2011 07 25 Nori And Emma Find Richenda

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Nori and Emma find Richenda

Surge, Emma Frost, Richenda

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Emma takes Nori into the city, to find a mutant, and they find Chenda, a girl Nori'd met a few days before she..'ran into' Shaw and Emma.


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When you've been to as many schools as Chenda, and performed as poorly academically, and been in as much trouble, there's no limit to the meanings of 'people like us', and most of those aren't good. The gypsy girl starts at Emma's mental contact, though her surprise isn't serious enough to hint at newness to psychic communication. "Um, okay… I think I get your meaning now," she says, frowning thoughtfully at Emma. "I'd love to attend," she adds, with a smile for Nori that's a touch apologetic, "but I think I should discuss it with a friend of mine first. She wanted me to see another school for mutants."

"I'm very sorry, Miss Noriko, but the need was there," Emma says softly to Nori. She frowns faintly, for just a brief moment, at Chenda's reply, and a moment later that frown is gone. But her expression is more thoughtful as she regards Chenda. "I see… who is your friend, Miss Chenda? I'm curious… she may be a friend in common," she says, still softly.
Nori's actually a pretty smart girl. Maybe not a genius or anything, but she did good in school. Until she ran away, anyways. She's pretty happy to be back in school. It's..normal. Her smile grows a bit at Emma's words and when Richenda says she'd love to attend, and then she looks down at the ground for a moment, "Oh." She pauses, remaining silent and then she looks back up, "There's another? Why didn't you go, Chenda?" She glances to Emma, falling quiet again as the woman speaks.

Chenda catches that frown puzzledly. Does the woman not like competition or something? It's not like the gypsy girl is good for a fat admission fee, and her clothes certainly hint at that. But then again, she took in Nori, who looked just as unsettled a few days ago. So what's the deal with the frown? But a question's a question, so… "My friend? Her name's Elizabeth Braddock," Chenda replies, with a smile at the memory of her last meeting with Betsy. "I haven't been able to meet with her friends at the school because they've been away, but they might be back anytime," she adds, with a smile for Noriko. "It's nothing personal; I just want to weigh my options."

"Ah, Elizabeth… I do know her," Emma replies, with a small smile. "We move in some of the same social circles. And I know of the school in question. I won't tell you it is not a good school, because it is. Sadly, her friends are frequently away. You may be waiting for that meeting for some time," she continues, her small smile turning sad. At Nori's glance, she reaches over to rest one graceful hand on the young woman's shoulder, in what is meant to be a comforting gesture. "Your decision to weigh your options speaks well of you, Miss Chenda. If you should change your mind, I would be honored to have you as one of my students."

Noriko nods slowly as she listens to Chenda, "You'll think about it though, Chenda? It'd be nice to have somebody I know around." She looks up at Emma with a small smile when she puts her hand on her shoulder and asks, "You know her, Mistress? How many schools are there?" She glances back to the older girl, smiling still, "You don't have to wait, Chenda, you could come with us!"

It's already been some time, admittedly. Chenda hooks her thumbs under her overall straps habitually, bouncing the garment a bit to adjust the fit and fall. "I… maybe I should come," she says, looking concernedly at Nori's eager-puppy expression. "If nothing else, I would like to know how Nori's doing. And my schedule's not exactly full lately."

"There are two schools, Miss Norikko," Emma replies, with a small smile to the blue-haired girl. "Mine and Professor Xavier's school. While there is a chance that a third such school might have arisen, I'm fairly sure I would have heard about it."
Her attention returns to Chenda. "A good choice, Miss Chenda. I'm sure Miss Noriko would enjoy having you, as would I. Though you may want to schedule tomorrow as well… the school is in Snow Valley, Massachusetts. I am in town on other business, otherwise we might not have met today," she explains.

"Yes!" Nori nods a few times at Richenda, "You should. You'll like it..it can't be any worse than out here. And Mistress Frost wants to help us." She turns her attention back to Emma, "Two? Hmm. Well, that's good. That people are helping other.." She trails off, glancing around, and then back to Chenda, "Yes, it's a little far out, but.." She shrugs her slender shoulders and asks, "Do you really need anything here, Chenda?"

