2011 07 16 Delivery From The 99 Cent Menu

Log Title:
Delivery from the 99 cent menu

Mike(Phantasm), Richenda Gray, Wade Shaw

IC Date:
10 July 2011

SoHo - Mayday Recording Studios

Brief Log Summary:
Richenda stops by the studio Mike and Wade are at to drop off food.


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-==[ Mayday Recording Studios - New York ]==------

The front part of this studio has a large window that looks out on to the streets of SoHo. Gray blinds cover the window, currently drawn. There are two comfortable couches here, this first part of the studio being the largest. A coffee table rests in the middle of the room made of dark wood with a glass top. A 20" tv sits in the corner, a black cabinet with a CD player rests in the other. There is also a small kitchenette here, consisting only of a few white shelves, a small microwave, and a tiny sink. A tea kettle sits upon the white formica countertop. There are stairs leading up behind where the tv is situated. Presumably, there are living quarters above the studio.

Further inside is the second room where all the recording equipment rests, its various knobs and reels and sliding levers partially lit by blinking lights. A fan-light turns upon the ceiling, a large tapestry-like rug hanging upon the back wall, rust, green and brown the prominent colours. The rest of the place seems to be decorated in dark brown, earthy tones. Another couch, also brown, rests against the tapestry at the far wall.

And the third room in is obviously the recording room. Separated by glass, the walls beige-coloured with sound absorbing foam, a full-sized piano rests there, several microphones, a few guitars and the usually trappings such as a few headphones and little panels to affect the volume in said headphones. Several black music stands also add to the cluttery confusion. But for all that, the microphones look expensive - and the piano is a baby grande, well taken care of and in excellent condition.


Richenda Gray

Obvious Exits:

[O] - SoHo and Tribeca - New York

Although Mike's signed on with Golem Records, the use of this small studio is chosen today for several reasons, but primarily because it IS small. It is a perfect setup for small groups and with Mike and Wade having signed for its use for the entire day, it is hard to get a smaller group than that. However, there is the staff at the studio here as well, one of which is situated in the front part of the studio, watching tv and munching on popcorn. Behold the 'tight' security.

Knowing somebody else's schedule is a tricky thing, but that note on the fridge during her first and only visit to Mike's and Wade's apartment told Richenda Gray enough. Having done long shows, she knows how much of a pain the hours penned on that note can be. Trouble is, she's not on the list of performers. So she's decided to crash… politely, of course.

And here she is now, just sailing in the door of the studio, one hand clutching her cheap yellow raincoat about her. The other's holding a bulky pair of bags beneath it. She blinks at the sight of the deskman, but quickly puts on her best smile. "'Scuse me… can you direct me to the studio? I need to deliver lunch to Mick and Wade."

The man with the popcorn turns his head, giving a frown as he looks to her, then glancing to the bags as he sets the bowl aside to get up. "They didn't say anything about ordering out…" He shifts to his feet, glancing to the tv for a second before reaching for his cellphone. "Can you wait a bit?"

"Sure!" Chenda replies brightly, rocking back and forth a bit. "As if I have a choice…" she adds under her breath as he turns to make his call. Sure, she could just flash-blind him and duck past, but she's one of the good guys. Besides, he'd know right where she went. So she waits. And fidgets. And hums something annoyingly upbeat and catchy.

The worker dials a quick number and brings it to his ear, eyes setting upon Richenda as he waits. The sounds of the tv are the only sounds filtering into the room for a few lingering seconds before the worker speaks up once more. "Hey Trey, did Drago and Shaw order any food to be delivered for their next break? A girl's brought over some saying she brought lunch." After a few more moments, a brow lifts as he looks back towards Chenda, "I see. O-what? A little. Okay." The thumb shifts, shutting off the phone as he lowers it, glancing towards Chenda, frowning slightly.

A door opens and a familiar looking blonde Chenda 'met' in the Tate building elevator peeks out, looking towards Chenda, not quite looking at the bag but a bit higher up, but not quite above the ne- Ok he found the eyes. A smile forms upon his face. "So that food delivery app DOES work." He glances over to the worker, "We'll be taking break soon. Just set it out on the coffee table." And like that, the blonde pops his head back behind the door with a definite click.

