2011 07 29 Hydra In The Tunnels

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HYDRA in the tunnels!


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Subway Tunnels

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HYDRA causes some trouble in the subway tunnels, SHIELD investigates and Jess shows up to ask about it.


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It's a little later in the afternoon, SHIELD agents are down to 2 alongisde 2 NYPD detectives. The subway tunnel has been roped off but this can only last another hour before the NYTA (transit authority) must reopen the line.
The tunnel itself is mostly dark save for a few single wall lights, often in the wrong colors and the halogen lighting that was brought in to check for clues. A workstation has been setup next to the train and there are tables with various items bagged as evidence.
One particular bag has a canister within. The canister is one of 18 that are approximately the same size as an aqua-net hairspray can and they all clearly display the emblem of HYDRA on their sides.

Having heard about the event in the subway tunnel, and because of her ties with SHIELD. And HYDRA. Spider-Woman shows up, a little late maybe, but she's here. She moves past the agents who have the area secured and makes her way towards the workstation that's been set-up and glances around for anyone nearby, who she'll ask about the items and evidence found so far. If nobody is around, she'll start going through them herself.

Agent Donaldson (a SHIELD agent in the standard blue uniform with black trim) walks up beside Jessica and notes while looking over the table she pilfers, "Welcome, Spider-Woman. Might I ask why you've taken an interest in our investigation?"

Jess nods to the Agent, "It's been a slow day. And it's HYDRA, isn't it? In an incredibly busy area like the subway tunnels? They wouldn't be just goofing around. I probably have a bit of a different viewpoint on the subject than a lot of people."

"Our tech guys say the gas is a rapidly expanding coolant that when released into the atmosphere and mixed with another unidentified gas it turns the moisture in the air to ice while pulling in more moisture. These people were lucky that emergency services arrived when they did. Otherwise.. well, it would've been far worse. At present, we're going on the hypothesis that HYDRA was testing the gas for a future incursion, perhaps something larger."

Jess hmm's, "I see. Why test it in such a place, though? It's just giving us a chance to figure out what it is, how it's made, how to stop it, and if there are any warning signs…" She shakes her head slowly, picking up the canister and looking at it for a moment. She sets it down and asks, "Notice anything odd in the tunnels?"

"It's HYDRA, nothing they do makes sense. Especially with Viper in charge of the whole East Coast. She's nuts." Donaldson states then points to the third car on the train. "There was an area cut out of the ice to a door. Cut with a laser, we think. It allowed entry into the train car and we suspect that a few passengers were abducted. We've not released this information to the public."

That gets a nod, especially the bit about Viper being crazy. She looks to the Agent frowning, "They did? Hell of a way to abduct a few people..And yes, that's probably for the best, I suppose. Any witnesses see anything that you haven't released?"

"We picked up two lurkers, they're being questioned as we speak. I don't think we'll learn anything from them, they are too scared and socially dysfunctional to relay anything cognitive.

"Ah. Hm." Jess murmurs and lifts a hand, rubbing at her cheek as she thinks, "Well. Anything I can help with? I suppose it seems like SHIELD's got everything under control. Like usual." She grins at the agent.

"I appreciate the offer and will be glad to let you know if something turns up that's up your alley. And we'd appreciate you keeping us in the loop of your investigation." Donaldson notes in a farewell tone.

Well! Jess glances around again, and then turns to leave.

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