"Well, I have made some friends…" Chenda replies uncertainly. "I guess I do have phone numbers, and I might not be staying permanently…"

"It truly is. Professor Xavier and I do not see completely eye-to-eye on everything regarding education, but we share a mission to help young people such as yourselves to realize your full potential in a safe and nurturing environment," Emma says, smiling to Nori. She turns that smile on Richenda. "Indeed. Two days should be more than enough time to get an idea of whether you wish to stay or not. If you should decide you would rather continue your education elsewhere, we can always fly you back to New York, and you can work toward your eventual meeting with Miss Braddock's colleagues."

Nori blinks up at Emma, wondering what she disagreed with the Professor about, but she doesn't ask. "That is good to hear, Mistress. Lots of people need help..I know there have to be a lot of kids like me." She frowns faintly, and then glances between Emma and Chenda for a moment before asking the other girl, "Will you come with us? For a couple of days, at least? I'm sure you'll like it."

Chenda giggles and gives Nori a tight hug. "I'd say no to /that/? As if! I just need my bag from my place… unless you're going to buy me clothes, too, Headmistress Frost?" she asks, trying not to laugh.

Emma smirks faintly at Chenda's question. "Oh… I wouldn't rule it out," she replies, her tone just faintly impish. "Come, let's see to your things first, and then we can discuss other possibilities before we return to Snow Valley." As she watches the girls hug, she can't help a smile.

Nori smiles, returning Chenda's hug and then pulling back slowly. She grins a little as she says, "Well…/you/ need new clothes anyways, Chenda. Those overalls are horrible!" Noriko turns back to Emma and dips her head to the woman, her hands clasped together in front of her, "Thank you, Mistress. I'm sure she'll like it at the Academy."

"Could we discuss them earlier? My place is over in Brooklyn, and that's a long walk," Chenda asks, and smiles as Nori slips out of the hug and bows her head to the Headmistress. "Huh? What's wrong with my overalls?" she asks, mock-puzzledly, brushing a hand over Nori's shoulder and flicking the back hem of her skirt playfully with one hand. "I'm not the one dressed like a Scottish schoolgirl!"

Emma stifles a soft laugh. "I'm beginning to get the feeling that you two together are going to be quite the handful… but that's perfectly fine, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Miss Chenda, if you would be so kind as to lead the way, we can get started. And I share your opinion, Miss Noriko. I'm sure that once Miss Chenda has experienced the academy, she will never want to leave."

Noriko grins at Richenda, "Well. For one, you can't keep them up!" She looks down at herself, hands smoothing her blouse and skirt and she blinks, "Oh..it's not /that/ bad. I kind of like it." She glances back to Emma, smiling, "We won't cause any trouble, Mistress. And I'm sure she won't, the Academy is very nice, and you've helped me a lot." Just ignore the whole kidnapped, tossed in a trunk, locked in a cell thing!

From afar, Emma Frost is taking a quick little peek into Nori's head, to see if she believes all the positive press about the academy, or if she is trying to be positive to avoid arousing suspicion…

"Huh? What do you mean I can't keep them up?" Chenda demands to know, blinking, as she takes the lead. "They're up right now, aren't they? They certainly look up to me!" Yes, they might be a handful… but so are most friends in the same environment, right?

You paged Emma Frost with 'At first, definitely the latter, but I imagine the bracelets would have begun to win her over, to a major degree. And of course just having somewhere to stay. And I imagine aside from the first 'meeting' Emma's probably been 'nice'. Sooo. In short, I'd say she still has doubts in her mind, but is slowly trying to forget them, because she's at least happy.'

Emma chuckles softly, shaking her head at the overalls debate. "Rather cute, if a bit rustic," she comments. "But why do you say she cannot keep them up, Miss Noriko? It's such a curious thing to say…" As Chenda takes the lead, Emma falls in behind her easily enough. "We might consider picking up a few things, so that Miss Chenda doesn't feel too much like an outsider… I know very well how young people in a closed environment can become rather cliqueish and clannish toward obvious outsiders."

Noriko peers at Chenda as they begin to move, and then looks to Emma, "Because they kept slipping down when we met. They even fell /all the way/ down, once." The blue-haired girl giggles quietly, and then smiles at the blonde woman, "That would be very nice of you, Mistress." She falls into step alongside her, behind Richenda, "You'll like it at the Academy, Chenda. We don't have to worry as much about..just being us. You know?" Nori unconsciously fiddles with one of the matching bracelets around her wrists as she talks.

