2011 07 22 Surge Abducted

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Surge, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost

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Warehouse/Hellfire Club!

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The poor, homeless Noriko finds a warehouse to sleep in, and..DUN DUN DUN..


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Late evening. One of the borough's of greater Manhattan. Given information from a 'friend' of hers on the street, Nori was told of a place where she could sleep safely and not worry about cops or jerks. That place is in an old warehouse district.
Finding her way inside, Nori sees that the warehouse isn't as dilapidated as she expected. In fact, it's a lot cleaner than most. No guards, no cops, no apparent resistance. Nori seeks shelter from the rain, the heat, and the disgust of the city streets. Here is where she finds it.
Moving into the depth of the warehouse, she finds that the place is powered and watered. Restrooms in the rear give her the means to clean up, and there is even an office with a comfortable couch in which to sleep upon. Though, it appears that no one truly occupies this facility. No paperwork, no phones in or out, nothing to suggest anyone has been here in months.

Well. A little unusual, perhaps, but really too good of an opportunity for Noriko to pass up. She seems a little wary at first, but then is perfectly happy to make use of what she finds. She spends a bit in the back, using the water to clean up the best she can, and taking a moment to pop a few pills from her dwindling supply.
After finishing that, she spends a few moments exploring the warehouse again, and stops in the office when she finds it. Hm. She sits on the couch, setting the messenger bag with her few possessions to the side. She pulls her pill bottle from her pocket again, counting them, and then stashing it back in her jeans. And assuming nothing happens, will most likely sprawl out on the couch within the next few moments and be asleep.

The office is poised above the warehouse floor and somewhat toward the rear of the structure. Giving her a clear view of the darkened room beneath.
Several hours into her sleep, she's woken by the noise of large hydraulic mechanisms. Even her comfortable couch vibrates like one of those beds that one would put a quarter in.

Nori's probably never been in a vibrating bed. But, the noise and movement does wake her up. And one hand lifts to rub at her eyes as she looks around in confusion, muttering in Japanese, "What in the.." Whatever is going on..it's probably not /good/. Not for Noriko, anyways. She grabs her bag, hopping to her feet and pausing for a moment to look out from the office towards the large warehouse space beneath her.

The floor in the middle of the warehouse has opened to reveal the rising of a giant (30ft tall) purple and blue robot. It seems to stand dormant while the elevator lifts it upward. Just at the boot level, three men stand. One is dressed like any lab technician (white coat). The second is dressed in an all black business suit. The third wears slacks/sport coat and seems like some sort of security or enforcer type of person. The third stands to the left flank of the man in the black business suit.
The suit and lab guy are talking about unheard things and they seem to be discussing the giant robot as they're looking up at it from time to time.

Oh. Shit. Not good, not good, not good. If Surge had any real /control/ over her powers, she'd probably try zipping the hell out of there, but so far it's never really been used except as an unconscious reaction to something. So. She kind of gapes down at the man and the massive robot, trying to decide what to do. And the only options really are…try to hide in the office, or try to get out.
And she decides on the latter, trying to remember if she'd noticed any exits other than where she came in. Noriko turns to steps towards the door to the office and descend back down to the floor of the warehouse.

The lift comes to a stop when it reaches the floor level. Sound and vibration cease. The men continue to stand having discussions while Nori ponders her next move and then finally acts on it.
In her movements out of the office, she may recall side doors on the ground floor. Problem is, the warehouse is mostly empty. The moment she hits the ground level, she will be out in the open and able to be seen. However, that's not the worst of her problems.
The Sentinel sparks to life. Its torso and neck rotates toward the office as it says loudly, "UNKNOWN MUTANT DETECTED. ENGAGING TARGET."
The men react in a surprised notion, the man in the business suit, "What?!" but will not attempt to stop the Sentinel's actions.

As the giant robot comes to life, turns to her, and blares out about her being a mutant, Noriko comes to halt right at the base of the stairs. She looks rather like a deer in the headlights, her brown eyes widening as she remains frozen in place. Her jaw works open and closed a few times as she stammers incoherently, at first in Japanese, and then switching to English, "I..I..ah..um.."

The metallic boots of the Sentinel klang with each step it takes while closing on Nori. When in range, the Sentinel leans forward, "MISSION: APPREHEND MUTANT." Then from the wrist, a carbon fiber cable launches out with the goal of lashing around Nori, restraining her, then reeling her into the robot's grasp.

