2011 08 07 Skinny And Biggie Strike Back

Log Title: Skinny and Biggie Strike Back!

Characters: Gomi, Mike, Skinny(NPC), Biggie(NPC)

IC Date: 7 August 2011

Location: Hell's Kitchen

Brief Log Summary: Making his way home, Mike runs into some faces from the past. And Gomi runs into them.

Rating: PG

There is no TS in the log: Yes


-==[ Hell's Kitchen - New York ]==--------

Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.

The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.



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Some time has passed since the events at Time Square have been cleared up. Accounts were given, damages were assessed, and likely phone numbers were exchanged. Luckily for one Mike Hannigan he got to avoid the aftermath. But the curiousity does cause for him to swing by Times Square after getting his medicine thereby delaying his usual return back to the apartment. The daylight hours are growing slim and he has JUST reached the Hell's Kitchen part of his trek. Likely ill-advised but considering how his day is going and how he is feeling, Mike is not caring.

A hand reaches up, scratching the back of his neck which lays exposed due to the knit cap upon his head hiding away his signature locks as the unnatural blue of his eyes look around the landscape. His steps slow as he looks to an old boarded up residential building that no longer serves as home for people. At least those who pay rent. He frowns slightly, glance looking up to a particular window of the building. So distracted he is, he doesn't even register the two thugs he should be more than familiar with stepping out from the alleyway.

Gomi took off before anyone could question him, picking up a few fallen pieces of fruit as he passed. if it's on the ground, it's fair game, right? He hefts the satchel on his shoulder to reposition it and takes a bite of an apple after wiping it off. Having no place to live means he can be wherever he wants, though this isn't really one of them, but if he goes to a real shelter, they'll try and put him in some kind of foster home, most likely, or try to take him apart. He sees the figure looking in the window, but pauses about twenty yards away, watching to see what he does.

Mike's watch of the building is far from entertaining. He maintains his quiet vigil all the while as the other two figures become a bit more visible from the alleyway. One tall and big while the other much thinner and more angular looking. Staples of the neighborhood known by the names 'Biggie' and 'Skinny'. Two guesses to who is who. The expressions upon their faces are quite a contrast to the frowning one the musician sports. Theirs seem more amused. Perhaps even pleased. And it's not long before the thin one opens his mouth. "Oh little Mikey. Do you have a death wish?"

Gomi frowns and looks at his bag. "It appears there is going to be another altercation, but of the human kind, not the bizarre creatures from another dimension kind. Shall we offer our services once again, my companions?" he opens the flap and lets the oversized lobsters out, and they scuttle in the shadows toward the men while Gomi decides to try and pose a distraction, running toward Mike. "Excuse me, dear sir, have you seen a feline run through here?"

All bones and angles, Gomi embodies the stereotypical teenage nerd. His light blonde hair is shorter in the back than it is on top, hanging off to the side and covering part of his face. Slight of stature, the near 15 year old has long angular features, his face long and sharp, nose holding up a pair of nerdishly thick square glasses.

He is wearing a pair of blue jeans, and an oversized button down dress shirt left untucked. Over that he wears an even more oversized orange sweater with very thin black stripes and to make it even worse a vertically red and white striped vest over that. The boy is a walking fashion disaster. His shoes, however are relatively well kept white sneakers, no particular brand on them.

Viewing interrupted, the familiar voice causes for Mike to glance towards the pair. Frown deepening and eyes narrowing. "Why the hell do y-" Mike's reply pauses as Gomi approaches, posing his question. "Fel-" He looks to Gomi, head tilting a bit at the odd coincidence that he should run into the same fashion disaster twice in one day. "I can't say I have."

The other two thugs glance over to Gomi, Biggie remaining silent as Skinny scowls at the blonde. "Kid, go home."

Gomi adjusts his glasses, brushing his blonde hair back. "I'm afraid I can't do that, kind sir. I must find my feline companion or else I will be in quite a quandry when I get home." except he has no home, and basically no parents. He stands beside Mike, slightly in front of him in case he needs to blow some thugs away.

The thin thug's jaw drops slightly at Gomi's use of words shaking his head a little before emitting a chuckle, "Shit, this kid's even more of a mama's boy than Chelsea boy ever was." He glances back towards Biggie who gives a chuckle in kind.

Mike looks towards Gomi, "Then I guess we'll have to look for him." He glances around as if looking for a cat before looking back towards Gomi, "What does he look like?" Yes he is VERY concerned for the missing cat. Indeed.

Gomi rubs the back of his neck. "He is scando mouse brown, with reticulating stripes." he notices the thugs being confused by his flowery speech, so he keeps it up. "Perhaps he has ventured into this poorly lit corridor to forage for sustinence, despite the fact that he is provided sufficient provisions, including Thunnus albacares, so I have no idea why he would wish to eat discarded material."

Skinny doesn't seem all that happy with the chosen approach to asnwering the question. As his laughing has faded to nothing pleasant. Instead he is now scowling "Kid, what the HELL are you saying?"