The employee gives a sigh before picking up his popcorn bowl and gestures towards the table. "Over there, Fangirl."

Chenda can't quite listen in on the other side of that conversation, so she waits… and seconds later, she's glad she wore the raincoat, even if she's not using the sleeves at the moment. At least Wade does find her face after a moment! But there's no hint of recognition in his gaze, and no sign of Mike himself. And not even a sign of Wade for long.

She looks back to the employee as he addresses her again. "Okay!" she says brightly, the mask firmly in place, moving to set everything down. Setting aside her coat, she sits down in one of the chairs next to the table. "Fangirl… I've heard maybe two songs," she mutters under her breath.

"And yet you brought them LUNCH." Popcorn man replies with a chuckle, apparently still able to hear that mutter, gesturing to the table again before he moves over to another seat, this one a bit further away from the TV. Got to make room for those paying for the studio use after all, "It's not a new thing."

It is a few minutes before the door opens again, another worker steps out, possibly the one known as Trey. The purplish haired man looks to Chenda and then over to Popcorn man giving a bit of a questioning look before moving over to raid the popcorn bowl. "Time to start over the count."

Wade emerges, giving a smile over to Chenda as he looks over the food. The smile turns to be quite impish as he lowers his voice. "Greysong fan or the solo act?"

"I brought lunch because I'm a friend of Mick's," Chenda tells The Great Popcornius, trying to keep an edge out of her voice. "Not a fan. Big difference."

She can't say more, because that's when a guy with purple hair, possibly named Trey, steps out of the studio proper. He's followed shortly by Wade, who promptly wonders the same thing as Popcornius. Chenda groans and rolls her eyes heavenward. "I'm /not/ a fan, I'm a friend. Where's Mike?"

Popcornius gives a biiiiiig grin before his attention is switched over to protecting his popcorn from Trey, "Right."

Wade's smile quirks before strengthening a bit. "Ah, that angle." He gives a nod towards the door, "MICK is taking his time. Kind of does that when weaning himself from work. After all, just lunch. Maybe you should have given Pete your name to forward."

Musicians… Chenda shakes her head and sighs softly, ignoring Popcornius. Not like he doesn't have bigger problems to worry about now, right? "It's not like I come to music studios every day. Is he all right?" she asks Wade, looking toward the studio door. "I wanted to surprise him. I guess that wasn't such a hot idea."

"Yeah," Wade replies, glancing aside, "Kind of a hit and miss thing between Mick and surprises." He looks back towards the food before leaning in closer to the visitor. "JUST friends?" He inquires.

The door opens once more, letting out the awaited for musician, dressed in worn clothes but with his hair splayed out. Mike's knit cap is tucked into his back pocket. As Chenda comes in sight, the door pauses in it's opening as Mike looks to her and blinks. "Chenda?"

"/Just/ friends," Chenda replies, smirking just a touch. The smirk vanishes as that door moves again, her attention snapping to it as if pulled by a string. The gypsy girl smiles at the sight of the work-weary musician. "The one, the only," she replies, standing and moving to hug him. "And this time, I bring gifts for starving artists."

"Good to know." Wade muses, smiling as he plops himself onto the couch, leaning back and resting his arms along the frame of the furniture piece. He glances towards Mike with a wide smile, "Your FRIEND brought us lunch. Surprise!"

Recognizing the motion, Mike lifts up an arm to accomodate for the incoming arm, wrapping it around Chenda's back to return the greeting as he glances towards the table. "Why?"

"I've done a long show or two, /Mick/," Chenda replies, her tone almost wry, hugging him tight. "I figured you guys'd have to be getting hungry about five hours into things. But I know how you can be when it comes to money, so…" She half-pivots away and gestures to the table with a smile. "Compliments of Wendy's. Enjoy!"

"Oh Mick." Wade murmurs, glancing over to Mike as his hand is already exploring one of the bags, "You cheaped out on her? Tsk. Tsk."

Mike glances towards the bags, giving a slight smile before glancing back to the still huggy Chenda, "Thanks, Chenda."

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