Nori is /really/ wishing she hadn't taken those pills now. And well. As cables launch out at her, she tries. Tiny blue arcs of crackling sparks spring up along her fingers, forearms and legs. But with the dampening affect of the pills she's been popping, and the lack of training, she doesn't have a ton of energy in her, nor does she have the control to not waste the little bit she does have. She turns to run, definitely at least a few times faster than any normal person could manage, but probably not fast enough.

Nori is easily captured. Reeled in, and she finds herself within the grasp of the Sentinel's right hand. It stands erect once again and begins to turn toward its original location.
Looking on, two of the three men (lab coat & suit) remain where they were initially. They seem proud of their machine's ease in apprehension of the young mutant. But they also seem concerned that she was here in the first place.

This definitely sucks. Very badly. The Japanese girl lets out an angry, wordless scream, releasing a rather useless flash of crackling blue energy from her comfortable spot in the Sentinel's grip. She falls silent for a few seconds, looking down at the men. She shouts some rather unfriendly things at them in Japanese, and then switches to her lightly-accented English, "Let me go!"

Returning to the original location, the Sentinel only states, "MUTANT SECURE.".
The suit wearing man states to the Sentinel. "Deposit the mutant here, bound."
The Sentinel complies, and lowers Nori from her 20' or so elevation to ground level in the matter of a second. She is gently rolled upon the floor at the men's feet wrapped from shoulder to upper thigh in a carbon fiber binding that could resemble an imcomplete coccoon (many gaps).
Once she stops rolling, she's being looked down upon by the two men. The man in the lab coat wears glasses, the man in the suit seems to have longer hair pulled back into a pony. The one wearing the suit seems to be in charge as he speaks first. "What might be your name, child?"

Secure indeed. Noriko glares at the robot. And then she gets rolled across the floor! Come on now. Suffice to say Noriko is not a happy camper. Bound on the floor, she bites down on her bottom lip as she looks up at the men. She opens her mouth and looks ready to snap something in response, being an angry teenager and all, but she manages to close her mouth. The blue-haired girl waits a minute, her eyes closing. Looking up at the men again, she says sullenly, "Noriko."

A confident smile crosses his face as he's pleased she answered positively. "Judging by your appearance and lack of skill, you're not with any organization sent to spy on us. Which implies you will not be missed by anyone since you're likely just another mutant living on the streets who has no idea how to use her abilities." Then there's a smug chuckle as the guard walks up. Then he addresses her fully, "Well young Noriko. I am Mister Shaw. Your host. And the man who fully intends to discover your fullest potential."
He then looks to the security guard, "814, make sure she's secure and put her into the trunk." Then he turns his attention to the lab guy and they will continue talking while the security guy picks up Nori, tossing her over his shoulder and will carry her toward the main exit of the warehouse.

Nori looks a trifle horrified at that first bit, since it kind of sounds like he's going to kill her or something. She chews on her lower lip, staring up at him wide-eyed. She blinks in confusion at the last part, about her potential, "What?" And then she's getting scooped up. And carried off to be put in the trunk. Great.

Tossed into the trunk, 814 doesn't seem to have compassion for bumps and bruises. The trunk lid is closed after he checks her bindings which are tightly secure.
A short time later, people board the vehicle, it's started, and then driven away. It's not a rough ride, just not the most comfortable in her location.
Another 30 or so minutes pass while moving down streets, across a bridge, and then finally coming to a stop after a few smaller turns. There's even the sound of a parking garage heard. Shaw's voice is heard telling 814 to take her into the holding area where she will be seen to in the morning.
814 complies, the trunk is opened and Nori realizes she's in an underground parking structure. He will again scoop her out with the intent of tossing her over his shoulder.

Bumps, bruises and being uncomfortable are a little far from Noriko's mind. She's a trifle more worried about what in the hell that giant robot was, what these people want, and whether she's going to die or not. She glares up at the guard as he eventually opens the trunk again, and she glances around as she gets picked up again. She has absolutely no idea where she is. And well, she decides to ask, her voice growing louder with each word, "Where are we? And where are we going!"

The guard says nothing. Nor does he seem to have emotion about the events that are transpiring. Instead, he seems intent to do what he was told. Departing the parking structure, 814 carries Nori into a hallway then into an elevator. Descending, they move probably 2 floors (hard to tell upside down with the guard's back being the main attraction). Then they exit the elevator into a series of metallic hallways with other person's walking back and forth. Those other people are mostly dressed in one of three ways. Lab coats over black and red unitards. Black coats over black and red unitards, or black and red unitards with plain masks and being strapped with weapons.
Nori is then taken down a secured hallway where she's deposited into a metallic cell with a bed, toilet, and sink. She's laid upon the bed and the guard pushes part of the carbon fiber cable allowing it to retract into a small ball within his hand.

