doc meet and greet


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The front door of the Xavier Mansion is opened by a large, indimidating looking black man who wears his hair long in dreadlocks. His form is covered by combat boots, black camo cargo pants, and a tucked in black t-shirt. Immediately he presents himself as 'security' and says, "Doctor Bradley. I'm Bishop, Xavier security. The professor is expecting you. Follow me." and the large, imposing man will allow Bradley to enter then lead him through the magnificant mansion.
The mansion itself seems quiet. It's known that the estate has often played the role of school for gifted youngsters, however at present there are no children lurking or playing in the halls. If asked about it, Bishop will say, "They're on break."
Finally, after a few turns and hallways, the Professor's office is approached revealing his door is wide. Inside the professor is behind his desk, but upon entry of Dr Bradley and Bishop announcing the arrival of Xavier's 10am meeting, the Professor wheels around from behind the desk and will move half way into the office (meeting Bradley half way with an outstretched hand, "Doctor Bradley, welcome. I'm Charles Xavier."

The man beside Bishop is shorter than him, dressed in a white suit with a folded closed umbrella in hand. His brow is knit together with a measure of wariness as he considers his surroundings at first and then the man before him second. An eyebrow cocks at the introduction and then James steps forwards, extending a white gloved hand to accept the handshake. "Professor."
The man gives a firm shake, not challenging, but then releases his grip. He doesn't take a seat yet, though he wastes no time getting down to business. "First things first, Xavier." He jerks a thumb behind him towards Bishop, "What I have to say isn't for the general plebian population so make sure it's alright for this fellow to stay around. If not I suggest you tell him to vamanos."

Gathering the verbage used by Bradley, Xavier is somewhat disappointed with the name calling but he lets it slide as Bradley might be from a different stock. "I trust Bishop completely, Doctor Bradley. But please, have a seat I'm to understand that what you have to share is quite important." and Xavier will nod to Bishop who will depart and close the door. Meanwhile Xavier rotates his chair and backs it to some degree so that he's facing one of the high backed leather chairs that was inclined.

"Alright then," There's another cock of his eyebrow, this time at Bishop as the man in white considers, then he looks back over towards Xavier. One hand reaches into the inner pocket of his coat, moving suitably slowly so as to not set off any of Bishop's alarms. From within he produces a slim datapad that seems part electronic paper and part tablet display. He sets that down upon a suitable surface next to Professor X. The next instant he avails himself of one of those high backed leather chairs.
Having done so he begins, "That information I've given you is some research of my own I completed back in '94. Long story short, protein based deployment system of nanites for autonomous global inoculations. Little something I was saving for a rainy day. Heh. Now I have markers, informants, alarms that go off whenever a piece of my research is drawn upon or gathered. I received such an alarm about this research being taken."
For a time he steeples his fingers before him, expression distancing as he frowns for a moment, as if considering how to proceed. He makes the decision and does so. "I followed this up, did some digging, exploed the data vectors and I saw that there were different areas where the data coalesced or multiple pieces were drawn from. I started to build this picture, but it was an ugly picture thing, sort of like Edward Munch's the Scream. Over here is my research, over there is a doctor that's brilliantly decoded portions of mutantkind's genetic sequence, over there are methods of tracking mutantkind, and crazily enough some of these data vectors overlap here. With yourself."

With elbows upon the arm rests of his wheelchair, Xavier is leaned back comfortably and interlaces his fingers with thumbtips together. He listens to the man intently and with an agreed nod, Xavier addresses the last comment, "I've spent many years researching genetic mutations, I'm sure we've researched similiar aspects at different times. I do hope you're not accusing me of taking without accreditation or permission."

"Oh no, far from it. No idea what role you play or played in it, but here's the deal." Dr. Nemesis leans forwards, "Take all these pieces and what occurs to me is there are people gathering this data for themselves and expanding on the research, they're looking for some form of vehicle for a global deployment of genetic manipulation on an unheard of scale, a form of genetic manipulation aimed primarily at mutants." He straightens up a bit, "The doctor that initially performed some of the research disappeared two years ago, officially the research has been dropped by the companies connected to it. That doesn't sound too terribly kosher to my ears."
Another pause, then the man in white gestures, "Put it this way, Professor. I was in the middle of putting down a group of Nazi clones when this first came to my attention. I dropped everything to follow this up. If you know anything about me, you know one thing I like is killing me some nazis. So take that for what you will."

With a troubled and concerned look Xavier nods and reiterates, "Nazis." with his own reflection of historical events. Xavier then states, "Have you a clear indication of who may be behind it? Doctor Wyndham, the High Evolutionary, perhaps? And do you by chance know the intent behind these actions?"

"Nope, nope, and nope." Dr. Nemesis glances over at Bishop for a moment, eyes narrowing slightly, then he looks back to Professor X and responds. "That's why I came here. I want access to your systems, research, database, and whatever assets you may have. I do the digging, I'll share the results, we'll see what we can see."
Long distance to Betsy Braddock: Dr. Nemesis sets your hair on fire.

Again a troubled look crosses Xavier's face when he realizes he must do something that he doesn't take lightly. "Doctor Bradley, you're asking something that is not often allowed. So I must ask something of you." Xavier's posture does not change, but it's quickly known that his words have ceased being audible and have become telepathic in nature. "I must ask if I might be able to probe your mind. It is my way of checking security."

Professor X is enough of a student of the nature of man to catch the subtle shifts in body language. Dr. Bradley's eyes narrow slightly, his gaze flicks to tell-tale points upon Professor X's features. His back tenses, his body straightens up faintly. There's a moment when the man's jaw opens slightly before he speaks, "Telepath. Makes sense." A few pieces fall into place for him, then he squints sidelong. "Alright, just be mindful. One night in Bangkok and all that." For some reason that makes sense to him to say that as he takes a grip upon the arms of the chair, as if getting 'ready' for the mind probe.

It is painless and seemingly instant. However many minutes have passed while Xavier penetrated the darkest recesses of Bradley's mind searching for anything that may pose a threat from the man in white. Xavier questions a few things, but at the end of it all he's confident that Bradley is one of the good guys and can be trusted in certain matters.

As Bradley regains his footing in the real world <essentially waking from a lucid dream>, Xavier will say to him, "You will find that there are many secrets in my home that need not be relayed. I'm sure that putting my trust in your silence is the right choice. You will be given knowledge of this location, its people and the freedom to research what you need. This as well as I would like to assist you in your endevour. Upon Doctor McCoy's return, I'm sure he will be eager to take upon the challenges of Science and work alongside."

That's so strange, it felt like no time passed at all. It's offputting enough that Dr. Nemesis is not exactly entirely on his game for the moment. "Um, yes. Dr. McCoy." He looks to the side and at Bishop, then back the other way towards Professor X. In the mindprobe the Professor most likely found out that indeed Nemesis was speaking the truth, even down to the Nazi clones in the mojave that he'd been dealing with. Though, of course, there are darker secrets to the good Doctor as well.
Straightening up and then starting to rise, "Where can I work?" He asks that evenly, clearly wanting to get down to business.

Placing his hand on the wheelchair control and starting his motion toward the door that Bishop opens, "Come doctor. I'll give you a tour and introduce you to my X-Men." Bradley is shown around, introduced to whomever is available and around at the moment, and then taken into a lab where research can commense. Xavier himself will linger some to discuss a few things genetic in nature, but eventually he will leave Bradley to his work.

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