"Okay, once… but they're staying up just fine now!" Chenda replies, blushing a little. She glances back at Nori and Emma. "What is it like? I mean, you say it's easier to be us… does everybody know we're mutants? Or is it more of a 'don't ask, don't tell' thing?"

The walk to Richenda's present address is not short, but Emma manages to cut down on some of the walking by hailing a taxi and letting the dark-haired young woman give directions. After being dropped off at the building, the trio found their way upstairs to Chenda's apartment. As Chenda herself adjourned to her bedroom to pack some things, Emma elected to remain in the living room. "Best leave her to her work, Miss Noriko," she says softly to her student, lingering near the front door. "I'm curious… have you and Miss Chenda known one another long?"

Nori glances around the apartment, having been here once, briefly. She moves to sit on something, smoothing her skirt out as she looks back to Emma, "No, Mistress. I met Chenda a few days before I met you. We were in the mall, in Brooklyn." She pauses, nervously picking at her black stockings, "We were talking and…I kind of lost track of time and I started to lose control of my power." She chews on her bottom lip for a second, "Chenda helped me get outside, and away from any people before things got really bad."

Emma regards Nori thoughtfully, then smiles faintly. "I see. I can see why you consider her such a good friend," she says softly. "She likely saved you a great deal of trouble, at the very least, and likely a tremendous weight on your conscience." She steps closer to Nori and, bending a little, reaches down to gently lay her hands on the girl's shoulders. "You need not be ashamed of losing control sometimes… your powers are quite potent, and sometimes will build to dangerous levels. One day very soon we will have something to help you use them without using control. Until then, my bracelets will let you live a normal life."

Nori's hands fold together in her lap as she smiles up at Emma when the woman bends down in front of her, "She did. Chenda helped me a lot, Mistress, she's a good person." She looks down at her hands for a moment, and the bracelets around her wrists. She licks her lips and looks back up, asking quietly, "Is..it bad that I actually like being cut off from it? You seem to be able to control yours, and it doesn't seem like it can be accidentally dangerous. Mine isn't like that."

Emma smiles a small, sad smile and, crouching on one knee, hugs Nori gently. "Oh, you don't know the half of it, Nori…" she whispers, her distant shell cracking. "What you see is the result of years of practice and willpower," she continues, drawing back to arms' length to look into Noriko's eyes. "There was a time that I had no idea what I could really do… when I was deeply frightened of my powers, and of discovery through some random event that I would not be able to control in time, or even not at all."

Biting her lip again, Noriko wraps her arms around the woman and lets out a quiet sigh. She nods slowly as Emma whispers to her, and her eyes have tears in them when the blonde pulls back, "Really?" She blinks, trying to stop the tears from falling, "It's terrifying. In the mall…I could have hurt a lot of people. And it would've just been an accident, but..it wouldn't have changed what happened."

Emma cups Nori's cheek gently with one hand, her eyes deeply sympathetic. "No, Nori, it would not," she replies, in nearly a whisper. "That is why training and teaching gifted young people like you is so essential… power can be a dangerous thing when uncontrolled. When trained and nurtured, it becomes a useful thing, and no different from riding a bicycle or fixing a computer. Most people who are hurt by a mutant power are hurt by accident. Actual attacks are very rare."

Nori tilts her head, smiling faintly as Emma's hand moves to her cheek. She nods slowly against the woman's hand as she listens, "I…I want to be able to control it. I don't want to hurt anyone. It's hard though." She falls silent for a few moments and then asks, "You think you can teach me to control it, Mistress?"

Emma smiles in return. "I promise that I will do everything in my power to teach you to control your powers, Nori," she whispers, hugging Nori again. "There will come a time when you won't need devices to allow you to control them. Until then, I will develop something that will enable you to control them without overloading, so you might use them safely."

Nori wraps her arms around Emma again and murmurs quietly, "Thank you." She sniffles once against Emma's shoulder and then lifts a hand to rub at her eyes when she pulls back, and her cheeks color a bit, but she smiles, "I'm sorry, Mistress. I guess I've just been..worried a lot, and freaking out about things for so long. It's nice to have help."