Nori has no idea where they are, or how far down they're going. She's going to have a hell of a time trying to escape, if it comes to that. The good news is..if she stops taking her pills she might at least have a slim chance at /trying/ in a day or two. Then again, the robot seemed to know something about her power.
She gets glimpses of people as they move down the hallways, but doesn't really manage a good look at anyone. Once in the cell, Noriko remains motionless for a moment after the cables retract. She eyes the man warily and then slowly moves to sit up on the bed.

814 leaves the cell whose exit is a combination of bars and a glowing force field reinforcing the metal. Just outside the cell there is a hallway with other cells visible yet empty. It's also suspected that the hallway itself only has one exit (guard station). There are no windows from this cell.

Nori sits on the bed in the cell for a while, honestly not having the faintest idea what to do. Eventually she gets up and steps towards the bars/forcefield, but makes sure to remain a couple steps away. She looks at the forcefield for a bit, not really knowing anything about things like that, and well, there's not much to see, so she wanders back towards the bed. She remains standing, though.
After a few moments, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the half-empty pill bottle. She stares at it, and then steps towards the toilet, uncapping the small bottle and dumping the pills. Flush!

Every so often, a faceless guard walks the hallway inspecting the cells and their occupants. Other than that, time will pass allowing Emma's entrance at her leisure.

Emma descends the stairs to the dungeons on clicking, echoing high heels, her cape wrapped around her against the slight chill in the air. In spite of the occasional shiver of cold, she is smiling just faintly, and not really nicely at all, as she enters the cellblock, a small smile of anticipation.

As time has gone by, Noriko has eventually settled herself on the bed in her cell, with her knees drawn against her chest and her arms wrapped around them. She's tired, but it's a little hard to sleep when you're not entirely sure if you're going to be getting killed soon or not.

Faceless guards are about brandishing their automatic weapons at the ready for anything which may present as a threat. When the White Queen comes around, they stand even more straighter than thought humanly possible out of fear and respect. They've seen what she can do and don't want to experience it first hand.
The guard responsible for the cell block will address her formally and will then move at her right flank as standard procedure to be on hand for orders to lower the force field, open the door, what ever she may need.
Illumination in this area is primarily electric. There are decorative torches (faux lights) and other thematic designs for the 'dungeon' feel. But everything is wired and plumbed.

Emma gives the guard a small nod as he takes his position at her flank, but does not slow. He can probably keep up well enough that she doesn't need to. "It's good that you are on your toes, trooper. Now, where is my present?" she asks, not quite coldly.

The guard will intone, "This way, ma'am." with formality in his voice. Then direct the White Queen to the particular cell in question. Third one on the right.
Inside the cell, there are two beds (that fold down from the wall), a sink and a toilet. No windows and metallic/concrete in design.

Nori looks up at the sound of clickety-clacking heels and voices. She rubs at her eyes with a forearm. Crying? No way. Who'd cry after getting attacked by a 30 foot robot and tossed in the trunk of a car, and locked in a cell. Well. Yes, crying. She maintains her spot on the bed, hugging her knees against her chest.

"Ah." Emma nods just faintly, following the directions given. Pausing only inches from the entrance to the cell, she smiles with just a hint of warmth. "Hello, Miss Noriko…" she says softly, looking over the huddled, weeping young woman on the bed. "Oh, such a long face… aren't you happy to see someone, after so long alone?" A gleaming red nail touches her lips as she watches Noriko closely.

The guard will remain silent and only do what the White Queen orders.

Looking towards the bars and forcefield barring the entrance of her cell, Noriko blinks slowly at the woman who stops outside the cell. In other circumstances, she'd probably gape at what Emma was wearing, but not right now. The blue-haired Japanese teenager chews on her bottom lip for a moment, not moving. She dips her head to the woman and asks quietly, "Can I go? Please?"

"Oh, not yet, I'm afraid… whether you know it or not, Miss Noriko, you've been a bad girl if you've ended up here," Emma replies, her voice soft and just faintly cold. "But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. I am The White Queen. But you may call me…" A tiny smile comes to her lips, the smile shared by all evil schoolmarms and mean teachers throughout history. "…Mistress."