Mike turns his head, glancing down the street and points down the street, "You mean that cat?" He squints. Gesturing to something that the thugs are likely not going to see. Or Gomi for that matter.

Gomi looks up at the men and says "Oh, I did not realize that you were not of sufficient aptitude to comprehend. How can I put this… AH LOST MAH KITTEH AN I DUN NO WHERE HE IS." he'll shower later for using such horrifying grammar. "Oh, perhaps it is! Daneel, come here, please!"

Skinny's scowl deepens as he glares at Gomi, "Kid. How can I put this. You are #$@#ed." As he takes a step towards Gomi, Biggie takes this to mean that that he too may wish to do something as he too starts to step forward.

"MOVE!" Mike snaps, grabbing Gomi by the arm and tugging him into motion, jarring the kid from the spot that Skinny is swinging a fist towards.

Gomi yeeps as he's pulled backwards, avoiding a fist to the face. He places a hand to his temple and tries releasing just a small blast, but all blasts coming from Gomi are huge and generally catastrophic, like Jean Grey with extreme PMS.

With the blast from Gomi, Skinny and Biggie find thimselves flying back and making considerable distance before they land upon the ground. A car parked nearby gives a loud metalic groan of protest as it crumples where the blast hits it. "Quit doing that and turn around." Mike snaps, seemingly not all that surprised by the amount of distruction Gomi's flinging out and still tugging the younger male along with him.

Gomi stumbles to get his footing and twists around to follow Mike. "I wished to put some distance between us and those unsavory individuals. Bill, Don, come on! We are apparently extricating ourselves from this vicinity!"

Mike grumbles as he pulls Gomi down to the entrance of the subway. "And I'd rather you not destroy anything over a couple of low rate punks like those two," he replies, shaking his head, "I could have handled them."

Gomi goes down with Mike, the lobsters just barely catching up and getting into the bag before they went down the stairs. "It was more efficient to show them that their pending behavior would not be tolerated."

Mike shakes his head, moving over towards the card purchasing machines are to lean against it. He looks to Gomi, "You can show them as many times as you want and it will not get through their heads. What you did will only encourage them to bother you the next time they come across you."

Gomi frowns. "If they attempt to bother me again, I will simply remind them of the results of our last encounter. In what way were you planning on handling them? It seems as though the odds were not in yoru favor."

To the observation, Mike gives a snort of a laugh, shaking his head. "Those two, I can handle." He repeats his assessment from earlier, "It's when the rest of their group is around that it can be a bother."

Gomi shrugs. "Does it really matter? Why were you in that neighborhood, anyway? Their behavior was discontinued and perhaps they will think twice about repeating their actions."

"Because it's on the way home." Mike replies, giving a shrug, "And probably not… Just, don't be surprised if you're in the area and they pop up."

Gomi sighs. "Very well. I can handle myself if they decided to instigate a confrontation. I am afraid I have not made your aquaintence, yet."

"Things were a bit busy." Mike reminds, glancing to the entrance way of the subway before offering a hand towards Gomi, "Name's Mike."

Gomi looks at the hand, narrowing his eyes, then offers a smallish hand in return. "Gomi. Why are we in the subway? I have nowhere to go at this time."

As he shakes the hand, Mike glances to Gomi curiously, "Where were you heading before you came across those two idiots?"

Gomi stuffs his hands in his pockets after shaking hands with Mike. "Nowhere in particular, sometimes I stay in that abandoned house. Some miscreants were holding a rave in my usual establishment."

Mike's brows lift before his expression settles. His head gives a nod as he turns to the machine and puts some money into it. "I see." He frowns, "You know there's a shelter in Chelsea, right?"

Gomi nods. "Yes, I know there are shelters, but if you are within a certain age range, they will call the authorities."

Mike pauses, focusing on Gomi again, "… how old are you?"

Gomi rubs the back of his neck. "Close to fifteen?" he says, shuffling his feet. "It is difficult to determine."

The musician remains quiet for a few moments as he turns back to the machine, pressing a button before a card gets issued by it. Mike pulls it out and turns around, looking to it. "Bad family?"

Gomi looks down and shuffles his feet again. "Well, you could say that. My cousin Ramone and his lab partner turned me into a cyborg and my mother did nothing to stop them. I believe that is sufficient reason to put distance between myself and them."

"Hmm." Mike reaches a hand into his pocket, tugging out a slightly more worn but otherwise matching ticket to the one he withdrew from the machine. He holds the older one out towards Gomi. "Guess it can't be helped."

Gomi looks at the ticket. "I appreciate the offer, but what would I do with it? I have nowhere to go."

"Chelsea." Mike replies, " Those guys you knocked over are probably going to hang out around the building you were initially going to so that option's out. We got a spare futon in the apartment you could crash on for the night."

Gomi reluctantly takes the ticket. "Why would you offer that to me? You do not even know me. What if I am some kind of murderer? That could be quite dangerous, even though I am not."

"Considering what you did earlier today with Hawkeye. I think I can take that risk." Mike replies, giving a shrug.

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