2011 08 07 Hawkeyes Phantasms And Gomis Oh My

Log Title: Hawkeyes, Phantasms and Gomis, Oh My!

Characters: Gomi, Hawkeye, Phantasm

IC Date: 7 August 2011

Location: Times Square

Brief Log Summary: Hawkeye asks some kid and a talking bird to help him deal with monsters

Rating: PG

There is no TS in the log: Yes


-==[ Times Square - New York City ]==-------

New York's 'Times Square' can be considered the centerpiece of the city. It is a major commercial intersection in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. The extended Times Square area, also called the Theatre District, consists of the blocks between Sixth and Eighth Avenues from east to west, and West 40th and West 53rd Streets from south to north, making up the western part of the commercial area of Midtown Manhattan.

Playhouses, Theaters, nightclubs, and movie houses dot the area. The Allied Chemical Tower stands ready to once again drop the ball when the next new year comes along.

In addition to the constant crowds that are in this area (many tourists), there are always street performers and other persons trying to stand out and be noticed (most often for a little pocket change).

The area is quite eclectic and diverse.




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[TD] - Theater District - New York

Well that is one way to tell what is happening, send the Orange Rock guy in to test out the situation, unfortunately he came back KOed, so arrow guy isn't all that happy. He hovers the Skycycle and grabs one of his nifty arrows. Glancing down at the kid, he blinks, "Uhm you should probably get out of here kid, bad things will be happening." And suddenly we got the creatures from the negative zone swarming the area and well attacking everything they can see!

Gomi fixes his glasses and looks up at the man speaking. "Fear not, kind sir, if you require assistance, I am fully capable of-" he cuts off as one of the creatures gets dangerously close to infringing upon his personal space and *BLAM* it goes flying back as Gomi unleashes a powerful telekinetic blast, shoving anything within a hundred yards straight ahead of him out of the way

Once again dealing with the oh so slow service of the pharmacy that's nowhere near home on a day that doesn't see many people physically in the store around this time of day, Mike has sort of dozed off in the waiting area. It is because of this, there is a purplish black creature, what looks to be some type of bird dotting the skyline above Times Square. The projection would likely seem like more of a dot if it wasn't for him flying somewhat near the skycycle. The bird pauses flapping his wings, oddly just suspended in place as the forward movement vanishes. The head tilts as he glances down, "You have got to be @#$!ing kidding me."

Sighs, why can't it ever be easy. How come he never gets a gang of lingerie models robbing a bank or something like that, that would actually be awesome. But well the creatures do stop coming, there are about 10 of them in total that managed to get out of the portal before it magically closed. Clint glances at the little bird thing next to him, "What the hell are you supposed to be? You know what never mind, it's going to be amateur hour it seems." Well two arrows get grabbed and fired at the nearest creature, taking that one done, "Take that ugly!"

Gomi stumbles backward and puts his back against a wall. "What are these foul creatures?" he asks, moving to the side so he doesn't get in the way of one.

The bird's head turns slowly to look at Hawkeye. The mere suspension alone is indication this isn't a normal bird but with the somewhat distorted facial features of the raven facing towards the Avenger, there's really no doubt left if there was any. He glances quietly back towards the scene below, looking towards Gomi and then to all the creatures.

"Kid I have no idea. If it's attacking you or a normal looking person on the street, beat it up." See more winged creatures just keep going back to attacking anyone they come across. More even try to attack Gomi, they most like Lobster or something it seems. Clint fires off more arrows, taking down another one. "So bird guy, whoever you are, either help or get out of the way."

Gomi ducks, letting one smash into the wall, then takes a deep breath, clamping his eyes shut and lets another artificial telekinetic blast go, radiating from him in a cone shaped formation. He rubs the back of his head. "I suppose it still comes in handy, although it would be nice to have the fine control that Ms.Grey has!" he tries to leave the wall, but is driven back and blasts another one away. "Perhaps they are searching for something?" he calls to the other guy.

Oh my did the bird just roll his e- the eyes are all black, how can it be determined? He doesn't respond to Clint as he looks around a bit more before he sees one heading towards a woman towing a kid behind her as she's running. Wings flick as he starts flying full tilt towards that creature, aiming his beak for the eyes. Divebomb!