Noriko flinches at that first bit, licking her lips nervously, "I..I didn't know anything was in that warehouse..I just needed somewhere to sleep." And thinking back to the giant robot that started blaring about her being a mutant, she says, "I never hurt anyone..I..I do everything I can to control my power." She blinks in confusion at the woman's suggested 'title', but..if it might help her get out of here somehow, "Ah..yes, Mistress."

That gleaming red nail returns to her lips as Emma listens. "I know, Miss Noriko… believe me, I know," she continues, her tone turning faintly mournful. "Yours is not an unfamiliar story to me. So many of our kind are cast out by uncaring, frightened families when we show signs of being… different."
She smiles just faintly once again. "Your efforts to control your gifts speak well of you… but oh, my, such impudence! You really should be more sincere when you say my name… perhaps Headmistress is more appropriate, for that is what I am, but Mistress will do."

Nori blinks in surprise at the woman, her eyes widening a bit at the 'our kind'. Based on her experience with the Sentinel she was expecting mutant-haters or something, she works her mouth open slowly and stammers, "You..ah..you're..?" She trails off, having trouble talking because she's still absolutely terrified. The fact that Emma seems to know anything about her strikes both her curiousity as to /how/ and a lot of hurt at the memories it brings back. She bites her bottom lip and remains silent for a moment before she asks, "..What do you people want with me?" She looks down and adds, "Mistress."

"A mutant? Yes, indeed," Emma replies, with a suggestion of pride. "Humanity is such a territorial herd… always afraid of what is different from itself. And with fear comes hatred. I've no doubt you have experienced it. I /know/ you have… be it from your own family who cast you out, or from others who felt an urge to kill you just because you were powerful where they were not. We all have. It is a sad fact that we must hide our gifts… it is the dark side of what we are."
She smiles. "But come closer, Miss Noriko… we have much to discuss, and your Mistress would see you better. You see, where there is darkness, there is also light. If we mutants have learned one thing from humanity, it is that we must band together." She lowers her hand to her side, fingers spread. "Alone, we are vulnerable, frightened… perhaps rightly so." She clenches her fist, raising it to eye level, her smile growing. "But together, Miss Noriko… we are unstoppable."

Noriko bites down on her bottom lip hard, drawing blood, as she listens to the woman. Because what she says is true, and part of the girl - the hurt, angry part agrees with Emma. Small, crackling blue arcs of lightning flare to life along her arms briefly, as that hurt rises.
The energy fades away after a moment and Nori stops hugging her knees to her chest, slowly slipping off the bed to stand. She remains near the bed for a moment, shaking her head slightly, "I don't want to hurt anybody. I just..I just want to be able to live my life, without people hating me." She falls silent again and steps forward, stopping a couple of steps away from the barred entrance of the cell.

Emma's smile fades. "I'm truly sorry, Miss Noriko… because of what we are, a normal, hate-free life is forever denied us. We may only truly coexist among our own kind without fear of persecution." She looks away, back down the hall, though perhaps her eyes do not see anything in this room, or down the hall. "I'm sure you have heard of such injustices as the Mutant Registration Act… the means by which we may be located and captured at pleasure by our ever-so-benevolent government, to be exploited or disposed of as they see fit." Her all-but-dainty fists clench in a rage her body seems barely able to hold, to match her clenched teeth. "We are nothing but tools or terrors in the eyes of the law, to be taken and controlled… or eliminated." The rage seems to bleed out of her, and she looks into Noriko's eyes, the sadness returning. "I do not wish such a life for a young girl, with so much of her life still ahead of her. I've no doubt you share my view."

The angry teenager in Nori almost snaps a comment at the 'among our own kind' bit, considering she's in a cell and scared half-to-death. But, well..she manages to refrain from doing that. Though it certainly flits through her head. She nods at the reference to the MRA, and says quietly, "They shouldn't be allowed to do that.." She watches Emma, fear warring with the fact that she agrees with what most of the White Queen says. She licks her lips, and though there are some doubts in her mind, she says, "I do, Mistress." Part of her is really, really just hoping this woman will let her leave.