The bedroom door opens and Chenda peeks out, clad in a white tanktop, purple hoodie, and… no pants? There's one bare calf showing through the door. "Okay, I'm all packed… has anybody seen my cargos?"
The apartment is neat enough, though it shows signs of going uncleaned for a few days. There's a blanket on the back of the worn old couch, the only sign of character in the room. The pants could definitely be in here, or in the bathroom.

Emma pats Nori's back gently. "Don't worry about it, Nori. There was a time when I was young and frightened, once. To be there for others, that they need not live through such terrible times… it is a wonderful feeling," she whispers.
And then Chenda peeks out, and Emma lifts her head, giving Nori an extra little squeeze before releasing her and standing. "I cannot say I have, Miss Chenda, but I've not really been looking, either. Perhaps they're in here…" she murmurs, taking a slow look around the room. "Have you tried the lavatory?"

Nori smiles at Emma, and the White Queen has likely done a good job of squashing any reservations the Japanese teenager had lingering in her mind. She glances towards Chenda and blinks, absently rubbing at her eyes again, "Umm..No.." She rises to her feet slowly and pokes around for a moment, "Oh. Here." And she tosses them to the older girl.

"Not yet… I only just finished checking in here," Chenda replies, looking from Emma to Nori. Fortunately, the Japanese girl has good eyes, even when she's teary-eyed. The older girl steps out to catch them, then squeaks comically and holds them in front of her bright purple underpants. "Thank you! Just be a second!" She tiptoes backwards towards the bedroom door before turning tail and fleeing through it, shutting it behind her.

Richenda Gray pages: Dunno how observant Nori is, but she might have gotten the idea that Chenda is deliberately clowning this way. :)

Emma stifles laughter at Chenda's undie-scribably embarrassing moment. "Oh, my… I've a feeling that she will be quite an interesting addition to the academy, no matter how long she chooses to stay," she says, through the little bit of laughter that gets through.
Her phone chooses that moment to ring, however. "Um…" Withdrawing the cell, Emma checks the display. "I'm sorry, Miss Noriko… I must take this," she says softly, stepping out into the hall to accept the call.

Noriko blinks slowly at Chenda and bites back a little giggle herself, shaking her head. She dips her head to Emma as the woman leaves, "Yes, Mistress." And then she falls silent, looking back towards the room, "What are you doing in there, Chenda!"

"Dressing! Okay, maybe /pantsing/ is more the word, since you're the one with the dress!" Chenda's voice calls back, through laughter. "Why, do you want to watch or something?"

"Hey! This outfit is nice. Maybe not..what I'd normally wear, but..Nothing wrong with dressing up, I guess. I still wear my clothes in the dorms." She trails off, giggling, "What! No I don't want to watch! I already saw enough, with your overalls falling down, silly!"

"Then why'd you ask? I mean, you just threw me my pants, right?" Chenda calls back, giggling. "What else would I be doing? And yeah, that does look good on you. I think it's more the wearer than the outfit, though."

"Well. I don't know. You were taking too long!" Noriko bounces to her feet, smoothing out her skirt and stepping towards the bedroom, "Do you have a lot of clothes? I didn't have many of my own..three outfits, maybe. Mistress Frost bought me a few like this, though. For wearing around the academy and such." She nudges the door open, sticking her blue-haired head inside.

"I have the luxury of taking my time when I dress now," Chenda replies, through laughter. "And not a lot, no, but a few good things. Betsy's generous." As the door opens, she whirls and shrieks playfully, as if she's been interrupted while dressing, but she's fully clothed except for her shoes. Grinning impishly, she then reaches over snares Nori's wrists if she doesn't move them, and pulls her inside into a hug.
"Oh? She got you some clothes? That's nice of her. It's a shame you didn't get to talk to her friends yet, but…" Noriko smiles shyly, "Now you can come to the Academy with me. You'll like it!" She wraps her arms around the older girl as she gets tugged into a hug, "I'm sure you can find a way to stay in touch with your friends."

"I hope I do… I don't want to find out you're going to a bad place!" Chenda replies, some of her playfulness evaporating at the thought. She hugs Nori tighter. "You're so sweet, Nori. I don't want to see you hurt."

"It's not! You met the Headmistress. Isn't she nice? She didn't have to help me, you know." Nori smiles as she pulls back from the hug slowly, "I'm fine. Nobody hurt me." She absently reaches down, running her fingers along one of her bracelets, "She's going to teach me to control my power, too. So I won't hurt anyone."

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