"Don't know kid. Looks like they are thinking more mindless destruction more than searching pattern. Either way we just beat them up some more, and hope for the best." More arrows go flying taking down another one, lets see that leaves about 2 more left, counting that one that just got taken out by the other bird guy. "Hey these things aren't that tough, we should be done soon." Go team Hawkeye!

Gomi turns to the creature heading for the woman and child. He can't do anything about that, he would blast the poor lady and her kid halfway across town. He turns to throw a blast at another one, then leans against the wall. "Is there a point of origin? We could possible terminate their entry position."

With the creature having been distracted by the freaking bird in his eye, the woman and child have plenty of time to make their escape. And escape they do. The bird twists, causing as much damage to the eye as possible before pushing itself out, shaking off some excess eye goop as it twists in form, one wing looking more claw like as it is swung across what is assumed to be the creature's face.

"Again kid I don't know. The orange rock guy was the one who knew this stuff. But it doesn't look as if any more are coming, so we take these things out and hope for the best." See plans like that are why he earned a leadership role in the Avengers! And another arrow flies after he says his talk, taking down the last little creature for the time being, unless more show up that is. "Well that looks like that's all there is."

Gomi takes a few deep breaths, his energy reserves depleting rapidly from using his power. "It isn't every day that one is assaulted by such beasts. Perhaps it would be in our best interest to determine from where they entered our world!" one last one is given a blast at close range, which also takes out a few of the street stands and a fire hydrant across the street, spouting water into the air. "I believe the proper exclaimation would be 'my bad'."

With the creatures pretty much handled, the bird struts down the sidewalk, shaking his claw back into a wing shape. So focused on this, he doesn't realize he has walked into Gomi's blast range. Oddly enough as the fire hydrant and street stands are taken out, the bird just continues on strutting along the sidewalk. He pauses, glancing to the hydrant. How odd.

The purple archer lands the sky cycle, "Kid you better get out of here, I'll take care of the cops when they arrive. The hydrant was broke by the creatures." Hey kid you can't control powers, that's nothing to be arrested for or anything like that. "And I have no idea how to figure out where they came from, we need someone like Reed Richards for that."

Gomi looks up and adjusts his glasses, starting to walk forward, and wobbling. "I think I'll sit here for a minute." he says, tripping backwards to fall on his duff. Out of the bag come two lobsters with metallic shells, one blue, one green. Small holographic icons appear above both of their heads with exclaimation points and a pair of glasses. "I am fine," he tells them. "I just need to rest a moment." to the other guy he asks "Who is Reed Richards?"

The bird struts on over to the other two, catching on to the question being asked. The bird gives a tilt of the head in curiousity as he looks towards Hawkeye and then to Gomi, "You never heard of him?" The bird's tone of voice betrays a bit of amusement at this.

A few blinks from Hawkeye as the kid says that, "Really? You don't know who Reed Richards is? Leader of the Fantastic Four, smartest guy in the world? What's next you'll be telling me you don't know who Captain America is?" Oh please say that one, he has a recorder going on the Sky Cycle now just in case.

Gomi shakes his head. "I would not have asked had I been familiar with him." having caught his breath, he stands up and brushes his clothes down, grabbing the bag and opening the bag to let Bill and Don scuttle back inside. "I am afraid I am unfamiliar with such individuals." he doesn't keep up with such things, he buries his head in science and technology. "Captain America is quite a silly moniker, is it not?"

The bird blinks before he starts to chuckle. "You don't get out much, do you?" Phantasm smiles, which looks rather odd on a beak.

Yes, score one for Hawkeye, "Yeah it is. Kid you need to get to the library, read a newspaper or something. Study some history books as well." And with that his Avengers card starts to come off, and well he looks down at it. "Sorry I have to go, emerceny and all that fun stuff. Listen when the cops get here, tell them to call the Avengers for a statement, I'll take care of everything."

Gomi frowns. "I am well versed in history, I simply have no interest in the affairs of others at the moment. I have other concerns to address that do not include such individuals."

Elsewhere in the city, near the back of the pharmacy, there is an impatient woman at the counter, looking over to the man sleeping in the waiting area. "Mr. Hannigan!"

The bird vanishes.

Hawkeye has disconnected.

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