"No, they should not… but they do, Miss Noriko." Emma nods solemnly. "They do. And no one stops them. They are too afraid. Afraid of the so-called Mutant Menace… something they dream up in their timid little minds to justify any steps they wish to take to eliminate us from a society they feel is theirs and theirs alone."
She frowns a little. "Such a shame… I've told you about the dangers awaiting you outside these walls, and you know quite well that every word is true… and you /still/ want to leave?" She shakes her head sadly. "You have not even heard my offer to you…"

"You..you want to use our powers to fight them?" Noriko asks, working a little courage up for a moment. Until Emma calls her out, and then she flinches, taking a step or two backwards wondering if maybe her expression was /that/ obvious, or what. She has no experience with other mutants. Nori scratches at her arm nervously as she says angrily, "You have me in a cell! Why wouldn't I want to leave!" She falls silent, immediately regretting that and staring down at the floor, "I-I'm sorry.."

"Do /not/ raise your voice to me, young lady!" Emma snaps at the outburst, eyes hardening instantly. A faint pulse of psi-power escapes her grasp just then, and she only barely catches it, giving Surge only a sudden but mercifully brief stress headache instead of a migraine that would register on the Richter Scale. She freezes, glaring, appalled at her loss of control, her iron self-discipline not allowing her to show even an iota of weakness or indecisiveness.

Nori cringes as Emma snaps right back at her, and it comes with a brief, completely unexpected headache. /That/ gets a wide-eyed stare from the Japanese girl. She licks her lips, shivering a bit, "I-I'm sorry." She's not really /sorry/, she's /scared/, and trying appease the woman. "I just.." She gestures vaguely around the cell, falling silent.

Emma stares hard at Nori, not missing the shivering. For a long, long moment she just stares, as though looking right through the girl. And then she turns away, looking across the cellblock, arms crossed over her chest. "You're afraid… you're right to be," she says at last, her tone just faintly cold. "You've tasted the merest hint of my powers. Let me assure you, you do not want to experience my full wrath."
Then she turns to look at Nori once more, the anger gone from her features. "But whatever you may be thinking right now, I am /not/ your enemy. I am your Mistress… I can be stern when I am disobeyed or crossed, but I am fair… and you may come to find that I am your guide, your protector. Even your friend. I have an offer for you, and it may not be what you think it is." She looks to the guard. "Open the cell."
The faceless man starts. "But Mistress Frost…"
Emma's gaze hardens. "I gave you an order, trooper…"
"Of course, Mistress…" he replies, hastily producing a remote control and tapping several commands.
Within moments, the door stands open. "Come to me, Miss Noriko," Emma says softly, her tone subtly commanding. "Let us discuss this without these bars between us."

Nori remains motionless as the woman stares at her, and remains that way until after Emma looks back. She looks a little confused at the second mention of an 'offer', wondering what it is. And yes..at the words 'open the cell', Noriko's mind starts racing. She has almost /no/ control over her powers, but she could try to run past them. And then again, she has no idea how to get out of here, and…She's not sure what Emma would do to her. So that idea gets tossed to the side, immediately.
She licks her lips and inclines her head to the White Queen as she steps towards the the door of the cell, she murmurs, "Yes, Mistress.."

Emma gazes at Noriko as she exits the cell, her look once more appraising. "My offer is this… I spoke of being a headmistress, and I am. Of a boarding school with a program for young people such as yourself. Young mutants with great potential, whose only limit is this society that fears and shuns them. So I take them away from that poisonous environment, and I give them a home free of danger, of fear, among others of their own kind… an education the equal of any private school… and especially training in their powers, that they might reach their full potential."
She smiles faintly, warmly. "And I wish to offer you the chance to attend. To leave the streets behind, and live like a young lady again… not a homeless child and fugitive, forever afraid of starvation, predation, and, worst of all, discovery."

Noriko manages to resist flinching or shivering any more for the moment, and actually works up the nerve to look up at Emma. Her eyes widen as she listens to the blonde's little speech. And yes, she's interested. How could she not be? That sounds..well. Perfect. And then a doubt creeps in..Kind of like the warehouse she was told would make a nice place to crash for a night. Which is how the hell she wound up here in the first place.. But that flits through her mind quickly, because Nori isn't really in a position to pass up an opportunity like this.
The Japanese girl remains silent, looking back down to the ground as she murmurs, "I would like that, Mistress. I.." She trails off, swallowing before she continues, "Thank you."

Emma's smile widens a little. "I thought you might," she says softly. "You have doubts, of course… how could you not? But with time, I hope I can lay every last one to rest. Come, Miss Noriko," she adds, turning to walk out of the cellblock. "Let's go home. It's cold in here, and we've much to do."

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